Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Globalista Victory Means More Battles

Americans are getting ready to be economically hammered by a handful of super rich Globalista's bent on being in charge of the world. There is a fact about this new planet government which no one is talking about.

Apparently people haven't even given a thought to life under the Globalista's should they be successful. In reality there is a tremendous battle being waged at this very minute but most people are completely unaware of this struggle. Even the few freedom fighters waging this David versus Goliath battle haven't seen that the battles aren't over even if the Globalista's do pull off this global attack. Say the Rothschild gang gets it all. The Globalista's get their world currency and world government along with their every wish for the planet. Do you honestly believe the fighting will stop and these dozen or so mega wealthy "enlightened one" along with the few score of wannabe's just one step below them, will join together in harmony to run the planet like a Swiss watch?

DON'T BE STUPID! They will in-fight trying to topple each other forever. Right off the bat every one of these top tier globalists is an inbred, insane nut. I'm 56 and I've never killed anyone while these sick snakes have literally exterminated millions with plans for billions more - including you, amigos. They are petty, spoiled snotty little rich brats that need a good kick in the ass and a slap in the face to get their attention. They don't need the keys to the planet. Once they have us totally controlled in their police state surveillance grid the gloves will come off. When they have the earth's population severely reduced and pacified the scum at the top will commence assassinating each other and sowing chaos to scapegoat one another. You can believe that.

So this message really isn't for the average person on the planet. They are clueless. This is for you wannabe's near the top who are not completely insane like the top dozen or so. Many of you will be purged as soon as the globalist's systems are completely implemented because the top does not like suitors for their throne. Even if you and your family members are not among the victims killed off do you expect the world to be a peaceful place after the Globalista's consolidate control? Get real! These nuts are going to scrap like cats and dogs forever. So...won't you help topple these Globalista's today? Please rat them out. Please drop the dime on them. Please give us the heads up as to their upcoming attacks so we can nab them red-handed and drag them before the people for justice and retribution.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Federal Government Is Beyond Salvation

Yes amigos - it's beyond repair. Fortunately the founding fathers, whom all of the modern opinion crafters trash on a regular basis, knew our current predicament might be possible. So they put in the Constitution the procedure known as a Constitutional Convention.

The founders knew it could come down to a question of survival between governments along with the people. This very scenario is playing out today. The federal government has effectively been hijacked by foreign powers. They have brilliantly parleyed this control down through the state and local governments using the federal subsidy scheme. All the state and local governments had to do was accept their status as inferior levels of government, do what the feds demanded and they'd get a pile of cash.

Now that the foreign economic raiders have bled us bone dry the gravy train of dough to the state and local governments is drying up. Add to this fact, the foreign invaders who own the Federal Reserve Board have overprinted our money for a hundred years as of 2013. This creation of price bubbles followed by prices popping when the money supply is briefly shrunk or contracted, crushes the weakest of us economically. The state and local governments have also become dependent on the fake price bubbled housing market that has been collapsing now for several years leaving treasuries high and dry. The federal government says don't look to us. You're on your own. They have their own problems. Number one is the fact that all of our federal income tax dollars go strictly to pay interest to the Federal Reserve Board and not to any useful project like roads, schools or fire fighters. Fortunately for these invaders still not enough Americans understand this form of attack and do not even realize it is happening. That is changing fast however and the invaders only have limited time left to do something to save themselves and complete their invasion successfully.

The corrupt federal government has already penned the new form of government we will have after the next emergency these traitors cause or let happen. Bad news for most of you governors and all the state legislatures. You will be deposed by presidential degree leaving just a few lackey governors like our dear leader in Maryland O'Malley who will reign over a number of states for the federal usurpers. If one only listened to the networks one might think that the state governments are just sitting on their asses waiting to be deposed by the impending degree...but you'd be wrong.

Actually, we are as little as two states away from calling that Constitutional Convention to no more than five states away. The magic number is 34 state legislatures making the call for a convention. A few states have rescinded their call for a convention but in a legally dubious manner. This is because of the nonsense that if a convention is called they will take away our Bill of Rights. But let's be honest. There is no need to even do this as the federal government has already done so. The big media and all the official experts warn against a convention. So this should be proof enough that this is exactly what America needs right now!

If your state is one of the stragglers in calling for a convention tell them very soon they will be effectively removed from office after the impending emergency is kicked off by the federal traitors. If they try to call for the convention at this time I doubt their authority will be even recognized by the federal usurpers and their puppet president. DO IT NOW!

We may only be days away from the next instigated emergency. Call for a Constitutional Convention immediately. The convention should remove the puppet President; dissolve the Congress and U.S. Senate; remove the Supreme Court Justices; shut the Federal Reserve Board; eliminate all federal debt to foreign bankers; eliminate paper dollars for state created gold and silver currency; transfer all assets of the federal government and the rank and file federal personnel back to the states in which they are located; form a commission of state legislature to investigate the past decades of federal high crimes and treason so that the guilty may be justly punished; and finally to create a new federal form of government. I suggest the state legislatures do the jobs themselves via teleconference and the Internet.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Groping A Six-Year Old

What kind of people would grope a six-year old? First of all would you do so? I'm betting that most people will say absolutely not! Normal people get real joy out of seeing a happy child. I do certainly.

As a parent and now a grand parent I can tell you this about children. They are delicate physically and fragile emotionally so even the most well intention caretaker is going to see the child cry. Kids get cranky and have to have diapers changed and wait for food when they are hungry because it takes a bit of time to prepare their meal. They can't talk initial so we have to guess as to why they are crying.

One thing that children covet is normal, consistent interaction with people they know. Their parents advise them to avoid strangers and to never let strangers place their hands on them. Then they go to the airport and this is exactly what happens to the innocent little kids. Why would such a thing occur?

The disturbing answer is easily seen by whom the TSA screens. Their victims are almost always women and their children now. The government plays on the fears of moms so they will submit to groping. So far not one single grope has resulted in any terrorists being apprehended. The TSA avoids groping the men because it's obvious a large percentage of us will revolt because we find the government assault revolting. Someone grabbing me uninvited in such a manner is getting a broken nose. Almost every terrorist has been a young man yet kids, ladies, the old and wheel chair bound are the ones groped. Why?

Isn't it obvious? Our kids are being trained to accept total slavery. Haven't you seen pictures of slave auctions? Most times the slave are naked so the buyer knows what he's paying for. Naturally, all slaves must submit to the sexual demands of their masters without question so our kids are going to have to be comfortable with nudity as well as having people they don't particularly fancy putting their hands on them and worse. This is conditioning people!

The question is what's next? The answer is the kids need to submit to having strangers inside their bodies. It's normal moms. Relax because the TSA is doing this so your family can be safe flying. It's the only way we can be certain we stop those vagina and rectum bombs. Additionally, children who have visible breast must be fondled to verify that they are not militant Islamic breast bomb implants. Some may scoff that the government will go this far. They certainly will if we do not have the will to stop them now! This is all about a once free and independent people being trained like sniveling dependent dogs to obey all commands from our masters' and their enforcers.

Which brings us back to the question of who would grope a six-year old? The answer is sexually deviant perverts and people who will follow orders from their superiors to do perverted things to others especially when it gives them power over those individuals. Would you want those kind of people touching your children even if it were true that it was necessary to fly safely? The answer should be hell no even if it was necessary to make us safe. I'd rather walk to my destination carrying my kids on my back. Once you realize this is all a giant conditioning program to make our kids submit to the slavery of our masters you'd be a terrible parent if you ever flew again with your family.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People Continue To Believe Government Lies

It really is incredible how gullible most people are when it come to believing government pronouncements (lies). I pondered why this is so.

I believe the main reason for this fact is most people still don't grasp that they have even been lied to by governments which continue to lie till this very moment. If you still believe the government you are much like a trusting husband or wife who is married to a cheating spouse. You desperately want to believe both are true to you because you have been made to feel weak and inadequate. Both the cheating spouse and the rotten government constantly remind you how lucky you are to have them around. They warn you of the horrible consequences that would arise should they not be around to protect you and your delicate ego. Sometimes you have to even be slapped around a bit just to keep you in line. But it's all for your own good because they really do love you. They told you so.

Please allow me to tell everyone two very important facts. Number are valuable, unique and deserve the freedom to excel. Number two...every government as far as I can see, except perhaps the Icelandic government who recently told the foreign bankster to shove it, is a gang of deceitful liars. Take the American government for example. No not the average bureaucrat like my mom when she was working for the Justice Department or even her Assistant Attorney General bosses. Take it from me. Mom is ninety and still hopelessly duped - although she is getting suspicious that something fishy is going on. But when you have been wed to a government for this long contemplating a divorce now is unthinkable. It would mean admitting that you have been duped for almost a century.'s the youth that will have to save us now. The government is giving them the shaft and the kids don't like where they are sticking it.

Still, those in between the very old and the very young remain scared, divided and for the most part wed to this government. This is a fact even after so many lies from the government and network media. Over fifty thousand of my generation were killed in South East Asia over the Gulf of Tomkin incident that never occurred. This would never have happened except for the fact that JFK was murdered by these same snakes that lie to us and have total control over our government till this very day. As with lame excuses for lipstick on the collar, the nonsense about the magic bullet theory was used to brush aside any lingering doubt. From the 60's the cabal of liars has gotten away with one whopper after another and my generation has remained married to them. True, the marriage is strained currently but that is due to financial concerns. The government is still lying and slapping us around a bit to keep us in line but they are not bringing home the bacon like they use to. They've gambled it all away on a horse named, American Bankster Empire.

Then finally this government cabal was caught in bed on 9/11 doing the dirty deed. Amazingly, my generation fell for the story about them being cousins just having a nap. The foreign banksters who control our money supply created trillions of extra dollars causing prices to soar and my generation blames inflation on Arabs squabbling in the middle east or unions here in the U.S. Apparently, there is no lie too big for my generation to fall for up to this point in time. That doesn't bode well for our future. The government enforces a no lunch brought from home policy to protect children while assuring everyone high radiation doses are harmless. Before this they claimed hardly any radiation was even being released. When this could not be covered up any further they just increased the amount of radiation that they claimed would be safe for the kids to be exposed to.

These next lies will cost many of you your lives. These absolute monarchs have meddled into so many things that they don't understand that I believe many more horrible things will result from their powerful ignorance and arrogance. Fukushima is just the opening act. Call it nature or a higher being but things have a way of coming unraveled for those who have tried to rule the world. Apparently, the world already has an all powerful ruler who been around for a lot longer than man can count. America is next in line for seismic calamity. All of the same nuclear sores are just waiting to be ripped open by mother nature especially on the West Coast, the New Madrid earthquake zone and even New York city. Of course a bit of chaos is how the elites have operated to maintain control for several hundred years now from behind the scenes. But they may have bitten off a bit more than they can chew this time around.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Smearing Ron Paul

I posted on Facebook my anger yesterday about Ron Paul's name not being included in a poll on who the next president should be. This was to a bunch of antiwar activists. Sadly, two of them started saying disparaging things about Dr. Paul. It's typical.

Like just about everything, most people don't have an opinion about Ron Paul. They have an opinion crafted by the globalist owned media. Certainly, neither of these two dupes on Facebook has met Dr. Paul personally nor have they any firsthand knowledge of anything he has done. What they possess is how they have been programmed by their TV set to fear Ron Paul or have some false idea about him. For example, during the 2008 election I had people telling me Ron Paul was a "complete fascists" and "a racists." This is absolute nonsense!

It's time to grow up people and start acting like thinking adults. Stop behaving like spoiled manipulated ignorant children looking for Santa Claus to save you. In the 21st century all network information is meant to manipulate not to inform. Therefore one must forget everything one has been led to believe and start anew.

You are now the reporters in your world. The most reliable source of news is you yourself witnessing something live on the scene in real time. That is firsthand knowledge. It is precisely a judge will not allow hearsay evidence during a trial. He wants to look the actual witness in the eye.

Next, secondhand accounts will be your next most reliable source but there is a catch. The source must be reliable meaning trusted and time tested. Of course, there is always the possibility of misinterpreting something one witnesses but this is an honest mistake. Viewed from several different perspectives by various honest people the truth will emerge that everyone honest can agree on.

The last and least reliable source of information are third-hand reports. This is where something is witnesses or reported on firsthand, told to someone else who then reports to everybody else. Virtually all of the big networks use mostly third hand accounts to fill their news broadcasts. Even when they show live footage of events it should at least be considered secondhand information of dubious reliability. Why? The networks can always show far away shot of scenes from say the Fukushima meltdown to minimize the urgency of the situation. Likewise, the networks can always replay old booing audio spliced in with the announcement that Ron Paul won the CPAC poll for president.

Which brings me back to the question of Ron Paul. If you have a bad opinion of Ron Paul you have been manipulated. I feel very qualified to state this and here is why. I know Ron Paul personally. In other words I shook his hand, looked him in they eye and spoke to him person to person. I have first hand knowledge of the man. Those of you who disparage this great man who have never even met the gentleman should shut up and check how you've been manipulated by third hand reporting by filthy, unamerican liars. These liars show Dr. Paul from only certain perspectives to make him appear evil. For example they will state, correctly, that Ron Paul favors eliminating Social Security. This alone is enough to get lots of people's blood boiling. But here is the facts. They are correct but Ron Paul is a compassionate man and will not pull the rug out from under old people. The current rulers bringing you these networks reports are however throwing the old under the bus with inflation right now. Ron Paul wants to de-fund the foreign bankers American military empire first of all and this scares the hell out of these oligarchs dependent on the teet of the American taxpayer. Decades down the road we will transition to a better sustainable, honest system to provide for the old.

Here is something the oligarchs don't want you to know about Ron Paul that I know from firsthand knowledge and from reading Dr. Paul's writings for decades. Ron Paul is an economic and political genius. He is the most qualified man who has thus far ever run for president including everyone right back to George Washington. Before you challenge me on this ask yourself how many of Dr. Paul's writings have you read? Have you met him personally? In fact, do you know anything about this man other than what you've heard over the network media?

If you fall into this last group you most certainly have a negative opinion of Ron Paul. In effect, you have joined up with the enemy and you have become their willing shill. This does not mean that you are my enemy per se. You just haven't realized who your real enemy is and many of you don't know yourselves either. The Art of War assures that these two poisons will lead to your doom. But I won't fight you as you disgrace yourselves fighting for the enemies of peace and freedom whenever you repeat these lies about Ron Paul. There is no time to waste now. The real enemies of mankind running the network programming of your mind must be defeated despite your complicity and ignorance.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Lying Media Poll

Newsmax is a pack of globalist liars! I see this poll about Donald Trump running for president so I click the link out of curiosity. What I find is a poll on who I'd support in 2012 and shock of shocks - Ron Paul's name isn't even given as a choice in this "poll."

Isn't it obvious by now amigos? How in your face do these media snakes have to be with their manipulations? This poll situation sums up the game plan of the mass media controlled by globalists. For decades they have played the American people for suckers including yours truly using the total blackout.

Let me break it down for you. All of the choices that the MSM yammers over as your choices for our leaders are corrupt, incompetent and/or bought and paid for by foreign bankers. Any candidate blacked out by the media, like Ron Paul, should be your top choice to represent you. When the media actually attacks a candidate like Rand Paul in the past election then there is no doubt. They are afraid he could be elected so they pull out all the stops to demonize and marginalize the candidate.

Please stop being chumps for Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reilly, Rachael Maddow, etc. They are all disgusting, filthy traitors to the republic. American WILL be great again one day. It starts to happen when Americans stop paying attention to these lying shills and their pitifully obvious push polls.