Friday, April 03, 2009

Gordon Brown

Obama Lies In France

Our collectivist commander and chief was busily shilling away in France for his global government proposal. Oh he didn't come right out and say it. But he was laying the foundation, just lying away about the alleged causes of the ruined economy so when it collapses in the near future you will go for rulers in other lands. But he never mentioned fiat currency crack money which is the root cause of this disaster. Naturally, most people, especially in collectivist France, remain clueless about who killed the economy. They and others blame some of the victims of currency crack addiction like businesses or poor people wanting to live in a house. At the same time the duped clamor for the real guilty party, government, to save them.

Fortunately, some of the duped have been residing on Capitol Hill. Their asses are on the line and they are searching for answers because the ones offered by the criminals DON'T ADD UP! Therefore, Ron Paul's legislation to audit the Federal Reserve now has over 50 signatures from his fellow Congressmen. There is also companion legislation moving through the Senate.

Yes amigos. The guilty will not be able to stay on the lam much longer. Ron Paul's posse is hot on their trail.




Thursday, April 02, 2009

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a man whom I have a great deal of respect for. If you want to be wise - listen to this great American. His wisdom will serve you well.

Today's Enlightened Thinkers

I never miss "Freedom Watch." If only this panel of enlightened thinkers were running the country we'd be so much the better for it. One point that the gentlemen make is that the Paulson's, Bernanke's, Geithner's and the like should now be totally ignored because they caused the problem, failed to see the crash coming and now want to do more of what got us into trouble in the first place as a cure.

Obama And Castro

You know amigos, I always refer to Castro as Castro and Obama as Obama. You will never hear me put the adjective "president" before their names. Why? In the case of Castro he has never received the votes of regular Cuban citizens like my great grandfather did. I assume he and now his brother are too cowardly and insecure to go before the Cuban people like shy little girls. As for Obama, though I will agree he has probably received the majority of votes, I do not believe him Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of president of the United States of America. Until he shows me, or someone I trust, a raised seal birth certificate from the great state of Hawaii he is foreign born and therefore unqualified. The founders had a reason for demanding native American born status for the presidency. They feared foreign born individuals would be more likely to side with foreign governments to the detriment of the U.S.

Maybe the founders knew a thing or too as well because by golly that appears to be exactly what is happening today. Obama and the G7 pips are busily planning how to shove international government down the throats of America as I type these words. You see amigos, the Constitution means something to me. It was written by men so much smarter than me, who read more books than I could ever hope to and wrote many as well.


You see amigos, in the past Americans did not have to do a whole lot of analytical thinking. If the government was doing something against the Constitution, the media of the day didn't lie to cover it up and the people threw the scoundrels out of office at the next opportunity and many times much worse. The Constitution is your warranty with government and only allows the rulers to govern if they recognize the individual rights enumerated therein. It's shows the high level of American ignorance whenever I hear any American disparage the Constitution or say it is an outdated document that needs to be ignored or reinterpreted.

So Castro and Obama it shall remain until I see some proof of a legitimate qualification for either to hold the office of president. But the rest of you are free to do as you like - with only that question of course. Your scorn of the Constitution has given the rulers the excuse to tell you what rights you shall have. God has no more say in the matter according to our collectivist rulers.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Senator John D. Rockefeller

Wanna Be Internet Czarina


That's what my co-workers have taken to calling me because I keep predicting the future correctly - and for a good laugh as well...

Bottle Of Scotch

Think of every dollar in circulation as one great big bottle of scotch. Depending on how valuable your labor is in demand by the other drinkers, you shall receive a number of jiggers of scotch per week for your services. But here is the problem. The Federal Reserve bartender isn't raking in the tips he use to because people are worried and keeping their scotch rather than drinking and sharing it. So the Federal Reserve bartender figures he'll buy a round to get things rolling again in the barroom economy. He draws off a few jiggers from the big bottle to give to his favorite customers. Then he replaces the missing scotch with water. Come payday you apparently get your normal number of jiggers of scotch but they taste watered down. You ask the bartender, some cat named Ben, "what gives?" Ben assures you everything is normal and that what is happening is quantitative easing of the bottle of scotch voted on by the other Federal Reserve bartenders. You continue drinking your scotch not understanding what the devil Ben was yammering about. All you know is Ben's scotch is leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barney Frank Tackles Terrorism

Chemical Attack On D.C.?

I mention this since supposedly the Taliban has said they will do some big attack on Washington, DC soon. Also today the Council on Foreign Relations (our owners) has used a chemical attack as an example for the need for us to be globally governed. That's the post that follows this post.

So if the Taliban or anybody was planning this, and the U.S. "intelligence" lets it happen again without responding one must ask why? But people in DC should be very wary. The last time the government (the CFR tells our government what to do by the way) gave these types of warning, as well as drilling for such an attack dozens of time, was just before 9/11. But even thought the government was conducting drills that included 4 planes allegedly being hijacked and rammed into buildings somehow the U.S. air defense was powerless to respond for two hours. Many jets had already been sent away from the attack sites. But for some reason they were nowhere to be found to defend the nation. If they let it happen again what good are they? For that matter are they good in any way at anything?

Global Government From Council On Foreign Relations

Here it is amigos! Here is the blueprint for the New World Order. Kissinger and the other owners have plans for you now that they have destroyed your economy. Next they plan to destroy America as a self governing nation.

Anyone else here ready to say "Hague NO!!!"

CFR Fascist Global Governance Program

What's Wrong With America?

Sure you hear lots of high fa looting language about what is wrong with the American economy and society in general. It is meant to confuse you, "mark to market - as we go forward." You must totally ignore this mumbo-jumbo and only concentrate on what is actually the problem.

Basically, we have become a nation of thieves and liars. Don't deny it. There are so many laws now that the people who don't lie well we normally refer to as "convicts." Every American breaks the law everyday and most do it multiple times. Much of this lying is to shelter one's wealth from the other thieves in the country both inside and out of government. Because we ARE a collectivist nation as I warn you of last year over the howls of insult, everyday millions of thieves extract part of the labor of some of the other thieves. A good example of this is thief Tomas Estrada-Palma who legally accepted that $7,500 interest free loan offered by my federal God Father. That's a way better rate than the mafia is offering by the way. Federal God Father just watered down the value of everybody's money by $7,500 using freshly created funny money (heck it only cost you other thieves less than a penny a piece) and now I'm buying windows and other provisions with the loot. Sorry about that amigos but as long as the rest of you are content to be thieves it's every crook for himself because I have to care for my family in this den of thieves. By the way this sort of criminality happens a trillion times a day and therein lies our economy.

Wouldn't it be better to just be honest again amigos? Wouldn't it be better to own your time, body and money again like traditional Americans once did? Would it be better to use real money based on gold and silver that the bankers could not inflate to give thief Tomas $7,500 of your hard earned loot? I'm game if you are.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 pm Tonight!