Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Federal Government? The Joke's On U.S.

We really must stop referring to the wheelers and dealers in Washington as the federal government. They have much higher aspirations. They see themselves as the government of the world. Naturally there are others in foreign lands who feel they deserve that crown. It's always going to be that way.

If you want proof of what I assert just look at Libya. Under the American form of government we would be legally bound to follow the U.S. Constitution for all situations especially regarding the question of war. Yet as the good Senator Rand Paul aptly stated it's been a couple months since we began the war, ah...kinetic action in Libya and Obama has not gotten any Congressional approval and they ain't asking for any either except for leaders like Rand who read the Constitution.

Obama fancies himself a wonderful choice for world top leader. All he was doing was following orders from the U.N. and not the Constitution he swore an oath (well sort of eventually) to uphold and defend. To engage in such folly shows definitively that he possesses delusions of grandeur complicated by limited intelligence. He has no clue as to what his actions will lead to and I'll bet you a sawbuck he is not a chess player. Chess requires the player to think many moves into the future for himself and his opponent. Chess, like the world, has a history of moves that have been played out many times before. To be good at either one must know the history.

So I'll double the bet that Obama is also not a big history buff. Any historian can easily see where he is going to end up. If this were a stage production Obama would be playing the fool being setup for the okey-dokey punch. He has been groomed by his CIA handlers to be a good speaker but only to those who don't understand what he is saying and where that will lead us. I personally cannot tolerate more that several seconds of Obama speaking when he says something so ridiculous and filled with nonsense that I switch the channel.

Sadly, he has not only been groomed to fool the average public educated, aspartame/Budweiser filled American. He has also been raised to fool himself. He knows his behavior and personal history have compromised him. He must do what he is told to do at the very least by the U.N. without question. Lets say he does have a birth certificate problem. Can you imagine the ramifications of such a situation? It would be chaotic times to be sure for all parties. For Obama it would mean the end of his days in the White House and the beginning of his days in the big house. Everything he signed would be null and void. All the the politicians that did not do their Constitutional duty to act as a counter balance to the executive branch by at least demanding to see his raised seal, actual hard copy birth certificate would be finished including Biden. Who would be head of the executive branch? All of the top politicians would have to be either in on the deception or fools not competent to hold the highest office in the land. Perhaps for a spell each state would run it's own affairs and the people would spend their own money and make all personal decisions free of all federal interference.

Still, there is no widespread outcry to simply produce a birth certificate when the ramification of this would compromise the executive branch leaving it vulnerable to blackmail. The American people for the most part have not seen this possibility even though many can't understand why Obama does what he does that is absolutely contrary to what he said he was going to do. Likewise, Obama has big aspirations that are not backed up with a lot of brain power. How do I know that?

It's because he does and says so many stupid things. The birth certificate is a perfect example. Either he was born in Hawaii and so it would be stupid to spend several million dollars on legal fees to keep his birth certificate hidden or he is stupid enough to think he would control his own destiny while being compromised as a foreign born, legally unqualified, candidate for the office of the presidency. After all, the foreign banks and multinational corporations own all of the mainstream media. They could dictate to Obama exactly what they wanted him to do and if he balked then these elites could bring him down like Nixon shopping for bugs at the Radio Shack. If they said "give us trillions of dollars interest free or we'll tell you were born in Nigeria" then he'd have to do it.

The fact is for whatever reason he did...

Friday, May 27, 2011

TSA Texas Succession

If the illegal TSA goes through with the nonsense threat to blockage Texas for not agreeing to be groped then Texan's should consider succession. Naturally the illegal criminals controlling the federal government will send in goons to force Texans to submit to foreign tyranny but that will be futile. There are not enough federal goons. They would be surrounded by armed Texans.

My hat's off to the Texans who yesterday stormed the capital building in Austin to let the tyrants know who is the boss in America - the PEOPLE! Once the rest of the people understand that these usurpation's of our Constitutional rights have nothing to do with fighting terrorism and everything to do with controlling the people while covering up high crimes and treason, the traitors are finished.

Let me sum up the situation. Tyranny doesn't pay. If the majority of Americans were doing just fine making a decent living then the traitors could have gotten away with their plans for our conquest. But tyranny itself is a terrible business plan with no profit in it for the people. Only the elites make fabulous money and have lavish lifestyles while they put the screws to the people like they were cows. Today in America there are two basic classes in the majority economically speaking. There are those who are unemployed and those working but worried for their jobs. This is the reason people are focusing on the government now.

The crimes that these traitors have gotten away with are well documented just like was done by the Nazis and Soviets in the past. The scum are proud of their tyrannical achievements and must have it recorded like a serial killer keeps trophies from his victims. These tyrants depend on the people remaining ignorant forever. Fortunately central planners always screw up the economy which is causing the people to learn the truth about the treason of our political leadership and the mainstream media's complicity.

Most politicians and police are good people who, like the average American, have been fooled by traitors undermining America. It is the leadership that is corrupt and who must be routed from power. Once the majority of Americans realize there is treason going on here then the majority of politicians and police will do the right thing. Backed by the people the decent politicians will find it easy to stand up to the tyrants. The police will reclaim their traditional roles as peace officers for the people and not the tip of the spear for the globalist social engineers tearing America down. From the White House, the leadership in the U.S. Capital and their traitors in the state and local government leadership position, the tyrants should fear for their futures.

Your days remaining in power are numbered, traitors. It's a small number that even social engineers, traitors and inbred banking elites can count up to.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Drink Your Radiation Fools!

What suckers the people have become. They have been schooled to trust individuals for their protection who have crawled their way into positions of power over others. In the video below Alex blows the whistle on Texas officials right up to their "environment protection" agency through to the governor himself.

The media is of course in on the deception as they have only announced that radioactivity has been found in the Texas tap water. They want the lone star to focus on that fact and not the main one that is important. The radioactivity comes from the wastes produced in mining that we the public know as fluoride that has been intentionally added to the tap water even though the above public servant creeps knew all about it.

Here is the sinister beauty of this form of treason. These cats everybody calls "your honor" and "your excellency" have a whole toxic smorgasbord of potions to make people dumb as a rock especially if they haven't started out as the brightest bulbs in the box in the first place. The national I.Q. is lowered substantially and what's left of the intellect very often is consumed dealing with the diseases foisted upon individuals by the very people responsible for protecting them. Before most can figure out why life is so cruel to them they've been sent to an early grave and no longer a burden for the ones who put them out of their misery. The few like myself who see what's going on scream the alarm risking my own neck and I get tagged a conspiracy theorist. The networks swear that these radioactive water, injections of syphilis, LSD experiment incidents were all innocent mistakes and they will never happen again.

Since when has government abolished conspiracies? The fact is conspiracies have and always will exist as long as the conspirators can get away with it.

It's like this. Government has become the shoplifter. They swipe whatever they like from Store USA. The proprietors, the American people complain but the government shoplifters do nothing, call the complainers conspiracy theorists or kill them. The government shoplifters have gotten away with looting Store USA and fooling most of the proprietors as well for so long now they feel they can just do whatever they like. You see they add stuff to the water cooler to dull the senses. The trouble is Store USA like any business must make a profit or go out of business. But the government shoplifters don't care about that and steal even faster now as they see the going out of business signs on the wall. The danger time is near the end for the government shoplifters or the proprietors. Once the majority of the proprietors realize it's the government itself doing the shoplifting they will turn on those responsible and give them what they deserve. The government shoplifters realized this fact long ago so they have a plan for them and Store USA. They will burn it down killing many of the proprietors then blame it on the proprietors wise to the government shoplifter's conspiracy or some other foe du jour. There is a final solution. Either the government shoplifters will get away with murder or the proprietors of Store USA will wise up and realize they have been chiseled by cutthroats.

At this point I'd say the government shoplifters have a slight edge in the odds but the timing is not ready for their final solution yet. They can't pull the trigger too soon or they will be caught. But the longer they wait the more Store USA proprietors that will wake up to the conspiracy. It's a quandary for the shoplifters who never stop shoplifting until they get caught. Everybody knows that.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Traitors Create Myths

Here in the video below it demonstrates aptly how the powerful operate to cover their own asses using the government we pay for to do things quite to the contrary. Gary Franchi explains how this Tylanol/Ted Krazinski DNA story is actually pure propaganda meant to protect corporate profits and asses. These news stories are never actually news. They lay the foundation to fool the people and these stunts go back at least to turn of the 20th century America when the national newspapers became centrally controlled. Those newspapers owned by Randolph Hearst are the reason we have an income tax today even those the 16th Amendment was never legally passed by the states. The newspapers colluding with government just claimed the amendment passed and didn't report the complaints from any of the state government officials when they protested that it was not so. Perhaps this was the first usage of the complete national blackout of news to make things that happened never happen and vice versa. Of course it didn't take long for the state government's to shut up about this fraud once they realized they could grab a heaping slice of the illegal income tax pie.

You see all I have to do amigos is just show you convincingly one time how this gang of snakes has stabbed America in the back too many time to count and you will see who our real enemies are. They are the federal regulatory agencies and all of our secret police and many not so secret. Their gang includes all of the big network media and national newspapers which make the whole dog and pony show deceptions possible for the consuming audience. Add to the cabal the banking and corporate elites. Most Americans like my family members don't want to believe me about the scoundrels but if I can get any of them to examine the facts to see how these mass deceptions are pulled off then they no longer will be fooled. The good news from my world is my family and friends have gone from thinking me crazy for not trusting the above gang to them hoping I'm wrong while worrying I may be correct. The majority of Americans can't even entertain the idea that we are under such corrupt powers because they are weak and frightened by the ramifications of such treason.