Saturday, April 09, 2011

Today's Message - Start The Coup

When I started writing this blog it was directed towards Cubans to help drive the Castro boy's from power. But the more I researched the more I came to realize that Fidel was not the only rotten apple in the leadership barrel. In fact the entire barrel is almost completely filled with the spoiled fruit of our collective ignorance on good leadership.

Don't get me wrong. Most of you are not stupid. Rather, we all have been made victims by a massive manipulation of our perception of the world. It gave the rulers of the world absolute control over us. That absolute power to lie, steal and murder with impunity as always leads to the sort of cronyism, corruption and incompetence that we are experiencing today with such disasters as the Fukushima debacle.


I just shouted at you to get your attention...not 'cause I'm pissed off at you. I like you. It's our leaders that worry me. Besides all of the above nonsense that our leaders commit, the fact remains these nincompoops are going to get us all killed! Be they presidents, kings, prime ministers...whatever. None on this planet is competent to rule over anything.

They have had great press is all they've ever had which is why we've all been had. It doesn't matter if you're in Cuba, Aruba or Skoobidooba. Some idiot has an army of idiots telling you what to do as he runs the nation into the ground. What's a world to do?

The answer that comes to mind is a coup. Batista in Cuba is sort of what I'm talking about here but on a worldwide scale. Here is what I mean. The Cuban military of the early 20th Century was totally comprised of officers who were descendants of Spanish aristocracy who's family bought them their a military commissions. So the officers were rich brats who certainly did not have the respect of the men in the army. Batista used word of mouth to spread the word to the other men that their superiors were incompetent boobs - much like our current world leaders. He convinced the men to all at once stop following orders from these rich, powerfully connected officers who were most certainly going to get them all killed by their incompetence.

It's the same situation for us today on the planet earth. We are all being governed by fools. They are going to get us all killed if we don't do something soon. I suggest a planetary coup d'état. Just stop taking orders from the top and that goes for the beat cops and the noncom's in the military. Do not follow orders. Instead, everybody mind their own business. That includes ignoring the financial piracy of Wall Street and the foreign bankers. If we all take care of business at home and in our neighborhoods while ignoring the petty dictates from our respective capitals would we all not be better off as a planet?

Naturally this sort of planetary coup d'état was totally impossible - yesterday. However, we have a golden window of opportunity now with the Internet to pull off this planetary revolt that will change earth for the better. So spread the word while we can as these are the most important words you will ever pass on. Stop taking orders from our rulers before they get us all killed. Finally, stop organizing street protests to demand this or that from our rulers. Doing this makes them think that they are important and that they still have power. Simply ignore them.

Earth coup d'état!!!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Colluding With Filthy Scum

This is a warning to everyone on the planet. If you are working with the U.S., British or other Western governments thinking that you will use them to grab power in your respective nations then you are what we call in America, "suckers." P.T. Barnum, who created a circus that staged various shows of amazing freaks of nature that was in reality mostly hype, once noted that a sucker was born every minute. It was what kept him in business. What it boils down to is people loved to be fooled as long as it's done in a flamboyant, charismatic manner that appears to deliver what was promised for the price of admission.

The cost of this ticket is a bit of blood in the street in the initially targeted countries like Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya. The gangs being armed in secret think they have used the west and taken their globalist guns, advice and in Libya air cover in order to grab power. Yahoo! They think they are going to be Urika rich. Once power has been consolidated you will be the new Mubarak's. Follow orders or else get a JFK intervention.

Then there are the suckers like the Saudi Arabian royal family that will conspire with the west hoping to keep a grip on the reigns of power over our biggest gas station. Once the other Arab gnats have been swatted out of the way and their citizens safely caged in all of the necessary mass media mirages of modern conformity necessary for total exploitation, you top oligarchs on the Arabian peninsula will be eliminated too. It will be a cinch. That means very easy. What in the world can be done to stave off the inevitable?

Well, in places now in open rebellion or simmering in places like Egypt, the people need to know that virtually everybody presented to you on a television, radio or newspaper to be your next leader is actually being backed by the banking globalists behind today's turmoil in the middle east. So refuse to accept any of these puppets. In September Egyptians should consider candidates promoted over these media monstrosities as possessing the kiss of death. Don't vote for them.

As for the Saudi royal family you will have only two choices. If you continue to align yourselves
with the Western oligarchy you will not only lose power. Many of you will lose your life as well. Did you notice how the former leaders of Tunisia and Egypt both got very ill and vanished? If you play with the scum you've been playing with for over half a century you are finished.

Therefore, wouldn't it be smarter to go out on top and be remembered as the George Washington of Saudi Arabia? Announce that your nation will move immediately to a constitutional republic of locally controlled cantons as in Switzerland. Decentralize control of money in your nation but make it backed by real things like oil and of course gold and silver. Forget about the money you have invested in western swindles as you won't see a dime of it. Hold fair elections and most of all allow citizens to own their own time, body and money.

I'd be more than happy to give you insight into the ramifications of these social and economic reforms that will allow you to live out the rest of your days in peace and be remembered by history and your people as wise, noble leaders just like President Washington. Don't you think you ought to at lease ask so you can make an informed choice? You are the lynch pin in this global take-over. Will you be dead suckers or live statesmen?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ignorant Juries Are Useless

Bernard Von Nothaus has been convicted by a jury for producing the Liberty coin - a gold alternative to toilet paper fiat Federal Reserve notes that formerly free Americans are forced to rent from the foreign banksters that control the traitors running our government.

When Thomas Jefferson said: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution, he was speaking about a jury of enlightened free individuals. He was not referring to modern Americans who for the most part have been rendered dumb as a rock through mal-education, vaccines, toxins in the food and water, TV propaganda and diversions, plus most likely attacks that I have not even considered. President Jefferson knew that if enlightened free people were allowed to rule whether or not any individual had broken the law as well as if the law itself were just and being applied justly then we would always operate in our own best interests. Smart Americans would never blindly trust governments and send the accused to prison unjustly because they knew it would eventually happen to them as well.

In the case of Bernard Von Nothaus's jury, the jurors were so stupid that they actually convicted this defendant of an act that is not a crime. In recent years people have been convicted of crimes related to owning firearms where likewise no law has been broken. Why? It was because the officials in government told these duped jurors that they had to convict the defendant if they did what the government had accused them of doing. That is nonsense!

The reason such amazing transgressions of justice are possible revolves around not only the large percentage of stupid Americans who are soon to be victims of their own stupidity themselves if not already so. In addition, jury packing is rampant in America today. Do you want to know if you are an A list useful idiot government juror? Are you an American of Asian decent? Then you could be a useful idiot government juror. Are you a woman? You could be a useful idiot government juror. Are you a senior citizen? I'd bet you are a useful idiot government juror. Have you been a criminal trial juror before and ruled the defendant guilty? Then you may be a useful idiot government juror.

In my almost 40 years of juror eligibility I was impaneled exactly once - on a civil trial. Oh I have been called up for duty before but never picked to serve. I sit in the courthouse for three days taking up space. I am on the blackballed list of independent thinking Americans who will ALWAYS rule justly. In fact, if you don't wish to be picked for jury duty the best bet is to rule against the government one time or even suggest that you might do so and you are assured of placement on the blackballed juror's list.

Here is how you get on the list. Be independent, just and knowledgeable. For me that happened during one of my first jury duty appearances. As we jurors were being screened for duty the judge asked if anybody had problems with the case, which revolved around a rape victim suing an apartment complex where she was assaulted by an unknown assailant. Judge McKinna, the most unconstitutional, incompetent judge in the state of Maryland at the time, put on the white noise generator as I walked to the bench to speak to him and the two opposing lawyers. I explained that it was ridiculous for this unfortunate woman to sue a party not responsible for the attack and noted she could not sue the government if she were attacked on a public street. The judge looking annoyed leaned forward and ask, "Can you just weigh the evidence and apply my rulings on the law to reach a verdict?" To which I replied, "Actually, your honor (even though he was a black robed tyrant possessing no honor), I intend on following Article 23 of the Maryland Constitution that gives me the juror the duty to rule on the law." McKenna looking even more menacing asks, "Do you mean you will defy my rulings on the law?" I told him that I would do so, to which he asked the two stunned lawyers if they wanted to question me. They shook their heads no and in five minutes I was rolling out of the courthouse a freeman.

From that day I have not spent one second of time serving on a criminal case jury. The government knows who I am and that I will only convict a fellow American of breaking a law that I actually believe in my gut is a crime worth punishment. In my world I am a big believer in three strikes you're out. However, it is the government that has two strikes.

Finally, I know many of you sheepish Americans would like to rule innocent but you hate confrontations especially with a thuggish government of liars, thieves and scoundrels. So all any juror has to say when asked why he or she ruled innocent is, "I was not persuaded by the evidence." If asked why say, "I did not find the evidence credible." Keep repeating this to your fellow jurors and anybody else who asks and there is nothing they can do about it. You can save a fellow American from an out of control government that is scared of all Americans today.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Fukushima Meltdown Boogie Woogie

Well...ya heard of Fukushima reactor number 1.
It just blew it's top just like the atom bomb.
It's the Fukushima meltdown.
No engineer can make it stop.
Fukushima shima shima. Fukushima.
When Japanese drink the water nobody tries to make them stop.

You can say I'm crazy.
I smell conspiracy.
Radiation floating across the shining sea.
It's the Fukushima meltdown.
No engineer can make it stop.
Fukushima shima shima. Fukushima.
When Japanese drink the water nobody tries to make them stop.

Stay away from sushi.
Don't eat Pacific cod.
Stop listening to the networks that try to act like God.
It's the Fukushima meltdown.
No engineer can make it stop.
Fukushima shima shima. Fukushima.
When Japanese drink the water nobody tries to make them stop.

The U.S. claims it's harmless.
In Japan too it's what they say.
But all of these experts are staying far far away.
It's the Fukushima meltdown.
No engineer can make it stop.
Fukushima shima shima. Fukushima.
When Japanese drink the water nobody tries to make them stop.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Who's Correct About Fukushima?

That's not really an important issue. What's germane to this situation is what will happen if I am right as opposed to should the federal government be accurate?

Lets say the federal official are correct and 181 times higher than normal radiation in western state's drinking water is perfectly harmless. Then no one will suffer ill effects regardless of whether or not they take precautions now.

Lets say I'm right and any radiation levels exceeding normal, much less 181 times higher than normal, poses a risk especially to the young and the fetus's for a cancerous future. I'm not willing to take that risk with my kids and grand kid. Are you?

Hey, what are the risks for the federal gang? That depends on how they have answered. In this case the feds have chosen, as is always the case, to kick that can of problem down the road when somebody else is in charge. Then those future politicos will wail over this injustice. It will make great theater for their political careers.

Sadly, many of today's children and soon to be children will contract cancer from radiation exposure, especially those who's guardians allow them to drink radioactive milk and water. But today's nuclear apologists won't suffer the economic effects of a devastated milk industry or the logistical nightmare of providing safe water for millions. The cancers are decades away when most of these senile senior politicians will be dead anyway so we see their choice. A future death from cancer for our children but a less worrisome political future for these politicos today. It says everything about how they really feel about us. We are expendable. So are our kids.

Don't let your kids and grand kids consume anything radioactive. I can't believe I even have to make this warning. Have either of Obama's daughters been seen drinking any of the radioactive Perrier? How about glow in the dark milk? Has even one brave American politician flown to Japan yet to fact find or lend a hand? It seems to me that they are all staying as far away as earthly possible while giving radiation exposure advice for our children.

This is just another reason why I see most of our "leaders" as disgusting, unAmerican scum and traitors to their oath of office. They merely get great network press coverage that makes them appear to walk on water while we're drowning.