Thursday, November 05, 2009

Real Taxation Without Representation

Our forefathers fought a revolution, among many other reasons, but to end taxation without representation. We won but in reality the same conditions exist for my grandchildren with respect to this representational thing. Oh I must tell you that they are not born yet so they are at this very second no closer than 19 years away from voting. Even so the crooks running this money temple at the Federal Reserve Board have conspired with the U.S. Federal politicians to place these still unborn children into trillions of dollars of debt.

Why? Perhaps the neocon traitors will dive for their standard excuse bag of tricky scary reasons and claim they were saving the unborn from Islamic fascists. The reality is no outside force wants to kill all of us. Whether it was the Romans, the Germans, the British - they wanted to enslave us to use our individual labor output and our natural resources for their purposes. HELL! Isn't that exactly what is happening to us all right this very second? Our own federal government, which was given very limited powers under the U.S. Constitution, has gain the power to tax our labor output and take as much as a third or more for their purposes. They order us around everyday more like cattle and less like our employees.

Maryland where I live must balance it's books and not run deficits under the Maryland Declaration Of Rights. So I suppose I should be happy that on the state level at least this free range slave has some Maryland State Delegation slave representation. So Maryland is not forcing my offspring to pay for stuff we're using today. Not the federal government however. All those American patriots died for liberty and look what their government has become? Mind you...I'm not speaking of the current military mercenaries being sent all over the world so the banksters and international corporations can steal resources at a price the inhabitants would die for. I'm talking about George Washington and the others. The real patriots who understood what liberty and independence meant who were willing to die so their children would live freely.

Sadly, most Americans today have been poisoned by TV and God knows what else into forgetting these truths that used to be self-evident. "That all men are created equal." Now the way Tomas sees it that means no man has the right to tell Tomas what to do with my time, body or money. But this is precisely the condition in which we all live in today's modern America. Go outside your home and be subjected to unspeakable intrusions and probing by government officials who never let you probe them. If we are all equal then why can't we probe these princely government officials right back? Stay in your house and at any moment a gang of heavily armed government officials could come storming into your home and ransack the place and possibly kill or wound you or your loved ones. Are we then allowed to charge into the homes of the swat team to do likewise? Hell no! We are not equal! Get use to it!

Neither will our grandchildren be equal. They will be slaves thanks to us. Oh yes I blame myself too for this nightmare. I could have tried harder to spread the message of liberty for the past 40 years of my adult life. How can we correct this mess?

We can right the ship immediately but we must act as one. Yes we should revolt but get this idea of violence out of your heads. That is what the invaders want us to do especially against one another since we are so poor. Remember, the entire slave operation of the invaders depends on the use of dollars. So the fewer dollars we process to live the less power and control they have. What that translates into amigos is self-reliance and independence from the invaders just like back in 1776. Our forefathers grew their own food and provided their own drink. The British didn't bother giving them milk and government cheese in those days preferring to just kick your door in and take what they needed. Barter as much as you can and you pay no tax on these human labor/product exchanges. Every time you fix your car or patch your own roof you rob the beast of tax revenue. Today, there is still so much over capacity and stock due to the mal-investments cause by the price bubble heads at the Fed that you can get virtually anything that you need over the Internet cheap and untaxed. If you go to a retail store you are getting raked over the coals as well as feeding the beast tax dollars.

Naturally, this lifestyle which I have lived my entire life can be austere especially in the beginning. But quit your crying. I'm not asking that you winter in Valley Forge without shoes or a proper coat. I'm asking you to grow your own food and be more self reliant. Of course this tact, if adopted by a sizable enough portion of the population, will put the kibosh on business. However the invaders are killing private business slowly for their purposes. So lets get it over with now to strangle these leeches on private business so that one day in the future we might have private business once again operating in a free market.

At the end of the day, the Federal Reserve note is illegal money not authorized by the Constitution. Criminal enterprises are not defensible in a U.S. Court of Law. Therefore, be it resolved fellow free range slave Americans, that every contract that requires these illegal counterfeit dollars to be paid back through our labor and that of our future offspring is null and void. So for example, no one would owe anything for their mortgages to the Fed. All anyone should owe would be any reserve capital to their lending institution which they put up to secure that fiat money from the central bankers. The Federal Reserve note would be abolished, all assets owned by these sneaky, traitorous central bankers would be seized and liquidated to pay off their debts and we would immediately return to gold and silver based real dollars.

This plan can be implemented overnight. The local banks and lending institutions simply stop repaying any money to the Fed. American mortgage holders and debtors to these banks then would be expected to only repay the banks the reserve portion or about ten percent of the old debt. So the average $1500 per month mortgage payable in price bubble fiat Federal Reserve currency becomes a $150 per month mortgage payable directly to the creditors in real money made of gold, silver or some other agreeable commodity.

To do this great revolutionary act will require Americans to replace every Congressman next year except Ron Paul and perhaps a few he might be able to work with. The big traitorous network media will do their best to defeat this revolution but Americans should know by now these vipers are not acting in our best interest. By election day next year I believe the economy will be in such bad shape that this strategy to regain our liberty and to retake ownership of our country will seem like a great idea. No body wants to live in the streets and everybody like to eat.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Preparing For Hurricanes?

Look who's going to Cuba to discuss hurricane preparation. Ray Nagin chatting with the Castro boys concerning hurricane preparation is like Ted Bundy brain storming with the Hillside Strangler about women's rights...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Earth Landlords

The owners of the earth, you know...the ones who get to decide our future for us, are not having a good time of it lately. They, and their traitorous scum allies in the halls of power in America thought they could get away with first ruining our economy with tidal waves of counterfeit dollars then foisting a new world United Nations government and currency on us. However, if these elitists are so smart why didn't they see all the trouble the Internet was going to cause them about this truth problem they are having with the masses. The people no longer trust government, network media and the more they hear about these guys the more Americans want to light torches and grab their pitchforks. This is what the Internet brings you and there is nothing these snakes can do about it.