Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party Pilot

Will there be a connection made between the plane that crashed into the building in Texas to the Tea Party movement or the Medina campaign?

You hear the flag here before the feds announce it.

Vaporizing Concrete

Do you still believe the fairy tale about jet fuel vaporizing tons of concrete? How about the yarn about jet fuel being able to melt steel in buildings so that it runs like hot lava, according to these eye witness firemen.

What? How dare I question my government?

Well Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews and the rest of the shills for the rogues who killed 3000 of my countrymen can KISS MY ASS!!!

I am an American! It is what we do!

By the way, in the video is exactly how fast those buildings fell to the ground that day - at the speed of a gravity free fall. But the official conspiracy tale said the building crashed through themselves and did that building unzipping thing. You know, the old pancake theory where the floors above drop and unhinge the floors below, right?

But where are the pancakes? At ground zero there was zero evidence of the existence of even one floor. Look at the pictures! Any of the pictures! All you see is pulverized concrete and those giant steel support beams sliced at 45 degree angles into neat lengths that were perfect to be haul away by truck to be disposed of.

Beck and Mathews sittin' in a tree.
First comes their smear.
Employed to disparage.
Then a new world order from this convenient marriage.

These two snakes sure appear to be traitors to the republic. You would be wise to black them out of your lives.


My apologies. After watching this video more closely, it turns out Building Number 7 actually fell faster than a gravity free fall. The building fell at the speed of gravity in a vacuum. How?

The only possible explanation is explosives were used to bring down the building in an implosion. Part of the physical dynamics of a building implosion is a vacuum is created as a result of using explosives timed in the correct manner. But to make a long story short - the building dropped out of the sky to the ground even faster than a rock!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wanted Assassins

Have you seen any of these people? Dubai should be offering a reward for information leading to their capture.

Hope or Dope?

Lipstick Rick

Lipstick Rick
Even with lipstick he's still a New World Order Pig!

Mathew Beck

These bastions of the left/right paradym (Chris Mathews and Glenn Beck) are now officially using the same talking points to smear anyone who dares to question the government and any possible corruption found in the halls of power. So I merged the two of them with photoshop.

The Network Blackout

All of the television networks are under the control of the oligarchy. Even the commercials are timed in unison. The oligarchy understands that the average American doesn't realize that most mass media has been seized by these usurpers. Their most effective weapon? It is the blackout.

When the networks deploy the blackout - it never happened as far as the majority of Americans are concerned. Take the case of Inslaw, the Iranian hostages and the Reagan administration delaying their release until he was in office. You never witnessed this history on our tube but part of it is our intelligence spooks sold spy software to our friends and foes alike. However, our spooks could slip into the backdoor to steal information these governments had collected using the software. Now they are pissed off and that's how this history is being released - not on our lame networks of course. But on the networks of the nations that were screwed by our spooks and are pretty cheesed off about it. So they are squawking in this video about the sham:

Kennedy Asassination Film Doctored

The FBI seized the Zapruder film before it was released to the public. It was obviously doctored and this video shows this clearly. Why is this important? It is because the same murderous cutthroats who killed Kennedy then covered it up are still in charge of your country.

If these traitors would do this to the president what chance are you and your family going to have? America's government is corrupt to the core. It is filled with filthy traitors and cowards who know about this and other treason yet are too frightened to come forward. It is up to the American people to wake up and depose these usurpers before it is too late.

Plus, this one video of a series recorded by a former CIA agent is really a bombshell! Be blandly explains how evil the current rulers have become. Mr. Tatum tells how he got into the murder for government to forward democratic ideals. Sadly, this morphed into political hits in America to violently seize power and maintain it secretly from the people. Watch this video. It really explains everything that been going wrong with America. One note - check out the Gary Hart history. This was a Bush the elder job which used the CIA to hook Gary up with a woman then secretly photo him having what he thought was the luckiest day of his old life with that young blond Donna Rice.

History is so cool when you can look back and see what truthfully happened, which at the time remained hidden from the people to manipulate and maneuver them politically. Give this CIA man a listen and have a laugh at what political cows we have all been. Yeah - me too...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faux Alternative Leaders

The Banksters know a solid majority of Americans are totally disgusted by politicians in both main parties. We are not going for the contrived left/right fight any longer. What's an oligarchy of cutthroats to do?

The main asset the banksters still have at their disposal is the television. Unbelievably, most people take what they are fed over the tube as Gospel. So the oligarchs use this tool to first anoint a couple new media mouthpieces to be fake leaders of an emerging political movement. Naturally, the rulers are still using the old left/right paradigm that has served them so well. They install Keith Obermann on the left and Glenn Beck on the right in a desperate move to redivide the American public into a couple of manageable, malleable groups which they can set upon each other. Perhaps they will be successful.

The oligarchy is running scared and they are terrified they might lose control. So while they keep the Tea Partiers busy redividing themselves with faux issues, the invaders will use their CIA and other secret police assets to cause chaos and generate fear. Now that "false flag" is in the American lexicon the oligarchs know that another standard 9/11 type attack is risky. I am sure the next false flag attack will be against Obama by his own protectors. They will either assassinate him or do a fake assassination but either way they will set up a patsy which they will connect to the Tea Party movement, Constitutionalists, gun rights advocates, pro-life supporters, etc. The oligarchs will employ their media empire to connect the dots to smear these groups as racists connected to the assassination of America's first black president. By the way there are 2.3 million black veterans. There are more military black veterans than any other minority group. They will be set upon the targeted American people. The black troops will be propagandized into hating these Americans as racists who killed their president.

Veiled threats to Obama have been plentiful in the media. Recently, CIA spook Robert Gates even stated he flew back to Washington, DC while watching 7 Days In May - a movie about a military coup against the civilian government. So I'm hoping this blog message gets back to Obama. If assassination is in the oligarchs' plans then I'm almost certain he'd be against it. Dieing is so final you know. But Obama is in a box. The oligarchs can at any time use their media empire to out his birth place in Africa. What's a usurper to do?

The answer, Barrack, is double cross the oligarchy. Get on the tube and tell Americans what you know is true - the CIA, FBI and military rogues perpetrated 9/11. Then have Eric Holder to start issuing subpoenas for mass murder, conspiracy and treason. It will be really funny too watching Bush and Cheney trying to escape to Paraguay to George's 99 thousand acre plantation. At that point Americans could care less about your birthplace. We'd have treasonous murderers to track down, prosecute and punish. Hell, if you did this you might even get my vote in 2012 I'd be so happy justice was finally getting done. At any rate, I fear your days are numbered Barrack. I'm hoping you, the blacks in the military and the American people get this message. It may be the only way you and America can both survive.

PS Barrack if you think your Secret Service will protect you think again. That's what Kennedy thought.

Notice in this video how the top Secret Service agent waves off Kennedy's Secret Service protection just as his motorcade begins to leave. The agent told to back off spreads his arm gesturing as if saying, "What? Why are you making me leave the president unguarded." He looks disgusted by the order.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice Lady...But Bankster Duped

Ifs And Buts

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd have a great Christmas ever year. Likewise, if the Afghani people would just accept our military presents in their country everything would be right as rain.

To accomplish this love, the American military is using the same tactics employed in Vietnam to win the hearts a minds of those people. We are blowing up people and property to make the people see our way of thinking. This did not work in Indochina and I'm giving ten to one odds that it will not work in Afghanistan either.

What we have done is run the Taliban out of town and under cover. Now that we have our young duped American soldiers, who believe they are somehow standing up for freedom by killing women and children, placed all around this region they are sitting duck targets. The G.I. body bags will begin to ratchet skyward now.

Why are we in Afghanistan? It is because the vast majority of Americans are too stupid or ignorant to know the difference between three building supposedly burned to the ground by jet fuel and the truth - they were obviously destroyed by pre-placed timed high explosives.

The evidence that 9/11 was actually an attempted coup against America that was partially successful, is so overwhelming and condemning that I can safely say that Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center complex is a filthy murderer and traitor to his nation. He is not alone at the top of the heap either. Bush and Chaney and the rest of their traitorous gang are also filthy scum. Normally, calling someone such vile names is grounds for defamation except for one hitch. It has to be a lie.

So come on and take me to Court Larry you unAmerican son of a bitch! You can't do so because you ARE a goddamn murderer and I can easily prove this absolute fact in Court. So you'll never serve me with papers and I'll never stop calling you a murdering son of a bitch until I'm dead.

As for the majority of Americans who still believe the official 9/11 nonsense, you have been duped by your protectors. You reap what you sow. You will be punished greatly for your collective ignorance. The economy is just the first installment of the suffering you will experience due to your foolishness. The invaders who have already seized control of your federal government are preparing more attacks against us that they will blame on other boogie men.

But you duped Americans can't even discuss the possibility that there is corruption at the top of the federal government heap. So it is fair that you will receive what you deserve.

Yours days of reckoning are just about here. You've earned it America. Don't ask why...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The People's Pharaoh

The Pledge Of Obedience

I pledge obedience, to the banksters,
who control the United States government.
And to one world government. Controlled from abroad. Irresponsible, with poverty and free range slavery for all.