Saturday, November 15, 2008


As a libertarian, I again ask that you join the INDIVIDUALIST INSURRECTION!!! The only cost is that you must spend time becoming enlightened about the free range slavery operation of the international banksters. I ask because violence is the tool reserved by these bankster vipers to make you be good free range slaves and pay your taxes without complaint.

It will become apparent to everybody in the near term that we are governed by the dupes and shills of the big international banksters. Do not be angry at anyone but yourselves for allowing yourself to be fooled by a television. But do join the INDIVIDUALIST INSURRECTION!!! This is not a violent operation as with free range slavery. It is a way of life. It is how American individuals use to conduct themselves before they were dumbed-down with bankster schools assuring them they were smart for listening to the banksters. It is all about self-reliance and helping your family and friends whilst keeping the government at a safe distance from our lives. It is the notion of living within your own means and that means turning off the TV to get to work. Yes the INDIVIDUALIST INSURRECTION!!! means lots of hard work. But it's worth it because you get to live.

Friday, November 14, 2008

If Barney Were Frank

Barney Frank
Top Bankster Enabler

In The Near Future

Very soon it will become apparent to anyone with a functioning brain that the more one listens to the big media the worse off one becomes. Conversely, the more one ignores the big media or even better, interprets their lies to discern the truth the better one's chances for survival.

We are fast approaching the perception tipping point where everyone finally realizes that we are governed by a collection of dupes and shills working for the international bankers. Perhaps it will be the failure of GM. It could be the run on banks that is sure to come. At any rate, when this time arrives I don't know what will happen. Obviously, most Americans are basically ignorant quasi-savages or this mess could never have occurred. The bankers got control of the education of our kids about 100 years or so ago and now we have several generals of granite-like thinkers.

So at this point I see a great deal of chaos, which will be used as the excuse by the very same criminals whose greedy ways caused this mess, and they will respond violently. The international banker government you elect every time because you don't want to waste your vote will take the opportunity to cull the herd a bit of the deadwood in society - as they see it. Convicts will be given one bullet in the head. There is ample evidence that this has already occurred in Louisiana during Katrina. Street people will begin to disappear. The old will be left to wither and die from hunger or lack of medical care. Everybody is going to be hungry except people like me who are stocking up now while the opportunity still avails itself. Finally, people who talk too much like me will be eliminated especially if they keep talking too much. So bloody tyrants, when you make your big crack down all I have to say is, "yeah fascism." You'll not hear anymore griping from me my overlords...

It doesn't have to be this way. Americans could pull their heads out from you know where and begin shouting the warning like Paul Revere. Best of all they don't even have to hop on a horse in the middle of a cold night screaming the alarm. The truth is the truth is found right here on this blog and many other places on the net. Sure discovering the truth is stressful but it will be a walk in the park compared to what awaits your future. When you realize the truth, after you calm down, spread the truth to your loved ones so that we all might have a chance to overcome our foes.

Even if you can't alert the world to the coming new dark ages, the sooner you wise up the more prepared you shall be to survive.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paulson The Plunger

By Tomas

The Fall Guy

I've been playing around with this graphic software since the Washington Post has been kind enough to pay for classes in Illustrator for me. Pretty good aye? More graphic by Tomas to come in the near future. Who will fall victim next to the graphic sword of Tomas?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excellect Video On Brainwashing

This was sent to me by my amigo Clem. It is an ex KGB agent who explains how Americans across the political spectrum have been indoctrinated to believe Marxism is swell. We have a long way back to freedom amigos. We have a long way back. I hope we find the way.

How To Waste Your Vote Next Time

Thinking Americans, as well as Republicans know that Obama supporters wasted their votes. However, at least they favor his collectivist approach and believe in their feeble understanding of things like economics that his policies will make America great once more. All one has to do is look at the shining examples of socialism in action around the world to know the kool-aiders are completely duped and will only learn their lesson from feeling the sting of socialist policy.

McCain voters, for the most part, are duped as well but on a higher level. Most McCain voters do actually have a modicum of knowledge about economics and the blessings of liberty. Most would say that John McCain is NOT the standard bearer of those American ideals. In short, most of those Republican voters actually want the government out of their face, family and money yet chose McCain anyway. McCain has decades of collectivist supported legislation under his belt right up to sewing your lips shut before elections (McCain/Feingold). Is there anyone here who wants to put McCain on the same level with say, Thomas Jefferson, Henry George or Thomas Paine? Of course not. That would be silly as McCain, like Obama, is politically and philosophically opposite to these great thinkers on the topic of liberty. Can you see Thomas Jefferson supporting a "progressive" income tax? How about Thomas Paine being okay with the patriot act?

Yes, sadly, Republicans wasted their votes too. How? The reason is your votes only said you will support any candidate for president no matter how collectivist his record may be. The candidate only has to have the word Republican stamped next to his name on the ballot. I bet the party could put Hitler or Castro on the ballot and many of you would still pick them as long as the word Republican was beside their names. The feedback you gave the Republican Party assures that you will get someone equally repugnant as a nominee for president in 2012 should America remain intact as one nation until such time.

Not me however. I never let who the winner might be have any bearing in who I will choose to be my president. I knew Chuck Baldwin had no change of winning the election yet he received my vote. Whereas the wandering Republican Party does not have a clue about what you Republican voters actually want, there is no doubt about my wishes. My vote said I cannot vote for either of the two main sleaze ball parties and for the first time it warned the Libertarian party not to foist up anymore questionable candidates like Bob Barr as their standard bearer when there are hundreds of more qualified choices.

To sum up, is it wise to keep lying to the Republican party by voting for the party hacks' choice for president no matter how much you dislike the choice? Now you have the worst of both worlds. You choose a candidate you didn't like whose socialist policies like the bankster bailout prove his collectivist ways - and you got stuck with Obama anyway. Now don't you feel a bit foolish? Let me ask you this hypothetically? If you knew Obama would win the election no matter how you voted would you still have picked McCain anyway? If not who would you have chosen instead?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greedy Desperate Rulers

Isn't it getting obvious to even the most duped among you that we are being ruled by a collection of greedy fools way over their heads in troubles that they themselves caused? The economy will come apart even faster than I had expected and the scum risen to the top scrambles to staunch the flow of blood before the patient realizes he is dead.

Why be surprised? Bush has bankrupted everything he has touched. He has a long history of failure. Then there is the Congress and Senate mostly populated by the ignorant, the greedy and the greedy ignorant. The oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution is clearly written yet all but Ron Paul have had great difficulty upholding the true spirit of that oath. The Constitution is the owner's manual for America but these fools and scoundrels decided to wing it without following the directions. Next we have the big media owned by the real owners of America - the bankers. For almost 100 years our people have been unknowingly snared into their free range slave trap dependent on the liars in big media. What can we do to save ourselves?

Firstly, ignore everything the above mentioned questionable individuals assert as well as anything anyone affiliated with them say. Go to cash and precious metals as fast as you can. Accept any employment you can find as we are heading into a deflationary depression and even a little money will go farther than you have been use to. Everyone should use any patch of ground they have access to for growing food. Well I could go into a whole list of things you should do after ignoring the above liars who are trying to keep you sheep from a panic attack. But at the end of the day you should learn to live like folks lived about 100 years ago and do likewise if you plan to survive the approaching decade of downturn.

Yes, being the world police department has cost us our fortunes. So we had better wise up, get up and get working to make some more don't you think? It will be stolen as fast as you can make it however as long as you have these greedy pirates and their banker bosses in charge. So as we rebuild the American economy from scratch remember this reality and replace every scoundrel in government at the first opportunity possible. You should have done so a couple weeks ago but you made a grave mistake that will cause you and I two more years of failed collectivist policy driving the depression even deeper. By 2010 I predict you and I America will vote for the same candidates for office - for the first time ever. I will finally have picked a winner!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama Caused Stocks To Decline?

I was laughing at Grover Norquist on C SPAN this morning talking about the stock market declining because Obama got elected. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I predicted the banker shills had this in store for our future. In addition you know that while I do not support Obama...

Are gasoline prices, soon to drop below two dollars in my neck of the woods, going down because Obama got elected? Did housing prices crash at just the notion of an Obama presidency? Perhaps oil and numerous other commodities have fallen as a result of the "Obama Price Effect?"

NAHHHH. These things are all due to the reduction of dollars circulating in our economy. The number of dollars is declining because the main way in which the illegal Federal Reserve Board pumps money into the economy is through lending via the fractional reserve banking system. But all of those lending institutions and banks don't want to lend money right now because the economy is filled with too much debt and they don't want to get stuck with an even bigger bill that won't be paid back than what they are on the hook for now.

So why the hell am I bringing these things up if I don't support Obama? Number one it's the truth. But I state the truth so Obama supporters can use it to defend their man and help defuse this potential scapegoating weapon that the banksters hope to employ to keep you slaves off their trail. In a nut shell, I hope to divide and conquer my enemy - the international bankers and their illegal Federal Reserve Board free range slave fiat money swindle. People like Obama and McCain are just the hacks that the bankers foist upon us each election using their media holdings to get what the banksters want. So I'm hoping Obama's supporters will take this message and run with it to defend him. That way if they can convince Americans that Obama has only his fair share of the political blame in allowing the Federal Reserve to exist, then people in America and beyond hopefully will keep exploring these questions about massive price decreases.

I'm hoping they might ask themselves after pondering my argument about Obama's effect having something to do with those other prices declining: "If Obama didn't cause all those other prices to fall drastically - who or what did?" Of course the answer is the illegal Federal Reserve Board which we will be protesting against next Saturday at high noon in DC. If you are in town please join us. As usual, the protest will have an absolute big media black out as the bankers would be stupid to draw attention to themselves by airing the truth about their swindle on this very same big media. Fortunately, the protest will be videoed and up on You Tube in a flash. In fact, Breakthematrix TV will be showing the event live. So if the bankster creeps are even thinking about employing their assets in government to act out violently against us by sending in agitators and provocateurs - forget about it! There will be cameras everywhere. We are close to nailing you international banker paid government stooges who have already done your dirty work at the protests in this year's main party conventions. There is lots of evidence and it is working its way through the courts heading your way. Many of the police, formally known as peace officers, may find themselves ensnared doing those illegal acts for the banker class and end up doing time themselves.

Let's talk about it at 8 PM tonight on Cuba Exposed. Also, anyone with information about the storm that just hit Cuba can call in as well. Maybe Don will have word too.

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