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Max Explains The Swindle

Watch Your Money Market Accounts!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Ever Changing Bin Laden

Does it appear the government is using doubles for Bin Laden?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Nine Eleven Trials

Awaiting The Verdict

Chapter One

Attorney General Andrew Nepolitano watched as the jury was led to the deliberation room by the bailiff. The courtroom journalists, officials and spectators didn't make a sound. Their eyes watched the jurors disappear from view.

The defendants were not in the courtroom however, having fled the country to avoid prosecution. For months the new Citizen's Internet News Service, which had been shortened to be pronounced simply as "SINS" had speculated that the entire gang had fled to Paraguay. Who could say for sure, the Attorney General pondered as he heard the trial judge declare Court to be in recess. Nepolitano thought how different today's courtroom scene was to the ones he had experienced most of his career. There were virtually no old guard network television media in the courtroom covering the trial. Every one of the old behemoth networks, first having been put on the ropes reeling from the collapse of the dollar, then finished off when their credibility collapsed as well with the trial revelations, had gone out of business. No matter Nepolitano thought. This collection of SINS citizen reporters were doing a far better job than all of the old networks plus he heard there were a number of new Internet Citizen Networks being launched in the coming weeks. Americans were still debating the question of how much complicity the former mainstream media had in this nine eleven affair and who should be held for conspiracy and who condemned for ignorance.

Ignorance, Nepolitano thought to himself as he walked out of the courtroom surrounded by his guards...if that was a crime then he and everybody would be going to jail. The facts of the trial, besides being damning, were all so obvious. He was still kicking himself for being played the fool as were millions of Americans all across the country. The Attorney General walked outside and stepped into his waiting car. The car was not a limo as was customary during the past days of empire pomposity. Rather, it was one of those new American plug ins. As his driver pulled the car silently away from the curb he questioned, "Home boss?"

"You said it." Nepolitano replied while loosening his tie.

"I saw the trial, boss. Riveting stuff even on my laptop computer screen."

Laughing Nepolitano muttered, "You should of been there, amigo." The driver turns down Massachusetts Avenue and speeds towards home. How lucky he was just to be alive after the failed State of the Union assassination attempt on the president and other members of the cabinet including himself. How fortunate it had been for they as well as the Congress that those two Capitol Hill cops stumbled upon the bombers, it's been rumored because they were heading to an indoor spot inside the Capitol where these cops could cop a smoke. It was the coldest night of the year up til that point and it was still early 2013. How long ago that seemed now to him. He smiled at the irony of how the plot unraveled which ultimately led to these Nine Eleven Trials. Nepolitano laughed thinking that the greatest conspiracy in history was uncovered due to smoking regulations and frozen weather when there was supposed to be global warming.

"What so funny boss?" His driver asks curious about what's gotten the Attorney General to laughing.

"Oh...the effect cigarette smoking has on global warming." The Attorney General responds then really begins to crack up at the irony.

"Ah, boss. There's no such thing as global warming, except maybe in the summer. That's been proven. It was all a scam to tax and control us. Remember?" The driver pulls into Nepolitano's driveway then stops by the front door.

"Yes, yes." Nepolitano agrees regaining his composure. "That's right. it was all a bunch of hot air."

He tells the driver to have good night and exits the car. "Global warming my ass." He thinks aloud. It's freezing outside. He pulls his coat collar together and heads towards his townhouse rental. Pulling the keys from his pocket he unlocks the door and steps inside. He hears the horn beep as his driver pulls away. Nepolitano removes his coat then his sidearm and holster. After the plot to kill him was uncovered he figured it would be a good idea to be able to shoot back should that sort of nonsense be attempted again. Easing through the foyer he makes his way to the bar to pour a well deserved drink.

The judge grabs his drink and takes a long swig followed a gasp of air. "I needed that," He comments then rubs his brow with his thumb and middle finger. How the devil did everything come to this he wondered? How could a scheme so grand have been pulled off in the first place much less been kept quiet for all these years. It was a testament to just how effective the old network media was in controlling people. As long as something wasn't on the tube then it never happened. He took another drink. The judge recalled how angry media pundits, meant to be present in the Capitol on the night of the State of the Union, were once the team of plotters had been arrested. The conspirators were actually going to blow up these spoiled personalities too and this really peeved them quite a bit. The judge even had the framed front page of the story from the old Washington Post when they use to print the news on paper announcing what the Internet had exposed 12 hours earlier - that their was a coup in the making that had been foiled by two Capitol Hill cops allegedly looking for an indoor place to smoke away from the brutal cold outside.

The judge grabs his remote and pops on the high def computer screen. He clicks his way to the booked marked online article about the unraveled plot. He reads the headlines:

Plot To Blow Up Capitol During State Of Union Uncovered

The Plot Unravels

Chapter Two

Headline: January 23, 2013 - Washington DC -

Two Capitol Hill Police Officers Foil Attempted Bomb Plot.

Late last night, only days before the scheduled presidential State of the Union Address, two Capitol Hill Police Officers stopped what at the very least was some type of assassination attempt and perhaps even a coup against top American government leadership. The two officers, Phillip Johnson and officer Cameron Johnson (no relation) while patrolling the halls of the Capitol happened upon at least three individuals apparently wiring high explosives inside the building. There was an exchange of gunfire wounding at least two suspects, with a possible fatality according to sources on the scene. Administration officials issued a statement saying everything was under control and a Justice Department investigation was well underway. The cabinet will meet later this morning at the White House to discuss the bombing. There has been no announcement yet if the scheduled State of The Union Address will go forward tomorrow night or be postponed.

At that moment the judge notice his phone was ringing - hopefully not for too long. He picked it up, pressed talk then said, "Hello."

"How you feeling judge." Came the familiar voice of Barry Cooper, former DEA agent turned anti drug warrior then tapped by the administration to be Assistant Attorney General.

"Barry my man!" Nepolitano shouted into the phone enthusiastically realizing Barry Cooper was on the line. "How's everything?"

"Just fine judge. Just fine." Barry replied with his Texas drawl. "How are you feeling about the case Judge?'

"It's a slam dunk! A NO BRAINER!" The judge laughed. "I was just sitting here looking at the old headlines from the coup plot. It seems like ages ago."

"Yes sir judge." Barry agrees chatting with his boss for several minutes reminiscing with him about their finest hour. After agreeing to meet at the Court for the verdict the two say their goodbyes and hangup. The judge continues to read the headline.

Across town Assistant Attorney General Barry Cooper eased back into his living room recliner and fired up a joint. He took a deep drag and forced it down his lungs over a couple muffled coughs. After a moment he blew out the smoke feeling relaxed and come to think about it, sort of vindicated as well for all the struggles he'd been through. Sure the days fighting against the drug war and before that, for the drug war, certainly were crazy times. It was war after all - being waged against the American people. He knew the war on pot smokers would be going on to this very moment except for the collapse of the economy and the budget ramifications for the states. But legalizing pot was the smartest thing the state legislatures ever did for the state treasuries.

But the federal government and the Obama administration had futilely tried to print money to save themselves and the economy - however just the opposite occurred. The more they printed to save this sector or that the more prices were skewed and distorted causing unemployment to soar. By election day 2010 the American people were an ugly mob at the polls. Incumbents were wiped out that November. However, even more stunning was the number of new congressmen and senators not funded by the leadership of the two main parties who won election to office. Add to this number the first third party candidates elected to the congress and this truly was the start of a new age of enlightenment.

Then Barry recalled the dark forces that always lurk nearby, were in a panic, which is obvious now to Barry. After the rout of 2010, the new Congress basically shut down every one of Obama's socialist initiatives and even cut taxes. But when the two houses of Congress actually pass the act to audit the Federal Reserve the top began to tremble with fear. All Obama could do was delay the inevitable and veto the bill. But this doomed his presidency and with it the hopes of the Democrats for retaining control of the White House.

Add to this fact that the Republican Party leadership was in disarray and fighting amongst themselves for control of the party and the door was left wide open for Ron Paul's successful 2012 run for the presidency. Dr. Paul did not have any conspiracy investigations on his agenda. He campaigned strictly on economic prosperity through a peaceful foreign policy and domestic freedom. This was even a sore spot amongst many of his supporter who had always demanded a real investigation of the events of nine eleven. But Dr. Paul would not be side tracked with this divisive issue especially since Americans were willing to elect him by a landslide over the economy and opposition to the never ending wars.

Barry took another puff and thought back to the evening the bombing plot had been uncovered by in essence a stroke of good luck. I've got to buy those two cops a carton of cigarettes Barry figured laughing to himself. Who says cigarettes are bad for you he pondered blowing out the hit. He remembered that early morning phone call from his administrative assistant just after the coup had been thwarted by Johnson and Johnson.

"Hello." Barry answered groggily still half asleep.

"Barry. It's me, Peggy. There has been some type of bombing plot uncovered. You need to get down to the White House right now. I've sent a car for you."

Emergency White House Meeting

Chapter Three

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Lending Their Gold Or Our Labor?

That is the question. Is it wiser to continue forward using a monetary system that allows the central bankers to wager with our labor or should they wager with their own gold? Under a fiat money scheme like our expandable contractible dollar the central bankers can create extra dollars whenever they want thereby secretly stealing our labor output for their lending purposes. Under a hard money gold and silver based monetary system the people and the bankers own their own money because this type of money actually possesses real value unlike the fiat paper dollar.

So the central bankers say the financial crisis is due to a lack of oversight. I say it was caused by these same central bankers because they can lend out our labor futures rather than their own gold. Apparently, they lent out our labor to people who didn't even have jobs. They wouldn't have done this with their own gold under an Austrian Economic system based on real money made of precious metal.

Isn't it time Americans demanded real Constitutional gold and silver money we can own rather then renting the banker's incredible shrinking dollar?


The thing I can't figure out is why these Wall Street guys testifying before Congress just sit there being scapegoated? Sure they profited from the system, then didn't but were bailed by the taxpayers. But the nutty Federal Reserve System of expandable currency is what made inflating the bubble possible in the first place. It is in their halls where the majority of blame for the bad economy squarely sits. But nobody even mentions this absolute reality.

So the Federal Reserve must have some juicy gossip on all of these testifying stooges on the Hill to keep them quiet. Who is responsible for the economic collapse? As always - follow the money. In this case right to the door of the Federal Reserve central bankers. They are counterfeiters.

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Senator Reid

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Ocho What?

Harry Reid