Friday, February 06, 2009

Free Range Slave Invisible Fence

Raul Castro Admits Tomas Is Right

By offering to give back stolen land to farmers to boost production of food, Raul is admitting that I am correct about wealth production being land combined with human labor. This means Raul IS as thick as he looks since it took him fifty years to realize this truth - apparently anyways.

However the same problem remains for Cubans. The top is nothing more than a gang who have stolen what is not theirs for 50 years. Cubans would be stupid to create any visible wealth for it would quickly be stolen. Therefore, I recommend a total worker's strike until these gang members are driven from power. They are weak now and in disarray. They scream back and forth at one another out of your view.

The sooner they go the better so spread the word. Take it easy. Slow down... Reduce output. Come down with another sickness.'s cold and dengue season. I have some great ideas for you that will rock your world - especially you young Cubans. You will go from having nothing to having it all. This can happen incredibly fast and it will be an exciting adventure for you all. The sooner you get started the faster it can happen.

I hope to see you all very soon.

Counterfeiting Congressmen

That is the root cause for our bad economy. You can't blame the president or anybody else (except perhaps the voters) since Congress passes the laws and is in charge of upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution specifically calls for only gold and silver based money but the Congressional liars about 95 years ago sold out to the international banks. These vipers got us use to this fake fiat money for all of these decades. During this period they have swollen up the supply of these fake dollars thereby reducing their purchasing value. Hence, gasoline last year swelled up to over $4 per gallon along with the increase in the money supply. Then banks stopped lending out for fear the money would never be paid back and the economy slid into a deflation. This means you need fewer dollars to buy what you need like gas because dollars are gaining in value - for now.

The problem is we have built too many cars right? No it's because poor people tried to buy houses too expensive for the budget right? No it's speculators. No it's fraud like Madoff. Actually, all of these bad investments were made possible by not knowing how much money was being created by the Federal Reserve. So who knows what the devil things cost? That would also be the Federal Reserve since they are the only ones who actually know how many dollars are being created at any given time.

So what will the future bring? Since the government is still hoping to save this illegal money scam over doing what is best for America I see our nation deteriorating very rapidly into chaos. I see civil war in our future and I don't mean decades down the road. The civil war will probably begin next year. What happens after that depends on who wins. Judging by the level of intelligence of the average American I'm sure most will back the wrong sides and there's sure to be many sides in this approaching battle.

To close, let me give this little warning to you big media "personalities." You know who you are and so do we. Once things completely fall apart, your name will be Mudd. Everybody knows exactly what you look like and they will be very angry at you for the lies that you have told to fool them for so long. For me personally, I wised up and have been mitigating your damages for quite awhile now. So I council others not to become violent with you media lowlife's. But you know how people are. If they are primitive enough to swallow your lies whole then you know as well as I that they will move to violence easily. You media shills would do wise to come clean early or have an exit strategy - but to where? Everybody knows who you are...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rupert Murdoch - New World Order Shill

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama's First Choice To Head Homeland Security

500 Million America Jobs Lost A Month?

Get Green

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dr. Rex

If you are looking for a good dentist in Washington, DC look no farther! The bad news is you'll get no drugs from the doctor. But the good news is he is absolutely painless so you don't need drugs.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Why We'll Have A Depression

The big picture is very simple to explain and that is why I see a depression coming. Basically, the value of the dollar is not known at this time by most folks because we are well into a severe reduction in the numbers of them in our economy. So on the one hand you get people like my mom who are trying to sell their house today. But she could have sold it several years ago for $250K. Now she refuses to even think of selling it for the $180K it is worth in today's dollars. Yet, for the most part, she could buy about the same amount of stuff now with the $180K as she could have with the quarter million several years ago. But that might change!

Depending on how much the supply of money increases or decreases in the coming years will have a profound effect on the price of goods and services. Sadly, the priority of those who have been ruling things for too long, is to get prices back up to where they were in the long run but in the short run stabilize them so the money they've lent out under mafioso terms will be paid back. Good luck suckers! By trying to re-inflate the economy while millions are jobless with growing homelessness and hunger will only confuse things more. This will cause everyone to continue waiting on the sidelines for prices to stabilize. Stable prices won't be coming back any time soon under this collage of fiat dollar creation and injection into the economy. Hence the future looks depressing like a depression.

I believe we will be fortunate enough to have millions of desperate angry people looking for the reason their country has become poor suddenly. They will come to places like my blog and read the easily understandable explanations of how they were swindled with illegal fiat money. Then we'll come together as Americans like we always have. We'll fire the appropriate politicians responsible for promoting the Federal Reserve and fake unconstitutional currency. We will try the guilty and send them to prison for this betrayal and finally we will return to a legal, constitutional form of money backed by gold and silver. Add to that the abolition of modern free range slavery by outlawing income tax and we will be prosperous in no time.

Or perhaps Cubans will wise up first and do away with their oppressors. Then they will install this entirely better deal and begin to lead a prosperous more enjoyable existence. Somebody is going to do it and that's where I'll be moving.