Saturday, April 12, 2014

Castro And The Bundy Ranch

Yes I'm really pissed off about the BLM stealing the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. If you know me there is no hypocrisy in my anger and here's why. The Bundy family, like the Estrada-Palma family put their labor building an infrastructure necessary to have a cattle ranch. Things like fences and water systems and such. Some of you know that I'm a Georgist and favor a land location value systems to fund society which eliminates urban land hording.

However, out west on the ranges the cattle ranchers are the only people struggling to run a cattle business there. Most of us are content to live in the more populated urban areas where the greatest amount of valuable property in horded then sold later for a fortune. That's bad because every parcel of urban land that is horded is not being put into use creating wealth or storing it in a dwelling for the owner. Wealth creation is therefore block on this horded property, the taxpayer enforces this stupid economic policy and I damn sure don't like it.

Now the Bundy situation is quite different in several ways. Firstly, nobody is rushing to the Nevada range lands to create some wealth. Mr. Bundy and his family did this over a hundred years ago building the infrastructure that makes it possible for his family to create enough wealth to live and provide beef in the marketplace for us to eat. He is willing to pay the state of Nevada for the grazing rights but I part slightly from this thinking procedurally. That's because I feel the highest most powerful level of government, the local government, should collect the land location value taxes and keep most of the money to run local needs. Part of the site value tax would be sent to the state government and a portion to fund the federal government. Anything and everything resulting from labor like income would be tax free under the Georgist anti slavery model.

Instead we are witnessing the implementation of the Fidel Castro economic plan. That's where a gang of armed men ride onto your ranch, steal it and take all your cattle. If you're smart like some of my family was you shut up and dealt with it because it's too late by that point. If even smarter you got the hell out of Cuba and went to a free country like America like my immediate family did before I was born in Miami. The fool hearty Cubans though who protested the stealing of their property like the young teenaged boy who dare inquired of Che, that lovely face which adorned so many future victims of his thinking, as to why his family farm was being taken? Che immediately drew his pistol and shot the boy in the head murdering him on the spot.

You think this won't happen in American then you are a dumb ass because it's already here. Those stupid assed BLM goons aiding in the criminal seizure of the Bundy Ranch are so dumb they don't even realized their property is as good as gone too and it will be stolen from them when they are old when they need their property the most. In this, their fate is well deserved and the cancer virus' their loving bosses dose them with will go part of the way in paying these unamerican snakes back for their steroid fogged brains' bad behavior.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Feds Are Destroying Water Infrastructure Out West

The Federal government has become a criminal gang that uses the same tactics of Joseph Stalin in the Ukraine. Today's Ukraining of America has the Bureau of Land Management using classic Stalinist tactics to drive the people off of their land such as destroying the water infrastructure that the people built themselves generations ago and maintain and improve until this very day. These American commissar must be put in prison or we're as good as the Ukraine.