Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Correct Terror Drill

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Do You Watch TV?

It may seem that I am having a war against network TV. I am!

Why do you watch TV? TV operates like this:

First, an infinite number of things occur in the universe at all times. Most of these are insignificant with respect to human survival. Since a human can't be everywhere at all times we, as a species, developed verbal story telling as a way to convey what happened that was witnessed by a human over there where we over here weren't in a position to witness the event ourselves.

But this method has always been open to fraud and deception especially now with TV. The reason is the information gate-keeping that at the very least permits the networks to select which tiny aspect of the universe that you will see and from what angle. So for example the mercenaries we and the British have all across the middle east have been shooting people, blowing things up, arming the populace and in general instigating chaos. Then when the police shoot back the network cameras start taping for your viewing pleasure complete with the editorialized script about how the government was just shooting innocent democracy protesters. Then a good deal of the network air will be filled with calls for humanitarian intervention. Naturally the globalist controlled U.N. complies and orders a "no-fly" zone to protect civilians. Thereafter, the western mercenaries can move freely with the people they've armed right behind the NATO carpet bombing that is not shown on TV. Instead, the networks decided it was more important to air a touching story of an Arab child that our intervention peace army has save from certain death or disfigurement.

Now there is anarchy in Tripoli thanks to our government, the British government and others. The rebels have quickly become a looting mob that most likely will want to run home soon with their loot rather than stay and fight the Qaddafi underground. So the remaining mercenaries will battle away in a stalemate even after NATO troops have been inserted and become targets. Thousands of G.I.'s will die and chaos will reign in that region and others.

All of it not brought to you by the networks who felt in was more important to carpet bomb your living rooms with tales of domestic terrorism instead. The end result is civil war and violence including here in America all due to these network disinformation tactics. But the globalists bankers love it. These people like Lord Rothschild are sick people. They get a real laugh at Americans, especially black Americans, who elected Obama who then uses U.S. military might to bomb Libya into the hands of the racist Bengasi Arabs. If they get firmly in control they will murder countless black southern Libyans. Don't you see the sick irony? The globalist bankers get blacks to help murder blacks and implement their despicable extermination agenda. These banksters are about to use our own security apparatus to cull a goodly number of us as well.

So now hopefully you understand how you are played by the globalist banker TV networks. Don't get me wrong. There are lots of things I still watch on TV many, like Bill Murry movies, mock the globalists. But as soon as any globalist stench begins to stink up a channel with crap about global warming, the war on terror, phony explanations of the 9/11 treason committed by traitors under globalist control, etc. I grab for the remote and surf to another channel. I mute the set as well until I find an acceptable channel not at that moment spewing globalist crap.

Why do Americans still just watch what they are told to watch? The Internet can be used for more than just dating and shopping. You can use it to select and deselect what information sources that you will use to become informed about the world. Anything on the Net that has network stench, national newspaper rot or other globalist infection should never be trusted to bring you further information. They've proven themselves to be reliable liars and deceivers. Instead go to places like and others trusted sites to decipher what is really going on in the world today. That would be the war being fought by the globalists against the people of the world. In this war information is their most deadly weapon and it is deployed using network TV. If all you know about has been spoon fed to you by the networks you're a dupe. But you don't have to stay one.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libya Is Going To Be Trouble

The black southern Libyans will not, no cannot accept the northeastern Libyans governing their region. It means certain death to them. Ya see amigos, those good ol' Arab boys in the northeast make the Klu Klux Klan look like choir boys. So the best that can be hoped for is a long civil war, millions of innocents slaughtered followed by the division of the country along north south lines. Where have we seen that one before?

Don't you see people it the same sneaky ass international bankers using the same goddamn plan that they used in our civil war. They are perpetually dividing and conquering. They own all the media and have effect control of our defense and internal police security apparatus. These same few families have been getting away with murder. They're saying it's our turn in the civil war. They're even push the race angle again.

People think they know what's going on because they watch TV. Sadly, the globalists own the networks, transmission systems and production of the necessary personal electronics. If you think you know what's going on because you watch TV think again. If you are in the majority and have tuned out on the world beware! The world is about to come crashing down around you.


FOX: "We'll Tell You What The News Is"

So you think you're informed because you watch the news? NAW! Network news is the fluff they let you know about. The vital things are completely blacked out. I'm talking important stuff like giant corporations like Monsanto poisoning the public on purpose. Check out these honest news journalists outting FOX for colluding with Monsanto.