Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Edgar Casey, HAARP And Our Future

First let me report that the confounded HAARP is finally shut off. I only detect a lower frequency using less power. What the hell am I talking about?

I'm not certain but I noticed as far back as I can recall hearing magnetism. I don't hear it in my ears but behind them in my skull unfortunately. The pitch changes depending, I suppose, on what generates the signal.

The signal ramped up considerably before Sandy and then went quiet after she was done with us. Then the signal began in earnest several days ago and I began making storm and earthquake predictions. Sure enough we have our next nor'easter right on schedule and as a bonus point for Tomas - a New Jersey earthquake yesterday.

As with all wars it's all about deception. It is no different with this war against the pitiful, tamed American and our out of our control government that attacks us in secret. HAARP is a perfect example of this lack of control. Just because it is possible to do something, often it is wise not to do it. Take monkeying around with nature for example. Is it wise to play with nature?

From my perspective the nuts running America ARE playing around with the weather for nefarious purposes such as getting this guy elected over that guy. Real dumb reasons don't you know? Weather modification has been a scientific fact for decades. The Russians will guarantee a sunny day for your parade for a fee. They were the first ones to create a HAARP array back in the 1950's.

Be that as it IS, the prophet Edgar Casey warned we would be experiencing upheavals with earth geography. Land would appear out of the ocean while other areas would disappear below the waves. The above map is rendered from Edgar Casey's vision of our future. Perhaps it's all nonsense. Perhaps not. However, is it wise to allow nuts with weather machines that can also be used to trigger earthquakes to fool around with them?

There is a museum about Edgar Casey down in the Virginia Beach area. That is one regions Casey claimed would be mostly not effected by the instigated upheavals of which he warned. I'm not too far from there here in Edgewater, Maryland - just across the Chesapeake pond. However, people in New York and New Jersey might use this opportunity provide by Sandy and now this next nut created storm to move to higher, more stable ground.

Crap! The signal just started up again. It's about 5:30 AM Eastern Time Election Day.