Saturday, July 16, 2011


I often hear, "why would the government stage a false flag attack?" Well, first you have to realize that our federal government has been hijack by foreigners and domestic traitors. Why they are doing this is for money and power. This is a big reason why the founding fathers were so concerned about power becoming centralized. It makes us easy to conquer since the attackers only have to take over the federal government and not 50 independent state governments operating in their own best interests.

These usurpers for example send a taxpayer funded $70,000 brand new diesel semi tractor trailer truck over to Iraq to protect our freedom. When it get a flat tire or needs an oil filter they don't have one so Haliburton simply burns the truck and orders another one.

How does this protect our freedom? Actually, this criminality undermines freedom. The debt debate currently is all the rage. It goes on day and night...from the left and right...they've got to fight fight fight. "MORE TAXES! NO! LESS GOVERNMENT CHEESE!" Half the people want to fire teachers, cops and firemen while slashing the salaries and benefits of the remaining ones. They want to cut off the poor and shove granny into the streets. But those at the end of a government paycheck, the poor and grandmothers across the nation feel taxes must be raised.

This is all nonsense! Both sides are wrong - as usual! People are being force fed two false choices that will actually make things much worse. Of course that's the idea when you're being sneak attacked. Even if occupying Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries militarily did somehow protect our freedom, is it wise to cut off the poor, crush the middle class government workers and shove granny into the street to pay for it? This is the stupidest policy ever in the history of the earth! Your fantasy world brought to you over the network TV has you hoodwinked if you think we have to be in the middle east fighting Islamic boogie men. Let me remind you that every one of those trucks that Haliburton burns in Iraq in one teacher's yearly salary.

So go ahead idiots and have your little sound bite fight over raising taxes or austerity. You all sound like another lite beer commercial.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Fast And Furious Excuses

If I hear one more congressman refer to Operation Fast And Furious as a "mistake" I'll scream. In fact, any congressman who claims such nonsense is a treason enabler. This AFT gun running operation was no mistake. I'm not even sure if the scoundrels are sorry they've been caught. The traitors are still not cooling their jets in a prison cell.

These snakes may very well get away with another outrage with this gun running act of war against both the American and Mexican people. After all, what's a nation of people to do when the head cops are a gang of murderous crooks? However, for this next Pyrrhic victory the traitors to America will lose the nation's rank and file police officers. Do you bloody tyrants actually believe you can be responsible for murdering 3 border cops, so far, and keep law enforcement in your hip pocket?

Either way, the people win this one. Even if Eric Holder is not dragged before one of our corrupt courts for some semblance of justice, the cops on the beat now realized they will be snuffed out when it suits the schemes of the ruling class. Once the police have joined the people, how long will the criminals in high places be pushing us around?

Police would be wise if they took a good long look at the events that happened on 9/11 and pay particular attention to what the over 1200 architects and engineers have to say about the official story. Everybody knows a bunch of cops and firemen had their lives snuffed out that day as well. Only now is it becoming apparent that the traitors responsible for that treason are the same scum who've been running guns to the Mexican drug gangs to sow even more chaos.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing Us All For Fools

This is the basic attack strategy of the foreign invaders and the domestic traitors who are taking America down at this very second. Every situation in life comes down to a choice of to be or not to be. Yes or no. I'm in favor of it or I think it should be banned.

Since none of us can be experts on everything, there is much we don't know of personally. One may never have handled a gun or been seriously in need of one, yet feel perfectly qualified to say they must be banned. Drugs not approved by the just mentioned bankster oligarchy will get an individual prison time just for possession. Interestingly, these private prisons are also owned by those very same banksters and they're paying twenty-five cents an hour. In the highly bankster strangle economy there are but so many jobs. If several million of those jobs are being performed for twenty-five cents an hour, do you believe this will help raise our wages and jobs prospects or will it lower them? All of this outright royal tyranny yet most people still have not even taken the devil drugs that they want their fellow man thrown into the dungeon for using.

Just these two social issues are a bonanza for the banksters. Initially it was just drugs and the patriotic gun lobby was on board with the program. Now that it is the gun owners who are being demonized they should take a step back and think about the big picture. "Operation Fast And Furious" is no less than a false flag attack on Americans at the other end of the guns that the ATF sold to violent criminal gangs knowing full well that they would be used to murder people including Americans. It is becoming fully clear who and what were to be blamed for these attacks - gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Look amigos - it comes down to this. People will take away your rights if they feel your liberty somehow threatens them or their property. Guns are a perfect example. Most people don't own a gun or are unaware of the move to confiscate their guns and criminalize another thing that can't be possessed. Guns will be forbidden fruit and only the government shall be allowed to possess them. Of course millions of gun owners are saying, "Are you out of you mind?" Now that the gun owner lobby is getting the demon treatment they know how drug law violators felt for committing their acts of individual liberty.

Guns and drugs are run across the border admittedly by the very government that will put us in prison just for possessing them. They count on our personal ignorance of them to divide and now to conquer us. We are being played for fools.

We must unite to defeat the banksters. The act of possessing any firearm for personal defense including fully automatic weapons should not be illegal. We have a right to life which means nothing if we can't defend it against criminals including corrupt officials. Likewise we have a right to liberty which means to do as we like with our time and body because they were loaned to us by the creator for each of us individually to decide how to use in. So even though the act of possessing a drug will cause others no harm per se, most people are fine with jailing others for simple possession. When a reefer is let up no others are harmed by this act of individual liberty but it could lead to years in prison. Wacovia Bank was just caught moving billions in illegal drugs but were only fined less than one percent of the profits on those drugs.

All of this nonsense goes on yet real crime goes unpunished and the bankster controlled Wall Street/London government likes it that way. It is easier to herd terrified, ignorant sheep with no principles than to do so with free men and women. Free men and women have a simple yet firm code of behavior that has served us well for hundreds of years. As long as your private actions do not cross the line and affect the liberty of others then you should be left alone by the government. No one including and especially the government or the banksters should be allowed to act out violently or fraudulently against other individuals. If violence is called for it is only to be used to protect people and their property from harm. That requires actual damage not perceived damage that might happen maybe in the future. A society of free men and women need not fear the liberty of other free men and women. We'd be armed and better protected from criminals operating independently as well as those organized such as in the mafia and the government. With the courts no longer jammed with nonsense trials over illegal vegetables, chemicals and increasingly gun owner cases, the judicial branch would be well equipped to handle real cases where Americans are actually damaged by others.

Things have never in the history of the universe harmed others. Others have used things to harm people or we have harmed ourselves with things. If people believe banning the things that could be use to harm them or themselves then they will remain fools easily enslaved. There are just too damn many things. Violent or fraudulent behavior is quite another thing. Free men and women would concentrate on that while defending the rights of others to do things that they would not necessarily choose to do themselves.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mexico Demands U.S. Answer Gun Running Questions

Mexico requests report on arms trafficking, Washington is unresponsive Foreign office had already sought data on shipment of 2,000 weapons with ATF knowledge

[Translation of an article from La Jornada of Mexico City for March 6. See original here.]

By Gustavo Castillo García

The Foreign Office has declared that it has already asked for “detailed informtion from the United States government” on Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed criminal groups to introduce 2,000 weapons into Mexican territory with the knowledge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Meanwhile, officials in the national security cabinet have indicated that only after receiving a formal request from the Untied States government will Mexican intelligence units collaborate in the search for supposed members of the network of traffickers under surveillance by ATF in its Fast and Furious plan.

At press time, officials of the Subprocuraduría de Investigación Especializada en Delincuencia Organizada (SIEDO – Organized Crime Investigation Unit of the Justice Department) indicated that no Mexican authority has begun an investigation into this matter.

The Mexican Foreign Office stated in a press release that it has proceded to “request detailed information from United States authorities in this matter” and indicated that “the government of Mexico will continue with special interest the investigations announced by both the ATF and the Justice Department [of the United States].”

According to the Mexican agency, “the objective of the Mexican and United States governments is to stop arms trafficking on the basis of the principle of shared responsibility and both are working to strengthen bilateral cooperation in this matter. This priority was ratified by the presidents of Mexico and the United States in Washington last March 3.”

This case is related to revelations made in the past few days by ATF agent John Dodson, who declared that his superiors ordered him to allow the passage of assault rifles and other weapons, which ended up in the hands of Mexican criminals.

Dodson told CBS News that in 2010, during his tenure in the ATF office in Phoenix, his superiors ordered him to permit the illegal passage of weapons from the United States to Mexico, since they were supposedly carrying out Operation Fast and Furious and a decoy sale had been finalized in which members of Mexican criminal groups involved in arms trafficking would be found.

The operation was kept secret from Mexican authorities and to date they have not been informed of the results nor has the Felipe Calderón administration been notified that some 2,000 weapons had been transferred.

In the face of his bosses’ refusal to acknowledge what had happened, the ATF agent declared, “We have been doing this every day as long as I’ve been here. Here I am. Tell me that I did not do the things I did. Tell me that you did not order me to do the things I did. Tell me it did not happen,” he declared in a television interview on CBS News.

The newscast mentioned that documents show the weapons transferred turned up later in connection with crimes committed in Mexico. “And while ATF stood by and observed how thousands of illegal arms were reaching the streets, the supervisor of Fast and Furious took note of the escalation of violence in Mexico.”

Eric Holder - Gun Runner

Apparently Eric Holder is directly in the cross hairs of "Operation Fast and Furious" that shipped guns to the Mexican drug gangs to cause chaos south of the border. What will become of Eric?

He claims he knew nothing about the ATF gun running operation but his emails show he is a liar. Now that agency is trying to say it was all a big mistake but their hearts were in the right place. But why would Eric claim ignorance if it was a mistake? The traitors may expect Eric to fall on his sword for team but there is a problem with that notion.

You see amigos on the one hand Eric is a sniveling coward who will not go down easy for this one. He was intimately involved in the burning to death of those women and children in Waco and of course he was one of the masterminds in the Oklahoma bombing and cover-up that was blamed solely on just one of his co-conspirators Timothy McVeigh. So a weakling such as Eric is sure to already be warning the others in the gang that if he goes down then he'll bring everybody down with him for these crimes.

Therefore, do not be surprised to see Eric another victim of suicide by proxy.

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