Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ron Paul Wins Alabama Edorsement

January 26, 2008
Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly

Posted by Eric A. Garris at January 26, 2008 03:45 PM

The Alabama Republican Assembly endorsed Ron Paul at their state convention today in Birmingham.

The endorsement required a 2/3rd majority of registered delegates. Ron Paul received the 2/3rd on the first ballot. Mike Huckabee came in second. Convention chair Elaine Little noted that, with the crowded field, it was unusual that an endorsement would be won on the first ballot.

The group also held a straw poll that was open to the public. The winner of the straw poll was Ron Paul, with 81%.

“Ron Paul’s grassroots support is second to none among all other Republican campaigns this cycle,” stated attorney Tom Davis, Vice President of the ALRA and delegate to the endorsing convention. “The results of our straw poll parallel the results in most straw polls throughout the country. Ron Paul has clearly excited many new people and energized them to get involved in the political process. The Republican Party should be grateful for all the ‘new blood’ coming in as a result of Congressman Paul’s message of freedom and returning to the Constitution.”

The Alabama Republican Assembly is a grass-roots volunteer organization chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Ronald Reagan referred to the NFRA as “the conscience of the Republican Party.”

Cuban Silver Lining

Even when bad things happen good can arise from the ashes. If you have contacts inside of Cuba get word to them that the world economy is in for a realignment - a correction actually. Explain that the U.S. military empire has become so vast and expensive that the government has resorted to inflating the supply of dollars to pay the bill. The value of the pre 1959 dollar was enormous compared to today's minuscule over circulated version. But the point is many around the world stand to lose big and they won't be booking that Cuban holiday because they are busted and/or scared. Add to this misery the dramatic drop in oil consumption which will make these prices drop like a rock at the pump. Chavez is going to need every drop for his own needs so I would not count on free fuel from Venezuela. Mining demands will also drop with the decline in the world economic activity. Along with that decline will be the price of mining commodities further depleting Cuban GDP. The weather has already been Biblically bad recently so crops production is even worse with the added drag of their collectivist centrally planned madness. So the Castro gang cannot make the kind of money they use to be able to rake in and they have an angry, hungry population. That has always been a recipe for revolt. This is especially so since Raul is doing nothing to alleviate the needs of the Cuban people. There is a target on that boys head and the trigger will be pulled the day his brother dies.

"If" is not the question as to what will happen with the economy. All the experts disagree on is the timing of the event. I believe we are bolting out of the starting gate right now. But the two main variables are people's perception of how close the end is at any given time and how much more money will the central bank pump into the economy to delay that moment of reckoning. As in the 1970s the price structure of our needs are fluctuating wildly. When the world decides they've had enough and cut their loses our credit based consumption will screech to a halt. There will be a number of business failure and job layoffs.

There is a very quick way out of this mess though. I will work backwards in time. The government will save and even earn billions of dollars, an explosion of economic activity would occur in the United States of America while the 130 countries around the world where the people there hate us and burn old glory would see a large decline in their economies. Bring the troops home from overseas ending U.S. taxpayer defense of these other countries as well as sell off what ever practical from these 300 bases and remove the billions worth of military personnel economic spending from these foreign lands so our economy would grow. Remember after WWII there was an enormous economic boom. That was because of all the economic activity caused by the returning soldiers. Exporting our jobs overseas would be more expensive because those nations would need to pay for their own defense and would no longer be tax havens. Millions of volunteers from the Liberty Corps would be swinging hammers, painting, cleaning, etc. to bring hope for the restoration of the American dream. Elect Ron Paul.

So you see amigos. There is a silver lining. No matter what happens the economy is going down hard and taking the Castro regime down with it - probably in a gruesome spectacle of death for the top commies. Plus, exiles in Florida have a chance to elect the only man who can turn this economy around on a dime and return us to prosperity. The man's an economic genius!

Federal Reserve Money Stampeed

Message From Dr. Biscet's Wife

MS. MOREJON: (As translated) My name is Elsa Morejon. I'm a Cuban woman. I've come here to the United States to visit my son. My husband has spent most of his youth, and is now sentenced to 25 more years in jail for defending human rights and for defending civil liberties. He has devoted his life to the cause of defending human rights in Cuba and throughout the world. We do not live in a free country, and I must now return to Cuba .

I want to thank President Bush for inviting me to this meeting today. And I would like to speak to the international community and exhort them to work for the release of all political prisoners, along with my husband, to obtain their immediate and unconditional release from Cuban prisons.

Hucklebee Loses In His Own State Straw Poll

Could the citizens of Arkansas know something about their governor that most don't know? Hucklebee loses in his own state. Presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul won the most recent straw poll in Arkansas. The event was sponsored by the Benton County County Republican Committee.

The results came as a surprise to party insiders who played down the significance of the poll, which was used to help raise money for the party.

Here are the results:

Ron Paul 36.6%
Mitt Romney 24.6%
Mike Huckabee 21.1%
John McCain 14.0%
Rudy Giuliani 2.8%

Surge No - Splurge Si

Many of you have heard about this "surge" of troops into Iraq that John McCain has been talking about. He says this increase of our military occupation force in Iraq is the reason fewer young American G.I.s are dying. But as usual Big Mac has little understanding of these sorts of things.

What has really happened over the past half year is the Shiite majority in southern Iraq are running their own affairs since the British left. The Sunni population in the center of the country are now being allowed by the US to run their own affairs too and the neocons are bribing them with millions of your tax dollars. Iraq has now become three countries - the Shiite south, Sunni middle and Kurdish north. The neocons have formed an alliance with the same Sunni fighters that were blowing up American troops until recently.

But before you get too positive take a look at this article in Mother Jones. The piece gives a really good explanation of the political/religious dynamics of that part of the middle east. There are all the usual players, Iran, Turkey, Syria and beyond. Now I know these two pages of article might seem like a lot to read in your busy life. I wish there were some catchy phrase I could use to let you see the complexity of the mess the neocons have gotten us into. But life is not that easy. However, if you favor the war in Iraq it is because you are ignorant of the realities in the region. You will remain McCain ignorant until you enlighten yourself. This very well written analysis in Mother Jones will allow all but the feeblest readers to see quite clearly what trouble we have gotten into. I suggest you ALL read it before coming to any conclusion. If you do read it then you will recognize that the second we leave the region all of the competing factions will resume fighting one another until God knows what will happen. One thing I can promise you - it won't be a good ending for the U.S.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Boycott USA Today

Little Brain McCain

This is real funny!

Soros Says...

Project Vote Count

It seems a shame that we must do this in America but there is ample evidence of election fraud using these Diebold voting machines. Trust but verify as they say. This is especially so in states like Maryland where I live that use touch screens with no paper trail.

Go here and sign up to exit poll at your precinct. The results you provide for this project after the election is done and they compare them with the "official" totals.

McCain Dumbfounded

McCain looked like a fool last night if you understand the president’s working group on financial markets. When Ron Paul asked McCain if as president he'd favor more openness with this secret stock market manipulating White House run cabal, big Mac said he ask his Treasury Secretary. He obviously didn't have a clue about what Ron Paul was asking him. His answer was in effect that he'd ask his Secretary of the Treasury for permission to tell Americans or not about this presidentially controlled group. Go back and listen to his answer. He's the worst of all worlds - angry and informationally challenged. Even he admits he should have studied more.

Also, the MSM has figured out how to keep Ron Paul's face time to as low as it's been when there were many candidates now that there are fewer. MSNBC let the candidates each pick another candidate to ask a question of. Naturally none asked one of Dr. Paul, the only candidate giving actual answers to the questions rather than searching for that one-liner that will carry them to the White House.

I would hope exiles see this clearly and ask why? But no matter because as Ron Paul pointed out last night there are millions of young, energetic Ron Paul Republicans who will not go away quietly after this election after seeing the media bias they are witnessing for the first time. The neocons are actually shunning these new Republicans then hoping to win in November. Don't make me laugh. I told you Fred Thompson was toast. I'm telling you Rudy is the next in line for a visit from the Turk. Then you are left with four. Three who are pro Iraq war and closely tied to the current administration and the bad economy. They will be savaged by the Democrat in November. The one man who will bring in votes from the left, right and middle is Ron Paul.

Here is your choices amigos: Hilliary, Obama or Ron Paul. Tomas knows economics. Tomas also knows politics. Please be sensible and cast your vote for Ron Paul. Remember I told you so...

Whispering Sweet Nothings

Who was whispering answers to Romney during last night's debate? That's cheating!

The Real Republican

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exiles Already Knew MSM Were Slanted Liars

One good thing about the Ron Paul candidacy is millions of Ron Paul Revolutionaries are seeing the real main stream media for the first time as they really are - liar, scoundrels and shills for the neocon military industrial complex. Welcome to the exiles' world fellow mass media victims...

MSNBC Makes Paul Explain Economic Policy

Here's CNN As Well

McCain Explains 100 Year War

Censored Again By FOX

FOX asked Ron Paul the question in order to embarrass the good doctor but it backfired and made all the other candidates look bad. So FOX cut it out of their rebroadcast. But they can't hide from YouTube. Here is Ron Paul's answer:

Not Rudy For President

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ron Paul Wins

Ron Paul Victorious in Louisiana Caucus.

Ron Paul beats out all other Republican nominees for president in yesterday's Louisiana Caucus.
by World

The unofficial results of over 10,000 individuals participating in the 2008 Louisiana Caucus are in and the winner is... RON PAUL !!! Garnering more votes than any other candidate, Ron Paul gathers a strong boost of momentum heading into the Florida and Super Tuesday primaries. This momentum comes atop another solid $2 million fundraising effort on Martin Luther King Jr. Day leaving Paul with enough money and support to challenge the more publicized front runners.

Mitt Romney scored a respectable second place. A large number of voters were also uncommitted at this late stage in the process. The official press release of the Louisiana GOP office is quoted below:

On Tuesday night, approximately ten thousand Louisiana Republicans caucused in 11 different cities across the state. Those attending the caucuses cast their vote for 15 delegates and 15 alternates to represent their congressional district at the 2008 Louisiana Republican Convention. Results were tallied on site late into the night and then reported to Republican Party Headquarters in Baton Rouge. Of the thousands of ballots cast, approximately 650 were cast provisionally.

Before these provisional ballots are counted, LAGOP staff must verify that the voter was a registered Republican voter in his or her congressional district as of November 30, 2007. The counting of provisional ballots in the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts is not needed to verify the results as the margin of victory for all winning candidates is larger than the number of provisional ballots casts. For the other five Congressional districts, Republican Party staff members will begin the process of verifying the results through each parish's registrar of voter's office. Once that process is complete, the Secretary of the Republican of Louisiana will certify the official results.

Rush To Judgement

Recessions Worse Under Federal Reserve

Notice how the chart at the bottom shows much smoother fluctuation's in the DOW Industrials when we were under the gold standard. Compare that to the top two charts which shows what happens to the market after the Federal Reserve has taken over. The current Federal Reserve Chairman Spending Ben even admits that the central bank caused the Great Depression but promised to not get it wrong again. The chart in the top right is the 1970s. In both cases there were deep plunges in the market due to malinvestment brought about by easy credit. I'd show you the current market graph but the lines are so jagged they do not reproduce well. But go here and take a look. Is this any way to run an economy?

FOX Bias Caught On Video

Neocons Missed Cuba Bio Threat

Fiat Money & The Federal Reserve Recession

The fiat money system depends on a good deal of ignorance. The government prints up larger and larger amounts of paper money right out of thin air. The only way the people know something fishy is going on is because they see prices going higher and higher. The way the U.S. injects this money into the economy is by having the private Federal Reserve banks lend it out to borrowers. The main thing Americans borrow money for is to buy the family home. However, when millions of Americans compete with one another to buy a limited stock of homes an imbalance arises. The banks are more than happy to watch Americans bid against each other to buy the same houses. After all the higher the selling price the more the banks can make off of the loans to the buyers. Then once the prices have escalated to worrisome levels the Federal Reserve tightens credit requirements and raises the interest rates to slow borrowing and thereby reduce the money supply or at least slow the growth. And hence we have a recession.

The trick has always been to keep this boom bust cycle going in harmony with our election cycle. This injection of politics into our economy causes short term thinking to just get through the next election. Often the winning politicians can blame the new downturn on the last politicians who held the job. Then they go about perpetrating the same cycle. This is a great deal for bankers and politicians. Bankers can constantly grab our wealth by lending out paper money that is based on nothing which waters down the value of the money that we have now and are hoping to earn. The politicians get huge quantities of "campaign contributions" from the financial industry. In addition politicians get elected by spending freshly printed money on their constituencies. But they must not appear to be taxing the voters or they will be booted from office. Consequently, politicians prefer to use deficit spending and inflated money as their preferred revenuing vehicle.

These government grifters have gotten away with this swindle for almost 100 years. But it has run head on into the Internet and the information age. Whereas back in the 1970's, the last time the government got it all wrong, I had no idea what the hell was going on. I had no idea why everything was getting so expensive while my salary stayed the same. But I damn sure found out. It took me a couple years of research before I finally grasped the dynamics of the fractional marginal banking system. Once anyone truly comprehends the fiat money system they know it's a swindle so the government and bankers have always depended on ignorance. For 30 years I've known how the swindle is done but what could I do? But today with the Internet I, as well as thousands of others who are more expert than I could ever hope to be, can warn you and advise you of how to survive this next Federal Reserve Recession. Don't buy property for several years. The economy is going to go through a price deflation in housing and commercial property. This recession will be worse than the one that lasted through the 1970's so people who want to sell a house are in for a rude awakening. But I've been warning you for a while now. Pay down your debt and hold cash to pay your living expenses. Grow food as there will be some continued price inflation with food due to the transportation cost increases from the inflated fuel cost increases. Prices will eventually drop because the recession will decrease demand for commodities like gas that people used to use to get to work when they had a job. Any excess cash should be turned into gold or silver. With the Federal Reserve cutting the rate by 3/4 percent yesterday they are hoping to prop up the U.S. economy until after the election. But delaying the inevitable recession in this way will make it really bad - maybe even a depression. But after the election the economy will be blamed on George Bush and the next president will continue the cycle all over again unless that president is named Paul.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Donald Luskin Endorses Paul

Ron Paul Correctly Blames Federal Reserve

Fred Thompson Out

Ben Spending

Why Stock Market Will Crash Today

Ron Paul Last September

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pick Your Bigot

Shoot Down

Ron Paul

That's B Billions


"Apparently, as we've seen elsewhere, voters were given the wrong pen to use and the op-scanners did not "see" this particular type of ink."

I'd love to have a word with the election officials who were giving out the pens. But here's a tip for future elections. Don't wear any buttons of evidence of who you will be voting for so you stand a better chance of getting the correct pen and having your vote counted.

"The sensitive memory cards containing the programming and tabulation from the Diebold optical-scanners are apparently "missing in action" for the moment. Those cards, as viewers of HBO's Hacking Democracy know by now, may be used to hack an election, such that only a proper hand-count of the paper ballots afterwards will reveal the hack. (See the video of that hack for yourself right here. The same exact machine being hacked in that film was used across the state to count 80% of the ballots in NH in last week's primary.)

And yet, says Bonifaz who spent time today speaking with New Hampshire Secretary of State, Assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Attorney General, nobody seems to have any idea where those cards are and what has become of them."

How obvious do these crooks have to make it before you see what's going on here people?

Cubanology Bi-Weekly

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big Pay Pay Stink Up - Recount Will Go Forward

PayPal has since apologized for the issues after they were flooded with complaints from concerned citizens.

Although it is difficult to say if there was any conspiracy from PayPal in withholding these funds, the timing is certainly convenient. It is also interesting to note that PayPal is owned by EBay which is headed up by CEO Meg Whitman. Whitman is a known Mitt Romney supporter and a member of his National Finance Team. Some of the voting anomalies in New Hampshire appeared to have given Romney a boost in the areas where Diebold scan machines were used versus a strict hand count.

Why the change? Blow back my friends. Look at the You Tube meant to rattle Pay Pal's chain. This is the kind of stuff people do when they get pissed off. But some think everyone on the middle east love us for occupying their holy land.

Plus Ebay May Have Been Hacked!

$100,000 Reward Offered

There is now a $100,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction for the election fraud that occurred in New Hampshire.

Tips can be confidentially given at 1-888-VOTETIP but I'd look for a pay phone to make the call if I were you. There are some serious, dangerous mothers involved who would not stop at murder.

North American Union & Bilderberg

Boycott Pay Pay

Recount In NH Blocked

Pay Pal blocked the money from being transfered to the proper New Hampshire government office until after the deadline had expired. This gives the Secretary of State a way of weaseling out of recounting the Republican Primary votes. I suppose there might be a Court challenge but the black robed tyrants who will hear the case will certainly be pre-approved by their neocon masters.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there WAS widespread fraud in New Hampshire and that Ron Paul might have actually won. The Secretary of State in NH should have no problem with recounting the ballots as long as it is paid for without using taxpayer funds - unless he is somehow involved with the conspiracy. I can't think of any other reason. Do you all have any notions why he would block the recount except for fraud?

Cuba & The Crumbling World Economy

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

They Don't Have A Clue

In this NY Times article they document the feeble understanding of economics that all the presidential candidates have except for one they failed to mention - Ron Paul. The most damning evidence of this collective ineptitude is in the words of the presidential defendants themselves.

McCain admits he should have studied more. He was like four from the bottom of his class remember?

Rudy favors bankruptcy.

Muck Huckabee favors increasing tax on the middle class but cutting rates for the very rich.

Some say Flip knows economics but, like big-foot, there is no confirming evidence yet. Just make nice talk about business.

All the Democrats are offering some form or another of New, New Deal federal programmation for floundering Americans to get families out of the growing tent cities.

While all this nonsense is happening your government is nation building in the middle east or more precisely meddling in the middle east. As the Iraqi bridges are built then blown up our bridges collapse into the drink.

It's a shame you people can't think for yourselves yet without first being told by your television set how you should think. I've even had guy I know complain that Ron Paul can't be what America needs because why hasn't he been on television like all the other candidates? Yes...why indeed.

Now that your Real Estate is headed value wise to about half of what you owe on your mortgage, your stocks have gone south destroying your other nest egg, your job is going, going, GONE, your bank has gone belly up forcing a federal pay-off with MORE funny money and prices soar due to this continued money printing - could it be time to think for yourself for once? Ron Paul explains exactly what the problem is with the economy and how to fix it. Go have a look unless making your mind up with all the data scares you..

The Pot Flip Calls Big Mac Black

Diebold Democracy

Candidate Speaking Style

All of the presidential candidates speak with measured words except Ron Paul. The candidates stumble over their words before saying them, mindful of any words that could upset the voters. In stark contrast Ron Paul simply states what the voters need to hear - the truth.

Fast For Freedom

Understanding Federal Reserve Inflation

The constant rate cuts and geopolitical jitters have sent gold skyrocketing. Since August 2007, gold has gone from $650 per ounce to $887, a whopping $237 in just 5 months. If that is not an indictment of the Federal Reserve and their “loosey-goosey” monetary policy; then what is? According to the Wall Street Journal “gold and oil have run almost in perfect tandem. The price of gold has risen 239% since 2001, while the price of oil has risen 267%. That means if the dollar had remained as ‘good as gold’ since 2001, oil today would be selling at about $30 a barrel, not $99.” (WSJ, 1/4/08)

"If the Fed’s “low interest” smelling salts don’t revive the comatose American consumer – and get the cash registers at Target and Billy McHales ringing again – the world will face a global slowdown. That’s why the Fed Funds rate will probably get hacked by 50 basis points by month’s end and Comrade Bush’s economic team will concoct a fiscal bailout plan worthy of Fidel Castro."

Real ID Pain In The Ass