Saturday, July 03, 2010

Canadian Police Rape Detainees

Listen to this lady who was recently arrested in Toronto during the G20 cabal meeting talking about the male Canadian cops strip searching young women as well as inserting their filthy fingers into their vagina. The pigs are male but they are not men. They are violent sexual predators who should be in prison themselves until they are too old to have functioning genitalia anymore.

Canada no longer has a government. They are gang rapers and if you travel there you'd have to be mad. Have a look and a listen because if this goes unpunished then your wife, sister or daughter may be next. Who are we kidding? Even our grand children are fair game to these disgusting perverts.

Friday, July 02, 2010

America Re-Colonized

The British Crown oligarchy has never lost their thirst for empire. When America defeated King George militarily the British royalty realized they had to try another approach. So just after the War of 1812 British intelligence first began infiltrating Ivy League schools. Skull and Bones as well as Bohemian Grove were designed to groom the wealthy brats of the rich and heinous for positions of leadership in the Royal oligarchy's American franchise.

The next phase was to regain control of the money supply which was accomplished by the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 by the just mentioned cabal of upper crust traitors who by then filled the halls of power. Having a total monopoly over our money supply permitted the Royal oligarchy to begin making Americans pay for their own reconquest.

After a couple bankster backed and initiated world wars the American people were duped into accepting the British intelligence created C.I.A. The Royal American Congress gave this oligarchy front organization unlimited power under the guise of protecting our nation. However, that sword can cut both ways which is something that John F. Kennedy understood. This is why he deposed royal C.I.A. stooge Allen Dulles, issued an executive order for the Treasury to begin to coin money again challenging the monopoly of the Federal Reserve Board, as well as began to pull out of Vietnam reigning in the Military Industrial Complex.

Well the Crown and their bankster backers like Rothschild hadn't come this far only to be defeated by some Irish mic upstart like JFK. So they assassinated him in broad daylight as a warning to any other political upstarts who had any funny ideas about challenging the Crown controlled C.I.A. The clear message was to do as you are instructed or the C.I.A. will murder you and get the networks under their total domination to swear that a lone nut patsy did it or some other target that the C.I.A. wants to tar for demonizing. Of course this and countless murders had been secretly done by the agency itself.

We are now in the final phase of being reconquered by the Royal oligarchy. Using their total control over all of our network media, public education, domestic police agencies and money supply these invaders have destroyed our economy to make unaware Americans desperate and willing to accept the Royal oligarchy's solution to the problems these invaders have secretly caused. That solution is international electronic money along with international taxation to pay for an international government. Naturally, this super government will really be a facade. In actuality the Royal oligarchy will be running the world show or at least that is what they had planned for us.

Part of this final attack was the deliberate oil well gusher to crush the Gulf region's economy. That is obvious because the member's of the Royal oligarchy like BP's Tony Hayward, Goldman Sachs and Barrack Oilbama dumped BP stock just before the announcement of the leaking well head. This greedy maneuver has given Americans all the evidence necessary to confirm that something fishy is going on in the Gulf. It is part of the shock and awe attacks begun by the Royal oligarchy in earnest on 9/11 when these snakes planted high explosive in the Twin Towers and C.I.A. Building Number Seven which they detonated after piloting airliners into the towers using the on-board flight computers. Arabs weren't steering those planes - traitors were using remote computer technology that has been available since the 1950's. That's why Tomas ain't flying anymore. Not in an airliner with an on-board flight computer anyway. I'd rather risk getting there on a hand glider.

Add to these nightmares some oligarchy induced plagues, another contrived war this time with Iran, a severe contraction in the supply of Royal controlled dollars, etc. and the average unaware American will be desperate for anyway out of this quagmire. The Crown and their network monopoly has been airing their solution - international money, taxation and government by the oligarchy, for the oligarchy and of the oligarchy. However, things have not gone off without a hitch thanks to the Internet.

The truth is coming out and the oligarchy is running scared though they'd be loathed to Post it in the pages of the Washington Mockingbird. They'll have to do something big soon to go for broke or the sleeping American giant will awaken from this stupor and crush these filthy snakes. Time is short for both the duped American public and this desperate oligarchy struggling to complete the reconquest of their American colony before the public figures out what the hell has been going on.

Either the oligarchy will be successful and America will be vanquished or the public will finish wising up to their plans and crush the invaders. If you wise up to these facts amigos, please be like modern Paul Reveres and start sounding the alarm...the British are coming, the British are coming - again! Not the British people mind you. They have already been conquered by the Crown obviously. We and the British people are in the same boat but on different sides of the pond.

We both better wise up soon or we're in for the Royal BUGGERING!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oilbama Attacks Campaign For Liberty

We are becoming a nation of liars. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Americans are liars by choice. What I mean is we are forced to become liars by the filthy disgusting gang that has seized power. If you simply tell the truth about their activities then they will unleash their goons on you.

The Campaign for Liberty is their latest target. The crime: telling the truth about the voting record of politicians which has resulted in some of the top foreign controlled politicos like Arlen Specter to lose their reelection for the first time.

So greasy Oilbama has set the Federal Election Commission's lawyers along with millions of tax dollars to harass the Campaign for Liberty. Their tactic is to force the freedom promoting organization into bankruptcy with this frivolous investigation.

Oilbama and Bush have destroyed our economy through endless wars fighting boogie men which they have created. They have destroyed the Gulf of Mexico along with millions of acres of the southern United States. This has resulted in millions losing their jobs with millions more to come. They have bailed out the bankers using the taxes paid by increasingly poor Americans. Now they plan on war with Iran which is why the stock market is tanking. These fat cats know about the impending war and are cashing out of the stock market while they still can leaving the suckers to lose everything.

In short, the end of America is almost upon us. The Campaign for liberty may be our final hope. Won't you give a dollar or two to save America? Please go here and donate what you can to save your nation.

Or you'd better practice lying. Only the best liars will have a chance at surviving the plans of these usurpers. The Republican and Democrat leadership are completely corrupt and under foreign control. These may be the last warnings that I will be allowed to give you before Oilbama shuts down the Internet. You can fight back now simply by donating to the Campaign for Liberty. Or you can start crying about your lost liberty and lying to survive the future.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Supreme Court Does The Right Thing

The Supreme Court in a rare moment acknowledged the English language and the Second Amendment today. Being able to defend one self is an individual right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Sure the statists will cry about everybody now having stinger missiles but gun rights in reality means any personal defense weapon - not those used by governments for mass destruction.

So stop the dramatics statist collectivist lovers of government control of the individual. Unlike Canada and England, at least Americans have a fighting chance against our corrupt foreign controlled government because Americans have guns. Most of the thugs these foreign usurpers use are cowards and will not fight armed Americans. So we may never even have to fight to get our country back.

The Internet

It's funny. When ever anybody wants to find out some fact they turn to the Internet for the quickest answer to their question. Take my wife and father in-law. They wanted to establish what the sex is for the two turtles in our pond. So they did a search and had their answer in five minutes.

Conversely, when people don't want to believe something horrible might actually be true they do just the opposite. They call people who have done the research on the Internet "conspiracy theorist" then they refuse to spend the five minutes necessary to see if the person they are slandering might actually be correct. Instead, the uninformed just drink the television network Cool-aid even though just about everyone these days knows the networks are totally corrupt.

I suppose old habits are hard to break. It took me a while too to break free from the networks and national newspapers. But once you take a logical look and examine all the facts you will be shocked but at least you will be informed. Sadly, most still quote network disinformation as Gospel fact. As a result we will all be suffering very soon from this persistent collective ignorance.