Saturday, October 06, 2007

Evil Intentions

Your Permanant Assignment

My father in-law is here visiting from England. He's a nice man who had the usual misconceptions about Cuba, especially concerning the health care myth. But a few minutes of getting my wife's laptop working on the network and up came The simple act of looking at those horrible hospital pictures of treatment unfit for dogs was all it took to get David thinking that maybe what he had believed was cruelly wrong. Could he have been chumped? He's a smart man and lord knows he does not like to be fooled and is not done so easily. I left him by the computer on that marvelous website of George's and he clicked away looking at the pictures.

We don't have television networks and national newspapers telling the truth about Cuba. We have lots of Cubans on their knees crying over the misery of this situation and the unfairness. WELL I SAY GET OFF YOUR DAMN KNEES, QUIT CRYING AND JOIN OUT NETWORK!!! We don't need CBS any more than they could give a rat's ass about us! We have already laid the foundations of our network thanks to dedicated Cubans like George and his website. Now we just have to train the rest of you Cubans how to use the network. We don't have the luxury yet of just passively airing and printing information that the people of earth are already used to looking for. So we million Cubans and our friends have to each and every one of us do just like I did with my father in-law this morning to have the exact same effect that the networks now possess.

In fact our only problem is most of the Cubans who read these blogs are not taking advantage of the network we already have. If you each day have not:

1. Started up a conversation with a co-worker or neighbor about how sad the state of Cuban health care, hear them say "I always heard it was good" then show them website showing the truth;

2. Emailed the link to one of the blog site telling the truth to a MSM outlet to correct a story about Cuba. It won't change their editorial policy but it will wise up a columnist who usually think of themselves as compassionate. Once you know the truth you cannot have compassion for Castro.

3. Rattle some chains of commerce with your emails complete with links to the blogs that show the destruction and evil perpetrated by Castro.

4. Email one of the hundreds of Congressmen, the Senators, the President and other government officials, many of which are so busy lining their pockets, feathering their nests or getting laid - they have no time to seek the truth about Cuba. Bring it directly to them.

There are many other ways but you get the idea. We do not have millions of people coming to us for information like the networks. So we need a million Cubans bringing it to them. By doing it that way we can be even more effective than the networks. But the rest of you have to get up off your asses each day, quit crying and get busy...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Keep Tyrants Busy

It seems to me the people like Raul who want to be in change of everybody's business
should be given lots of things to worry about. What have you added to Raul's plate of worries today Cubanos? When more of you obsess over doing this he will be finished off.

Boss Hogs

Cubanos, have you ever noticed that the closer to the top of the communist ladder the pudgier the apparachik? Not only are they fatter but they are usually lazier about doing any physical exertion as well. Use this to your advantage to resist. I have stated before the effectiveness of disabling Raul's fleet of vehicles - especially those of the fat enforcers. Rather than walk to do Raul's dirty work, which could be some distance away, they might just turn around and shoot Raul. We won't hold it against them will we Cubanos?

So there are a million ways to disable a car or truck...some amazingly cunning. Raul's police should start worrying about that old tie-rod dropping off as they speed down the road. Let me give you a topic for discussion - replacement bolts for cars driven by Raul's S.O.B.'s fashioned from clay. Talk amongst yourselves...

Message From Martha Beatriz Roque

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Big Media Tax Blackout

Still don't think you are being chumped amigos? Why does not even one main stream media outlet broadcast that the IRS has lost another stinging battle trying to enforce the illegal, unconstitutional income tax? They are part of the ruling elite and in on covering up the big lie. The truth is these American media communists don't want you to know the government never bothered to write ANY law calling for Americans to pay income taxes. These defendants were charged with 161 felony counts and were not convicted. Read here what the MSM tries to cover up.

The Real Blockade

There has been a real blockade in Cuba for almost 50 years but it has nothing to do with US policy. Castro has blocked free commerce to profit personally as shown here on - a great website!

Ron Paul

I'm talking to you from my heart Cubanos. Please read this. I am voting for Ron Paul for many reasons. I will tell you about all of them in the coming months. But the main reason is I hate to be chumped! I hate it that these ruling big media elites (MSM) in alliance with big military industrialist government have chumped the majority of you as well. But I have wised up. Unfortunately, I hear so many Cubans touting their support for Guilianni or Thompson.

These are two of the main big media candidates. Big media is doing its part only showing big media promoted candidates while minimizing Ron Paul.

Now I'm warning you. The governing big media/military alliance will stop at nothing to keep you from voting for Ron Paul. I have proof. The various state legislatures around the nation are silently passing changes to the voter registration laws to move up the date when you can change your affiliation to Republican. New Hampshire and New York have moved their deadlines secretly up to October 12th to keep you citizens in those states from voting in the Republican primaries. They have only recently put it on the New Hampshire Election Board's website after a big stink was made about it. Plans are being made all across the nation to do this sneaky trick to chump you as well. So tell every person you know about this anti-democratic power grab by the media/military elite and if you are not already registered Republican do it today! Lets make it backfire on them. Or you could stay chumps...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cuba Health Care Lie Exposed

Cuban Government & The Internet

Boy oh boy the Cuban government never saw the Internet coming. It used to be that they counted on the fact that most civilized people got all their information on television. The information blockade was so easy to accomplish because they knew only so much air time was available each day for the networks to show. So Cuba never reached the radar screens of the outside world. Ten years ago tourists were being royally shafted in Cuba by the communist treatment too but the information blockade was effective at hiding these transgressions. Today injured and abused tourists can get their stories out to the rest of the world about how horrible their Cuban vacation was. Most of the world could still not give a damn about it but a very important group does care - perspective travelers to Cuba. Nowadays travelers, before heading off to pick a vacation destination, first hit the Internet and Google. They read about the horror stories that include severe illnesses contracted by food poisoning, shoddy treatment by hotel personnel, shortages of everything including toilet paper and even murder.

I am an honest man. I do not make up these revelations about Cuba - I cut and paste the words of the victims so no more travelers get hurt and even more importantly, no more Cubans are victimized by the tourist dollars which fund the Castro tyranny machine.

The information blockade has been broken! The truth now floods out of Cuba. Outsiders can no longer hide in their ignorance about Cuba and the communist junta that has run Cuba into the ground cannot hide behind the information blockade. We have broken through it. We have abused tourists who return from vacation with horror stories complete with high resolution digital photos. We have Cuban friends and family members who have ways of getting information out. They can get back into Cuba and back out again as long as they have enough bribe money for Castro. You see Castro would put his own mother or sister out on the streets turning tricks if the money was right. Our Cubans come back and relay the truth about Cuba so easily these days. Also with the cell phones, laptop, DVD's and other electronics the information blockade has ceased to exist. Finally, it is Castro himself who pays his best people 50 cents a day then gives them computers at work. These Cubans are my second largest group that read my blog. Castro has left the information back door wide open while he dicks around with Radio and TV Marti.

That is why Raul has ratcheted down the Gestapo tactics a bit and tried to put a kinder face on the regime. But I do not want to play nice now with that bloody murderer now that he pretends to act civilized! Your days are numbered Raul! Get out now with your miserable life while you can.

And if you tourists think you are going to have a swell vacation in Cuba you better Google Cuba a bit more...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Nearly lost my child due to infection"

More Cuba Honeymooners

So Busy

Sorry I have not been around Cubanos. This is also to alert you that your future will be busy as well. Time is the thing I wish I had more of. When a better paying manager's position opened up recently a co-worker asked if I would apply for the job. I said I would not because I need my time more than money. You on the other hand have plenty of time. You wish time would pass more rapidly. You would like to have more money and less time. You will all have the opportunity in the future to earn more than enough money to live and support your families. But the more money you have the less important it will become to spending quality time with your family and friends. Also, once you are legally allowed to create wealth again for yourselves you will have a boatload of things to spend time on like - a boat. I have a 19 footer and they need constant maintenance. Also, the family cars need constant attention especially as fast as my wife and children can break them. I joke with them about it. After rebuilding the power steering pump on my wife's car last week I told her, "Now don't break anymore of the cars!" In reality, the newest vehicle we have is the 1995 Ford F150 truck and that isn't running real well right now. I think it's the 2 low pressure fuel pumps that are going south on me. So that is another project I have on my plate just waiting for me.

Additionally, my father in-law is here visiting for a couple of weeks from Spain where he lives. Yes he's British like my wife but he's retired in Spain. Those types of family obligations take time. The way I look at my life, it is a four cylinder engine. My engine consists of my home life, work life, my transportation life and nowadays my health. When all four of those cylinders are firing, Tomas is a happy man. But last week I had a couple of vehicles that needed work and Tomas was not quite so happy. The house we are renting and all the land are very nice but it takes lots of upkeep - and that requires time. You have to mow the lawn and rake the leaves. You have to get the leaves out of the rain gutter. Then while you're doing all that a rabid raccoon decides to show up and chase you around your house. You trap it in the garage and call animal control. But they are busy and try to convince you that the coon is probably not rabid and just to let it go and it will wander off. To which we said it has been here all day and won't leave. I don't want my kids to get bit and why let it wander off to die where some other animals might eat the carcass and also get rabies thereby perpetuating the outbreak. I see why we have a large problem with rabies here in the states with the government on the job trying to stop the outbreak with that attitude. They finally did come by to get the little critter but I could not get into the garage where I keep my tools - all day! I had to waste time worry the kids would get rabies.

"Doth thou love life? Then waste not time. For that's the stuff life's made of."
- Benjamin Franklin

Almost fifty years is a lot of time to waste doing nothing. For me, I'd rather be busy than bored any day.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cuba Exposed

Call 9 pm Sundays nights: 646-915-9664 if you want to let the world know about the Castro boys slave island and their greedy evil ways.