Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Filthy Traitor Day

Today is September 11, 2010 - 9 years since the banker oligarchy used their employees in U.S. intelligence, British intelligence, Israeli intelligence and other scum of the earth to kill over 3000 innocent people by blowing up the towers in which they worked. These filthy traitors did this to scare the remaining ignorant American sheep into believing that super cave Arabs pulled off this inside job to use as an excuse to invade Arab countries as well as turn ours into an Orwellian fascist dictatorship.

Now some of you may have thought me a bit crazy when I began screaming about this treason back in 2006 once I realized I had been duped by the invaders. Perhaps some might have thought I would have moved on by now. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

I am not going to be content until the stinking dogs within our very own government and their scum co-conspirators who are TOTALLY responsible for this attack are brought to justice. I can't live in a world with such evil bastards on the loose.

If you still think the Arabs attacked us 9 years ago, that the Democrats are good and the Republicans bad or vice-versa then you are a dupe. Please understand that I call you this not to insult you. I am telling the truth. Those who realize this truth will have a better chance of surviving and protecting their family.

Our federal government is out of our control. The leadership is filled with liars, thieves, pedophiles, scoundrels, closet homosexuals and murderers. Trust them if you wish. For me however, they are the most dangerous threat to my family and I. I will feel much more comfortable once these guilty traitors have been prosecuted and justly punished. I can envision only two punishments for such a horrendous crime - life in prison without any chance of parole and death by hanging which is the traditional mode of executing traitors.

Do you feel how serious I am about this? Maybe you better find out the truth too before these snakes kill you or your kids the next time they do another false flag attack.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Traitors' Tales

Conspiracy Theories

I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I stick with the facts. Like many Americans I use to believe that the mainstream media was always doing their best to bring us the facts. So when they relayed the findings of the 9/11 commission that it was 19 Arab terrorists who committed the attack that was good enough for me. Guilty!

Sure I had heard rumblings that there was more to it but I paid that no mind. Then I saw a presentation by Richard Gage, an architect, who knows how buildings are put together and more importantly why they come down. Unlike lay people like me, he knew the official explanation was hogwash and investigated further. The more he investigated the more he realized an official cover-up was taking place. So he started Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Here is as much of the truth as I can say for certain and it blows the official explanation right out of the New York skyline. It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for fires to cause 3 skyscrapers to fall exactly onto their own footprint as fast as a rock would free fall. Let me restate this again simply and boldly. THE TWIN TOWERS AND CIA BUILDING NUMBER SEVEN WERE ALL IMPLODED BY PRE-PLACED, TIMED EXPLOSIVES. Yes planes hit the twin towers but it had NOTHING to do with the collapse. No planes hit the CIA building that collapsed in about seven seconds.

Now the individuals who still believe the official conspiracy theory fall into two groups - the ignorant and the stupid. Fortunately, I was merely ignorant. When I began my investigation back in 2006 it did not take long to cure my ignorance. Sadly those individuals who shriek at me about being a conspiracy theorists have themselves never examined the evidence. That's pretty stupid don't you think?

Thanks to nine eleven I did not stop there. I have learned about so much official corruption that was previously hidden from me by the mainstream media information smokescreen. Once I realized the media's news was nothing but worthless propaganda I knew I had to find things out for myself. This is only possible due to the information age and the internet.

The main reason Obama and the oligarchy are trying to figure out a way to control the internet is to keep the ignorant from wising up about the 9/11 treason. It has nothing to so with cyber security. But the oligarchy must be careful about how they shut off the information flow. The last thing they want to do is alarm the ignorant into seeking the truth and becoming enlightened.

The truth is the guilty in this treason would already be sitting in prison or swinging from the traitor's nose but for the grave ignorance of the American people. Most spent plenty of time in school but they must have never paid attention. I can still remember my eight physical science class and the lecture about how fast free falling objects fall to earth. The formula is 32 feet per second per second. Therefore, once I realized these three towers all fell at free fall speed I knew it was scientifically IMPOSSIBLE! Buildings that supposedly crash through themselves require more time then the 7 to 10 seconds it took the towers to hit the ground.

Most Americans are unaware of the law of gravity or the speed of free falling objects. So they glaze over. Perhaps they believe gravity is a variable thing and sometimes an object falls this fast and on another day that fast. They don't understand junior high science. It is why the traitors roam free still nine years later. They still rule over us, have followed banker's orders and are destroying our economy and they are getting desperate now. That's because ignorance is curable and I am proof of that. Everyday thousands more learn of the truth. Our numbers grow and unless the oligarchy can figure out a way to totally disrupt things they will soon be fleeing for the border to escape American retribution.

I promise you this. When you finally learn the truth if you have not done so already you are going to be very angry. You will see contrived conflicts like the Mosque at ground zero issue and see how we are all being played. It's disgusting. I feel sorry for those protesters. They are duped suckers.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Larry "Free-Fall" Silverstein

Controlled Demolition

Does CIA Building Seven appear to fall due to fires - or just like these known examples of controlled explosive demolition?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Auto Inspections

The trouble with mandated auto safety inspections is the government thinks all people are stupid about car mechanics as well as prone to drive an unsafe car. Plus, the government wants us to believe that all inspection stations have qualified mechanics who never make mistakes.

Why am I griping this morning? I am fixing the couple of minor things the inspection station says is wrong with my daughter's car. I go to take off the front passenger side wheel which I know this inspection station JUST took off to inspect the brakes and whatever. The trouble is in their haste or incompetence they managed to cross thread two of the five lug bolts holding the wheel on. So naturally those two snapped off when I was taking the wheel off. So if I can't extract these studs it's off to the machine shop for this one as well. I'll mention it to the inspection station but these mechanical joints almost always dodge responsibility when they screw up. So I won't hold my breath.

Remember though, government mandated inspections are in reality meant to force you out of perfectly good cars and into a new financed model. It has little to do with safety.

NFL To Cancel Season

That is the talk over Facebook from such players as Reggie Bush. The owners will lock out the players supposedly to get better contract provisions for ownership. More likely however, is a football season in 2011/2012 may be profitably unrealistic.

During the Roman empire, the emperor and Roman government oligarchs ran the games. It's the same here in America. The same powers that pull the strings in Washington also profit from our games especially the big one - football. Of course I'm talking American football. It is the closest semblance we have today to the gladiators of the Roman games. It is the great communal pacifier massaging the public, passing their time aptly demonstrating that everything is normal.

There are conditions that would make football very unprofitable especially war along side with the current NFL overhead expense structure. A nuke being detonated in an American city in another false flag attack would cause absolute pandemonium. People would scatter away from the cities like bugs from the kitchen light. Tailgating would not be a priority. The economic foundations here would be shattered. Our supply lines for food, energy, water, medical care, etc. would be severed.

Today's oligarchs, like the Roman ones of old, are a greedy lot. Sure they want to control the world's resources and people. But they don't want to pay too much for it if they can avoid it. That's why there has never been a terrorist attack during the "game." The oligarchs make far too much money on the games and these greedy people also know how the human herd behaves. One good attack during the games and there goes the season ticket numbers and ad revenue as well. No ad revenue and there goes their funding mechanism for the television networks. Their bottom line dictates that if America is going to be taken down another notch then it would be better to cancel the season then start up again sometime in the future but downsized greatly.

The global plans of the bankers require America to be neutered at least and destroyed at worst. They don't want to have to kill us. least not some of us the elite feel may be worthy of life on earth to serve the needs of the masters. What these globalists really have their hearts set on is international money and world government. Bless their greedy little hearts. They'd rather not nuke us as it would damage part of their facilities here in the American sector of their operation. Unfortunately for us, we Americans have always been an unruly lot with uppity challenges to the old world rulers of Europe and their bankster buddies.

They danced a Hitler jig when they got their Federal Reserve Board and also with the creation of the CIA. With these two tools the international bankers only needed time to get what they wanted. The CIA's job is to control our government using bribery, blackmail, assassination, etc. to cow the Congress, the president and other politicos. Cross them and you're apt to get a "Kennedy Intervention." The Federal Reserve Board's job has been to control the wealth of Americans. They can siphon off money and give it covertly to anyone of their choosing. Remember though, this is not the end game but the tools used to achieve the endgame.

The end game is global consolidation of their business operations. Rather than mess with hundreds of meddling governments around the world to make a profit they prefer only one world government...which they also control. If you haven't focused on these plans it's because you are so totally dependent on TV for your information. The oligarchs clawing their way towards world government own the networks. They are not stupid enough to broadcast the truth if you are going to remain dumb enough to believe lies.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burning The Koran

Oh boy, here we go again. We have in this corner, Terry Jones the Koran burning preacher. And in the other corner the challengers, one billion angry Muslims. This is a fight that is fuel by massive ignorance. It has been brought to you for your viewing pleasure by our New World Order sponsors, the multinational banking cartel in league with the military industrial complex.

However, this new fight is unsanctioned by the ruling body and as may be surmised it is not going well for these promoters. Why? It is because they already have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan searching for Islamic boogie men supposedly but in reality the soldiers are constructing the framework of roads, bridges and pipelines necessary to swipe minerals and oil. The Islamic boogie man scenario was created to facilitate the invasion of Afghanistan so the American people would go for it - not the Afghans.

Go for it the American public certainly have. In the depression greatly fueled by squandering our resources that could go to make America a better place, I see Americans actually marching in the street over the location of a Mosque in New York. Now this preacher will burn the Koran and that does not fit into the new world orders as scripted. You see amigos, the Islamic boogie men were meant to only scare Americans into submission. But now the rulers have preachers going on their own missions burning Korans. The net outcome may very well be a uniting of the Afghan people around this act which is a bad thing if you are a hundred thousand troops of the Koran burner surrounded by millions of angry Muslims.

This at the very least will not be good public relations for the plans of the New World Order. This is exactly why these rich, powerful, overly inbred numb skulls should not be in charge of us any longer. They think they are so smart as they micro manage the people of the planet and kill whomever they please to forward their schemes. They had grand plans for military conquest in Iran but may find it difficult just saving the lives of thousands of GI's surrounded in God forsaken Afghanistan.

Okay I agree we need lots of oil and Afghanistan also being the Saudi Arabia of lithium needed for batteries is vital to our economy. Wouldn't it be cheaper for us to just buy it from the Afghans rather than have the New World Order bankers use our military to steal it from them so the bankers can then sell it to us? I bet the bankers will jip us on the price too not even considering taxes spent on this military adventure.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Reclaiming Our Wealth

Basically, Americans need to take back the property stolen from us by our government and others.

For example, government landlords must be abolished. When we turn over ownership of public housing to individual members of the public, virtually overnight these neighborhoods will thrive. Now these poor, manipulated free range slaves sit idle waiting for government cheese as their compensation for being milked for their labor output.

Ownership of money must be returned to the rightful owners - the individual American people who created the wealth in the first place that the money is based on. Currently, our money is created and owned by international bankers who rent the money to the American people. Only real commodity based money like gold and silver coins allow the individual owners of this money to use it as they please to fill their personal needs free of tax and government controls.

Americans need to take back their responsibilities again for important things like defense. As it stands now we sit unarmed and defenseless and plead for government to protect us. Instead, the government raises a grand army equipped with the most modern weaponry to march towards empire. Americans first must abolish the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and all other such federal secret police agencies. That's because we have blindly given the individuals inside these agencies the power to handle our defense responsibilities but they are using that power to spy on us instead. Naturally as a result they are the last individuals to see things like the Soviet Union dissolving while they are so busy spying on us. These defense responsibilities must devolve back to the states, localities and the individuals themselves.

This is done by Americans arming themselves for personal protection. Call it the new department of homeland security. I pity the fool who tries to attack an armed America in our homeland. National defense should be coordinated by the fifty state governments and operated only for defense. That means close all overseas military bases and bring the troops home. Policing is a local responsibility.

I could spend the remainder of my life giving examples of responsibilities seized by the federal government and others right down to the kind of toilet legally permissible in American and still end up dead without ever coming close to the end of that list. It comes down to who decides for you. Are you big boys and girls now? If so then we need to act like it and take back our grown up responsibilities from usurpers, pretenders and other invaders currently milking the American people like a herd of cows. How can I put it to reach so many Americans.

Moo! Moo! Moo!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Many Still Being Played

Are you one of the duped Americans still being manipulated by the big network media? Here is a sure fire sign that you are under the control of your TV. When someone says something negative about Obama do you immediately attack Bush? When reminded of the Bush administration's failures do you rush to describe the many Obama fiascoes?

The invading foreign banking oligarchy uses the CIA to control Congress and the president. But for the American people their game plan is actually rather simple when you stop being emotional and have a dispassionate look see. Using total control of the network the oligarchy has constructed two teams of adversaries - the left team and the right team.

What these foreign bankers know is ruling a country as the absolute king, fuhrer or czar has a drawback. The ruler becomes a target once the people tire of his rule. Therefore, our current rulers do so without most Americans even realizing it. How could this be?

It's done by creating perceived threats that can be dealt with collectively by joining the group on the left or on the right. When any societal problem is looked at simply it is very easy to shove an individual conviently into the left group or the right especially using emotions sprinkled with a dash of ignorance. Each group is force fed network media talking points that offer solutions to our problems but these are almost always laced with "if clauses." For example? "We could solve world hunger if the right-wing rich guys weren't so greedy.

Therein lies the lie. Each side is given faux solutions to address our individual problems. Thereafter, it is one grudge match after another body slamming one another. No, poverty has little to do with being rich per se. However, poverty has everything to do with being unfree. Poverty is always found alongside urban land monopoly by the powerful banking/Real Estate speculator class. Poverty is the result of one group of individuals exploiting groups of other individuals under the pretense of the law or orders from God as it has been claimed throughout the ages.

In short, social conditions like poverty are caused by our rulers as has always been the case. The difference now is they have become wise about ruling from the sidelines to avoid taking the big hits. It is vital that we Americans continue deploying our silly left right faux arguing points provided conveniently for our viewing pleasure at locations such as MSNBC or FOX. Then we get gems like the Arizona beheadings or a presidential hopeful shot down for a "YEE HAW" moment and it's nana nana boo boo stick your head in political doo doo. All the while we're all getting raked over the coals both left and right. Where does it all end?

If you have been one of the Americans who has not realized the above reality then you have never read "The Art of War." If you had then you would know how vital it is to always know who your real enemy is which then allows you to see and address their tactics against you. In this case your enemy's tactic is to focus your spite and activism on your fellow American victims on either the left team or the right. In effect, many duped Americans are still battling with who should be their ally. This is why I won't waste time attacking people on the left and right of the banker constructed political teams. I agree with both teams at different times but usually for reasons that neither ever gave a thought to. For example high gasoline prices in 2006. Lefties said we needed more wind power and taxes on big oil. Righties said drill more in the ocean and refine more. Then six months later gas fell from $5 a gallon to about a buck fifty here in Edgewater. Let me tell you I had a good time ribbing both sides asking them if the number of oil wells, refineries, taxes, windmills and the like had exploded to explain the sudden collapse in price. Naturally, the left and the right were both quiet at that time.

Is Bush worse than Obama? Before addressing that question you might as well establish how many angel will fit through the head of a pin. None of this will fix one thing wrong with the world however. That's just the way the oligarchy prefers it.