Friday, May 23, 2014

These Politicians Won't Save You

Your current political leaders, with a few exceptions, are corrupt, compromised people. This is why they were installed into their political office. Yeah I know you voted and all but that's the end of the modern political process. Way before election day, the Intelligence State directed through NSA, FBI, CIA and other enforcement elite agencies have already gathered every aspect of personal information about all potential candidates for higher office. The Intelligence State knows about every indiscretion, all the peccadilloes and such that might embarrass or even get a politician jailed if they didn't play their cards right.

After the choices have been spied on they are put into two categories - corrupted candidates and uncorrupted candidates.  The Security State then uses their control of the old corporate whore media to promote the corrupted candidates who can then be blackmailed if they win and fail to play ball with our real hidden government of spies.

The uncorrupted candidates first and foremost are blacked out by the whore media, minimized, trivialized or demonized if they appear to have any support. But the most effective thing the whore media does is black out candidates. 

Occasionally, uncorrupted candidates become popular, meaning electable. These choices the Intelligence State will use the private information they have secretly, illegally gathered to find the weak spot of uncorrupted candidates. Usually that's a good looking woman. The shadow rulers will never stop trying to compromise these politicians should they get elected and they usually succeed in one way or another.

Finally, when none of these tactics succeed in controlling a politician the old fashion assassination is the final destination. In fact if you're a politician you have a way higher chance of dieing in an airplane crash than any other group of fliers with your flight time in the sky. Plane crashes are the Security State's favorite way to murder troublesome politicians like Senator Wellstone and Congressman Begich. Come to think of it House Majority Leader and Warren Commission Member Hale Boggs was on that plane too. It was a CIA hat trick. Of course the Shadow Rulers are not above using bullets to get the job done like with the Kennedy boys. They have a heart attack gun and...I could go on forever but you get they point.

To sum up, if you are a Senator, Congressman, Judge, etc. you know these things I've been discussing and even if you are uncorrupted and still living like Senator Rand Paul you must take this reality into consideration. One might be tempted to challenge me and say why doesn't Rand Paul come out and condemn such treason? The whore media under the complete control of the Security State government would savage the good Senator.

Wise up fellow slaves to our Security State Government Rulers. Then you will free yourselves from these chains of ignorance.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

V.A. Scandal And Total Perception Awareness

You see amigos I see what really troubles the establishment because they broadcast as much airing the answers that they hope will satisfy the public's questions before they even ask them. How?

Take the V.A. scandal for example. The NSA computers are monitoring, categorizing and compiling results from all of our electronic communications every second of every day. It's not that there is a person analyzing our every word. Rather, they are adding them up. So for example the NSA knows the tabulations of how many us us search a particular term or phrase. Therefore, when NSA spy computers record that X number of American did a search on "VA scandal" and that number goes over a certain threshold they know they have big problems. Think of perceptions out of their control as a leak in an information damn. Before the information leak can grow big enough to change the general flow of the people's perception, NSA gets out in front of the leak with information propaganda patches that block the damning information or diverts it harmlessly out of the way into the conspiracy river where it wanders off aimlessly to nowhere.

The rub for a corrupt establishment is, when the V.A. scandal is actually an enormous treason that officially neglects to death veterans rather than pony up the benefits they fought for, LITERALLY, they begin to complain. The trouble this time for the establishment, is they thought their little old veteran reduction program would continue forever unmolested. V.A. neglects the veterans, they complain up the official chain of command but that does no good as it's official policy to kill rather than care for the older veterans. Next the vets complain to the corporate whore media but all the journalacky reporters can do is bury the story or rat out any vet ring leaders to the fed's for persecution, prosecution or termination. By this point the vast majority of veteran should-have-been-patients are dead from neglect. Yes siree the federal establishment traitors thought they had this one safely contained in the info bag.

The trouble is the rats haven't really seen the big picture of what can go wrong instituting treason in the modern world. The veterans being abuse, and there are too many to count, have gone to the alternative truthful real media like Alex Jones and, Drudge Report, etc. They are telling their stories plus even more condemning is good people inside the V.A. who have sat silently in anger while their superiors have stated that "older veterans should be shot" rather than cared for, are now coming forward to complain too. The NSA computers have lit up and are smoking ready to melt down with this information bomb. So they order Obama to get out in front of the cameras and look presidential mean and angry.

But alas there are too many leaks with this scandal. Who knows how many veterans have been abused? Well...the NSA of course but that's not the point here. The veterans themselves and their friends and families that's who knows about these abuses. There are now millions of them and they are angry. NSA knows this from their spy computations and are in trouble big time. This murder by neglect policy is probably the straw that breaks wide open the public perception of the establishment. Rolling some heads is not going to work this time.

Ask yourselves this amigos. If this government would officially neglect our veterans to death, is it such a stretch to think they wouldn't murder 3000 Americans to trick us into a war we would have never fought otherwise in the first place?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Globalists Double Crossed Too

It now seems likely to me that a grand manipulation has been occurring on our planet for a very long time. Some inter-dimensional force, call it the devil or whatever, has been playing with our species for God knows what reason. I think they can't act physically in our dimension or things would be much weirder than they are now. Rather, they depend on human agents to do the dirty work.

The inter-dimensional force has given information to a few wicked individuals through the ages who are open to doing evil in exchange for power and wealth. The wicked were given the secrets of mathematics and the framework of the fiat currency system of slavery that was light years ahead of the wampum public. The wicked have been given other technological knowledge that has given these evil ones advantages over the peon masses that at the end of the day has permitted a tiny fraction of rulers to exploit a planet full of people. The vast majority of humans on this planet in this dimension don't have a clue of the great manipulation and struggle to just survive on a planet so rich that there is no other damn reason virtually all of us shouldn't be doing just fine.

But here's the thing. The evil, powerful ones who've been working with this inter-dimensional wicked force are getting screwed as well - literally. How's that? Well first of all you must think like this wicked inter-dimensional force. It is light years ahead of us and a different species as well. We are an ant colony to It, my fellow humans. If this force could it would roast us like a kid with a magnifying glass on an ant hill. So what if a few billion ants get cooked?

Ah but the evil inter-dimensional force can't do this or It would have already been done. No It depends on individuals operating in this dimension using advanced knowledge. Take for example the DNA double helix and the AMA snakes wrapping around one another that medicine men have been using for ages. It's obvious to me the evil hands doing the dirty work in this dimension were told about DNA and much of the science around it long before optics allowed humans to actually see, study and now manipulate the DNA. It's also clear the wicked hand have had their DNA altered by the inter-dimensional force to satisfy both party's needs. However, it's clear the evil inter-dimensional force never bothered to explain to their earth lackeys that it would not be a good idea to have sex with your sister or cousin and such. Sure it had given the elite information about DNA before we could even see it so the natural assumption would be to keep their gene pools all in the family. If this inter-dimensional force really gave a damn about the elite scum that still runs most of the world they'd have warned their forefathers not to have sex with one another no matter how logical it sounded much less how appealing it may have been for these nuts doing evil.

So you stupid asses who have sold yourselves out to the inter-dimensional force are getting manipulated and screwed in the end as well. How about you fess up and explain to the rest of the planet what's been going on for so long now. They may be so fascinated by your stories that they won't kill you on the spot especially once they see you've been manipulated too.

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