Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Land Tax & Immigration

Here's the real trouble with the immigration. In America, the government steals people's labor output then gives it away to the chosen people. The chosen people are the lucky ones whom the government and top politicos hope will show their appreciation for receiving this loot by voting for this very same government providing the loot. That's a recipe for disaster if we were only dealing with Americans here. But operating multi billion dollar federal programs from Washington, DC is impossible. So offering lots of goodies lures people from around the globe to partake at this taxpayer funded trough that they have contributed nothing to.

Everybody can see this cannot continue but it will continue because the tax and subsidization scheme utilized in America is flawed. It begs for these problems to occur by its very design. We want some immigrants both temporary and permanent. How can a balance be achieved?

As usual it is easy to fix this social/economic problem but I don't have a television network to broadcast my plan twenty-four hours a day until everybody gets it and wants it. So I'm probably wasting my time here goes another try.

The flaw in our system is the income tax for Americans. Americans should be exempt from income taxes. The only tax Americans should pay is the land tax based solely on the value of the location of any land they own. Americans should be exempt from income taxes, taxes on their buildings and homes, sales tax, personal property tax. etc. Oh sure governments could still vice tax you for smoking, drinking, screwing around and gambling which might be considered the same thing anyhow.

For non American workers this would not be the case. On the one hand, any foreigner with the means to do so could arrive at a port of entry, show identification proving they were not criminals or infectious and enter the country ready for work or play. However, foreign workers should have to pay the income tax until such time as they can legally upgrade their status to permanent resident alien or citizen.

On the one hand by changing our currently flawed tax system, which has been in use for thousands of years and is based on slavery, we will remove the single greatest impediment to job creation. On the other hand, though this reform will actually cause a need for more immigrant labor to fill unfilled jobs, American citizens would still hold a competitive employment edge. We will be the permanent American citizen workers exempt from the income tax while the immigrants will still be income taxed in this manner. The IRS would become the Immigrant Revenue Service.

This is righteous as well since we Americans have built this nation with our labor. Others should not just get a free pass. They should earn their way in too. Removing the need to account for the income of 300 million Americans by replacing this Roman taxing scheme with the simple land location value tax that is not evadable, easily collected and actually beneficial to society, will cause an explosion of jobs that must be filled. Once immigrants can legally enter the U.S. to fill the jobs Americans won't do then the few who try to sneak in will be much easier to catch than the hordes surging into America everyday. The worst part currently is the income tax is at the very same time causing American jobs to surge out of the country.

You are fed nonsense currently by the leaders to explain why things are getting bad even though we are "in a recovery moving forward." Anybody with a sixth grade education should be able to understand the tax reform that I propose and easily see that it is a much better way to do things than the current plantation model based on wage slavery. The plan won't be implemented because the current leadership likes being in power over us. This economic reform will free the hands of American labor to create enormous amounts of wealth. That would lead to most Americans not being at all dependent on government or the promises of politicians to make up for the flaws in the system.

Allowing Americans to become wealthy and independent is not currently on the agenda of the leadership. However, it should be on your agenda. Wouldn't it be better if everybody was free to create wealth becoming comfortably wealthy rather than scheming all the time to steal the wealth of others with the aid of government or other gangs?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Cut Taxes - Expand War?

I hear it all the time from politicos and the wannabe politicos alike. "We need to cut spending and reduce the size of government - except for the military and security." Well...what if I was advising an obese person and said, "You must reduce your dietary intake and the percentage of body fat - except have all the bacon, cheesecake and ice cream you can pork into your face."

Of course you would see the folly of my advise. Oh sure I hear the duped, network television indoctrinated fools howling about the need to spend whatever it takes for security. Really? Should we dig a moat around America and fill it with freaking sharks with freaking laser beams? In other words, should we spend so much for security that it results in economic collapse? Framed from an individual's perspective, would you spend every dollar from your paycheck on guns, alarms, security guards and freaking laser beam sharks but forgo paying your mortgage and buying food? Right - nobody would because security is for the living and not the homeless recently starved corpses.

But some measure of security I'll admit is a wise choice and Americans have traditionally felt likewise. As any threats in the past emerged the American public always rose to the challenge. They were more enlightened in the early days of our nation regarding the dangers of any centralized government power even their own. If you wanted a mob of peasants with pitchforks in the 1800s just say something disparaging about the Constitution or one of the founding fathers. Early Americans were suspicious of all governments including their own. Today's American up until recently has worshiped government and top politicians alike.

This balance between security needs and all of the other human needs became unhinged starting around the turn of the 1900s. It began the era of the loss of freedom of the press due to the revolutions in communication technology of which the average guy didn't have a clue. But people like Hitler, Castro, Rockefeller and Rothschild quickly realized the power of these weapons. So before the people could even understand what evil could be done with these information weapons, the just mentioned evil ones and everybody right up to Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have deployed these weapons of mass distraction. How?

Well they wag the tail of the dog. They first restrict who can use the new emerging technologies like movies, radio and TV so only one opinion is heard - theirs. When radio and television started government made it seem like the radio spectrum was some finite resource that had to be shared fairly or we might run out. They took advantage of us like we were kids before we even knew what the whole thing was about. So what did that translate into?

A good example was the Gulf of Tomkin incident that never occurred. It was a dramatization produced then mass broadcast for the American public to soften them up to sending their children to Vietnam as well as a ridiculous amount of the treasury to the bankers and bomb makers who staged the production.

You can go right down the list of much of 20th Century "history" and find it is staged and produced like a commercial. Take the Kennedy assassination for example. Of course this was their most daring production since it was done on live TV. There could be no second takes. So on that Dallas morning the team of CIA snipers took their best shot at Kennedy but the traitor that made sure the hit was successful was the limo driver William Greer who spun around in his seat and fired an exploding pellet filled with shellfish toxin from an air gun. Then, even though there were many flaws in the conspiracy, the conspirators found they could scrub those flaws from the public conscientiousness using their total monopoly over radio, television and national newspapers.

These traitors have been wagging your dog's tail ever since with one goal - to scare you into parting with as much of your money as they possibly can. Whether is was blowing up the building in Oklahoma or the Twin Towers or CIA Building Number Seven, they were done from the inside. I mean that both ways. The plots were hatched from inside government by rogues in the secret police and halls of political power. But the plots themselves used bombs placed on the inside of the buildings before the dates when they would be detonated for the televised productions meant to scare the bejesus and ample tax dollars out of the stunned American public. So far it has worked but the truth is getting out forcing the traitors to change tactics from ignoring the truth to demonizing anyone who tells the truth.

The Internet has cost these traitors their monopoly over information. It has been very easy to use the Internet to slice through all the past BS as well as the freshly generated BS produced by the traitors to be used over the Internet at their hoax sites. I applied science to weed out what could not be true like buildings crashing through themselves due to fires and falling directly on their own footprint as fast as a rock drops freely to the earth. Now the traitors desperately struggle to shut down the Internet as we have come to know it before the majority discover their decades of treason. But they must do so in such a fashion that it does not alert the mob. It is a tricky matter. At the very same time the traitors are all over the old airwaves hopelessly doing their darn tooting best to convince the American public who are still duped that it is people like me who are dangerous to America.

The traitors want war? Well once the rest of the American public learns of their treason they shall have war. That war will be fought right here in America. The battle will be between an enraged American public who've become wise to the treason and several thousand sniveling, traitorous, unamerican cowards who have not managed to escaped yet. The traitors are counting heavily on the military, police and other security officials to remain on their side in this struggle. That's good! Just watch how fast their guns will turn around in their direction once the truth emerges.

I know cops and military people. My grandfather was both and my dad was a naval officer. You better hope Americans like them never learn of your treason because then they'll have your number swinging. You better believe that...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will You Be The Last To Learn The Truth?

It seems more groups of scientists and military officers are forming who disbelieve the official 9/11 conspiracy theory that unfortunately doesn't result in any more ways than one. The question is, will you be the last American to realize what actually happened on September 11, 2001?

The Alien Agenda

By now many of you have seen the reports of alien visits and heard testimony of how these UFOs have disrupted nuclear missiles. But what does it all mean? What is actually happening?

I have been pondering these questions and now I am ready to take a stab at explaining the probable answers. The aliens have been coming here for a long while. Perhaps in the distant past the aliens did have more contact with us which set up imbalances within Earth's population technologically speaking. Humans were too primitive then for such technology and even still today we are as a planetary species far too ignorant to handle the technology that has sprung from the early contacts. Certainly the aliens must feel responsible to some degree and have been monitoring us for some time. When the thermal nuclear gloves came off in the middle of the 20th century the aliens knew they had big problems with the earth and the population.

So they began making official contacts decades ago with some of the various government top officials. But these folks from other planets have already been through the stages of civilization that we are going through right now. They realized that the top people especially here in America were corrupt, evil, dangerous beings.

Fortunately, I believe the aliens knew what to do and laid a trap for the filthy traitors at the top. The aliens offered new marvelous scientific advancements to our leaders, who of course are all CIA controlled, if only they stopped doing the primitive, evil things which have been going on for too long. Naturally, the secret police scum at the top agreed wholeheartedly because they wanted to get their grubbing paws on that technology to in reality make a grab for more power and wealth. But the aliens already knew what was in the hearts of these subhuman scum that farm us all like cows. So they gave them the tools that would be their own demise - more specifically the Internet.

The aliens knew the top scum could not resist getting their hands on something like the Internet because of the ways in which the traitors envisioned they could deploy it as a disinformation weapon to further their evil agenda. The aliens also realized that the people of the earth would wrestle control of the Internet away from the information gatekeepers and turn it into an information weapon against the tyrants. This is happening more and more everyday. I believe the aliens knew that most humans are good, loving beings who have been scared into a frenzy by some insane psychopaths who have crawled and scratched their way into power over us. The vile traitors conspire and collude every moment now searching for ways to put the Internet genie back into the bottle. They could never have imagined what would be the end result of the Internet - namely that they would be overthrown by the awakening people of the earth.

I feel certain that once we have overthrown the traitors at the top then the aliens will show themselves to the people at large. Then as we show ourselves to be worthy and enlightened we will be given technology by the aliens that will truly revolutionize our culture for the better. The aliens hold the technological keys to our energy needs, pollution woes, hunger, sickness, etc. if only we will act like civilized worthy beings.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aspartame Banned

Not in the US per se. I've banned aspartame in my household. I've warned my kids and wife not to bring any of this poison into the house because I read labels. Any product that contains aspartame goes immediately into the trash. Why?

The reason is just because the federal government says something is okay does not make it is so. In fact, if the feds say something is fine then I assume it is bad until I can prove otherwise. What I've found is aspartame is the perfect designer poison. This synthesized amino acid plus a substance that turns into toxic wood alcohol after it is ingested fills the needs of the invaders who are destroying our nation.

First, aspartame effects the brain in numerous ways, the most dubious of which is to render those who consume enough of it into a dazed state of confusion. Aspartame plays a huge role in the dumbing down of Americans. Those who take aspartame are then unable to easily see that the government and their ally, the network media, spew ridiculous nonsense.

Aspartame has caused a huge surge in the number of brain cancers including my old girlfriend Lorrie who passed away this July. She was always drinking one of those diet sodas because she was worried that she would get fat.

This is another misconception about aspartame. It doesn't even help in the fight against obesity - it causes it. What researchers have discovered is aspartame actually causes people to crave more calories which complicates weight loss. They crave aspartame as well. I remember this big fat woman I worked with back in the '80's. As I was gofering to get lunch for the crew, Pam would shout that she wanted me to get her food too. Then she would order a couple triple fat bacon cheese burgers, the huge french fry and maybe some pie or cheese cake or ice cream. She would always finish with, "And get me a diet coke too." This made it appear that she was at least trying to lose weight. WOMAN!!!! Have a drink with sugar! If you want to lose weight give up the fat burgers and fries and whatnot. She generally wore a jogging suit as well but this did not reduce her weight either. It covered it better.

This is a sweet poison that should be banned and the criminals responsible for exposing Americans and others to it justly punished. How could you trust the maggots that provide this toxin even to your kids?

Can you really vote for the collectivist canine cabal again? Who are the corrupt politicians that you must not vote for in November? They are the party supported hacks like Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Lindsey Graham. The top leaders in both parties are filthy traitors and must be purged as soon as legally possible. Some may merely be dupes but they have to go as well. Lots of these new Tea Party candidates may not yet have a clue about what is really going on in America today or the level of corruption but I hope they are just good people that get to Washington and do the right thing.

The reason doing the right thing in Washington will be tough is these new leaders will be undermined by the traitors in the network media and secret police agencies. The traitors are bent on selling us out to the foreign bankers for the thirty pieces of silver. Don't vote for the Reid stooges in November and if Obama says it's good look at his recommendations like they were aspartame.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Apologies

I have to say to the world's diverse population that I am really sorry. By now most of you already know about what really happened back on September 11th. An individual really doesn't have to have a rocket scientist's education to easily see that some rogue faction within the American government was deeply involved operationally in 9/11. Evidence points to complicity by Mossad and MI5 and others as well. This disgraceful false flag attack is a tactic which has been used before and surely will be used again unless the criminals are brought to justice.

Until that day, please forgive Americans who have not yet seen the truth. That is a lot to ask I know especially in light of the atrocities which are committed every day now against so many people around the world in the name of 9/11.

But basically, Americans are good people who have been largely duped by some very cunning criminals in government and television. These scared, well-meaning people really believe nineteen Arabs pulled off this coordinated attack that defied the law of gravity and common sense.

Please help us until we can help ourselves rid this cancer on our nation and the rest of the planet as well. Forget about global warming, saving the whales, furry seals, etc. Sure if you like you can return to these matters later. But right now America needs you this time around to save us from ourselves. Until the criminals of 9/11 are brought to justice not one of you is safe either from American bombs.

Demand an international inquiry into what actually happened on 9/11.

Demand that all war criminals responsible for murder and torture because of the 9/11 lie be justly punished as in Nuremberg.

Demand that American military troops depart from foreign land and return full sovereignty to the indigenous population.

Americans really do want peace just like most people around the world. The trouble is so many have been duped into fearing other people around by these rogues within our own government. If you help Americans see the light I can assure you that they will rise up and deal with these rogues swiftly to bring them to justice. Isn't that something we'd all like to see?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Americans Are Weak Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

This most certainly is very true. The majority of Americans are flabby above and below the neck. They fill up with processed, artificial crap then believe made up, artificial crap. But don't worry because three out of four doctors say everything is fine and also if you do worry then you at the least are somewhat crazy and in need of their calming elixirs like Prozac.

Americans can't handle the truth. Knowing the truth requires effort and not just the physical effort of doing the research. To know the truth one must possess a mind sharpened by years of stressing the brain with questions of logic, philosophy, scientific analysis, etc. One must be analytical which is not merely remembering information and raw facts but also knowing why.

But the main reason the truth escapes most Americans is because of their emotional weakness. They cannot except that the truth might even be possible. Just because these Americans are over 21 does not mean they have also developed emotionally. What that breaks down to is most adult Americans base much of their decision-making on emotion rather than logic.

The reason I'm bringing up all of these rather unpleasant traits possessed by the majority of Americans is not to insult you. I just want you to know that some people in high places know about your weaknesses too even if you don't and they exploit this. They know how to manipulate your thinking to get you to do as they prefer. One very effective manipulation is to get you to tune out whenever questions about what else may have happened other than the official 9/11 explanation. They have conditioned duped Americans to feel insulted if the official story is questioned even though there are too many question to logically accept that we've heard the truth.

This is why the majority won't even view the short video below of Senator Mike Gavel stating many of the questions that he has because the truth of the matter is the 9/11 Commission findings don't make sense to him. Sadly, you are emotionally weak and know you can't deal with the possibility that your government may be lying to you, what this means and why. Mentally, you are confused by any questions about 9/11 because so much disinformation has been mass produced and force-fed to you that your brains, weaken by a lifetime of carefree thinking, can no longer reason logically. Physically you are too weak and sickened by decades of corporate poisons and sedentary lifestyles to do more than hold your hand out for more government cheese. Cheese is used to catch mice too. Is it time to cut the cheese, grow the hell up and watch the video?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Real Gold vs Paper Gold

Amigos, my niche is taking complicated concepts that real brainy guys and gals think up then I explain what these smarty pants are taking about to regular folks. I could barely understand what these brilliant people were yapping about especially at first. But I hung in there until I got their drift. Then I would write what these people actually meant in terms that almost anybody could understand.

Take gold for example or more precisely the price of gold as measured in dollars, pounds, euros, etc. First you must understand that there are two kinds of gold available to purchase - paper gold and actual gold. Basically, the difference between the two is actual gold you get to take delivery of the gold itself while paper gold is just a piece of paper that says that you own some gold.

Here's the swindle. Because the central banks the world around have been printing up so much money, especially the U.S. dollar, they needed a way to suppress the price of gold. If gold were to shoot up to $5000 dollars an ounce it would expose how weak the dollar actually is due to hyperinflation. So the banksters created paper gold. Here's the problem with paper gold. The banksters have sold way more of the paper gold then they actually have on deposit. If everybody demands their gold all at once to be delivered the banksters just don't have it. Still, people buy and sell this paper gold while the swindle remains hidden by government and network media.

To keep people from buying actual gold delivered to them, the banksters offer paper gold for as much as 30% off. But as they say, nothing from nothing is nothing. It is a gold Ponsi scheme run by the banksters, sanctioned by the government and omitted by the network media.

So for goodness sake Amigos don't own paper gold! As soon as the public at large realizes this much bigger swindle than Bernie Madoff 's then the price of actual gold will hit at least $5000 an ounce perhaps $10,000. So you'd be wise to grab up some of that $1300 actual gold if you can get your hands on it now amigos.

Man are people really going to be mad about this swindle too! The government, banksters and the networks will not be able to scapegoat their way out of this one. If this gold Ponsi swindle becomes widely known then gold will explode in price and millions of suckers including a great many national treasuries that are holding paper gold are going to get screwed. Governments will fall, politicians and banksters will head to prison and the networks will be seen for what they are - totally worthless. One is better off being uninformed than misinformed by the network media.

North Korea

North Korea will be a good study about what happens to nations under the control of an oligarchy. Kim Jong Il may be the maximum leader but he relies on a team of underlings to enforce his rule. Many of them have delusions of being the maximum leader themselves. Perhaps this time the changing of the ruling guard will be smooth and come off without a hitch. Then again North Korea may sink into civil war.

That's the problem with oligarchy rule. It is unstable. Those few fools who believe in this nonsense about a new world order don't understand this fact about totalitarianism. The new world order is totalitarianism as well and you'd better believe it.

Lets suppose the banksters get what they want. Lets say it's ten years from now and we have that lovely world government and a brand new single currency. The trouble is the top oligarchs all want to be number one. So backroom alliances are formed. One group tries to undermine the other groups. If one individual gets too powerful then often, as was the case with Caesar, he is murdered by the other top rulers. With Rome the murder of Caesar was followed by civil war as the various factions vied for the top spot.

The same thing happened with John F. Kennedy when he was murdered by the CIA in 1964. Since that day the CIA has been running the show behind the curtain. This group of CIA oligarchs is a division of the multinational bankster oligarchy. They also work with Mossad, British MI5 and other foreign spy agency in cooperation to form a world ruling oligarchy against the other oligarchies like the Iranians, Cubans, Russians, Chinese, etc. As long as our secret police and their foreign friends struggle for dominance over the other oligarchies then they will remain allied. However, if our oligarchy is ever successful and wins the battle against the other oligarchies then their alliance will fall apart soon after their victory.

Currently, the plan for our ruling oligarchy is to continue to play one group of people against other groups of people to gain control of the world. Even if they are successful, which in and of itself is doubtful, they will destroy each other at the top of the oligarchy followed by a collapse of the entire social order.

So lets see what happens with North Korea. It could be a preview of coming attractions for our ruling oligarchy. In an oligarchy the leader can change with one bullet.