Thursday, June 16, 2011

War Warning!

It appears everything is being staged for war in Libya and beyond this September/October. American troops have already been told they are getting shipped out at that time and they are complaining. They work for the American people - not the U.N. So what does this all mean.

Well we still don't have an NFL season. The owners are insiders and don't want to finance a season this year. They know there is a good business reason for that decision. What is that reason?

I believe we are on the verge of a devastating false flag attack by the London/Wall Street gang of rogues that control our secret police. I'll bet it will be nuclear and will be as usual blamed on people in countries the gang wishes to invade. A big radioactive staged event especially on the West Coast will also provide cover for the crippled nuke plants in Japan spewing radiation. What kind of nuts would want to go down this road?

The Wall Street/London gang has a dream. The foundation for that dream is rooted in their contempt for the American people. So they plan on crushing America to advance their dream. The gang is trying to destabilize our republic using economics. Plus the gang has controlled our media for a century and they use it masterfully to foist onto us the politicians like Wiener as our leaders. Therefore, most are compromised like Wiener before they ever get into office by this gang who then controls these politicians like any underworld mob. A few the gang does not have any dirt on are intimidate or assassinated when necessary. Congressman Darrell Issa should be very careful these days as he is investigating the ATF gun running operation. Despite what ATF officials claim, the agency is under the control of the Wall Street/London gang. This gun running treason, shipping guns to the Mexican drug gangs, is meant to demonize the Second Amendment so as to smooth the way for the disarming of private Americans citizens. If the Wall Street/London gang is successful they will be able to attack us without fear of Americans shooting back. All the while most of Congress quivers in fear that their peccadilloes and perversions may be exposed so they remain paralyzed in this time of crisis.

At the core of the dream of the Wall Street/London gang is removing all national sovereignty so they can rule globally from behind the scenes. They will install a new global fiat electronic currency. The Wall Street/London gang will control all of the resources like oil too. However, the part of their dream that really gets these sickos off is killing billions of us in the wars necessary to achieve this global control. It really is a delusional scheme with zero chance for success. There are too many unexpected variables that can pop up any time. The investigation of the ATF gun running, which is sort of like a fire department secretly lighting fires to prevent cuts to their budget, may be one of those variable. Of course if this rogue Wall Street/London gang is successful pulling off the approaching false flag attack it may cause enough chaos to quash the investigation.

Even though I don't believe their global scheme of grandeur will pan out for the Wall Street/London gang, they nonetheless will murder lots of us trying.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How The Coming Hyperinflation Will Begin

A bit of inflationary price increases are tolerated by the people. As long as the currency only slowly loses value, the people accept this slow swindle.

However, inflationary times can make the top of the economic ladder a great deal of money and that is just what is happening currently. The majority of people are only scraping by but the big corporations are making a bundle of cash and sitting on it. As long as that cash sits on the sidelines inflation will range between 10 and 20 percent. I give those estimated figures because official inflation numbers are nonsense! Inflationary added costs depend on what you're buying. If all you bought were electronics and Real Estate you'd actually be in deflationary times. But if gas was your only purchase your inflation rate would already be in the hundreds percentage wise. Being realistic in knowing that man does not live by gasoline and I-Phones alone, the rate for inflation now is 10 to 20 percent. The inflation rate would be even higher but people either can't or won't buy certain things right now due to economic uncertainty.

The people who won't buy at this time includes the big players sitting on the piles of cash. When they see the dollar drop too fast they will rush to buy something with that cash. As those billions sitting idle now are spent it will be the tipping point for hyperinflation. In other words the hyperinflation bomb has already been created and is waiting to blow up. It is too late to stop it now. The money is already in the pipeline. The fuse is lit and burning.

CNN's Ridiculous Questions

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would have answered the CNN "chicken" question during the Lincoln/Douglas debates? Most likely he would have strolled over to the questioner and slapped them off the lectern. PIZZA CRUST QUESTIONS? This was not a debate. It was a pop culture quiz to give the network preferred presidential choices a chance to deliver some cutesy responses. Ron Paul appeared rightfully angry about the questions asked in such serious times but being the gentleman he is he answered the nonsense questions anyway.

The Clown News Network is officially blacklisted from my house. I am embarrassed that I ever watched them in the past and actually believed they were telling the truth. Fortunately, the Clown News Network is so over the top stupid that even the most aspartame saturated Americans can see this truth.

Don't watch CNN - unless you're looking for a good laugh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ron Paul Wins CNN Poll - CNN Lies About It

The networks are lying it up again so we must be getting near election time. Dr. Paul won the CNN poll with 79% but CNN reported he received 0%. They prefer Romney and think Americans are still stupid enough to fall for this nonsense again.

Who decides? Obviously the networks have decided for the American public for far too long and now we are really in a fix. Seventy-nine percent picked Ron Paul as the debate winner yet CNN is so arrogant and contemptuous of the American people that they really think everybody is going to listen to their shtick one more time.

One thing Lincoln was right about. You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Yet CNN and the other network traitors just keep selling us out to the globalist scum that are financially attacking our republic and think they can play this scam on all of us forever.

Well you all are a collection bastards and son-of-bitches. I'm confident you will be dog-meat in the very near future but I'm sorry for the thousands of airhead dupes that you employ in your networks that will go down hard with you. But I have NO empathy for anyone in the networks at the top executive level right down to the Chris Matthews and the Bill O'Reilly's. You'll be lucky if all you get is a long prison term.


The filthy rogues who actually perpetrated the 9/11 attack damn sure don't want the American people seeing this video. Sure it's a couple hours long. Don't watch it if you are too busy watching Dancing With The Stars or American Idol. DAMN FOOLS!