Friday, October 09, 2009


Nobel Peace Prize?

PLEASEEEEEEEE! Give me a break. How does the man who drops drone delivered bombs into the living rooms of innocent children in his undeclared war on the tribal areas of Pakistan get a peace prize? What's next? Perhaps Ted Bundy might be awarded a prize for his work fighting sexual harassment? How about the Hitler Antisemitism Award. Maybe Mao could be commended for his revolutionary agricultural central planning that fed so many hungry humans in the world?

Gosh'll believe the absolute opposite of anything if they tell you it's so on TV.

Ron Paul Visits NY Fed

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pigs Didn't Start The Swine Flu

Abandoning The Dollar

People are beginning to talk about replacing the dollar. Fortunately, I began dumping dollars decades ago. When I was a young man the conventional wisdom dictated that I participate in the dollar based financial racket and develop credit ratings as well as investments. This meant I should buy now on credit for things like the family car. Because I did not earn much money back in those days I got into the habit of paying as I needed something and foregoing the extra cost of the interest. So with respect to cars I converted dollars into tools to fix my vehicles. Once I owned a house I purchased the tools necessary to work on my home. These days I convert many dollars into the devices I require to grow food.

Basically, because I know the entire financial system is a corrupt swindle as is the government that rules over it and us like ranchers with ropes and cow prods (tasers), I feel it would be foolish to have any excess wealth in their Ponsi schemes. Therefore, I have positioned myself to only require a stable quantity of dollars with which to live. I am very self reliant. My mortgage is at 5% fixed for the life of the contract. The crooks running the government have devalued the dollar by creating so many of them right out of thin air. It means prices will skyrocket for all new purchases very soon. This will be especially so for anything imported. However, while salaries will have to rise to at least try to keep pace with the rise in prices, my housing cost will remain flat locked in at my current rate. Soon, I will grow the majority of food that my family requires. I have already bought all the tools I need. The fact is as prices rise for services like auto repair, more and more people like my friends and coworkers do already with me, have a guy under a tree fix their car. So I'll pop on their brake pads and they buy us some beer to drink. Everybody saves money and nobody gets hurt - except for those just mentioned swindlers...

Remember, anything you can do for yourself now rather than pay an expert to do will conserve dollars. Everything you pay for now in total with cash will save you from having to pay the interest fees to the lenders. Naturally, every transaction that you do not engage in saves you the taxes you would have had to pay the crooks running the government. Do not hold excess dollars or invest them in the financial systems like the stock market. Buy gold, silver, stock up on non perishable, buy tools and other commodities that will maintain their value better than the shrinking dollar. Don't forget to barter over and offer any talents that you may possess to other folks who could put them to good use.

Naturally, this lifestyle of mine drives the people ranchers in government just crazy. They tremble at the thought of the rest of you free range slaves wising up and following suit. Once the rest of you do so their game is up. As it is now they can't pay for the bills of tyranny. The sooner the rest of you adopt my plan the sooner you will be free Americans again. If you think this plan will be easy then you are fooling yourself. It is a difficult path especially in the beginning. But the alternative of continuing down Free Range Slave Lane will surely be worse.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The simple fact is most voting Americans have elected one of the two menu choices presented by the big networks as their representatives. Sadly, these politicos are crooks. Why is the economy in a shambles? Crooks cost big money. Generally crooks are very greedy. Compounding this is the fact that the vast majority of crooks are not very compassionate and never feel your pain. However, they will make you feel their pain. Crooks are always infighting to achieve an advantage over the other crooks.

So come next year, should the majority do the wrong thing once again and reelect these crooks or their network promoted replacements, then we will have more than a jobless recovery. It will be obvious to me that we are in a brainless recovery as well.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lets Quit Acting Stupid!

From what I can gather, the mainstream media is trying to throw former Treasury Secretary Paulson under the bus for the bad economy along with too big to fail and too high executive compensation. Isn't that convenient? Paulson was granted immunity when we were all tarped last fall. You can't prosecute him. So the media carp will be that he was mainly to blame for the worsening economy but we can't do a damn thing about it. Ah well, moving forward...

This is all nonsense amigos! The reason the economy is in a shambles is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve Board and the incredible shrinking/swelling dollar. The value of the dollar swells up when there are fewer of them issued by the Fed banksters. Then the value of dollar shrinks down when the Fed issues more dollars. The fact of the matter is you can't operate an economy with a currency that fluctuates so wildly in value. Within one year gasoline went from five dollars a gallon down to under two dollars then back up to two dollars seventy and now it's on the downward slide again. How are you supposed to price your goods and services in order to earn a profit with this banana republic currency?

Wise up amigos. Don't believe the big media scapegoating hype about what's wrong with the economy. You better just face the fact that the Federal Reserve Board is foreign owned and operated. They have their own agenda and it does not include what is best for you, your family and America. We can right the ship of state and turn on a dime towards prosperity again if we dump the Federal Reserve Board system, return to gold and silver money and mind our own damn business here in America.

So are you going to continue to listen to the fools and crooks who got us into this mess or are you going to listen to Tomas for a change America?