Saturday, September 03, 2011

Impeach Eric Holder Now!

The Second Amendment means never having to say you're sorry for defending yourself with a gun.


Friday, September 02, 2011

Flash! World Is Round

I'm paraphrasing but that must have been the headlines and topic of the town criers across Europe once Columbus proved you could keep going left and never drop off the earth. That saddens many conservatives even today.

Be that as it may, there are too many clues to prove that earth is indeed round to list here. That was the case hundreds of years ago back to the beginning of the solar system. But a fable was adopted as truth and people not only feared to challenge this fable, many were chauvinistic in defense of the flat earth fable. They mocked and ridiculed people for even pondering the question of earth's roundness. What happened to those people who defended the flat earth theory once Columbus came back with corn, tobacco and natives from the new world?

Most of those people simply continued to disbelieve the facts. But the people were smoking cigars and munching corn from "HALF WAY 'ROUND THE WORLD!" Now the people, always looking for a good laugh at the expense of fools, had the flat earth chauvinists to poke fun of. "Issac is soooo stupid he thinks the earth flat because the Bible talked of the four corners of earth."

The 9/11 ten year anniversary approaches and the 9/11 chauvinists, both the guilty and the gullible, are still mocking those asking logical pertinent questions. But the crowd of the American people is no longer with them. The guilty 9/11 chauvinists are so scared they have barred the first responders from upcoming ceremonies. This has caused the gullible 9/11 chauvinists to stop and ask questions like, "why are the 9/11 heroes not allowed at the ceremonies?" Like the river nearby, it smells fishy.

In the case of the flat earth fable there were no guilty chauvinists - only the gullible. With respect to the 9/11 fable most fall into the category of the gullible. They will eat crow and admit what the bare facts have always proven if they were just examine in the first place. The guilty 9/11 chauvinists on the other hand will have no where to run and no place to hide. It will be like the French Revolution only worldwide. The guilty 9/11 chauvinists will be like the French royalty and the people of the world a mob of hungry, angry Parisians.

Actually, if I were a member of the gullible 9/11 chauvinist club I'd begin distancing myself from the 9/11 fable and the members of the guilty 9/11 chauvinist club.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Popular Mechanics On Thermite

Apparently, Popular Mechanics has two positions on whether thermite is effective in building demolition. After 9/11 they say no way could timed thermite explosives be responsible for the free fall collapse of CIA Building Seven. However, back in 1935 they said thermite explosive charges would sever steel support beams to topple tall building. I guess they forgot.

The interesting thing about the 9/11 treasonous coup is more and more of these shoes keep dropping. I wonder how many more must fall before the remaining duped Americans see the truth?

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