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Meeting and Greeting

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cuban Independence Day

Cuban Independence Day
Union City, NJ
May 20, 2007

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The post that follows this is an excellent example of how the Cuban government restricts then manipulates information. When the first post about the Belgian being stabbed to death was put up the Cuban agents first went for the old reliable: "It's a fake story by the 'miami-mafia' to damage Cuba's image." Then when the dead tourist's nephew confirms his uncle was murdered in Cuba, the Cuban spooks pretending to be tourists immediately switch to the "downplay-damage-control" mode. They begin pulling out statistics showing murders happen everywhere and this they believe absolves them of any responsibility. But who knows how many people are murdered in Cuba each year? The Cuban government lies about everything. I'm sure many of you tourists remember your trips were all supposed to be all inclusive but you had to buy everything right down to the toilet paper. Last year the Cuban government was telling Cubans severely ill with dengue fever, that they had "fever syndrome" and to stay in bed and take aspirin. But dengue fever can cause bleeding problems , especially with the hemorrhagic strain. So people died from aspirin complicated bleeding rather than receive competent health care treatment - all because the Cuban government wanted to keep another little secret from its own people about this life or death matter. Why? Because Fidel had promised that he personally had killed all the mosquitoes that carry the disease. Cubans died solely because Fidel didn't want to look like a pompous ass.

So you tourists go ahead and believe Cuban "statistics." I'll stick with the truth.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Belgium Tourist Stabbed to Death in Cuba

" can't serve people raw food!!!!"

" can't serve
people raw food!!!!"

This was my second time to Cuba, my last visit was a much more pleasant experience. (Cayo Coco) However, this time around in Trinidad was a what I felt the biggest waste of my money. I am a student and I saved up for this trip for the longest time. Now, I know that the food in Cuba isn't wonderful and I was fine with that, but you can't serve people raw food!!!! I was sick to my stomach day 2 of the trip, spent almost 2 days practically in my room violently ill. The website for the resort says that there is a 24 hour snack bar and bar, The bar was 24 hours but they ran out of rum and everything else except beer and brandy every night. NO JOKE! Its CUBA how do you RUN OUT OF RUM!!!! There snack bar wasn't 24 hours, so we would be starving because dinner ended at 8. So from 7:30ish -11:30 there was NOTHING TO EAT. We had to take bananas and bread back to our room from dinner which they yelled at us when we DID take food. When the snack bar finally opended, they had only fries and ham sandwiches. The sandwiches sat there all day in the hot sun in a container. I wouldnt eat those if I were you. The staff there was absolute rude and ignorant. Louis the bartender was my only saving grace, He actually made effort to talk to you and smile and not lie to you and say there wasn't any rum when there was. He was awesome. But the rest so mean, and they would yell at you, like im not kidding! We had to beg for our a Le carte dinner because everyday it was "full" thats something you will hear alot there, " its full" and " no." I give this resort no stars, no thumbs up only way down. OH and I am covered head to toe in bites. I will post pictures as soon as possible. The beach is covered in fleas and the rest of the resort is covered in crabs, the crabs got into the cieling of our room it was terrifying. The maids didnt change the sheets, horrible! There is litterally so much wrong here that it should almost be closed down, but then my sweet Louis the bartender wouldnt have a job. : ( The only positive experience I had was OFF the resort when I went on a Hike in Topa de Collantes Mountain it was beautiful, but guess what you can go to anyother resort in Trinidad and still go on that excursion! Overall, Club Ancon can forget about me ever coming back again and I will tell everyone and anyone I know NOT to go there.

The Next Plague

The next plague

Raul... the next plague approaches. God says this one will affect your family directly. I wonder what that means? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Health Care Propaganda

More Health Care Propaganda

If you can stand it go to a website called "Yes" and read the absolute lying propaganda being spewed about Cuba having health care.

If you are still interested in receiving their magazine you can fill out an application at the bottom of the page. Here is a sample of how one might fill that out:

Spain Sin Men

Spanish ladies are so pretty...don't you think?
They could break a heart with just a wink.

But the Spanish men,
want a girl who's ten.

For Cuba doesn't that stink?

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This past Sunday listen to's George interview Marta Beatriz Roque. Incredible show!

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