Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fidel Could Still Be Dead

BlogTalkRadio Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

So you think you know about Cuba do you? Sunday at 9 pm you can test your knowledge against the experts - real genuine Cubans. Maybe someone from the regime will telephone. What's a matter Raul...chicken?

Will Leno Interview Castro?

Before you guys get too upset about the latest Fidel video footage remember the regime has always been about manipulating public perception. Haven't any of you seen one of Jay Leno's famous interviews with President Bush mixing old footage spliced in with Jay's comical question? It's so easy to do.

Fidel Lying In The Grave

Cubanos, Fidel lied to you the entire time he was alive. Remember he said he was not a communist and that he would hold elections, etc. Therefore you should not be surprised that he and his henchmen would lie to you after his death. These liars are just buying time. They know the world has changed but the liars remain in denial. The junta fears for their life so they pretend Fidel will live forever and show some old video footage of the cadaver. Raul knows he cannot jail and torture his way out of this one amigos.

So in the mean time while the crooks think up their next boldface lie you all keep discussing the future and how much better it is going to be. I don't know if the Cuban people are the chosen race but regardless we should act like it. In your conversations about the future please talk about forgiveness and reconciliation. Of course with the top criminals like Raul Castro, Remirez, Alarcon, Lage, etc. there can be no forgiveness. However, most were just doing their jobs. Does that excuse their behavior just because they did so to avoid being punished themselves? Of course not. Only the victims have the right to forgive. So I'm asking that you forgive your tormentors because they now fear you for what they have done. This makes them fear the future. So tell them that you have not forgotten what they have done to you but look them in the eye and tell them you forgive them. We will still need to arrest and severely punish the top criminals. Also the ones who continue to resist the return to freedom for the Cuban people should be punished. But if you can find it in your heart to forgive the evil doers please do so. It is your choice. It is the first choice in a future filled with choices.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Congressman Sarbanes' Response

Dear Mr. Estrada-Palma:

Thank you for contacting me about the use of land in Guantanamo Bay for Cuban political dissidents. I appreciate hearing from you about this important matter.

In order to be of assistance to you, I have contacted the appropriate officials at the Department of State urging a careful review of this matter. As soon as I am provided with a response, I will be certain to let you know.

Again, I appreciate hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me about other issues of concern to you in the future.


John Sarbanes

Member of Congress

Raul Please Define "Blockade"

Raul I keep hearing you crying about a blockade by the US but do you know what the word means? The only thing that is blocked is your thinking. Maybe I'm wrong. Could you show me just one of the ships that block your slave island? Have we mined the Caribbean around Cuba? Hey could it be one of those Invisible Fences for doggies?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Websites With ARE Lies!

Remember people of the planet earth. Whenever you see a web address that ends with a .cu it is a Cuban government website and therefore nothing but a pack of lies. But you can glean some useful information if you know how to interpret the site. For example if a Cuban site tells a traveler that the weather in Cuba is sunny then most assuredly it is raining like hell on the island. When they say "all inclusive" what they really mean is EVERYTHING right down to toilet paper and water will be extra. In fact when these sites say anything if you assume the opposite is true you will be correct.

Itravel 2000 Cuba Vacation Nightmare

The Embargo Ruse

Forget about talk of the embargo. First Cuba must legalize freedom and the productive energy of the dormant Cuban population now hibernating for 48 years. Only then will the embargo become a relative question. Forget about getting credit until the current band of pirates has been run off the island. No offense amigos but no one in their right mind would lend those crooks money or extend credit because those who already have are getting screwed out of their money. So you have no money and no credit. Plus you all don't make anything worth selling whose profits don't go directly to the Castro boys.

Cubanos stop doing any work for the tyrants. Take to the streets and don't leave until Raul and his gang hit the road.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Communism, Single Payer and the Post Office Suck

Why Communism, Single Payer and the Post Office Suck

Have you ever dealt with a Postal employee who acted like a temperamental artist tormented by his greatness? You’re meant to feel small in the presence of his being – privileged if he will even acknowledge your measly existence. Why does this happen? It is because this apparatchik has absolute power over one aspect of your life. He and his gang of postal Mafioso delivery men and women make you an offer you cannot refuse. Only they can legally deliver your first class mail and if you don’t like the service you can stick your letter right up your...well – I guess you get the picture.

It’s the same way with communism. Communism is your entire world being run by post offices. You will take what you get and like it! Or at the very least you’d better not complain within earshot of the lucky guys making everybody’s decisions for them. But people cannot live like that. It is why Cubans are dying (in the Straits of Florida) to escape Cuba.

Then Michael Moore goes and asserts that a single payer, government manipulated, health care system is the only way to go because we can’t trust capitalism and the profit motive to provide for our health care. His assertion is that we would be better off with a centrally planned post office type system for our vital medical needs. BULL!!!

Let me tell you boys and girls a little story about a thing we call, “the free market.” Where ever “the free market” is not blocked by government, or at least not regulated and taxed to death, an amazing thing happens. The prices seem to keep falling while the quality and service rise. Take my experience with Verizon. Remember the “one ringy dingy” days of the Ma Bell phone system? You took what you got and Ma Bell rationed phone service out like it was a rare, precious commodity that would soon run out in the world if we didn’t conserve. Today there are a wide and growing number of providers offering us all a variety of communication methods. Still, Verizon is the only company that offers fiber optics in my area. So when they said I had to wait 3 weeks to hook me up in the new house I agreed. Then they blew two installation dates and failed to return two calls as promised. Sure I realize they are a big company relying on a contractor who said he ran the cable under the road and up to my house last Friday – but didn’t. Then they told me they would pencil me in for October 2 to get me hooked up. That’s when I read them the “free market riot act.” I said very politely, “Listen up because this IS how it is going to be. I am giving you these choices. You make the call. I have spent a fortune taking my family out to watch the Redskin game in sports bars and also doing my Blogtalk Internet broadcast from O’Brien’s Pub because I’ve had no service. Therefore, if you can get me hooked up this week I’ll only want one month’s free service as compensation. However, if you fail to do so by this weekend I am going to require another free month of service and an additional month of free service for every weekend that I do not have this cable connected to my computers and TV. That means you can go ahead and wait until October 2 to get around to my home. But I do not expect a bill until after the first of the year. Now if these terms are unacceptable I understand completely. I will cancel your TV service and the phone service too. You can hook up the fiber optic cable for my internet service whenever you want. I’ll get Phonage and let the satellite companies fight for my service.” He said he would call back. This time he did rather promptly and asked, “Would tomorrow be acceptable for installation?”

My point is Verizon doesn’t love me. I’m sure there are some there who now kind of hate me. They didn’t suddenly develop higher business ethics or want to just do the right thing. They were going to lose $100 a month after spending all that money to run the cable right up to my house. Plus they knew damn well I had alternatives like demanding compensation if they were going to take more time and replacing their service with other alternatives if they didn’t agree. Why do fools like Michael Moore believe that one service or product provider could ever do what many providers can do? Has there ever been a case where a monopoly has given you more for less? Let’s not kids ourselves however about the motives of business. They do not love us – they love our money. Fair enough...because I love many of their goods and services but not necessarily they themselves either.

The solution to all of our needs is to just have more choices. In my perfect world a laborer gets to keep all of his hard earned efforts and is allowed the choice of how to spend them. He can spend them if he chooses in a free marketplace devoid of government enforced monopolies like the Post Office, cable companies or the old Ma Bell phone company. His sales and purchases are not taxed to death by the heavy hand of the state. Finally, he lives on a planet where humans cannot earn other’s wealth by monopolizing space on Earth and holding it out of production merely for speculative profit. Monopoly is a great game...but it’s a hell of a thing to actually allow in society and hope it is going to make things better. We’ve been doing it this way for all of recorded history people. There is still a great deal of poverty and in case you haven’t noticed it is places where there are the fewest choices, i.e. Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe, etc., which are the poorest. Interestingly, even in those poor countries the guys like Fidel Castro who do have many choices always seem to become very rich themselves. Oh by the way Michael Moore...Verizon is here hooking me up right now. Eat crow!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Palma Day Award

The Palma Day Award

The award seen below was sent to me by the 1968 winner. Even till today they still honor my great grandfather in Central Valley New York where he taught school before taking the presidency.Thank Richard for sending this to me.

12 Step Program

12 Step Program

To Swear Off Communism

Step 1

Admit that communism is powerless to ever provide for even the most basic needs of the people. This has always been the case. With communism even basic needs like food, medicine and toilet paper are luxuries. Communism works fine but only at the family level. Around our house my wife and I are the dictators and my kids the people. However, forcing communism down the throats of the people on a nationwide scale is doomed to fail.

Step 2

Military men who still have honor and principles should arrest the criminals who have murdered so many thousands of fellow Cubans in the hopeless effort to install communism in Cuba. You military men who undertake this mission will forever be remembered by your people for your bravery and strength. Form a military caretaker government that will transition from tyranny to freedom.

Step 3

Adopt a new social/economic model that takes the best aspects of capitalism but change the tax system from one that taxes labor to one that taxes land location value. When the people are allowed to keep all the fruits of their own labor they will work hard eliminating almost all need for government welfare programs. Then make land monopoly and speculation unfeasible by taxing land location value. This will eliminate the wealthiest from robbing the just earnings of the poor through hoarding urban land while at the same time funding the government.

Step 4

Release all political prisoners and all prisoners locked up for economic crimes. Only the violent criminals should remain behind bars with the arrested former government officials. It is not surprising that Cuba has lost its way when the government has imprisoned the bravest Cubans for being honest.


Legalize private property. The people will not earn wealth for the benefit of strangers. Only when they can create wealth then save it as tangible things like homes, cars, electronics, etc. will they wake in the morning ready for a hard day’s work.

Step 6

Form neighborhood and business associations to lay the foundations for a democratic government. This will allow each neighborhood to be developed reflecting the character and wishes of the people who live and work there. The new Cuban leaders will emerge from these local neighborhood governments.

Step 7

Set an election date and stick to that time-table. Within a year the military government should call for election of provincial and national leaders. Equally important is the right of the people to recall elected officials through petition when they do not rise to the expectations of the voters after election.

Step 8

Welcome back the exiles along with the financial aid and experience they will bring. Besides the millions of dollars of aid, these exiles will bring their love of Cuba as well as their vital expertise in employing the modern tools of society such as electronics, machinery, the Internet, etc. to integrate Cuba into the 21st Century.

Step 9

Form a Reconciliation and Compensation Board. This is vital in order for Cuba to right the wrongs under the Castro regime. This board, made up of both islanders and exiles, will hear claims for confiscated property. Former business owners, farmers and ranchers should have their property returned outright along with relief from paying their land location value tax for a set period of time commensurate with their losses. Cubans currently living in Cuba should be given title to the home where they reside even though it was originally stolen. However, the exiles must be compensated with appropriate land grants of unused land to rebuild their lives in Cuba should they wish to do so. They should be granted appropriate land tax relief commensurate with their original losses. Top former regime officials should be barred from this process and the stolen property returned to the original owners.

Step 10

Reform the judiciary. There are always going to be disputes in society. These must be heard by honest men and women who will dispassionately rule fairly on the questions that arise during this transition and beyond. Also the Courts should seek the return of the millions of dollars stolen by Castro and the top criminals of the regime that has been invested for their benefit in foreign real estate and other ventures.

Step 11

Legalize all travel and open all of Cuba's areas to all of the Cuban people. Cubans in Cuba should not have fewer rights in their own country than foreigners. Public beaches, parks, etc. should be opened all Cubans. Cubans should be allowed to leave and return to Cuba according to their personal wishes. Private businesses, hotels and clubs should be open to all Cubans who can pay the price of admission.

Step 12

The military governors should step down from power and walk away. The transitional military government must walk away from power the instant the new democratically elected officials take control of the helm of government. It takes a strong leader to hold the reigns of power. However, it requires an even statesman to walk away from power. Great men like George Washington walk away from power while evil men like Hitler, Stalin and Castro cling to it until it is pried from their cold death grip.

This is by no means all that will be required to set Cuba onto the course of prosperity and honesty. It is a starting point. From there it will be up to all the Cuban people to decide the future of Cuba and not just the guys with the guns.