Friday, November 28, 2008

What Food Shortages In Cuba?

Ricardo Alarcon

I dedicate this drawing to Alfredo from Cafe Cubano. Alfredo is a real gentleman and a seeker of the truth. You are one of the Cubans who make me proud to be a Cuban myself. May God bless you amigo.

Your buddy Tomas Estrada-Palma

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fire Raul

The Cuban People will soon fire Raul.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Raul Sees Red

The Free Range Slave Revolt

There is a bit of confusion as to the meaning of a "Free Range Slave Revolt." Actually, it is realizing that you are a centrally managed free range slave in the first place. Upon realizing this your natural reaction is to be mad. However, do not act out violently. That would serve the needs of our owners quite nicely while diminishing our declining resources.

Once the above is realized then the next step is to come to grips with the fact that the entire financial/political system is corrupt. These institutions are populated by dupes for the most part with enough shills to steer the herd in the favor of the slave owners. Arriving at this conclusion one understand that you would be mad to allow these institutions the opportunity to get at your money. The games are rigged so you must act accordingly. It's a great time to keep money in cash as the crooks money scheme is in deflation. Dollars for now are increasing in value since we will see fewer and fewer of them in the near term. However,if Citi Group type bailouts continued every week ad infinitum then the day of reckoning will be delayed but at the expense of the dollar. It will sink to zero value in a very short time if the bailoutitist does not stop. But this is a ruse anyhow. The owners are not so much bailing out as using these schemes to pump more fake dollars into the economy to keep it floating. Remember, they want to keep the slave labor flowing and a total collapse would ruin their operation.

Hence, you see the true nature of the free range slave revolt. It is realizing all these things and conducting your life to counteract the banksters power over you. Use your limited means to become as self sufficient as possible. Use local goods and services. Watch the new ways in which the government pumps money into the economy and go quickly to precious metals is the dollars are sinking in value (price spikes) from hyper inflation. By living this lifestyle you give these banksters a good push right as they are already leaning over from their top heavy structure. We need to let these guys fall then restructure the deal to free the free range slaves. We want ownership of our time, bodies and money and we're going to be uppity slaves until we get what we want. We're going to be right tight with our money until such time as well.

Now you know what a free range slave revolt is. It's resistance to the bankster tyranny in the only language they know - their money.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 PM Tonight

Lets talk about the coming great repression and the free range slave revolt.

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