Saturday, October 31, 2009

The JFK Coup

Here are some undoctored autopsy photos of JFK. Please do not go here if you have a weak stomach as they are very gruesome. The reason these photos are important is the same traitorous scum that murdered JFK are still in charge behind the scenes running things today.

The official lie is Oswald shot Kennedy from behind. The scum at the top doctored many photos to prove this lie. However, the photos shown on this site clearly show the top of JFK's head blown off with at least one bullet entry wound from the front by his ear. I've seen other photos more widely released by the coup plotters that showed Kennedy's head intact. Why did they put the top of Kennedy's head back on in the official autopsy pictures?

You see amigos, the truth always gets out. Some intelligence apparatchik had possession of the real photos and was righteously outraged. That person made sure the real photos got out. We have all been naive children our entire lives. We have been manipulated so easily by these scoundrels using trickery and chicanery over their TV and radio networks, movie pictures and national newspapers. These mockingbird assets only needed to speak the same lies in unison over and over again and we fell for them over and over again like children for Santa Claus.

So the liars at the top said those darn Vietnamese shot up one of our destroyers in the Gulf of Tomkin. The trouble is now everybody knows that never really occurred. It was a total fabrication in perhaps the first "Wag the Dog" television production which never really occurred excepted in the outraged minds of the duped American public. So we lost over fifty thousand G.I.s and lets not forget about all the dead Vietnamese either.

Moving forward these deceivers embolden by all of their decades of success manipulating the American people had a problem. They knew we were headed for an economic crash due to their creation of too much fiat currency. One way to stave off the day of reckoning was to gain control of the stuff that powers most of the world - oil. If the traitors to America and their foreign co-conspirators could grab more oil then they could hide their hyper inflation of currencies for just a bit longer. Therefore, they came up with a grand scheme that would dwarf the JFK assassination coup.

The traitors filled up the twin towers with high explosives, the residue of which now has been positively confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Most Americans don't know this because the mocking bird media assets haven't aired it so it doesn't exist right? Next the coup plotters waited for a nice sunny day so everybody would be outside to witness their evil spectacle and to be certain that rain would not put out any of their military grade high explosive fireworks before they had done their damage. Have you ever seen a controlled demolition done on a rainy day?

With their World Trade Center Roman candles all ready to blow, the plotters took control of the on-board flight computers and started ramming planes into buildings. At a safe distance ensconced away in CIA Building number Seven, the demolition personnel threw the switches that brought down the towers onto their own footprint in less than 10 seconds. The reason why the tower that was hit with the second plane fell first is it was in the background view from the bunker in Building 7. If the first tower that was hit by a plane were to have been blown up first it would have obscured the vision of the bombers and that would make bringing down the second tower more difficult.

Hours later on that evil day the plotters covered their tracks and imploded CIA Building Number Seven in a classic controlled demolition in less than six seconds. Interestingly, all the ENRON records were being kept in this building.

But the television dog tail-waggers were not down yet. Next they buzzed the Arlington, VA Pentagon neighborhood with a low flying airliner. As the plane banked away steeply a missile slammed into the Pentagon and exploded. The plot was going off without a flaw.

Finally, it was the last part of the plan that failed. Had it succeeded I would probably not be alive writing these warnings to you right now, amigos. What was supposed to happen was the fourth plane was going to be remotely flown into the U.S. Capitol building which was already heavily loaded probably with incendiary bombs to make a nice little Reichstag fire for the news. Those Congressmen who were in session would have been burnt to a crisp. Conveniently, our far more corrupt Senate was not in session on the morning of 9/11. But by this time the military generals not privy to this plot acted and had the plane shot down over Pennsylvania causing a ten mile debris field.

It sure didn't turn out like the plotters had hoped and they have been in damage control ever since. Naturally they used the fear and hysteria they caused by their dastardly attack that killed 3000 Americans to pass laws that in reality turned America into a police state. But more and more police and military are discovering the truth which includes the premeditated cold blooded murder of their fellow policemen as well as firemen on 9/11. They are not going along with the plan. So the plotters needed to remove the explosives from the Capitol. No problem...just send out a little anthrax to the dome. Everybody out and the plotters go in and scrub the place of evidence of the coup.

At the end of the day the traitors to America and their foreign allies are liars who can't stop lying now. They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and went to war. They invaded Afghanistan looking for the super cave Arabs that they blamed for the murders the traitors themselves committed in a false flag attack. Now they say Iran is inches away from making a nuke and once they do they are sure to bomb main street USA. But they are trying to tell too many lies. They are like jugglers that must juggle more and more objects while making it look easy. Sure they are still juggling more lies than ever now but they sure don't look easy doing it anymore. Regular folks are beginning to notice. Plus their paymaster, the Federal Reserve, is under intense scrutiny from an angry Congress and American people. All that prevents these traitors from being swept away by the truth is their mainstream media monopoly that continue lockstep with the scum's lies. However, the Internet is kicking holes in the official lies that go back decades, perhaps much longer. We are in a race against time. The despots would like to destroy America as a single nation of individuals who govern themselves. We will be under the global elite's government and currency if they have their way. We are at the point now where everything they do here and overseas to corral the people causes more and more individuals to stampede into the camp of the movement for liberty.

I think the days of the despot are over because they can't live with the Internet and the can't live without it now. Everyday more people around the world discover the truth and not on TV either. The networks and national newspapers as we've come to know them are history if for no other reason than the economy has been shattered by the policy approved by their editors and producers all these years. Now they have no advertising revenue and are bleeding to death. Once a critical mass of individuals learn all the facts omitted by these media machines owned by the war machines then the networks will vanish overnight.

Or the forces of evil will win, turn us all into slaves in an Orwellian world governed by the scum of the earth.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Juanita Castro - CIA Spook

Here she says she started working for the CIA because her brother betrayed democratic principles. How sad? Not that she betrayed her brother. Nor that he betrayed democratic principles. I say to hell with democratic principles! That's what is sad. It is sad that so many believe democracy to be the answer to the world's troubles - or more precisely the lack of it.

Make no mistake about it. I don't want any of you voting on my time, body or money! I don't want any of you voting on sending my kids to war! I do not want any of you voting on how I spend my private time. Are we clear? I don't care if you can get 99% approval on any question regarding my individual rights. These rights were granted to me by the creator as a gift and I'll be damned if I willfully permit any of you to steal my present from God!

So those of you who would do these sins - go bugger off and vote on your own stuff!