Friday, June 13, 2008

VP Ron Paul?

I've pondered the possibilities and I have come to the conclusion it would be the next best thing to having Ron Paul as President. First of all he would be a heartbeat away from the presidency and John McCain is no way going to live for the next four and a half years much less eight plus years. But until Big Mac kicks the bucket the good doctor would be President Pro Tiem of the Senate. He would hold the tie-breaker vote when that body was split evenly. So he would vote with either side depending on who was supporting the liberty of the American people. Therefore, from the perspective of Ron Paul supporters this is a no brainer. Vice President Ron Paul would in reality mean President Ron Paul. The only question is how much time and in the meantime Dr. No would be President Pro Tiem of the Senate blocking attacks on our liberty.

As for McCain supporters, without Ron Paul on the ticket somewhere, the Republicans are toast! Get used to saying President Obama maybe with a heaping helping of Hilliary on the side. However, with Ron Paul on the ticket they win by a landslide. Along with Ron Paul comes his hundreds of thousands of supporters and millions upon millions of dollars. McCain would be crazy to lose on purpose with these resources and die-hard voting supporters there for the taking.

Then there is the American people. For them Vice President Ron Paul represents a second chance. Although we all realize McCain is the political opposite of Ron Paul and will pursue the same failed big federal government boondoggles, as the nation and our economy sink unto crisis, vice President Ron Paul will be there to save the day with wise alternatives based on personal liberty. So if McCain somehow goes against thousands of years of history and makes collectivism actually work then his supporters and all of America will get what they want. But should reality still remain in effect like the laws of gravity then should President McCain follow a collectivist strategy and flop miserably, America has a second chance with Ron Paul.

Finally, there is Ron Earnest Paul. This is a lot to ask of the good doctor to run with his political opposite. But he need not compromise his principles in any manner. During his entire time in office he would never need to speak or do anything against his principles. In fact he could take the job under the understanding that he is America's parachute. He would be clear in his opposition to anything unconstitutional and point out where his "running mate" McCain was following a policy of folly. But Ron Paul, though not a McCain supporter would realize that America's future would be best assured with Ron Paul in the White House even as Vice President then the dangers of an Obama/Clinton ticket winning. The doctor must also realize that God and fate are on our side so with Ron Paul a heartbeat away from the presidency I wouldn't want to have McCain's heart. If the situation presents itself Ron - take it! Take the job amigo! Take it but speak clearly for liberty as you always do. Darn it all the collectivists have been crawling their way to the top lying all the way. Why can't you stand up telling the truth to get to the top?

Make no mistake about it - I'd prefer a President Ron Paul now. However, a smart general always has back up plans. The above is a plan B if the good doctor cannot persuade enough delegates to nominate him in September. That is still a possibility because times are changing fast and people are worried. Do you know what the number one search criteria has become for people around the country who find my blog?

Economic collapse...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I hate being manipulated! The reason is because people think they are sneaky enough to know how my mind will think given the correct disinformation. The truth is I and everyone else have been manipulated and conned our entire lives. The difference between us is I am very hard to manipulate now while most remain patsies.

All your keepers have to do is give you a little television massage and you will believe anything. I, on the other hand immediately disbelieve everything on TV until I can verify the idiot box assertions with reliable sources.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Airforce Decapitated

Why did career spook Gates, the head of the CIA, oust the top air force leaders for allegedly permitting nukes to be flown where they were not supposed to be flown and permitting nuclear triggers to be shipped to Taiwan? Three thousand Americans were murdered on 9/11 and no one was even reprimanded. But what worries me is the geek below who the neocons replaced the ousted leaders with. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Anyone who is a member of this cabal is a traitor to America. Membership in the Council on Foreign Relations should put the member on our suspect list for prosecution for mass murder, high crimes and treason. But don't believe the media hype. Something is going on here in the background. The neocons are trying to regain full control of the military. Whether you decide to pick McCain or Obama you will be electing the next neocon president and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. May God have mercy on your souls.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Individualists' Insurrection!!!

The Individualists' Insurrection!!! is gathering momentum. People the world around are realizing that they have been lied to by the institutions that they have trusted for their entire lives. Government, mass media, schools, etc. have all been the key players in programming our thinking. This manipulation is meant to confuse and terrorize us into doing what a rational, reasonable person would never do.

I am very proud to be on the vanguard of the counter-slavery movement but I am not alone. There are countless new blogs and websites dedicated to exposing the objectives of our rulers. Basically, the entire world is being dominated by various criminal syndicates who call themselves "governments." Kingdom, thiefdom, realm, dictatorship, etc. are terms that these new crime syndicates never employ because their operation relies on deception of the masses. The fact is, there is no power on earth that can control a mob once it understands where the danger is and who is responsible. So the crime bosses use their entire arsenal at their disposal to manipulate our perception to see things their way.

As crime syndicates go, America and European countries run a relatively efficient operative when compared to other crime syndicates like Cuba and North Korea. These countries have their people fenced in and they don't care that much how the people feel on the inside about their nationwide prison. But either way, the various crime bosses conspire for greater control over the planet. They think just like all the previous wanna be rulers of the world. They form alliances with other crime bosses to enhance their shot at ruling the world. But these alliances are only temporary because all of these crime bosses want to be the earth emperor.

So now all these millions of individuals the world around over the Internet have discover their own truths about the syndicates. They know what is wrong. They now see that our rulers are corrupt and the system rigged in the leadership's favor. Our personal resources are seized and used for purposes that we do not approve of. Still, the crime bosses keep us squabbling amongst ourselves clamoring for different forms of collectivist group privileges. One group is pitted against another group and all of our energy is wasted fighting our faux enemies - ourselves. So the kings, emirs, premieres, president, prime ministers, etc. can continue to play their game of world domination against each other with our property.

Fellow slaves, the answer IS NOT some different slave masters who will honestly steal our property like our personal labor output to spend in some wise fashion to bring Shangri-La to the planet. The solution fellow slaves it to join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! This is the only hope to free ourselves the world around from the slavery of the crime syndicates. You can only join this movement if you recognize the right of ALL people to own their time, body and labor. Using the Internet we can organize this slave revolt and act as one. We can pick our economic targets and crush them one by one until the syndicates are destroyed. We do not need the regulation, taxation, murder and other "oversight services" provided by the crime syndicate governments. They are the parasites not us.

To demonstrate what is possible now with the Internet, should the slaves of the planet awaken to the swindle of the syndicates, we could pick the easiest target. We could choose a victim that everybody already hates - the cable companies. Movies have been made to show our hatred of the cable systems or as I call them "The Cabal System." So some smart computer nerds put up a website that lets all cable consumers log on and become a member of this cable user consumer union for free. Then once a critical mass of union members had been achieved the cable companies would be given the demands of the union. If the cable company refused the demands then millions of customers would go on strike and demand that the cable be shut off. This presents a huge logistical problem for the Cabal Companies. They have to physically pay people to pull the plug at just the moment when their revenue stops. The union members get to decide when to strike and could pick say summer time when nothing is on anyway and people are outdoors playing. In reality the Cabal Company would agree to our demands or die and be replaced by another provider who would take over their system and operate it. Perhaps the union itself.

Oh I already hear people crying about some people won't do this or that and it will never work as a result. Go ahead and be slaves your whole lives then. But the above plan is the way to redemption. Once our Internet hordes came storming out of nowhere over the Internet like a cyber army of Genghis Khan, crushed the cable companies bringing them under our demands, we would pick our next victim. I'd like to hit the electric companies. However, the choice of targets would be a democratic decision of the union.

Now would be a great time to organize this slave revolt against the syndicates because their greed has screwed up the economy so badly. For a change they would be the ones cowering with fear wondering if our hordes would make them the next victim. But the revolt will only work if we are unified under one firm principle - each former slave shall own his own time, body and labor. I have given you a battle plan. It is now up to the appropriate generals familiar with website design to rally the troops so we can storm the castles.

Have fun storming the castles boys and girls...

Not A Free Market

Monday, June 09, 2008

Gravity And Free Falling

Here is an experiment you can conduct in your mind. Imagine you are standing on a cliff 1000 feet up from the canyon floor. You have two different size rocks. You release each rock at exactly the same moment. No matter the difference in weight between the two rocks, they hit the canyon floor at precisely the same moment. That's because objects free fall towards earth at the same rate of speed - 32 feet per second per second.

So you let go another pair of rocks to verify your test results but about halfway down there is a craggy tree jutting out from the canyon wall and one of your rocks hits that limb. It bounces off the limb, loses some velocity then begins to free fall once again. However, the other rock never hit anything and is now far ahead of the rock that hit the limb. It hit the canyon floor in exactly the same amount of time as in the first experiment. Finally, the other rock that hit the limb on the way down hits the ground but it has taken more time then with our first experiment.

The reason is obvious. In order for our experiment on free falling objects to be valid, the objects must be free of any interference on the way down. Otherwise by definition, the object that struck the limb is not in free fall.

I didn't make this stuff up. Newton figured out the formula a long time ago. With his formula you can be at any height, drop any object of any weight (except things like feathers which pose air resistance on the way down slowing their motion) and know exactly how many seconds it will take to reach the earth. If anything interferes, blocks or slows the downward motion of a falling object, it is no longer free falling - period.

So amigos, when rogues tell me that skyscrapers can crash through their steel and reinforced concrete structures in less than ten seconds, which IS mathematically for their heights a free fall rate of speed, I say the rogues are lying. It is physically impossible for a building to pancake through itself in exactly the same amount of time as if it were free falling.

Yet this is what happened and we know of no way to alter physical realities like Newton's Second Law of Motion. So we must figure out how this happened. Therefore, we ask building experts and they all agree. The only way to get a building to drop at free fall speed is to use thermite shape charges that act like a hot knife through butter only with steel. If you pre-plant the explosives in just the right spots on hardened steel support beams, then time their detonation in just the right sequence, a building WILL drop at a free fall speed.

Here is an example of a free falling building that the owner had "pulled down" according to him using pre-laid explosive thermite shape charges.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Drink Toilet Water

Some tourist planning a trip to Cuba was wondering if he can drink from the tap there. Talk about a crazy idea. The 100 year old sewer pipes leak much of the fecal material they attempt to transport right into the ground over the very aquifer they draw their water up from to drink.

Here is what some travelers recommended to the guy asking the initial question. The one guy who is advising the tourist to actually drink the water is one of the Cuban agents who's job it is to spread disinformation. If you drink the water you will surely need to buy lots of high priced bottled water and toilet paper for the diarrhea, naturally from the Castro government. If you get sick enough you'll also have to buy some Castro medical care that Fidel wouldn't even use. He flew in Spanish doctors.

Down the hatch suckers...