Saturday, March 08, 2008

Slaves Voting For Slavery

It is terrible that people in Cuba cannot vote for their leaders. However, what I find even more unbelievable is Cubans living in America voting for the politicians who essentially espouse the same political philosophy as the Castro boys - collectivism. I have voted in every election since the late '70s. I have NEVER voted for a collectivist either Democrat or Republican. There has been a couple occasions where I voted for a member of these parties (including one for me when I ran as a Republican) but they were, like Tomas Estrada-Palma, solid Libertarians. For my wisdom most other people, who mostly do not vote themselves, accuse me of wasting my vote. Excuse me?

A wasted vote first of all is one that is not cast in the first place. So if you don't vote, shut up! Equally stupid is to keep voting for what you do not want then be shocked when you get it. That "IT" that most of you still do not get is, to one degree or another, you are supporters of collectivism. The fact is the same collection of characters has been in charge for a long time and they will not go away quietly into the night. At this point it is not as easy as just voting them out of office. They are entrenched. But if say 100 million of you wised up, got up and moved as one then your collectivist owners would cower and get out of your way. That would require all of you to vote for there replacements, then swarm the ballot process to stop these sleazy election thefts that are making America the laughing stock of the world. I agree that people who live in glass houses should dress in the basement. But not even one vote should be given credibility if it is tallied in secret. Politicians and officials who engage in this disgusting behavior must be condemned.

Until such time here is what you will face. The banker cartel will continue playing the money supply game so they and not you profit. Your collectivist owners will try to maintain their world empire holdings and maybe even try to expand them using unprecedented violence. You will become poorer and less free. We will continue to be innocent victims of terrorists angry at our owners for occupying and exploiting their natural resources and people. Also look for Internet restrictions to block you slaves from becoming too enlightened. As soon as you understand the economics or your owners' free range slave operation then the game is over. Only an idiot would agree to this raw deal.

Friday, March 07, 2008


It must be resisted at all cost. This ideology has killed hundreds of millions of innocent victims. Yet most people fail to understand what collectivism is. This means they do not recognize the enemy of free individuals. Therefore they are powerless to fight this scourge and most even aid the collectivists.

What is collectivism? Simply put, collectivism is the notion that groups can be rewarded or punished just for being, or not being members of a group. Many collectivist societies in the beginning were democracies but those who claw their way to the top of the collectivist ladder are not so easily removed once there. Remember, collectivism always makes matters worse leading to more collectivism. At some point in the process of collectivization things turn to crisis and this gives the power hungry rulers just the chaos they require to eliminate their opposition and consolidate their domination and control over the individual. Here are some collectivist terms and their real meaning:

1. Nationalization - Stealing the just earned property of individuals in the name of protecting the people but in reality enriching the ruling collectivist leadership.

2. Social Security - Stealing the just earnings of the young, who are the punished class, then giving those earnings to the old, who are the rewarded class.

3. Inflation - A monetary policy based on fiat money not backed by any tangible assets which the collectivist leadership employs to constantly diminish the value of money and therefore the wages of the people. So the collectivist leadership can on the one hand claim to be protecting old people by being in favor of collectivist schemes like Social Security but all the while in reality be paying them less and less using less valuable inflated currency.

4. Progressive Income Tax - The profit earned by the collectivist leadership for their free range slavery operation.

5. Affirmative Action - A collectivist scheme which favors one or more racial groups by punishing one or more other racial groups. Ironically, this notion is advocated by the collectivist to promote "fairness" but in reality it is just one more weapon in their arsenal used to divide and conquer us.

6. Public Education - This oxymoron is a collectivist device used to bag and tag the future slaves for the collectivists' free range slave operation. Public schools are used to force feed the information the collectivist leadership wants individuals to believe while hiding the information which the collectivist leadership would like to hide from the individual. These educrats sell this as an institution for enlightenment but it is all about maintaining control and culling the herd of those who do not agree with their oppressors. It's all about your permanent record to see who will play ball with the collectivist leadership and be rewarded and who won't.

7. War On Terrorism - The original blue prints for this collectivist phycological operation used to scare the people into submission is a book called "1984" by George Orwell. It calls for the collectivist leadership's central plans to keep enough groups punished and pissed off to cause them to want to strike back harming innocent individuals who become more and more willing to give up freedom, money and privacy for "protection."

I could go on for sometime and I intend on doing just that into the future until you "get it." Now you see how many of you have been passive collectivists so easily led around by the nose. Swear off your collectivist ways. You must question absolutely everything you have been told by the collectivist leadership and parroted by their mainstream media shills.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Prisoner Revolt

The bad news is almost my entire army is held prisoners of war - trapped by their own ignorance of who and what the enemy is. They scrape with one another while the enemy laughs at their ignorance.

The good news is, once these soldiers realize who the enemy is - we have them surrounded and outnumbered 100,000 to 1.


While I will agree that all of the above collectivists have perpetrated varying levels of evil due to THEIR love of collectivism, each is united in their collective belief that THEY are much smarter than YOU. THEY believe THEY know what is best for YOU...and everybody else for that matter. THEY feel it is THEIR God ordained duty to decide which groups to reward and more vitally important for the hundreds of millions of victims of this evil ideology...which groups to punish. They anoint themselves little Gods on earth reigning over US.

My question to YOU, is how many more of US do THEY have to kill, imprison and impoverish before YOU wise the hell up, stand the hell up and join up with the worldwide INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!!? WE will easily rout OUR enemy as soon as YOU recognize who and what THEY are. Then once YOU get off YOUR knees and stand up like individuals together against OUR enemy, instead of like a herd of sheep hoping today's not your day to be slaughtered, we shall be victorious!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ron Paul Wins Texas

He won reelection to return to Congress. The media will soon anoint McCain as Republican nominee but hold on there partner. If there was no way for Ron Paul to win why is he staying in the race while Hucklebee is dropping out? It is because Primaries are still window dressing. The nominee is picked at the National Convention. Ron Paul, because he has by far the most grassroots supporters, has quietly been getting his supporters to become delegates to the convention. Of all those delegates the media keeps carping about that McCain supposedly has - many are un-pledged delegates. That means they can vote for who they damn please. If McCain doesn't win 51% on the first ballot he's sunk because thereafter for all votes it is the conscience of the delegates to decide.

All the way to the convention with Ron Paul and onto the White House to victory!


"You say you want a revolution. Well you know, we all want to change the world..."

- John Lennon

Cubans in Cuba and elsewhere...start a real revolution now. Spread the word. You traded one form of slavery for another controlled by the Castro family. Start a real revolution NOW amigos. Revolt against your oppressors in the collectivist leadership.


Swear off all forms of group rights, responsibilities and punishments. Cuba can be the center of a real revolution based on individualism and not collectivism. Cuba has seen the folly of collectivists' promises. Cubans are ready for a real change. Here it is my friends. Continue not doing a thing for the regime. Go to the tourists hotels on Independence Day this May and take back your country and your future. The tourists will provide protection from atrocities. Drive the oppressors from the island. We all could be the center of a new world revolution just like what happened here in 1776. I'll bet 11 million free individual Cubans working for the fruits of their own labor WILL become the beacon for the rest of the world. Spread the word amigos...join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! Become an individual soldier and stop being sheep in a group.

Bernanke Bemoans Bank Failures

Iraq War Progress Report

One very effective tactic used by the collectivist's media assets is omission. Simply do not put a story on any of the networks or in major newspapers and the story does not exist. So let me ask you, is the brutal beating that these Iraqi children are receiving at the hands of your U.S. soldiers (complete with camera man commentary from an obviously sadistic and deranged individual) news worthy?

The reason I ask is I thought this type of torture was not use by American soldiers against prisoners. Therefore this IS news worthy and this should go to further convince you that you have been duped by your collectivist masters and this will continue as long as you bend over and keep taking it. Some of you more ape like slaves may actually think this sadistic behavior is a good thing and will lead to harmony in Iraq and elsewhere. But for those of you who find it revolting I'm wondering why you are not revolting? Join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! Spread the word. Take back your life and control of your future.

Oh yeah... For you dog lovers out there here's a little Youtube you won't see on the nightly news either. I'll call it "G.I.s torture injured dog." To me, I'll stand up for the troops by getting them out of that awful environment that could breed such sadistic behavior.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Let's Recap

When Fidel took that fall on the stage several years ago I had seen this sort of thing before. My father, who was several years older than Fidel, had broken his leg too. The broken leg was the start of a downward spiral in their health that would ultimately lead to the cause of death for my father and the changing of the guard in Cuba with disrespect to Fidel.

The broken leg took both Fidel and my father out of their routines. Do not underestimate the damage that this does to one's health. Having been in a coma myself for just two weeks at the young age of twenty-six I know a thing or two about recovery. It is just like a horse that's down. If you can't get him up and walking around you might as well get the pistol. It is tough learning how to walk, use the toilet and feed yourself all over again even in the prime of your life. I think I did it then because I was so indignant that I could not do these menial tasks that I'd been doing for myself for a couple decades. Somehow I came back - perhaps even stronger than before and way wiser too. But not dad. He never really got back up like before. He no longer could take his half hour walks. He doddered around his apartment while suffering one undignified intrusion into his health after another. It was about a four or five year process and my father was in much better health than Fidel. Basically, dad was real cheap and led an austere life where he prided himself for being able to eat for less than $5 a day back in 1980. It has not been announced yet the nagging maladies suffered by Fidel. Hopefully jock itch is one for example. But surely he has experienced as many or more annoying medical problems than my dad. That rich lifestyle of Fidel logically would complicate matters for him health wise. Fidel put on that act of being like some sort of everyday man leading a simple life but if that were true he would look thin like my father. But fat boy was forking in hams as fast as he could chew.

So when dad's time came, cousin Andrew had just taken him into the hospital for another annoying medical problem. He suffered a massive stroke and was essentially dead then and there but me being the executor meant I needed to verify this. So I flew to Florida with my brother Pat and sister Candy and saw dad being kept alive by machine. Clearly his brain was not functional. He scolded me many times in the approaching years up to his death. "Boy!" He always called be boy. Not Tom or Tommy or Tomas - boy. He liked Tarzan movies too but I can't say if there's a connection. But he said, "I'm telling you if something happens, no machines!"

When his time came it was even in the hospital when his massive stroke happened - perhaps Fidel too during his surgery. Humberto Fontova agrees with me that Fidel had a stroke. That is why they announced so quickly the change in power. After the stroke Fidel's days of scheming were over. But he's Fidel so the doctors intervened to save Fidel and in doing so merely preserved his corpse to satisfy the needs of the guys at the top. For them this was a stroke of bad luck which has set off a series of plagues on the regime and unfortunately the Cuban people ever since. Bad weather, an oil refinery exploded and burned, an earthquake, a dengue fever outbreak, etc. So the regime for the last couple years has pretended like Fidel is still at the helm and he's going to turn these plagues around. Now the regime has finally mustered the guts to say Raul is in charge but of what? Fidel must be a babbling fool at this point who might not be allowed to see anyone outside of the inner circle - even non Spanish speakers. This was part of the ruse. The junta would show Fidel babbling with no audio on the video to some well known dignitary who spoke no Spanish. So while Fidel might have been talking about his favorite doggies his interpreter would clean up his meaning to one that would not make the dignitary look disturbed for the camera. For the most part this worked, at least tricking the main stream media anyway who fell for it hook line and sinker. But I don't think the Cuban people anywhere were going for it. Police states are too predictable. The Cuban people smelled the rats right off.

So here we are today. What's next? Perhaps the regime will milk a few more months in power with Fidel's funeral. They'll play lots of anti Yankee music and show reruns of the glory days before all the loot was used up. I suspect Raul will die suddenly from a heart attack - maybe while trying to orate at the lecture literally scared to death of public speaking. A word smith he ain't. Now wouldn't that cause a panic if Raul dropped dead eulogizing at big brother's funeral? Now there's a future we can all look forward to. Well, perhaps not Raul. We all know how he hates public speaking.

Bon chance Raul...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Call Me Tonight

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Sorry I've been away but I'm finishing up the timing belt on my daughter's car while at the same time negotiating with buyers of my F-150 truck that I'm parting out. So once I've finished with Tiree's Accord this morning I've got to pull the transmission in my truck for another buyer. But give me a call tonight and we can discuss how long Raul has to live. Abajo Raul!