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Mac Or Ron

The Real McCain

Zogby Polls Suck!

Dr. Ron Paul Takes 2nd In Nevada

Though the main stream media still has a black out on Congressman Paul I thought it was important for you to know that the neocon's TV network and newspaper shills have not admitted that Ron Paul took second place in Nevada! I suggest you surf looking for results. You will find almost the exactly worded story running everywhere that omits or downplays Dr. Paul while talking all about the candidates who finished behind Ron Paul. Here's the numbers the man stream media does not want you to see:


The Slant - No Dr. No

Notice how all the coverage of the Nevada caucus loathes to even mention Ron Paul's second place finish. They blab all about the chosen one, Mitty, then gush about the candidates that finished behind Congressman Paul. Don't you see how obvious their manipulation is?


SC Computers Fail

Ron Paul En Español

Inflation Economics 101

Romney Cheated In Fla. Straw Poll

Could The Neocons Have Assassination Plans?

U.S. Housing Starts Take A Dive

The Diebold Governors

Actually, not all states use the Diebold voting machines. But the above map shows each state and whether the state is headed by a Republican governor (red) or a Democrat (blue). It is important because as governor the head of each state is in charge of the state board of elections. How the votes are tabulated is important. If each county tabulates their own votes then provides the totals to the state board of elections the election would have to be stolen from the county level by each county board of elections. But when the memory cards are collected and given to the state board of elections to be tabulated election theft can be perpetrated on the state level.

Starting with the 2000 election the Republicans used the computer voting machines to steal the election. But the Democrats are quick learners. Today we face an approaching election which apparently will be decided by fifty dueling governors. So do the math. How many electors do the Reds have now and how many for the blue? The parties of course each have total control of who their nominees are.

"When you think about it, American elections now work just like Cuban elections. The guys with all the money get to decide who runs, who gets talked about on TV and of course who wins..."

Nevada Republican Caucuses A Go


Friday, January 18, 2008


Will Ron Paul Deliver Upset In Nevada?

SC Uses The Vote Stealing Computers Too

Official NH Election Fraud Growing

SC Constitution Bans Computer Voting

Thanks Mr. Howard For Being American

Albert Howard Interview

Don't let them call it voter fraud, voter fraud is incredibly rare. The issue is election officials fraud.

Today on the second hour of "Uncovering the Truth" with Katherine Albrecht show on, Albert Howard spoke about his heroic efforts to get the NH balloting process audited.

The check has been accepted by Paula Penny at 2:30 PM yesterday. The Secretary of State is first going to verify the funds today for the $55,600 check before commencing with the recount.

Already suspected are hundreds of votes missing, and the seals have been broken on many archived bundles of ballots. This is before the recount has even officially started. Apparently they are doing the Republican recount after the Democratic one. Dennis Kucinich only had $27,000 towards the Democratic recount, so only a few precincts will be recounted on the Democrat side. Already discovered are many missing votes for Obama.

A call to New Hampshire residents, Albert Howard needs help in Concord with observers and video cameras with enough batteries to last.

A big thank you to the Granny Warriors ( who have facilitated money collections and transfers to make this all happen. And of course a huge thank you to Albert Howard, without whom this recount would not be possible.

You can find the archived January 17th show here: I recommend listening, it was both informative and inspiring. --Obadiah from Weapon Shop


Somebody should tell Paulson speaking on CNBC to shut up before he drives the markets down any further. The only thing growing in our economy is the money supply, unemployment and prices.


Meet The Poll Cats

Mind the bad language but it's pretty funny because it's true.

Penn & Glenn Slam Michael Moore

Stealing Elections Via Computer

The analysis of the difference between the hand count and the computer counted ballots in New Hampshire demonstrates who the neocon elite have chosen for your next president. Romney on the right and Hilliary on the left. How do I know that?

First the neocons do their preliminary polling to establish who to steal votes from electronically during the Primary state elections. The trick is to do it across the board taking votes from the candidates you do not want to win and giving those votes to the chosen candidate. It appears McCain, Hucklebee and Ron Paul had the most votes stolen from them then transfered using software code to the neocon candidate of choice - Romney. From the pattern it appears the software program subtracted the first votes of the preferred losers then added them to the preferred winner. Thereafter a vote could be stolen and added to the preferred candidate's total every so many votes, in both cases based on a guess as to how many votes the candidates would actually get. So Ron Paul actually beat Rudy.

But stealing an election is not an exact science. The software programmer who wrote the code to perpetrate this election fraud is not very good or there would not have been precincts that polled zero votes for Ron Paul. The election authorities have already admitted that was wrong. What this showed is the neocons feared Ron Paul would do even better than he did because they stole more votes than necessary to accomplish their goals.

So voters need to sign up outside of the polls to enumerate for whom they voted so that this total can be compared with the computer generated numbers. This is especially so in counties like mine that use touchscreen voting with no paper ballot at all. There is no way to do a recount in my county. Those responsible for this voting machine travesty should be run out of office at the first possible opportunity.

Check The Votes

Cuban Labor Party Head Arrested

The President of the Rural
Labor Party of Manzanillo
was arrested.

SANTA CLARA, CUBA, January 17 (Yoel Espinosa Medrano, Cubanacán Press
/ – Last January 14th, the President of the
Rural Labor Party (POC), Alberto Moreno Fonseca was arrested by
officials of the State Security in Manzanillo due to his activities in the
pacific opposition.

According to a phone conversation with Maria del Carmen Videaux,
organizer of the POC, around 6:a.m o'clock of the above mentioned date, Edel
Garcia, Chief of the Political Police and two guards showed up at the
home of Moreno Fonseca located at Street Mercedes 167, between Avenues
8th and 9th of the Granma municipality and told the opponent to get
toothpaste, a toothbrush and some soap because they were taking him to the
Provincial Unit of Penal Instruction because he was the main organizer
of the 1st Congress of the Rural Labor Party.

Given to the Information Bridge Cuba Miami by Yoel Espinosa Medrano of
the Agency Cubanacan Press for distribution on the 17th day of January
of 2008. Translation :Information Bridge Cuba Miami.


Welcome To The Neoconomy

I wonder how many people still think spending billions of dollars expanding the neocons' world empire is a good thing? Some think this economy is bad. Soon they will remember it as the good old days. The Federal Reserve is pumping lots of freshly printed money into our collapsing economy. That will only delay and deepen this recession while causing prices to continue to rise faster than incomes. With the decline in profits businesses have no choice but to lay off more employees. More unemployed means business profits decline still further causing even more unemployment. Wall Street investors are on the edge and ready to begin bolting for the door. Banks will fail causing depositors to be paid off with more fiat money further increasing inflation and draining the Treasury. Since the neocons have already spent the Social Security Trust Fund on their foreign military adventures the system is pay as you go. But with growing unemployment there will soon not be enough workers paying Social Security to keep the system afloat causing the neocons to print even more money to prop up that government program.

This is what you get when you let liars, scoundrels and thieves run your country. You reap what you sow. Americans are now going to get a very good lesson. Lets hope the nation survives it.

Stimulus Package?

Ron Paul's got your stimulus package - RIGHT HERE!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Governments Always Fudge Inflation Numbers

Stocks Take A Dive

Lou Dobbs: "Unbelievable...doesn't make a lick of sense."

Sure it does Lou. It's called stealing an election.

Digg Caught Censoring

New Hampshire Election Fraud So Obvious

Google Ron Paul

When you Google Ron Paul you get three main things. You get some smear of the doctor's character like the latest from CBS even though Ron Paul has been endorsed by a director of the NAACP. You can hear his interview further on in an older post on this blog. Also you get a vast library of Ron Paul's policy positions and past voting record, both of which are things to be proud of. And finally you will find millions of Paulista followers who understand his message of freedom and personal responsibility.

Information Cross-Pollination

These are the percentages for my most recent hits. It appears there is widespread interest in Cuba, Ron Paul and the ongoing election fraud in New Hampshire. How nice for these interrelated freedom movements to be able to learn about one another right here? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Road Block To Stop NH Recount


Secretary of State William Gardner made a ridiculous demand for 10s of thousands of dollars be submitted by 3pm yesterday, January 15th. There was a Pay Pal problem delivering the money, which is available, so the Secretary may be trying to weasel his way out of the recount. I believe the Democrat recount is on the way but no word on whether the Republican recount will proceed.

Putting up this sort of petty road block to a recount is only necessary for one reason - election fraud. By not letting the recount go through the neocons are admitting they are stealing the election, our Constitutional republic and our future. I don't give damn who you support in the up coming election. You ALL better take to the streets and demand action! That's all they fear now - us peasants with pitchforks.


Meet The Neocons

These are the members of the Neocon Party. Oh sure they are also members of the Democrat and Republican parties. But they are all neocons.

I still remember the Vietnam war. No I did not fight in Vietnam. In 1970 I turned 16 and was too young to be drafted. I registered but then the draft was abolished - well at least suspended. However what I do remember about the era was we had to win because to lose would mean communism would take over the world via the domino effect. For those who've never heard the term it's the same notion as "we've got to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." But the biggest thing I remember is on the 3 TV networks running at the time were daily news stories about how we were winning the war. Each day they would announce how many GI's were killed (3 or 4) and how many Viet Cong were killed (3 or 4 hundred). So we were winning everyday of the war but it would not end. Finally, when the Tet Offensive exposed the fact that the war would never end until we left Vietnam Americans took to the streets and demanded it be stopped. In the end the U.S. tried to do massive bombing from the air as they are doing now. What will be the name of the offensive that finally shocks the nation into reality - I can't say. What I know is people younger than 50 don't remember these things so thousand of great young men will have to die to reteach the lesson to this new generation.

McCain Influence Peddling Scandal

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nuclear McCain

Castro Murdering Political Prisoners

Exposing the Diebold NH Election Fraud

Ron Paul - Honest American

Abolishing The IRS

Say Yes To Dr. No

I Warned You

Stick A Fork In Rudy

The Inflation Scam

Okay boys and girls. Here's how the scam works. The bankers have the government to print up oodles of extra money which the bankers get to lend out for a profit. But since there is the same amount of housing for sale in the Real Estate market buyers will tend to bid up higher and higher prices using this borrowed money. Then the bankers always pull the plug on the credit or money flow or in this case because they lent unwisely to desperate families. Too many defaults cause a glut of housing. This glut of foreclosed homes and credit requirement tightening has driven down the price of Real Estate but left millions still holding the bag for mortgages for those inflated buying prices from the peak years of the market. The bankers make out like, bandits.

66% Oppose Iraq War

Flip Romney won the Michigan Primary as the top vote getter of the fastest shrinking political party in the world - the Republicans. Sixty-six percent of Americans oppose the war now and that opposition is growing daily. On top of that the economy is going south. Voters are angry and will hold Republicans responsible for the war and the economy. Nominating one of the neocons as president is a sure recipe for a political wipe-out next November.

The reasons are so easy to see. First, the vast majority of Americans do not have a clue how our socialist economy manages to function. By a wide margin they have no idea what a "fiat" money system is or that inflation is when our crooked government in collusion with bankers print up extra money whenever they want some more. All they know is when things are good the president is running our economy correctly so let the good times roll and stay the course. But when things are bad Americans blame the coach. We're all guilty of it, Tomas Estrada-Palma included. When Joe Gibbs called that illegal double timeout in a game earlier this year giving the opposing kicker a chip shot to win the game - I called for Gibbs' head. Then he goes and gets us into the playoffs. But football is a simple game and an economy an infinitely more complex thing with incalculable variables impossible to quantify. The president doesn't run the economy - he can only make it harder to run for us or leave it be to blossom. Voters can't vote against George Bush in November. But the economy will be in such dire straits by then they surely will not vote for one of George's neocon allies. Of course with the Democrats even more solidly in control of Congress after next election the economy will finally collapse under the weight of their new taxes on gas and the like as well as because new regulation and busy-body unconstitutional federal "oversight."

The other reason nominating one of the neocons will cost the Republicans the White House in November is opposition to the war. I agree that staying the course in Iraq is wildly popular in the ruling neocon wing of the Republican party. Unfortunately, the libertarian wing of the party, Democrats, independents and third parties all oppose the war by a wide margin. Over all that averages out to 66% opposition. There is no way a pro Iraq war candidate can win in November unless there is a miraculous reconciliation amongst the Iraqi people, American military occupiers, Al Qaeda occupiers, Iran, Turkey, etc. by late summer of this year. More plausible, unfortunately for some great brave young Americans, is there will be a big set back. Republicans could find themselves saddled by then with a neocon nominee and a military disaster that includes too many dead G.I.s for America to accept. Remember the Tet Offensive in Vietnam?

Because of his 100 percent opposition to the war Ron Paul is the only Republican who can win in November. His call to immediately pull the troops out of Iraq and elsewhere is not only very popular but it will actually help our economy. All the billions spent overseas pissing off those who hate us will boost our economy while diminishing theirs. His tax policy will cause the US economy to surge back to the top of the world players. Here is the hard part to get him into the White House. As soon as you make Ron Paul your nominee the MSM will try to savage him about his economic policies. But what Dr. Paul advocates is sound economically and not that hard to understand if you take a minute or two to think about it. Every attack by the MSM would give an opportunity to show how they were wrong and always have been about our form of government and the economy. All of this dialog will also help bring in more Republicans into Congress on Ron Paul's coattails.

But win or lose the genie is already out of the bottle. The future will prove the Iraqi war a dismal failure and our economy will be a basket case. Americans will remember the Ron Paul Republicans and that we warns of just these sort of consequences following unconstitutional follies. You all had better expect a whole bunch of Ron Paul Republicans running for local, state and federal government office next time around. By then Americans should be ready to listen to some sensible policy changes being offered by these young Ron Paul Revolutionaries.

Ron Paul Beats Guilianni Again

Ready For 40 Cent Gas Tax Increase?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Will Neocons Cheat In Michigan Too

Let's hope they try. They are going to get caught for cheating in New Hampshire. If they follow up by cheating in Michigan as well we will have a pattern of criminality. That's because Michigan has paper ballots too that will be hand counted if they try to cheat again and it will look really bad if the "computer glitches" they claim caused the problem in NH also miraculously favor the same top vote getters in Michigan. GO AHEAD YOU CROOKS! TRY TO CHEAT IN MICHIGAN! WE'LL NAIL YOU TO THE WALL!!!

Flip Romney Calls For Jailing The Sick

Russia Today Exposes More NH Election Fraud

Notice how our corrupt main stream media has not uttered a word about the massive election fraud in New Hampshire? Thank God for the Russians...

About Cuba

Who's Stupider

Massive New Hampshire Election Fraud

Why did Ron Paul place third in the New Hampshire Primary in all the townships that used hand counting but on the computer tallied votes the numbers were so low it averaged him to a fifth place finish? Get used to it boys and girls. The neocons cheated again but the recount will expose this fraud. Look at these hand counted percentages:

Hand Count Shows 15% For Ron Paul

This would have placed Dr. Paul in 3rd place, just as the polls were showing before the primary…

The computer counted votes are the problem.

Not a single hand count township showed less than 10%
Supposedly, Ron Paul got 8% - this does not make sense.

Richmond is hand count 34% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Lyman is hand count 28.7% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Orange is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Harts location is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Wentworth is hand count 24% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Goshen is hand count 17.68% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Marlow is hand count 16.6% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Cornish is hand count 14.8% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Rumney is hand count 14.5% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Croydon is hand count 14 % for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Dorchester is hand count 13.89% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Effingham is hand count 13% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Albany is hand count 12.9% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Antrim is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
South hampton is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Sullivan is hand count 12.61% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Troy is hand count 12.21% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Mason is hand count 11.88% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Newport is hand count 11.45% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Charlstown is hand count 11.3% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Allenstown is hand count 11.16% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Bristol is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Warren is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Strafford is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Washington is hand count 11.02% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Lancaster is hand count 10.9% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Springfield is hand count 10.6% for Dr.Paul…100% reporting
Wilton is hand count 10.37% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Northfield is hand count 10.3% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting
Mont Vernon is hand count 10.25% for Dr. Paul…100% reporting

Our leaders are crooks. This presents a real problem if you want an honest government. Hitler cheated. Castro cheated. Stalin cheated. So you go ahead and support one of the crooked neocons. You will get what you deserve. Millions of honest Americans will be shafted. But you get what you deserve...

9-11 Report Proves Rudy Wrong

Has Rudy Guilliani apologize to Ron Paul yet? Rudy claimed Ron Paul was blaming Americans for the 9-11 attack but Ron Paul said the attack was motivated by our foreign policy of intervention. Here is what they said in the 9-11 report:


The history, culture, and body of beliefs from which Bin Ladin has shaped and spread his message are largely unknown to many Americans. Seizing on symbols of Islam’s past greatness, he promises to restore pride to people who consider themselves the victims of successive foreign masters. He uses cultural and religious allusions to the holy Qur’an and some of its interpreters. He appeals to people disoriented by cyclonic change as they confront modernity and globalization.His rhetoric selectively draws from multiple sources—Islam, history, and the region’s political and economic malaise. He also stresses grievances against the United States widely shared in the Muslim world. He inveighed against the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites. He spoke of the suffering of the Iraqi people as a result of sanctions imposed after the Gulf War, and he protested U.S. support of Israel.

Here is one of the pictures of the neocons' former ally Bin Laden.

Meet The Real Che

Monday, January 14, 2008

Conga Carnaval Santiago de Cuba

Code Pink Allied With Tyrants

Santorum Won't Support McCain

Ron Paul On CNN

Ron Paul Girl - She's Hot!

More Election Fraud Proof

The 2008 Political Reality

Here's the numbers amigos and these become MORE firm each day. Most voters are scared about the economy and also are against the war in Iraq. The poll numbers and the Republican losses in the last election show this convincingly. So here is what is going to happen but it's up to you to decide. You go ahead and nominate one of the neocons to be president and the Republicans are toast in the general election. Even though Hilliary Clinton IS of dubious character she will probably be nominated by the Democrats and run on a platform of being against the war now even though she initially supported it. She will win by a landslide amigos. Look at the poll numbers. The only way we can win the White House in November is with President Ron Earnest Paul. He would win by a landslide if he is our nominee. Many cannot conceive of this because they are so blinded by the neocon MSM war propaganda. You are not seeing that around 2/3 of the voters now do not support the war and WILL vote that way. A war supporter candidate cannot win. Either choice you make I will be right which is the cool thing about predictions. I'm saying your actual choice is Hilliary or Ron. It will be one or the other mathematically speaking. Remember...I warned you all about this coming bad economy when the neocons' MSM shills were saying the opposite.

Even on this Youtube, FOX talking heads can't believe how stupid the viewers are for choosing Ron Paul as the debate winner. As you can see by the poll numbers the viewers had one choice for an anti war candidate and a collection of choices on the pro war side of the question. Remember Tomas told you so. Next November Ron Paul is going to be president - or darn, we should have nominated Ron Paul because now we are stuck with Hilliary. Of course the neocons COULD always sacrifice Hilliary and let her be indicted but you'd have President Obama then. How much better would that be than Hilliary? You'll be happier and more in control of your time, body and money with President Paul.

How Many More Boys Die
Huckster Before We've Save Enough Honor?

Hypocrite Gergen Smear Of Ron Paul

This member of the Bohemian Grove is actually throwing mud at Ron Paul. What are all these U.S. policymakers doing prancing around naked in this Nazi-like ceremony? And you trust these guys with your country and your liberty? Amigos please....

Shame on YOU!

Yes..shame on all of you who participated in the Ron Paul smear. The majority of you have simply been duped by the neocons and their media shills. So I forgive you. Fortunately, liars have to tell one lie after another to cover their tracks. The truth speaks for itself. Below, listen to the Youtube. It is an interview with an NAACP director who knows Ron Paul AND ENDORSES RON PAUL!!!! Now ask yourself this question Cubanos if you have not done so already. WHAT THE HELL IS A BLACK LEADER DOING ENDORSING RON PAUL? If this brief interview does not convince you of Ron Paul's impeccable character then it is not every possible to do so. However, if you are fair and reasonable, you must come to the absolute conclusion that Ron Paul IS a fair, color blind leader who has been telling us the truth all along. So for those of you still not persuaded, please go away. I'm done with you.

But for those of you who are fair and reasonable you should at least apologize for calling Ron Paul a racist. A campaign contribution would be a great way to say you are sorry. But the most important aspect of this whole sordid affair is there has now been a line draw. On one side of the line is the truth and on the other side lies. We now know that on the above question Ron Paul and I ARE on the truthful side of that line while the MSM, neocons and others are on the other side. They are liars. We are not. So would it not make sense to examine some of the other assertions leveled by these liars? For example these liars assert:

1. That they obey the Constitution
2. That we must militarily occupy 130 countries containing 300 US bases around the world because having those troops thousands of miles away can protect us from being killed by the thousands here in America.
3. That having thousands of U.S. troops in occupation of these 130 countries does not piss off the citizens of those countries and that this has nothing to do with why we ALL AGREE THEY HATE US. This includes our allies where we have our troops stationed. Do they hate us because we're too free as well? Pleeese.
4. That we have to fight the terrorists over there so they don't come over here instead of because we're over there. Remember, Bin Laden was the neocons' ally fighting the Soviets then we stuck our troops in Saudi Arabia causing him to declare his fatwa against America. I'm surprised you guys forgot this so quickly. Gobbles was right - "Tell a big enough lie often enough and it become the truth."
5. That if we fail in Vietnam communism will spread throughout SE Asia then India until it takes over the planet. We trade with them now and India is fixing to kick our dumb used to be capitalist asses. The USSR is history.

Oh hell I could go on forever but you get the idea. Tomas is not lying to you and you should remember that the next time before you hurt my feelings like that. Take a listen to the following Youtube. Oh yeah! I've known the man 30 years and I just found out. Ron's middle name is "Earnest."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diebold Problems In NH

The Liberty Corps

Remember the Peace Corps back in the 60s? Well I just want all the voters to know if you elect Ron Paul to the presidency along with the good baby doctor you will also get several million Ron Paul revolutionaries who are dedicated and will will volunteer, for free, enormous quantities of their labor and fortunes. Why? Because we believe that individual liberty and personal responsibility work. This is an opportunity that so many of us have waited our whole lives for. The Liberty Corps will cost the U.S. taxpayer absolutely nothing. But instead of going all over hell's half acre all around the world we will work close to home. We will clean up neighborhoods, paint and repair homes in impoverished areas, raise money for food and medicine for the poor, etc.

I realize this sounds like a bribe to get you to vote for Ron Paul except it will be voluntary and spontaneous and out of my control or anyone else's for that matter. That army of young people you see today waving signs for Ron Paul will be pushing brooms for America for free if you elect him.

Hilliary Commits Felony On Tape

The main stream media didn't think you American voters should know these things about Hilliary Clinton. I thought you did...

Educating Poor Rudy

More Proof McCain's A Liar

MSM: Unfair & Unbalanced

Rudy For Führer

All of the neocon presidential candidates are scary. But Rudy Guilliani is really so.

Cuba Exposed - 9 PM Tonight!

If you'd like to logically debate, inquire or state your concerns give me a call at (646) 915-9664. If you want to smear, lie or demand a discussi0n only containing half truths - don't bother calling.

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Ron Paul Challenging Fed Reserve Chairman

Ron Paul, besides being a Constitutional scholar, is a brilliant economic thinker. He explains here why our dollar that started out in 1913 worth a dollar is only worth four cents now. Interestingly, this meant that during that year of the unconstitutional creation of the Federal Reserve it only took no more than two thousands bucks per year to have a pretty decent family life. If you made more than that you became subjected to a 2 % victory tax to temporarily help pay for WWI. Nothing is more permanent than a temporary tax however. You will please note that this original $2000 standard deduction did not rise until the Reagan years. However the cost to have a decent life rose drastically during the 2oth Century because of the inflated fiat money supply being constantly increased by the secretive Federal Reserve.

George Carlin On America

Thanks for telling it like it is George.

Ron Paul - Reasonable Man

He damn sure sounds reasonable to me anyhow.

The Revolution WILL Be Televised - On Youtube

What are you people waiting for? There is a new American revolution going on and you are sitting on the sidelines. Our government has been stolen via election Coup de ta. But with good people like these we are counter attacking through the courts. What possible excuse can the courts give for not allowing a public viewing of the vote counting? I'm sure they will come up with one but what could their excuse be?

Secret Ballot?

It was supposed to mean it was a secret who the voter voted for. It was never meant for the rulers to be able to count the votes in secret. Who the hell do they think they are? The Vatican? There is only one reason to insist on counting the votes in secret - you are cheating. Once we expose the neocons unAmerican activities, please remember to vote - for us. Looky here at this lawsuit to force a public tallying of our votes. ALL of the government defendants are fighting this suit. What do they have to hide?