Saturday, September 08, 2012

Over The Horizon Deception

From where you sit right now, what do you know about the world as far as you can see? For me that is four walls of my bedroom and all the things inside. It's the same view the caveman had in his cave except with different possessions and that grotto decor.

In addition both the caveman and modern man can imagine what might lay outside our lairs. The caveman had his experiences and those told to him by others like him in the area. That was it for the norm was, at least initially, to kill outsiders and perhaps eat them. So we come from primitive thinking that's for certain but have come a long way to reach our modern world referred to as civilization. However, today's world is anything but civil.

The main reason the world is so uncivil has much to do with that stupid ass television that most likely is sitting there in front of you right now. Whether you will admit or acknowledge this reality, the TV tells you whats going on outside over the horizon where you can't see from your vantage point. With the exception of people as old as my 92 year old mom, we were trained from birth to accept and trust TV to tell us what was going on over the horizon and explain why? A good enough amount of the televised scenes shown to you are true. Take for example the weather report and traffic reports. These events just over the horizon do provide vital useful timely information that we have come to rely on especially since our modern caves don't hold up to things like tornadoes so well.

However, the farther away the event, the more difficult it is to verify if a story on TV is true or just a story. For example, when Al Qaeda thugs armed by duped American taxpayers blow up and murder people in Syria, the entire mainstream network TV airs stories about how Assad and the Syrian government committed the atrocities. CNN scenes of dead children asserted to be victims of the Syrian government are in reality video footage of murders committed by the gang that we armed through NATO. But before we go any further you might be saying who the hell am I to claim such a thing?

Thanks for asking. Now that you inquired, let me say that I am an individual who has caught the entire gang on TV telling whoppers on many more than one occasion. Not wanting to be a fool for these electronic liars I learned to go around them using the Internet to see over the horizon. The establishment rulers, who I have discovered to be real criminals also over the Internet, are beside themselves about this development. When I was born in the fifties there were only three TV stations in the world as far as I knew - ABC, NBC and CBS. They were the networks who told the whopper about who shot JFK, RFK and MLK. To be correct it turns out they are part of the gang that was in on the murders. Today, there are millions of Americans who realize TV news is absolutely worthless crap for anything more than thirty miles or more away. Even a good many things broadcast inside the thirty mile ring are bogus and I haven't even disgussed the most effective information control weapon used by the TV networks that sadly IS working quite well today - that being the total blackout. For example, in the recent Colorado shooting where there were multiple shooters reported by witnesses actually on the scene who uploaded that knowledge on the Internet, people like me who absolutely no longer trust the TV networks could search around and get a better picture of what really happened that night. Sadly. a majority of duped Americans went right to their TV to get the blacked out prescripted version of reality that the establishment rulers want us to believe.

So thus far they gotten away with another one, as far as I can see. The establishment rulers murdered some more Americans, told us somebody else like an Oswald type of individual who was some sort of bad seed, had done it and finally that the cure for this mahem is to be disarmed and totally dependent to the criminals staging these false flag productions for TV. This next production staged to occur in the coming weeks should also be a whopper in more than one way. I will be aired to boogieman Americans into voting for Obama. It will probably work too.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Government Regulation Myth

The simple reason government regulation never works is whatever the industry the players all end up in bed with one another - often literally. The lobbiest secure the prostitutes for the regulators or sometimes the regulators  just bypass the lobbiest altogether and just surf porn rather than watch the economy like the SEC during the crisis that began in 2008.

Over and over the regulators move back and forth between being a lobbiest for a regulated industry and being employed in the industry inself. What happens is the regulatory agency soon ceases to regulate and begins to knock out the competition of industry supposedly being regulated. It happens over and over again.

p.s. I thank the Googlement for reinstating my blogging priviledges and I would like to inform you denisons of this NSA front that your only punishment for your unprincipled, unamerican behavior will be to henceforth be referred to as the GOOGLEMENT. My hope is this term will catch on like wildfire and be deployed worldwide. If so you know who to thank!

Now piss off and don't get ME pissed off again or you'll wish you hadn't.