Friday, April 30, 2010

America's Chernobyl

Chernobyl was the watershed moment with the old Soviet Union. Sure the comrades had bad times but up until then they figured the leaders were doing their best struggling against this capitalist boogie man that the apparatchiks were always warning about.

Then the reactor melted and released radiation killing many for miles around. That's when the people realized they were being governed by numskulls using a numskull ideology. The nation broke apart. It was all part of the plan.

What do I mean? Amigos...this has all been scripted for your television pleasure. The break-up of the old USSR was but one of the acts of this play staged by the international bankers. If you do not believe me about this next act you will shortly. This act is called, "The Break-Up of America." I am unhappy to report that this act is being preformed almost flawlessly. The latest action in this play is the oil spill. The rogues have blown up this pipeline knowing exactly what destruction this will cause and I mean economic. The seafood, tourism and other economic activity for tens of millions of Americans in this region will stop. The economy is already weak but this kind of a whammy if they can't get the leak shut off damn soon will be the final dagger in the heart of our economy. If the hopes and dreams of the international bankers come true then it will be the final act of America as we know it. We will tear ourselves apart in civil war.

It is no coincidence that the immigration problem coincides with this new disaster. Now almost no one will be working in this gulf region and people will be violently angry. The media stokes the fears and angers of the various groups that our collectivism has created over the past decades. Add to the mix the drug wars along the Mexican border and you have a recipe for mass chaos. This type of instigated chaos has been an effective tool of the international banker families for several hundred years now. The difference this go around is it will be America's turn.

The international bankers are just finally getting around to us with the kind of chaos they have been using with the rest of the world for centuries. Why?

Because I know my enemy I know exactly what their objective is while most people remain in the dark. The objective is a world that eventually only uses one currency that is electronic. The electronic money will be under the control of the international banker families (my enemies and yours) who will install a global leadership political structure. And finally, this new world order government will tax everybody on the planet who works and anything that moves or uses energy. It is really just a consolidation of their current free range slave operation.

What to do? What to do? Well this is my dagger into the hearts of the international banksters! This is my information bomb that should it go viral then the act stop before the play can be completed. Does that mean America has no more troubles if I can get the masses to wake up to the banksters' play? Sadly no it does not. It means we can get busy working on healing America with hard work where we get to keep the fruits of our labor and not the government or their bankster bosses. If we can do this rather than waste lives and fortunes in civil war then I win and the banksters lose.

Help me make the banksters lose. Please spread this message.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist Hands Democrat Possible Victory

Crist knows he won't win as an independent. His assignment demanded by the international bankers is to split the Republican voter block giving the Democrat the win. So this means Rubio might really be the real deal. In other words Rubio is a candidate outside the clutches of bankster blackmail and collusion. He may not be perfect or he might turn out to be just that. But he must be a damn sight better than the other two jokers that the banksters were hoping for if they are going to all this trouble to block Marco.

So Tomas Estrada-Palma respectfully asks that all Floridians, especially Cubans, cast their votes for Marco Rubio. Crist is a bankster stooge.

The Bank Swindle

I keep trying to find the words to show the duped how the international bankers are robbing us blind. Here is how the swindle works.

The centrals bankers flood the economy with money by lending out lots of fiat cash. This drives the price of goods and services higher and higher. Once the international bankers have driven prices high enough for their delight, they suddenly shrink the supply of money by raising the rate of interest to borrow money and/or raising the standards required to qualify for credit. But just before this contraction of the supply of money the bankers sell off their commodities and Real Estate while the price is still high. Then when they crash the economy the bankers are sitting flush with oodles of cash to buy whatever they want at the deflated prices.

The people...they are not so lucky. They have no idea at any given time how much money is being created and lent out in the marketplace. The Federal Reserve operates in secret - remember? Only they and their favorite customers like Goldman Sachs get to know about the money supply. So millions of regular people get sucked into borrowing money to pay for price inflated things especially Real Estate. We've all got to live somewhere and the bankers have perfected this swindle just to suit this fact. So for example John Duped borrows $400,000 to buy his price inflated house now because he worries the prices will go up for ever. Of course prices going up forever has NEVER occurred in the long run. Millions of these suckers are on the hook for a $400,000 home when the bankers pull the rug out from under the economy by cutting the money supply. House prices tumble as has just been experienced and they will fall even more very soon. Sadly, all those suckers are still on the hook for the full price of that home mortgage even though the home is now only worth half as much after the money supply shrinkage.

Then everybody starts blaming the poor for buying a house too expensive for their budget. The politicians cry unfair but not one of them has offered to give back the property tax money for that too expensive of a house the poor over bought. But the good thing today is the bankster's swindle that they have been working on us here in America for almost 100 years has cheated too many people this time. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. Millions of Americans quit paying their mortgages and they form an army now. Just to evict this many homeowners will take a decade and by the time the banks legally get their greedy paws on the properties - you would not want to live there until each house has had tens of thousands of dollars in repairs done or maybe even more. Plus the banks have to pay all those taxes and fee to government for snatching ownership of the property back. So that $400,000 home, now worth $200,000, will be worth less than $100,000 after the family guts the place before being evicted.

The government has managed to delay the eventual final collapse of home and commodity prices by tarping the economy with these injections of freshly created money. But the fundamental conditions just mentioned still exist. So the bankster swindlers and their accomplices in our government desperately scheme just to get through tomorrow while duping most Americans into thinking everything is okay - "going forward."

In every case historically, empires like ours at the end that try to fix their economy by printing more money to get prices back up to where the bankers don't lose money have vanished in chaos. Whether it's the Romans, the Ottomans or the Germans before WWII, they all had their versions of the TARP and printed their way into financial collapse, social chaos, loss of their colonies and the death of the government. Often the replacement government after the fall is even worse for the remaining people of the dead empires as was the case with the Nazis. I believe this same sort of thing is happening to America as our federal government engages in Nazi-like behavior as if it's American as apple pie.

It is not! Police who do the dirty work for the attacking international bankers are traitors to their country and countrymen even if most don't yet realize it. Of course I'm certain that once most cops realize this then then will stop aiding the enemy and rejoin the American people.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A History Of The Usurpation Of America

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Aliens Attack?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Brokeback Mountain II

The Kenyan

Finance Reform Nonsense

Here we go again amigos. Another fake left right straw man bullshitski scenario. First the enemy networks give the fake root cause of a problem. In this case it is banks were not regulated enough even possibly lacking from an international tribunal of functionaries to oversee these institutions.

So the enemy networks have been blathering none stop for months about financial reform as the answer du jour from the left. But the right cries foul for over regulating the free market as if such a thing were possible without committing an oxymoron.

First lets look at the actual problem then the solution. The economy shrunk throwing millions out of work and causing commodity prices to plummet. The reason is the supply of currency dropped drastically because banks quit lending money. The years previous to the bust, our Federal Reserve and central banks around the world that are owned by an incredibly small number of powerful individuals, lent out their fiat currency as fast as they could print it up with no credit checks or job requirements. This international bank policy caused commodity prices to sky rocket. Gas went to five bucks a gallon and Real Estate went through the roof. However, the central banks lent out the same money over and over again. When the price bubbles for houses and other commodities popped many could not repay the loans which is the reason banks quit lending. When credit stops so does the creation of money. That is known as a deflation.

Since that time the international bankers using the printing presses of the various nations like the U.S. that they control have been desperately trying to stabilize their fiat money scheme by giving away money for free or at least lending it out for zero interest. The problem for them is saving their crooked fiat currency swindle. But for you amigos the problem is the money you depend on to transact in the economy fluctuates secretly in value. When the private bankers flood the economies with money prices sky rocket as the value of the currency drops. Look at Zimbabwe. Then when the supply of money drops the value of money increases as prices fall. Gold money would make this swindle impossible as would silver and other precious metals.

The reason all this occurs is the international bankers have always controlled the timing of these events to profit for themselves. The fact is prices can't go up forever or the money becomes worthless. So the international bankers from time to time shrink the money supply causing millions of the weakest to lose everything. But the bankers always have profited except this time. So they got their lackeys in the various governments to just give them our money and soon our land and resources will be in their hands too.

You will be a slave soon in your own nation no matter what color you are. You will be spending international fiat currency and paying international taxes. You will be bio-metrically tagged so you can be efficiently tracked and squeezed for your labor output as a free range slave. You will live in a fantasy world created for you by our international banker overlords and the enemy networks. All dissent will be crushed and occasionally some of you will be murdered by the owners so it can be blamed on the dissenters of the international bankers. In short, you will be duped into slavery and you will pay for the pleasure as well.

It's revolting. Why are you?