Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fixing The Economy

Well if you made me king for a day I could fix the economy before my royal 24 hours were up. Here is what I would decree.

First I would outlaw the Federal Reserve monopoly money bank. All of the top officials would be clapped in irons and marched off to await trial. Next I would declare all debts owed to these crooks and swindlers to be null and void. This would wipe from the slate all of the debt owed by private individuals, business and government that was based on marginal creation of money. Only the reserve portion of any debt would still have to be repaid meaning perhaps ten percent of the original debt or less. A homeowner, for example, could see their mortgage payment go from $2,500 a month to perhaps $250 per month. Any property or assets controlled by the Federal Reserve would be seized by the treasury.

Next I would ban paper fiat money based on nothing. I would order the treasury to once again begin issuing gold and silver money. Banks would be banned from lending out more money than they hold in deposits.

After making our currency legitimate once again, I would order our legions home to protect America. The trillions now spent, often in countries where the people hate us, would be spent back in the good old U.S.A. The current subjects of the bankers have been duped into thinking we can be safer here if we kill women and children over there. This is nonsense.

Finally, I would outlaw any tax that is destructive and that reduces economic activity. Therefore, income tax, sales tax, property tax, etc. would be banned since they reduce economic activity. Localities would be free to tax vice. Taxes authorized in the current U.S. Constitution would be legal unless amended to do otherwise but the main tax would be on land location value. Buildings would be tax free however and no improvements to buildings would be taxed either.

The end result of my regal decrees would be to get the foreign bankers, our government and others out of American's pocketbook as well as replacing the current fraudulent paper money scam. By eliminating all debt based on official fraud and bankster racketeering it would free Americans to once again apply their wealth, time and efforts to building a great country of individuals. Lastly, wealth is at the end of the day human labor mixed with the land. For thousands of years all of my royal predecessors have taxed the human labor portion of wealth creation while leaving the land basically untaxed. This has made the human population to one degree or another slaves being milked for labor. Taxing the land location value portion of wealth creation to fund the kingdom would free the hands of labor to keep what they earn but require any individual or corporation to pay back to society any extra value they hold in better than average location value.

What does that mean? It means that the farmer way out in the boonies would see his tax drop to zero as he has a terrible location value. Conversely, the big corporate offices now located downtown in the rich Real Estate areas would pay the highest location tax. However, corporations and individuals would pay no income tax whatsoever or capital gains and the land location tax has an almost zero cost to collect as well as an absolute zero chance for evasion. You can't off shore land can you?

Basically, my royal tax plan would tax the bad and not the good. To prevent urban land hording for future speculative profiteering, the land location tax is ideal. Remember, wealth comes from human labor mixing with the land. All the previous rulers before me have always permitted land hording which keeps humans off that land and unable to make anybody any wealth from it. My plan only allows as much land to be held by individuals and corporations as they can bring into productive use. Idle urban land would be tax-wise too expensive to just horde.

Now that the current numskulls and criminals have wrecked the economy their actions have finally shaken the confidence of the American people. Americans are looking for a better way to do things that will lead to a more prosperous, peaceful society. My shtick about being king is a joke and I would not take the job if offered the position. But I'm dead serious about the policy proposals. This is the best way to proceed to rapidly heal the economy. You will never hear about it in the mainstream media unless the current royal rulers fear it might become popular with the people. Then they would use the media to demonize this plan.

Once enough people learn of this truly new way of doing things then the big media is sure to attack the plan. Once their attack begins that should be proof enough that this plan will be good for America. This plan will be like a virus. Once I have infected any area on the planet with this economic system that region will rapidly thrive and grow more prosperous. At the end of the day we are all primates. It's monkey-see-monkey-do. Once the other chimps see they've been chumps they are going to adopt this system that works rather than stay with one that we know doesn't.

So I am ready to travel to any place on this earth to show you how to implement this plan. I have a team of individuals who've studied this concept, some for half a century or longer. Please allow us to help your nation become wealthy, powerful and more self-reliant. I wish America was the place for this economic revolution but Americans still believe much that is broadcast from the networks. So we're probably going down dumb.

However, island nations would be the best locations to implement this Georgist economic revolution. That's because islands are more difficult for the international banksters to infiltrate with saboteurs. So Cuba, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. would be ideal locations to initiate this revolution. The country that adopts this new economic model first will receive the additional benefit of the windfall of economic activity and wealth creation before the rest of the planet eventually follows or falls farther behind. Please feel free to drop me an email. I am waiting to help.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Magic Diesel & Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly says Americans like me who question the official "story" of 9/11 are somehow dangerous. Apparently this is because there is a chance that the rest of you could believe us and this would hurt the government's credibility. That would be true but does that make me dangerous if I am correct and dangerous to whom?

Apparently, Billy boy doesn’t believe in the law of gravity and thinks buildings can crash through themselves all the way to the ground just as fast as the speed of a gravity free fall – like when the steel supporting structure of a building is cut with high explosives by experts.

So Billy thinks bombs are not necessary to bring buildings straight down at the speed of gravity like was the case of CIA Building Number Seven. He says we could have lit a few fires in the Astro Dome or that Las Vegas Casino and waited a few hours then they would have magically imploded. One wonders why in fact explosives experts waste so much time and money wiring old buildings with timed explosives.

In the future all old buildings will be imploded using 9/11 MAGIC DIESEL.

9/11 MAGIC DIESEL is unlike regular diesel which is hard to even light on fire and when it burns doesn’t burn very hot. Burning regular diesel would be adequate for marshmallows but not hot enough to melt steel by a long shot. However, when 9/11 MAGIC DIESEL is used, apparently anywhere in a building, it burns so hot it can even cause the steel supporting beams 50 to 100 floors below to “sag.”

I think that Timothy McVeigh dude used some of that 9/11 MAGIC DIESEL when he blew up the building in Oklahoma. But I think the experts called it OKLAHOMA MAGIC DIESEL back then?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rightwing, Rascist, Gun-Toting Kooks

This is how the corrupt, corporate media is attempting to define Tea Party Americans. We who dare to withhold our support for the media nominated candidates are portrayed as goose stepping Nazis who hold "extreme" ideas. For those Americans still out of the loop as to what these big media conspirators are doing working alongside our corrupt government, being one of us sounds pretty scary because of those warnings of the extreme notions.

The media paints us as racist though we are almost totally without racists behavior. The media struggles to find even one racists sign in the crowds of Tea Partiers. So they interpret some of the signs that criticize Obama as secretly being racist but that doesn't work. Next they assert that lots of those Tea Party members of the crowd are actually racists motivated by hate. The big media even gets Jimmy Carter to say so. But this doesn't work either.

Desperate to reestablish control and credibility, the corporate media traitors send in the agent provocateurs to pretend to be Tea Partiers while behaving like racists. Sadly for them they keep getting caught as with the case of the Rand Paul rally where the Democrat media supported candidate's operative was caught red-handed acting the racists fool at the rally pretending to be a Rand Paul supporter. He was videoed marching with the Democrat candidate later that afternoon.

Thus far the end result of the normal media modus operandi is one corporate politician after another have fallen to the sword of the Tea Party in the primaries. The media now warns that since Tea Partiers didn't pick the media's nominees that the result will be that the Democrats will do better in November because of the extremist people the Tea Party did nominate.

We'll see about that come November. Those extremist positions held by the Tea Party generally concern individual liberty and the document that defines and legally binds the government in the ways it is responsible to defend liberty - the U.S. Constitution. If you are against liberty by definition you favor slavery. Slavery is getting much harder to sell for the government and their propaganda department - the mainstream media.

In my county we have touch screen voting with no way to verify an honest vote with a paper ballot record. I know the elections are run by the government in America. That government has been deeply penetrated by criminals in the hip pocket of the foreign invading bankers. What this means is even if everybody votes against Steny Hoyer in November he still wins and there is nothing we can do about it. There will be no way to prove who won without ballots.

So the talk about the extreme Tea Party nominated choices losing in November might just be the corrupt media laying the foundation for stealing the election or a goodly portion of it. Then they can say we told you so after the heist.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google Rat's You Out To Government

Magic Diesel

Yes they do as well as others on the Internet. You told them remember?

Here's how it works. The government wants to know what the majority of Americans are thinking about so they can address those concerns. So Google obliges and tells the government what Americans are concerned about judging by their search words and search patterns. Hell, face it...Google is in reality a wing of the government. So for example with the recent 9/11 anniversary many people have been doing searches on things like "CIA Building 7" and "Controlled Demolition," etc. Google notes this surge and relays it to our secret police services silently running our government for the international bankers. Since this cabal of traitors, not imaginary super cave Arabs, perpetrated the heinous acts of 9/11 they are shaking in their high heels about us learning the facts that make their explanations look stupid.

So to hide the facts the cabal of traitors responds by using their total television network monopoly to tailor productions like this past weekend's History Channel disinformation special about 9/11. The program gave the most data about Building Number Seven that I have ever witnessed on television. For the previous nine years the corrupt media has pretended Building Seven never even existed. Now that most Americans are aware of the building they are searching Google for answers. The History Channel piece was the traitor's lame attempt to information overload the American public with minutia about the building - much of it factually incorrect or at the least immaterial to the question at hand.

That question of course is, why was Building Number Seven imploded with timed explosives only several hours after the nearby Twin Towers came crashing down at the speed of a gravity free fall? Again the government tries to blame diesel fuel to explain this absolutely picture perfect timed demolition of this CIA building. They blamed diesel fuel for the Twin Towers demise as well. You see amigos, jet fuel IS diesel but with a couple additives to keep it from freezing way up high - not to make it any hotter. But on 9/11 diesel burned so hot on the top of the towers that it weakened every bit of the hardened steel structure even down to the lobby. The government says this diesel caused the Towers to fall straight down into a pile of concrete dust as well as a jumble of steel support beams that interesting were all cut about the same length at a 45 degree angle on the ends. Now that Americans are aware of CIA Building Number Seven's 6 second collapse and are asking lots of pesky questions via their Google searches the government needs an answer fast! That answer according to the History Channel re-propaganda from the government is, the paid government experts can't at this time say what the devil brought down this high security building in 6 seconds. However, they stated that there were some diesel fuel tanks located in the building and maybe...just maybe this could explain the strange demise of Building Number Seven. Is there anything that diesel can't do?

It doesn't explain a thing and here is why. When you see the collapse on video it is what it is. It is a text book example of controlled demolition. The liars should have thought up some reason why they needed to blow up the building rather than continue to claim it just fell down because of fires. Pump as much diesel or baloney into Building Number Seven as you like but the video still is what it is - controlled demolition. To argue otherwise makes the government and their "experts" look foolish. It throws everything about 9/11 that they claim into doubt. Now the cabal and their propaganda networks want us to believe three towers were brought down on 9/11 because of diesel. Yet any minor right this second can purchase diesel legally.

This would be funnier than Obama walking down Pennsylvania Avenue naked but claiming to be wearing a fine three-piece suit - except this ridiculous lie has been deployed to thus far successfully get away with the murder of 3000 Americans. But don't allow yourselves to feel foolish for believing myths about the powers of diesel. You can go ahead and condemn yourselves however if you continue to believe nonsense about diesel fuel's magic powers on 9/11 just because you are too proud or embarrassed to admit you have been duped by traitors.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I was watching a news piece about the Federal Emergency Preparedness Office and it reminded me to remind you why these federal government usurpation's of our individual rights are counterproductive as well as unconstitutional.

It really comes down to who decides any questions as well as who pays, who benefits and who loses. Any outcome can happen no matter what method we employ to be prepared. That's life. However, there is a much better chance for an individual to benefit from a decision when he is the one in charge. Plus if he is mistaken he is the one punished by the decision not others.

The local and state governments too are right there on location to offer assistance to the individual. Unless there is a disaster in the Washington, DC region (something the District is known for but that kind of disaster is not what I'm referring to here) the decisions made from DC are nowhere near the location of the disaster. Information bottleneck is a big reason federal control of local and state problems always becomes a disaster itself. It cost more using this Soviet method as well.

Add to this unconstitutional brew the inevitable corruption that always emerges when power is centralized by the collectivists be they fascists, socialists, communists, religious rulers or whatever. Collectivism IS like voodoo. Some faceless bureaucrat in DC is responsible for sticking a pin in some portion of your life when it suits them but you are the one always saying "OUCH."

You see amigos, if I were living one hundred years ago it would be unnecessary to point out these truths. Unfortunately for a long while the collectivists have ruled over education and that has been a disaster. Rather than enlighten us they have wasted our time feeding us the dumbest ideas on earth to make it easier to control us. Americans a century ago were damn protective of the ownership of their time, body and personal wealth. They understood the meaning of the Constitution and took responsibility seriously.

At the end of the day if you really want to get the American experience that you want then you be the one to decide - not faceless bureaucrats in the Washington swamp.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me Thinks Big Media Doth Protest Too Much

Well, we Americans who realized that the official 9/11 story was a ridiculous lie are happy that we are finally moving to the next stage. Since the false flag attack happened the big media has done their darn tootinest to just ignore us and hope we would go away. That hasn't solve the problem for the filthy traitors. So now they are attacking and attempted to define what we believe in.

For example, the History Channel piece aired yesterday that tried to wall paper over the holes in the official story while also painting those disbelievers as deranged people who believe some nutty possibilities. My kids and I watched much of the program. The part that got the biggest laugh was when one History Channel shill stated the 9/11 truth movement is filled with people who concentrate on the technical issues. Yes indeed we do. We look at silly issues like settled scientific laws such as the speed of free falling objects. We know that the two towers and especially CIA Building Number Seven fell too damn fast and too damn straight down on their on footprints. Basically, buildings can't supposedly crash through themselves to the lobby just as fast as buildings do when their steel supporting structure is severed with carefully placed, timed high explosives. It's impossible and Sir Isaac Newton settled the question a few hundred years ago.

Put simply, the government, big media and the History Channel want Americans to believe that if two apples fell from Sir Isaac Newton's tree that even if one apple fell straight down and hit nothing until striking the ground while the other apple struck many branches all the way down to the earth, that both apples would hit the ground at the same time. Even more ridiculous the above lying traitors expect Americans to also believe both apples would travel straight down - even the apple that is bopping off this branch then that branch. That is nonsense which is easily pointed out and the History Channel conveniently never mentioned it. But I certainly did.

This History Channel psychology operation for the most part failed. Here is why. The video tried to smear the disbelievers and steer the believers away from looking at the "technical issues." No need to look at those pesky technical issues Americans. Don't look at those scientific laws of gravity that building engineers and architects realized from the start in 2001 meant that fires could never explain the free fall collapse of three buildings - which has never before or since occurred. The millions of Americans who watched the History Channel disinformation 9/11 video only required one person in front of each TV to point out the problem of time as it relates to a gravity free fall and the whole house of cards dealt by the traitors falls to earth even faster than gravity can pull three buildings to the ground after their steel support structures have been blown away with high explosives by filthy traitors.

The cool thing is we enlighten Americans, who will never be fool again by the traitors, pointed out the obvious things that the History Channel never mentioned. Then the History Channel admits that every one of their "experts" are completely confounded to explain the collapse of CIA Building Number Seven. They just can't figure it out so we should all just move on dot com.


There is treason here and these vipers must be tried, convicted and justly prosecuted. The main reason is these snakes have done this before 9/11 and they are sure to do it again just like all career criminals. The trouble for these traitors is time. They can't explain the missing time necessary for a building to crash through itself. These arrogant elitists murderers should have planted the bombs in such a fashion as to cause the towers to topple over and used incendiaries to cause fires. Why didn't they? It's because they are greedy and own the properties nearby that would have been destroyed as well. They are running out of time. One third of the American people now believe the government let 9/11 happen or made it happen. Both are correct.

What the History Channel program showed me was the traitors are really running scared now. The fact is after the November election the new representatives might very well start sending out subpoenas that ask real questions that those in power currently don't wish to answer. The real murderers of the 9/11 victims are in actuality a small cabal of neocon traitors working in league with foreign intelligence agents. Most people in the government are real nice people like my mom and dad. They would never be involved with such dastardly behavior. The traitors used deception to get government folks to just stand down and let what happened on 9/11 just happen. Many were told by superiors that it was only a drill.

This false flag attack was very compartmentalized so connecting the dots to what was occurring was impossible then. That's not so now. The final difficulty the traitors have now is so many people know the truth especially in the military. They are damn mad about the treason and can't wait to see you dogs under arrest waiting for your military tribunals. So pulling off the next false flag attack is difficult maybe even impossible at this point. The last time the military was fooled into helping the traitors. Perhaps the next time instead of being duped they will be arresting the traitors.

The military would already have done this except not enough Americans know the truth yet. But the number of Americans who know the truth is growing - not shrinking. I feel the dogs must make their move within a year or so or the window for opportunists slams shut on them.