Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Immigration Question

Like most problems, I could correct the immigration problem overnight. First, let's examine the problem.

People from all over the world come here because they can easily melt into the underground, under-the-table economy and earn much better money than back home. This means they pay no income taxes while benefitting from American taxpayer funded goods and services. They are allowed to do this because they are an invading army permitted to enter illegally by the federal government because they make problems that give the feds more excuses to tax Americans even higher while reducing our freedom even further. Looking at the bigger picture, in reality this is a new form of military attack by the global crime families controlling our federal government.

Be that as it may, once you remover the current batch of corrupt child molesters, closet homosexual family values hypocrits and other criminals from government, the immigration problem remains. Here is how to fix it. From now on there is no need to sneak into America. Come right on in legally. Let our border people know who you are and what you're planning on doing here and you're in. However, things would be a bit different from how things are currently. Americans would no longer be subjected to income taxes. Non citizen workers in the future would be the only people subjected to the income tax. Naturally, this makes American citizen workers much more employable as there would be no income tax paperwork requirements for them or withholding. Only foreign workers would be legally required to pay income tax. BANG! Problem solved.

In the future employers could hire whomever they prefer. Most would choose American workers since they would not cost the employer time and money record keeping for the IRS or the higher jacked up employee costs for foreign income taxed workers. This sensable reform will not be implemented or even discussed by our current occupiers. They like it as it is now.