Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain: "The Kennedy Intervention"

That McCain sure is saying some kooky things. A couple weeks ago he referred to the public at large as, "my fellow prisoners." Now he calls the Kennedy assassination an "intervention," during the most recent fake debate held in New York. Does he know something we don't know but have always suspected? Hear him here:

Of course as I warned you last year, if you nominated McCain he would lose to either Hillary or Barrack. I'm a bit shocked by how big, big Mac is going to lose though. Rather than waste your vote on a loser for nothing, wouldn't it be better to vote for Chuck Baldwin and the U.S. Constitution?

Now the smartest member of the Estrada-Palma household, my wife, says the Republican party hacks, who by the way use to hate McCain, pushed his candidacy to assure their party would not be the party in the White House during the coming depression. It sure appears like the neocons are laying the foundation for blaming Obama for the economy next year rather than looking to win an election.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Carbon Footprint In Their Mouth

Left Right Civil War

The international bankers have set up a grudge match between the McCain and Obama supporters. The banksters have prepared the ring carefully and have both side roped in by the economy. The vipers will continue manipulation of the stock marker to keep it propped up until just after the election. They will try anyway. Then they will allow it to collapse because most Americans have such a feeble understanding of all things economic. In their simplistic view, if the stock market is going up the economy is doing fine and is rescued by the wise leaders but if it goes down the economy is in a shambles with blame pinned on the individuals who have been big media scapegoated from the left or the right.

The banksters spew the talking points to you depending on which side you prefer. Naturally, places like FOX and many newspapers will muckrake from the right. As the market crashes just after election day the headlines will be: "Market Crashes On Fear Of Obama Presidency." At the same time the liberal press will be screaming corruption from the former Bush presidency. "It was deregulation that cause the economy to crumble." Each side, armed with their side's talking points, will be screaming at the other side. People's livelihood will be severely disrupted and they will need someone to hold responsible. The anger will be intense and the urge to act out violently against the other side for whom you blame your troubles on will be your first impulse. But do not go there!

This is exactly what the international bankers want us to do. They keep it simple stupid. Just talk out of both side of their big media mouth blaming Bush and blaming Obama. In this case they are both right partially. There is a great many more people responsible for this bad economy and it most likely begins with YOU! I didn't elect Bush or any of the unAmerican scum you have foisted upon me in the White House during my entire life. I didn't elect these lying ignorant Congressmen and Senators. Again that would be YOU. And don't tell me you didn't vote so it's not your responsibility. The way the system operates if you don't vote then you support the incumbent by default percentage wise. So wise up. The members of the "you wasted your vote" crowd who never voted for any of these pirate backed Democrats and Republicans will please understand I do not include them with the rest of you who vote with the herd.

The root cause of the bad economy and your disrupted lives is the illegal fiat currency scheme unconstitutionally imposed upon us by sneaky international bankers. They are experts at mass manipulation and deception because they have been doing it unchallenged for several centuries. The only way they can continue to do so for just a bit longer is to destroy America from within. Bin Laden will never do in America - Americans will. If the left right violence starts in earnest next year the employees of the international bankers, Congress and the next president, will gladly step in to put a stop to it. But in reality they already have plans to sow violence whom they will blame on one side or the other until civil war ensues. These representatives of pure evil (those bankers) will use the chaos to eliminate people like me who keep bringing up unpleasant things like the truth.

Therefore, don't go there Americans. Remain calm and go about your lives as we spiral down into a fiat currency deflationary depression next year and beyond. Realize that your fortunes are gone but in reality they were based on fake money from the get go. So go about rebuilding America from the bottom up and that begins by replacing each and every slippery banker politician at the first possible opportunity - while you still can. Until then ignore and avoid the vipers. You do not need to become an expert in economy and government policy to do the right thing by your country. Just obey the clearly worded advice in the U.S. Constitution and we can return to prosperity in no time. That begins with closing the Federal Reserve, going back to Constitutional gold and silver based real money and returning ownership of your time, body and money to the rightful owner - you!

If you get IT now then pass this around. The bankster big media sure as hell won't do it for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gold/Silver Money And Prices

Another big advantage of real money based on gold and silver as opposed to fake Federal Reserve debt script known as dollars is that prices remain stable. The money supply is not inflated nor deflated with gold and silver money. These recessions and depressions can only occur with fiat money schemes. It's why the founders were against it and said so right in the Constitution that your leaders ignore when they lie taking their oath of office. Perhaps some are just ignorant but either way they should not be in government.

Are you going to let the banksters try to put this fake money pyramid back together again or are you going to demand ownership of your own real money?

Raul Relents

Raul Castro has changed course and now will allow aid from the evil empire into Cuba. Well you know what's happening historically when tyrants are cutting deals and changing their decisions? They have to because the end is near.

This aid and others will be helpful in Havana but many places are not accessible because the infrastructure has been destroyed. Food, medicine and other supplies will have to be brought in by chopper and Cuba does not have nearly enough. Dengue fever is starting to rage once more due to all the standing water. The regime is in desperation mode.

Thanks for allowing the food in Raul but this alone will not be adequate. You still hold prisoners who are in jail because they don't think like you. You cannot rebuilt the broken houses and more collapse everyday. You are surrounded by 11 million angry Cubans who still have access to fire. Cubans have lost patients with this nonsense. Get out now before you and your regime are toast.

The dry season approaches. Soon Cuba will be arid as a tinderbox. Cubans need to eat and Bush needs a distraction. You can still retire in Venezuela but your time is short. Wait too long and there will be no escape.

Economic Placebos

Are the Bush/McCain/Obama economic sugar pills going down a bit easier these days or are you choking on them? The bailouts, like placebos, are not actually meant to cure the disease - hyper inflated fiat money jammed into the world economy by the illegal Federal Reserve for 95 years. Rather, they are meant to sooth you patients into thinking the economy has been cured and everything like your 401 Ks will be fine.

However, the illness remains. The money supply cannot grow if new money is not created artificially then lent out by banks. Banks won't be lending out for the foreseeable future since so much debt has been run up that these pin stripped suits are unsure who can and cannot repay their loans. So the money supply spirals downwards and our economy and the rest of the world too grinds to a halt.

Herein lies the flaw of the fiat money system banned by the U.S. Constitution. The greedy international bankers can create as much money as they can get away with using fractional marginal fiat currency. Today they have lent out the same dollars over and over again. The marketplace does not have a clue who owes whom. Therefore the economy will fall into depression and stay there for a decade or so unless you fools wise up. The reason is, it will take that long or longer to fix this flawed system and much of that consists of you all forgetting what the problem IS should you ever come to understand the problem at all.

Wouldn't it be smarter now that the greedy international bankers have crushed our economy to replace them and their fake rented money with real gold and silver money that can't be inflated? I just think if Americans were truly free then they should be able to own their money rather than rent it from greedy bankers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Many Banks Resisting Communism

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Building Lifeboats

When you're listening to one of the tube talking heads please remember that they will say anything that could save their stock investments. Some know what is really happening to the fiat economy and are merely buying time to build themselves an economic lifeboat. Most of the tube idiots are clueless though like most Americans about the fundamentals of the money system we slave under. It seems like every day Bush is up bright and early before the market opens to announce some new gobbledygook economic voodoo to save the economy - until it become apparent that this latest maneuver will be worthless. The they go to the cauldron for the next plan. But I still have question:

1. Will Bush/Congress maneuvers stop the millions of Americans who are retiring now from cashing in their 401Ks?

2. Will Bush/Congress maneuvers prevent those near retirement from cashing in to save what is left of their retirement plans?

3. Will Bush/Congress maneuvers stop job losses?

4. Will Bush/Congress maneuvers for people like me who could borrow force me to do so if I don't want to?

5. Will Bush/Congress maneuvers force banks to lend to entities that would like to borrow but who are bad credit risks?

If these basic problems are not addressed then banks still will not be lending any money. If banks refuse to lend money then the money supply will continue to shrink. The little squirts of a few hundred billion here and a few hundred there will not pump up enough of the money supply to stop price deflation. However, this newly created fiat cash will stave off the day of reckoning for many of the Americans who use to be considered better off than most. Payroll will be made for a few most months. But the blue collar economic bleeding has not slowed and millions of good families are suffering greatly.

One wonders if these voters will be supporting the same politicos who caused this economic attack on our middle and lower economic rungs of America while people like Treasury Secretary Paulson the plunger raked in half a billion in profits?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tool Kit

The Treasury official was on the tube touting up the new "tools" in their tool kit to fix the economy. This dude used the word "tool" at least five times. So this is their strategy - convince you that the top politicos actually have tools to solve the economy's woes. Naturally the plunge team was busy last night buying up oodles of stock futures to drive up opening stock prices. In short, the thieves want to make you think they have actually turned the economy around. They had one of the government's most convincing confidence men on the tube an hour before the market opened today to trick investors that their money in stocks and elsewhere is safe.

The only way these snakes will be successful is if YOU are the tools and you believe them. I predict that the market will continue to head south along with other prices. The deflation will stop only when banks will lend again and they won't do that until prices finish deflating. So don't listen to the bald government con men.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cuba Exposed

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