Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Battle Plan

Here is my strategy. As I see it there are two main types of collectivists in the world - passive and active. The vast majority of Americans and people everywhere on the planet are passive collectivists. They are not promoting a collectivist agenda. They are simply trying to get by under a collectivist system the best way they know how. In reality these struggling individuals don't have a clue about what is really going on in the world and assume this is just the way it is. They are being manipulated by mass media everyday so they will just go along with the collectivist agenda without asking a lot of annoying questions. Some of the Cuban exile soldiers in the Individualists' Insurrection!!! can get very cross with these people especially the Cuban ones. As for me I choose not to attack these duped ones for I have been where they are in the past. Fortunately I now recognize collectivism no matter how American you doll it up. I see the grave danger it poses to our way of life. I know it must be stopped at all cost. Therefore, I think it best not to alienate the vast majority of the victims of collectivism. Rather, I will constantly be driving a wedge between these victims and my real target.

You see it makes more sense to me to attack the promoters of collectivism who by the way are always the benefactors of collectivism. I attack most of the 20th Century U.S. presidents, congressmen and senators. I attack the bankers and mainstream media. All of these pirates have been fleecing us with their media promoted collectivist agenda for too long and we could do nothing about it. With the Internet, a declining collectivist economy and uneasy victims of this failed ideology stirring about for answers we in the Individualists' Insurrection!!! are finally on equal footing with these central planners. That means we can inform you "peons of collectivism" what the creeps are doing to you so you won't accept these economic declines shoved down your throats by the international banker cartel as some sort of unavoidable economic weather pattern. I am an information virus spilling the beans on my real targets so YOU will become enlightened to their sham operation built on the backs of YOUR labor.

I'm going to keep sticking that wedge of truth between these promoters of collective obedience, punishment and privilege - and you duped victims until you come over to my side. Turn off your teledivisions now. Wise up. Join the Individualists' Insurrection!!! You cannot hope to free Cuba or America for that matter until you free your mind of collectivist thinking. I'm fighting to save you from your own demise because most individuals still do not realize they are collectivists. Maybe you should look into your heart and ask if you are a collectivist? Do you support any group right or privilege? Do you vote for politicians who refuse over and over again to support the Constitution? Do you think you or anyone else believes we are too free and too rich anymore? If you answer yes to these type of questions you are a collectivist and I must do a better job of persuading you to see the light and mend your ways.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Yeah I know I'm always railing about some unprincipled action somewhere but the fact is there are a lot of great enlightened Cuban exiles and islanders alike. They get it about individualism and the evils of collectivism. So my hat's off to these wonderful Cuban ladies and gentlemen. They are your generals and will show the way to a free Cuba. A free Cuba will not be freed by collectivists. It can only be freed by individualists.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Incredible Voter Turn Out!

Join The Individualists' Insurrection!!!

Telling the group to shove it up their collective asses!

Groupers Wanna Fight?

Come on collectivists! I've been talking about you all like a dog! I'm feeling real ornery and I'm just dying to kick some collectivist ass. I've been insulting you all week and all I've got is one pitiful Cuban commie agent pretending to be a Canadian defending you grouper collectivists. Come on! Stand up for your belief in group rights. I'll kick your ass!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's Duped Collectivist

Here is the blather from Today's Duped Collectivist and not surprising he is a Canadian. This award is given to the dumbest collectivist I come across each day. As you will please note this collectivist, like most, has not conquered that run on sentence problem. Here's today's winner:

As a patriotic Canadian, I have a good intellectual knowledge of the history of Cuba, and of the Cuban Revolution. Canada has been, and remains Cuba's number one trading partner and friend.I am just one, among the 600,000 [and growing] other recent annual visitors to Cuba who do not find they LIE about the weather, and many other things. Your diatribe is sophomoric, and propagandist of the worst sort. As for your credentials,some ancient politicos offspring WHOA does that ever resonate!!Your BLOG is pathetic, go to CUBA, stay in a gorgeous resort,talk to people, of all ages with an open intellect, and then perhaps you might have something readable to say. If you are a US citizen, you can go through Canada and pretend you are Canadian ,as so many of your counterparts do,and you won't lose your US passport,what a joke you people are; the world laughs at you not sympathizes. I prefer to stay anonymous,because I do not wish to engage in dialogue with someone with whom I doubt there could ever be real dialogue, as you are caught up in the bitterness of the loss of your status.Get a life outside this hundred year old genealogy and perhaps you might become the writer you think you are!! CUBA SI!! Westcoast Canuck

10:20 AM

Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Call yourself whatever you like. But you ARE a collectivist. I did not produce the phony satellite pictures on the Cuban government's faux weather site. That would be your collectivist murdering buddies, the Cuban government. According to the Cuban government it is always sunny for the tourists - even during hurricanes. You should go to your collectivist paradise and try the salad bar collectivist fool...

10:28 AM

What Revolution?

The Cuban revolution is the same old collectivist crap! The old royal titles have been changed to more modern names like president. But the royal shaft feels just the same.

Join the Individualists' Insurrection!!!

McCain's Affair

The Democrats are continuing the process of de-boning the Republican "front-runner." Republicans use to be a party of individuals with backbone. Today, being a party devoid of principles, it no longer has the spine to oppose the other long time collectivist party. Keep watching your teledivisions you collectivist suckers and make your nominee McCain in your own brain.

But let me let you in on a little known secret. Primaries have always been a beauty contest. Everything depends on what the delegates do at the Republican Convention - and who those delegate are. Therefore, in reality it is the candidate who can energize the most rank and file supporters to sign up and become delegates that always wins the nomination. Who has energized hundreds of thousands of die hard supporters all across the nation? Who has raised the most money? Who's organization has quietly signed up the most delegates to the convention? In reality, that last question in the most important. How many of you have signed up as McCain delegates? Put your hands up. I don't see any. I personally know people who are delegates and I know who they will vote for. I tried to become a delegate but the slots had already been fill by a certain non-front running candidate.

So you collectivist may not be stuck with McAffair after all...

Judge Shuts Down Website

One of your collectivist judges has decided to begin the process of shutting down the free flow of information on the Internet. Naturally this collectivist judge should be removed from office and probably jailed. But being that America is a collectivist nation the collectivist serf occupants will take no notice of this new restriction of the First Amendment. But still I felt you should be able to take a look at this site before your masters shut it down.

The reason you can still access this site is it has been copied and transferred to foreign servers. So shove that up your collectivist's ass judge. The Individualists' Insurrection!!! lives. Collectivists of the world eat shit and die!


Dividing Us On the Small Screen

Crossing The Line

Any time you demand some group right you have crossed the line. If you want to save Social Security or support bribing tyrants overseas using foreign aid - you have crossed the line. When you are fine with group rights like Affirmative Action you have joined the enemy. If you take that government cheese or spend that rent subsidy you have gone one step too far.

The line is invisible. You have to be enlightened to see it. I see it clearly in every case these days. Like most people I was blind to the line at first. I tripped over that line many times but didn't see why I stumble. But I kept falling down and it made me curious. So I looked a bit more closely and I began to see the line. Today I always see that line. I call it the Fidel line. Anyone who crosses that line is on the side of Fidel Castro. It is immaterial that you did not realize that you were allies. When you are on that side of the line you are allies and therefore you are powerless to fight the Castro regime. It is why he was in power for 49 years and his successors are still on the throne in Cuba. The majority of Americans are still on his side including a majority of duped exiles.

You can go to many other supposedly anti Castro blogs but when they begin to discuss social policy it is crystal clear that they support collectivism and therefore are allied with Castro. These poor deluded faux fighters of Castro are perfectly fine with federal oversight and regulation of public business and private pleasure. These poor misinformed stooges really want to defeat Castro but like Moe, Larry and Curly they keep stumbling over their own inconsistent principles and then they slap at one another. It is an embarrassing spectacle for me to witness as a Cuban. They want to fight Castro. I'm sure of that but without consistent guiding principles they have no weapons and therefore no chance.

Just because you have unknowingly been on the wrong side of the line all these years does not mean you must stay there now. Come over to my side amigos. I'm not holding any grudges. I need real fighting men and women. But I have no use for collectivist fools on the other side of the Fidel line.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Please Join The Individualists' Insurgency!!!

Do not accept any group right or privilege or you will be ruled upon in your private lives by the greedy elitist...

God Help Me

Yes..Lord help me. I know who the enemy is. With the exception of one lonely Texas Congressman, they roam the halls of Congress. My enemy has the White House occupied and virtually all the Courts. My enemy controls all of the mass media outlets. My enemy is firmly in control of the battlefield in Havana as well as the other capitals in the world - all financed by the international bank cartel that farms the labor of my captured army. But all tolled my enemy only numbers into the thousands. Lord, the problem I'm having to deal with is I have no fighting army. My army, which numbers into the billions, has been pacified and neutralized by fear and ignorance. They sit in camp squabbling amongst one another while the enemy makes fools of them and robs them blind. My enemy has my army demoralized and convinced that, if it were not for my enemy's intervention my potential troops would be helpless and destroyed. My enemy has accomplished this coup by gaining complete control of the schools and brainwashing my troops before they ever had a chance to reach the age where they could even fight. By the time my soldiers reach adulthood most do not have a clue exactly what is even right or wrong anymore. The enemy's television has become the eyes and ears of my army so they never hear or see the truth.

So God I do not know what to do at this juncture. I'm not exactly an army of one. Don Royce Roy has just enlisted in our army. My cousin Emiliano has always been there fighting by my side as has Frank Gonzalez. Lorenzo and Suzanne Gaztañaga have been in the trenches for years fighting my enemy. Don't get me wrong Lord. I really appreciate these fighters but we have been backed into a corner by our enemy and they are closing in on us. Could you give me some divine guidance on how I could raise an army of individualists? Our little army will keep fighting to the death but we can never defeat our enemy without more troops. All of these potential troops sit idle eying one another fearing that the others in camp are the enemy. How can I show the troops that as long as they accept any collectivism whatsoever then they must be ruled over by my enemy - our collectivist masters previously mentioned? I need to break the alliance the enemy has formed with my army. I'm sure if you could show the army who the real enemy is, the collectivists, then they would turn on our enemy and rout them out. How can I persuade my army of collectivist individuals to turn on their masters? How can I turn them into an army of individualists ready to fight the enemy?

Group Rights

Tell me dedicated collectivists of the world - what group is being favored today? You see I have not checked with my television set yet so I haven't been told who will get special privileges today. Are black people getting special treatment today or are the collectivists going to give white people a turn again? Hey maybe today they'll give the Asians a turn at being "special" for a change. Old people I'm assuming still have a privileged position over the younger people. I'm sure the collectivist are still stealing money from people because they are young and giving it to people who are old because - they are old. The weather outside today looks like it could be a good day to be gay if you want to get your way. I guess I'll just have to wait for heterosexual day for my turn. Are the collectivist using the odd even system for that like back in the seventies for gas rationing? Gosh! So many groups to bestow rights to. What's a collectivist to do?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Set The Collectivist Off

I just set off one of the collectivists at work (who probably doesn't even know they are a collectivist) because I was warning some young people here about the bad economy. This collectivist accused me of being irresponsible for warning them. The collectivist, like the media shills that this collectivist kneels to, assured these worried young people that everything would be just fine. But at the same time the collectivist had that worried look that maybe, just maybe I might be right. But the collectivist acted as if only I could be shouted down then everything would be fine again. The near future will expose this collectivist's ignorance and all of the unknown things that the collectivist fears might happen. Whether I warn young people will not have any effect.

I explained that one should not fear me if I wrong for I'm just one lonely voice while the media can give soothing words any time the need strikes. Why get angry at me? If I'm wrong time will tell and you can ignore me. But if I'm right and the herd of media liars are wrong then don't blame your loss on me, collectivists of the world. I didn't cause your problems by warning you - it was the collectivist swine you keep picking to be your leaders because that same lying media that said everything would be okay told you to vote for them. You shall reap what you sow.

I'm real sorry if you hate this messenger but killing me will not protect you from your collectivist masters - but losing the naive ignorance will.

Rumsfeld Adds To Conspiracy Theory

Listen to Rummy's slip of the tongue...

Collectivist Cubans

Cuban exiles say they want to see an end to Castro's rule. Sadly, most people in the world including Cubans are allied philosophically with Fidel. It probably comes as a shocking insult that Tomas Estrada-Palma would dare call the vast majority of you Cubans collectivists. But please do not take insult for I am a reformed collectivist myself. I was trained in collectivist thought in government schools just like the rest of you. This training came cloaked in American camouflage with terms like "fairness" and "equality." However, it is collectivism none the less.

Amigos, the sky has opened up for me and I have seen the light. The Good Lord has screamed at me from heaven so that I might see. All of the battles that I have fought in the past were not a productive use of my time. God knows that there is only one battle that must be fought. I must make you see what I have seen. I must make you see the enemy. For, until you see the enemy you are powerless to defeat it. Even worse, most of you have actually unknowingly joined the enemy.

The enemy is collectivism. Collectivism has many names but it is based on group rights and the belief that an individual has a duty to let himself be sacrificed for the benefit of the group. Some collectivist forms are known as, communism, fascism, socialism, neoconservatism, Marxism, Leninism, democratic socialism, etc. but these all are the same thing philosophically speaking.

Some of you may reel at the notion of being a collectivists. Let's see. Take the sacred collectivist cow - Social Security. Anyone who supports this group right held by the old people that punishes everyone else for not being fortunate enough to be old yet or ever for that matter is a collectivist. I'm sorry if you can't believe that but it's true and until you realize that you ARE a collectivist. As long as you ARE a collectivist you will continue to be powerless to fight Castro. This is the reason the bastard has been in power for this long.

Some may argue that we can somehow be just a bit collectivist but still maintain our free and democratic traditions and institutions. You are deluded because collectivism always makes things worse than they were. This prods the collectivist leaders that you keep electing to mandate new collectivist schemes to address the outcomes of previous collectivist schemes. We are fast moving towards serfdom amigos. As long as you remain committed collectivists you will be powerless to free Cuba. I'm sorry if you can't believe this but God knows it's true.

The opposite to collectivism is individualism. Individualism is rooted in the belief that you own your time, body and money. Now some Mother Teresa's out there may feel a duty to sacrifice for the benefit of the group. That's the great thing about individualism. You can still do that under an individualist system. It is only under a collectivist system that it can be mandated under the law that one group can reward itself but punish another group by making them pay for it against their will.

Should any of you Cuban exiles also see the light and wish to actually join the real fight against the Castro boys look no farther than the U.S. Constitution. As long as you oppose it by electing politicians who violate their oath of office by not enforcing it you are still a collectivist and therefore a Castro supporter. You see a few hundred years ago there was this crazy guy George who was way worse than even the Castro boy's if you can believe that. Plus the cats who were in charge before George were even worse than him. Fortunately, there just happened to be a group of very smart men and women. They realized that the world would be a richer and more peaceful place if individualism could replace the collectivism of the day - royal rule. So they wrote the Constitution to protect the individual and block collectivism and the concentration of group power and privilege. It worked too as we grew to the most powerful nation in the world. Now that we are a collectivist nation we grow poorer everyday, the collectivist U.S. government proposes more group schemes to fix what they have broken and Castro will go to his death unopposed. I forgive those of you who wish to remain collectivists or who still refuse to believe you ARE collectivists. You still are not my enemy. But I sure could use you as an ally if you change your mind.

In conclusion, you will not defeat Castro's version of collectivism as long as you remain collectivists yourselves. Choose individual liberty amigos and we will be dancing in Havana in no time at all. But it will require all one million Cuban exiles to swear off collectivism forever. Frank Gonzalez is with is Lorenzo and Suzanne Gaztañaga. Send me your name if you're with

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wise Up Or You Are Doomed


Translated from the Chinese
By LIONEL GILES, M.A. (1910)

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

The above tenet of General Tzu is the reason for our slow demise. The fact is, whether or not you know yourselves, the vast majority of you do not know the enemy. Therefore you are doomed to defeat by this enemy. To know an enemy is to know "who" and "what" they are and to use logical tactics to defeat the enemy.

First of all, what is the enemy of the individual? The simple answer is collectivism. If you are a collectivist, whether that be the fascist, communist, socialist, neocon, etc. type of collectivist is immaterial. These are all the same ideology. Collectivists believe that the individual should sacrifice for the benefit of the group. Hence, collectivists reward favored groups while punishing unfavored groups. Most Americans are collectivists, including a majority of Cuban exiles, and they don't even realize it. So they are powerless to fight collectivism because they have actually unknowingly joined the enemy. How many of you want to fight to save Social Security, believe in a progressive or flat income tax, are content with having a Federal Reserve, a Department of Education, etc.? I could go on and on listing off another hundred things that you collectivists demand from your collectivist masters. But I hope you get my point.

The collectivist elite in America, perhaps numbering only a few thousand, are the enemy of the individual. If you think this is not really collectivism that we live under or Hilliary Clinton, Barrack Obama or John McCain are not really collectivists then you are doomed. That's because the collectivist elite believes they are the higher skilled elite suitable for making the decisions for the group which they think of as uncouth rabble. Collectivists believe the individual is expendable if they feel it is best for the group. Collectivists in every case historically have always sought to grasp more and more power while reducing the freedom of the individual. So there is only one destination amigos if you follow the collectivists - slavery. It will look more and more like Cuba every day. Many of you collectivists rank and file already sense something queer about but can't quite put your finger on the problem yet.

Sadly, our Constitution is a brilliant administrative document but it is not a teaching document. One could read the entire document and not know "Why" it was written. Why it was written was to protect the individual from the collectivist majority. So, many of you collectivists think me kooky for believing in the Constitution while never having read the document nor studied why it was written. Therefore, if I exclude you rank and file collectivists who never even realized you were collectivist until now, that leaves the ruling elite as my enemy. The reason I want to exclude you as my enemy is you have been duped into supporting collectivism by subtrafuge. I have no hope of defeating the forces of collectivism if you are not with me. I will have to go into slavery as dignified as possible just like the rest of you. But if I can get you to see that you have been collectivist in your thinking, realize that it will lead to slavery and understand the reason why the U.S. Constitution was written then we individuals will rout the enemy in no time at all.

Who is the enemy? They are the elected ones who have ever voted to violate their oath of office by going against the Constitution. They are the media elite that promotes and defends the actions of these collectivist rulers. They are the banker cartel that funds the entire process on the backs of the individual. They are they critical targets. Most have membership in elitists organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. Follow these collectivists and it will be into slavery. But recognize these collectivists and their ultimate scheme and those few thousand will be powerless against the millions of enlightened individuals.

So all I want to know now amigos is - are you with me or against me?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Art Of War

This is one smart Chinese general...

But McCain wants to occupy Iraq for 100 years:


1. Sun Tzu said: In the operations of war, where there are in the field a thousand swift chariots, as many heavy chariots, and a hundred thousand mail-clad soldiers, with provisions enough to carry them
a thousand li, the expenditure at home and at the front, including entertainment of guests, small items such as
glue and paint, and sums spent on chariots and armor, will reach the total of a thousand ounces of silver per day.
Such is the cost of raising an army of 100,000 men.

2. When you engage in actual fighting, if victory is long in coming, then men's weapons will grow dull and
their ardor will be damped. If you lay siege to a town, you will exhaust your strength.

3. Again, if the campaign is protracted, the resources of the State will not be equal to the strain.

4. Now, when your weapons are dulled, your ardor damped, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent, other chieftains will spring up to take advantage of your extremity. Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue.

5. Thus, though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays.

6. There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.

Cuba's Number Two

You Could Be A Collectivist...

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

If you think the constitution is one's daily walk could be a collectivist.

If you have a higher calling to do good using other people's could be a collectivist.

If you have a higher calling to make people be good using other people's could be a collectivist.