Saturday, May 05, 2012

That Internment/Resettlement Manual

I have a copy of the recently declassified army manual for setting up and running concentration camps in America. The reason the manual was declassified was because insiders leaked the document so the traitors followed protocol for that scenario and hoped the 300 page volume would be enough to keep attention deficit Americans from reading it. The good news, my vaccine damaged, aspartamed Americans, is that Tomas here is going through the manual and pulling out the most outrageous parts for your consumption. Not to get too far off the subject but you diet soda pop drinkers ought to know that the creators of aspartame warned you when they name the concoction that it will "tame" you.

Be that as it may, the most vile, criminal, Nazi like behavior of the filthy traitors who penned this political pornography is the provisions for the children. Children are addressed in this manual under the section titled segregation. It reads:

􀁺 Segregation. I/R populations include numerous types or groups of individuals that must be
segregated for a variety of reasons. I/R populations are segregated based on their legal status
(according to DOD and Army policies) and their gender. Juveniles within the I/R population are
typically segregated from the general population.
Detainees may also be segregated by ethnic
and family groups and further segregated to protect vulnerable individuals. Additionally,
detainees may be categorized by behavior (cooperative, neutral, or combative) to accurately
resource guards and facilities. Individuals within the I/R population may also be segregated to
prevent self-harm. Although segregation may not be requested or conducted for the purpose of
facilitating interrogation, interrogators may interrogate detainees who have been properly
segregated. (See DODD 3115.09.)

Right off the bat let me explain the I/R crap. It stands for Internment/Resettlement. You won't be full humans in the camps but rather IR's or EC's, etc. That's an Enemy Combatant. You normally don't become an EC unless you resist the camp overlords by for example, trying to hold onto your kids as the camp guards are ripping them from your arms. Bam! You just became an EC. EC's don't have any rights whatsoever even under the Geneva Convention. EC's will receive military tribunal kangaroo courts and be executed.

Some of you may gain solace in the notion that the camps aren't designed for you because you follow all the rules. How stupid some people can be is incredible. These camps are for political dissidents and being a dissident may be the farthest thing from your mind. Well how do these filthy traitors know that? They can't read minds. They are backed into a corner by the crimes they have already committed like the vile traitor Eric Holder who oversaw Fast and Furious. Sure the camps are mostly for folks like me who have the courage to tell the truth about the disgusting scum working for the foreign bankers conquering America. But these snakes are closet soviets. They plan to round up everybody for a good look-see. If you are so tamed that you will accept having your children taken by the filth so they can be reeducated about how bad of parents you were, then ultimately you may be released for resettlement.

Some of you may find comfort by believing that the military won't round everybody up right out of the blue...and you'd be correct but for the wrong reason. The traitors will begin filling the concentration camps after we have been hit by nuclear attacks. Either the cowardly foreign banksters will force Russia and China to attack America with nukes while these inbreeds hide in their well appointed bunkers, or the secret police here in America will false flag nuke us to sow the chaos. Ultimately, you Americans represent the biggest threat to the bankers because of your cantankerous nature, your millions of guns, wide open spaces for retreat and so forth. The concentration camps are for mopping up the survivors after the nuclear exchange. By the way, just a note to the Russian and Chinese oligarchies. You are being led into a trap. Once you fire off your nukes helping solve the banking crime family's problems with us pesky Americans who have not been sheltered, then the U.S. military's secret weapons will destroy your nation.

If these nations can't be goaded into nuking us then that leaves the false flag attack. I believe the window for this to be successfully pulled off has been slammed shut. Too many Americans, especially in the rank and file military already understand the concept and history of the false flag attack. I believe a nuclear false flag attack will blow up in the faces of the traitors and be the shortest route for them to the gallows. My advice to the traitors is get out now while can. My advice to the American people is wise up before you are interned and your children taken from you.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Dupe News

Good day dupes. Tomas Estrada-Palma reminding you that you are dupes, have always been dupes and will continue to be dupes until you wise up.

Today's lesson for the dim witted is about economics. Ooo scary word with possible complex meanings. Well forget about all that macro economic nonsense for a minute. I'm only talking about the big over all picture - not the minutia.

The actual fact is the only really important thing that the well healed dupe need understand is that every restriction in the economy is explained to the dupe as useful in building a safer, more prosperous society when just the opposite is true. Every restriction of economic activity is all about powerful individuals using their incestuous relationship with government to rake us over the coals.

For example medicine. Government will put you in jail for a long while if you attempt to offer any form of medical treatment other than the very narrow version of medicine sold by the medical establishment. This is said to be best for all of us. But is that really true? Lets examine this question, dupes, so that one day you might free yourselves from dupe-dumb.

The American Medical Association for the most part consists of mostly well intentioned doctors, nurses and other AMA approved personnel who also can be looked at as medical dupes. The reason is because they have been controlled for over a hundred years by big pharma. The result is medical care in America is both unaffordable to millions as well as the number one cause of death in the nation - BY A WIDE MARGIN!

I understand that you dupes never realized doctor treatments pushed by the big pharma medicine show actually kills over 700,000 Americans each year, whereas heart attacks/strokes and even cancer pale by comparison. The actual fact is the big pharma/doctor team causes most disease in America using vaccines and other treatments. The treatments are designed to make us sick so we require more treatment. The doc are dupes but big pharma is criminally responsible for more deaths now than all the government genocides of the 20th Century put together.

This Dupe Report has been brought to you so that one day you might see the truth.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Party Of Dupes

The congressmen recently put into office by the tea party have double crossed the tea party, taken bankster cash and quietly kept things the way they've always been.

The tea party, bless their hearts. They mean well. Sadly they remain largely a party of dim wits watching network TV for information. Most are probably receiving the latest vaccines recommended by big pharma', eating GMO regularly and naturally still drinking fluoridated city tap water.

So please do not get mad at them for continuing to elect traitors like one I especially dislike - Marco Rubio. I really want nothing to do with him after he sided with Obama and signed the NDAA giving this White House pipsqueak furor powers. This is just more proof that the chemical and biological attacks foisted on Americans by Marco's puppet masters are very effective especially when combined with the controlled news over the networks.

Have mercy on the tea party. Save your rage for the crime families who have conquered America as well as their stooges like Marco.