Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who Shot Down The Malaysian Plane

Being that all modern governments are piloted by corrupt power hungry criminally insane people who would do anything to have their way, figuring out which ones did this particular crime would be difficult to solve except for one thing. Psychopaths only act out to gratify their own needs regardless of who else gets hurt.

So one only need ask in these type of crimes, who benefited? Clearly, Putin and the separatists are taking it in the butt on this one. Up on the perceived moral high ground, the western oligarchs through their official government mouthpieces had all the answers from the get go. They are the benefactors of this tragedy.

But I'll go one question further to solve this crime. What's the motive or in this case motives for committing this crime. The Russians and their separatists allies in Eastern Ukraine have no motive to commit this crime. Having said that I believe they most likely fired the missile that brought down the airliner. However, I believed they were duped into making that horrible mistake. My reasoning is this particular plane was diverted right into the heart of a war zone. The Ukraine government in the west has a problem militarily with the separatists in the east. They can no longer fly unmolested over Eastern Ukraine and reign bombs down on the majority Russian population because Putin outfitted the separatists with fancy missiles that can shoot down high flying bombers and commercial airliners alike. This is a stalemate situation where a majority of essentially Russian Orthodox easterners can hold off the western Catholics who hate them forever. So clearly the westerners have a motive to shut down the missiles of the easterners. There's a lot of bad blood between the two going back to WWII and before. The western Catholics wish to kill or drive the eastern Russians out of the Ukraine and reclaim the land and resources as theirs.

With the scandals undermining the credibility and ruling authority of western oligarch government puppets they are desperate to change the subject. Whether it be the exploding pedophile scandal in England or daily examples their elite ruling class excesses, the Obama IRS scandal, his open the southern border policy to bring in future Democrats now that Americans won't be stupid enough to vote for them any more, Fast and Furious, etc. and lest us not forget that Israel coordinated their attack on Gaza to coincide within minutes of the airliner being shot down as if they knew as well - it looks a bit fishy to me. All of these players clearly had a motive to see that plane shot down if the separatists could be blamed for it.

In fact all the western press seemed to have the same story narrative as if the copy was ready to go before the plane hit the ground. So what really happened?

The Ukrainian western government diverted the airliner over the target area. The Malaysian commercial airliners transponder identification signal was either shut off or changed to a Ukrainian military transport or fighting plane signal fooling eastern Russian backed Ukrainians to shoot themselves politically in the foot by taking down a commercial airliners thinking it was going to bomb them as had been the case in recent weeks. Suddenly the bum's rush for the border by desperate Hispanic became back page news giving Obama a breather while letting the nut ball McCain wing of the old Republican guard rail against how Obama is handling Putin. The debate has been changed to one that the ruling establishment can win - they think they can at any rate.

But Putin's going to get the black box and all the evidence at the crime scene. He has the motive to prove his side innocent so this could be interesting. We know when the American government investigates crimes they commit they simply disappear condemning evidence like all the 9/11 black boxes, video tapes, etc. Naturally the western oligarch government official puppets and pundits will plant disinformation to discount the Russian gathered evidence. But that Putin is a wily rascal so should he gather evidence proving the Malaysian airliner had its identification altered it could bring down western government the outrage would be so great.

But the big picture is the ruling western oligarchs are mostly inbred nuts who really believe they have a plan that will instigate WWIII killing billions of us while they hide out in their bunkers in safety. Then when the smoke clears they'll emerge and rule the world in a global empire. Basically it's similar to the Charlie Manson plan.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Solving The Staged Immigration Crisis

First you must understand that this immigration crisis is staged and not some normal unforeseen event. During the Bush years they changed the law granting legal protections to undocumented minors. Add to this the Obama administration's stand down on the border complicated by TSA actually giving bus tickets to anywhere in America to illegals that had been in Border Patrol custody and the bum's rush is on for the border now.

For some reason when the FBI staged the Boston bombing the federal government had no legal qualms about suspending the Constitution almost totally in Boston while they hunted down the two patsies who were the agency's second choice to be framed for the job. Federal goons were pointing guns at everybody, ordering them out of the homes, grabbing women by the hair and throwing them to the ground all in the search for the two Chechen boys. Neither law nor the Constitution got in the way of the government in Boston. Yet we are to believe that in this emergency where tens of thousands of illegals are rushing our borders every week, there is nothing that can be done because of the law.

BALONEY! Declare an emergency, put every illegal captured on a plane for home. Period. This has to be done because America is not the commons for the world to walk all over. America is an exclusive club. Some of us Americans would however like to expand the concept of America to other lands in new franchises of freedom though this is another topic for another time. But you damn sure shouldn't be able to come here, plant your flag and declare yourself an American. There should not be fast tracks to American citizenship. To become a voting American takes time and motivation. You have to really want to become an American which means becoming proficient in English so you understand the nuances of the culture. You have to become familiar with the U.S. Constitution and our history of individual liberty and personal responsibility. In short, the things that are hidden from our children in public schools by filthy traitors who are deeply responsible for the immigration crisis and much more.

Having said all of this the main reason for this mess is always at its root economic. If you give away free stuff the people will continue to come until all the free stuff is gone along with the republic. That won't be good for anybody except for a few thousand global elites who are behind this take down of America. Be that as it is, I'm here to fix this mess if you'll just pay attention. We must correct the economic flaws is our system or watch it destroy the nation and with it our way of life. The reality is there are tens of millions of illegals already here and that's a fact. The federal traitors are already using them to sow chaos in society so the collectivist scum can have more bogie men to justify their paychecks while we're being destroyed. Nobody knows much about where or what these underground illegals are up to when all the while NSA has bedroom dossiers on all of us regular Americans. TSA must grope us to fly while illegals don't even need valid ID to board a flight. This second class status legally for citizens must stop now!

But the economic imbalances are much easier to solve. Americans were here first. We paid our dues already. We must be given preference over foreigners. But how? Ah, that's the easy part. Immediately abolish income tax for citizens of the United States and permanent resident aliens. All other foreigners would be welcomed to come here and work provided they check in at the border, show ID to be sure they are not criminals and be checked for infectious diseases. The IRS can provide papers right at the borders for successful guest workers so that they can comply with tax withholding requirements. American citizens on the other hand would pay no income tax. A land tax would be levied to all citizens based on the value of the land and not any of the improvements such as homes and businesses. They, as all things that result from our labor, would be tax free. Work as hard as you will you will never create more earth. Rather, we must agree on a method to share it or continue fighting over it. This land value tax placed on citizen land owners would be assess and collected by the local governments who would keep the lion's share in the community to serve local public needs. A portion would be given to the state and federal government for their limited responsibilities under the Constitution. Naturally, foreign guest workers who purchased American Real Estate property would be expected to pay the land tax as well as the income tax.

Employers would need not keep tax records on citizens nor take withholding taxes giving Americans a leg up on the foreign competition. Everything would be above board because there would no longer be economic incentive for employers to hide who they're hiring. This would bring the millions of hidden workers above the table paying taxes. In the short term the border must be sealed and illegals caught there returned to their home countries until this better system is implemented stabilizing the situation. Thereafter, America can have a steady flow of guest workers coming into America and also legally returning home if they choose with no impact on citizens. Guest workers must pay their taxes after legally registering at the border, behave themselves and they can stay as long as they like. Screw up and we'll ship you home fast. If you become destitute we'll fly you home but don't return until you've paid for that flight and any fines for vagrancy or other crimes.

Wouldn't this be a better way of doing things?