Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Cops And The People

This renegade California cop killing fellow officers is an excellent lesson for police officers. That lesson is that the police must have the support of the people to do their job. That job use to be a simple one. Police were peace officers. Today, if there is a breech of the peace there is an excellent chance the police will be involved. The reason is the police are now the tip of the spear for the social engineers. Police have broad powers over their fellow Americans which of course leads to abuse. It's why the founders tried to establish a system to block these control freaks, always present in the world, from being able to exercise raw power over the people. Sadly, this is exactly what is happening today in America. The people have given away almost all of their power to regulate and be responsible for the decisions that they should be making. Instead we now all bow before the modern royalty - the bureaucrat apparatchik or cop yielding power over we mere citizens. Fail to show the proper respect and protocol for our lords and anything from huge fines to a severe beating or instant death can result.

I'm warning the police that this redcoat type of behavior is intolerable. Americans fought a revolution to free themselves from just this sort of tyranny. This crazy California cop is exposing just how vulnerable the police are against an armed populace. Their uniforms might as well be targets. In many urban as well as rural areas the police are seen as the enemy as it is now. In many urban areas the people have already been disarmed if they are complying and will be useless to aid the police when guns are drawn. So essentially, in California a situation exists that mirrors the D.C. sniper but now it is the police that are targeted.

Even if the police catch him this second this ex-cop has already exposed how vulnerable the police are to these kinds of attacks perpetrated by angry, deranged people. Of course, in a society of independent individuals who own their own time, body and money as well as having the unchallenged right to self protection of that life using a gun, a criminal would not dare pull off such brazen attacks against peace officers in broad daylight. Plus he'd have a myriad of other job opportunities to pick from so he would not feel he is at a dead end like so many Americans currently. But sadly this is not the case in socialist, foreign banker owned America today.

One guy with a gun can begin to force the police back into their barracks to huddle in safety. What's the moral of the story? The theme is directed towards the police. You are pawns. As pawns you have been sacrificed intentionally on many occasions like being intentionally blown to bit on 9/11 to scapegoat some cave Arabs to grab some Afghanistan Real Estate. If you wish to live a long, just and moral lives you will return to being just peace officers. Your days of being social engineers are coming to an end. It makes no difference what the law demands if that law goes against the bounds of the Constitution. These unconstitutional laws range from drug laws, gun grab laws, tax laws, codes, etc. and are design to centrally social engineer society to suit the needs and fancy of the rulers. Enforcing these laws violates your oath of office but more importantly it really pisses us off. Some like myself choose to point out your bad police behavior in the hopes that police and the people will choose a better path for themselves. Others who feel they have been wronged are going to act out violently.

Every time police intervene and arrest new legal victims of crimes that in reality are illegal themselves by violating the spirit of the Constitution, you create new enemies from within. Some of these enemies are now turning into snipers. Wouldn't it be better for cops to wise up? Stop enforcing all laws that violate the spirit of the Constitution and you will enrage the rulers to be sure. However you will enjoy the support and appreciation of the people. This hands off approach will naturally lead to an enormous growth in economic activity and job growth. People too busy earning and spending all of their own money have little or no time to quibble or confront peace officers. Angry, unemployed Americans who have just been issued another fine for behavior not approved in advance or in general and even thrown into jail for such trivialities as smoking the wrong veggie will fight back in one way or another. I choose to talk you to death. Some officials suggest this is a worse punishment than the death penalty and they might well choose to die than to even hear one more word out of my mouth. Be that as it may, a small percentage of individuals who may or may not have been wronged by police will increasingly act out violently. In a society of disarmed farm animals the cops don't stand a chance.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Slack-jaw Barrack Shot A Shotgun

Now Slack-jaw Barrack, he shot a shotgun
  So this dude needs Photoshop manipulation
He just let it all hang loose
Looked like Bullwinkle the moose
He couldn't take no more abuse
So he shot skeet to impress the nation

You can't talk to Oba-ma

He's got a drone waiting for your momma

Eric Holder the chief stood for law and order
But he gave - guns to gangs south of the border
Now from his lying mouth
He said the operation just went south
Shame the cops died, Eric's got to hide
Shoot up the streets at our wives and our daughters 

You can't talk to the man
When he don't give a damn
No, no, no, no, no, no 

False flag attacks aren't in the papers
But they ignore the Constitution now instead of later
You know the people are quite displeased
Another tax hike they did not need
And on the whole, it was a very good year
For the undertaker 

 You can't talk to Oba-ma
He's got a drone waiting for your momma

Slack-jaw Barrack, yeah
Slack-jaw Barrack shot a shotgun
Yeah, Slack-jaw Barrack shot a shotgun
Slack-jaw Barrack, yeah
Slack-jaw Barrack, yeah

Talkin' about Slack-jaw Barrack, yeah
Talkin' about
Slack-jaw Barrack, oh
Talkin' about Barrack's digital shotgun,
Talkin' about Slack, talkin' about Barrack
Slack-jaw Barrack, yeah
(Sing it just like Carol King would)


Monday, February 04, 2013

A Few Choice Words