Friday, August 15, 2008

Inflation To Deflation

Everyday commodities continue increasing in price to soak up the massive quantities fiat money being printed. But the credit system used to pump new money into the economy is dead. So one by one deflation will take hold. You are seeing it happen in Real Estate. Prices will spiral downward because people will not want to part with their money if they have any. The central banks are selling gold and silver to drive the drive down the price to spook people into selling theirs. That's for suckers! Buy the precious metals if you can.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stop Being Manipulated!

Really! I hate it when you are successfully manipulated by big news media (BNM). Currently, the BNM is doing their level best to manipulate you into thinking Russia is raping a small village-like country called Georgia. No doubt some think they are talking about one of ours states.

But there is so much that you are universally not shown by the BNM. This site has perspectives and realities not given by the BNM. For example, CNN has been caught fabricating news again showing destruction allegedly caused by Russians that was actually Georgian attacks on civilians who want to sussession from Georgia. The Georgian army has killed 2000 civilians so far. But it's really all about who controls that big fat oil pipeline and of course the U.S. has its big fat nose right up you know where in this matter. How much longer are you going to let these neo-con knuckleheads recklessly endanger the planet for their fun and profit? You sure as hell ain't getting any richer under their rule. When y'all gonna wise up?