Friday, February 13, 2009

Judd Gregg

Estrada-Palma Economic Rescue Plan

To right our economy would be easy if not for the magnitude of ignorance in America. So I will try to write simply. The root cause of our problem is illegal money. To fix the problem we must return to real money based on gold and silver. But first we must correct the books of our banking sector. The head of the criminal organization that has ruined our economy, the Federal Reserve Board, has for years given away what was not theirs - your labor in the form of inflated fiat dollars created right out of thin air. This fractional marginal banking scheme permits lending institutions to borrow from the Federal Reserve but only pony up a fraction of the loan amount as collateral. However, what the board gives the lending institutions is illegal - paper money based on nothing but the trust that is now gone.

Therefore, legally the lending institutions do not have to pay back the Federal Reserve the money owed to this illegal central bank because the currency is illegal. This means the borrowers like homeowners need not pay back the crooks either. All we need to pay back is the factional amount ponied up by our lending institutions. That's about ten percent of our mortgages. The large amount of money we will have left over in our family budgets we might most likely save in those very local banks that are free of all debts to the Fed.

Finally, the treasury should immediately begin issuing gold and silver backed currency as called for under the U.S. Constitution. A set value of fiat Federal Reserve notes to legal dollars would be established and people would then trade in the old money. This would stabilize the economy immediately and set the foundation for solid real economic growth. Sadly, I read an asinine assertion that ending the gold standard was one of the things that ended the Great Depression. Well what is this genius blaming this go around now than gold has been banned as currency for many decades. What ended the Great Depression was 12 years of misery until the fiat economy repriced itself. The price of your ignorance concerning these simple economic truths will probably be more than a dozen years of equally miserable times. In addition, whether you admit it or not, you ARE all free range slaves. As such you may be culled if you present too high a burden on your masters. Our only hope is if you wise up and spread the word. Spread the word.

Free Range Slave Revolt Brewing...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dumb And Dumber

That's the majority of our congressmen. They don't have a clue about economics. They are attempting to micromanage our money for us. And you wonder why our nation is in peril?

Here is a simple explanation of what the crux of the problem IS. First, the Federal Reserve created fiat dollars right out of thin air and lent them out causing price bubbles for things like housing and stocks. Once prices got too high for the average worker to afford they began to default. Soon a glut of homes began to develop. Banks at that point began to stop lending thereby beginning the deflation of dollars in the economy. With far fewer dollars in the economy everything just about began to fall in price to reflex this drop in the money supply. Today, millions of home mortgage holders are refusing to pay their mortgages because the amount reflects the old higher inflated value of their home. So we today are in a sort of banker/mortgage borrower Mexican standoff. The banks want to be paid the higher inflated price for their holdings which they refer to as "toxic assets." That's an oxymoron. In reality they must be called "toxic liabilities" until borrowers start to repay the loans. But the homeowners only want to pay the current actual value for their homes and many until this is the case will simply not pay their mortgages. With millions not paying their mortgages the banks refuse to lend out any more money. That causes the money supply to keep declining and the above scenario keeps spiraling downward.

Obama will try to lock in the banksters' profit at the higher inflated price by lowering homeowners' mortgages to reflect their current value. However, the homeowners will not get a penny of profit from the future sale of the house until the house sells for more than the original inflated price. People in effect get to pay for the roofs and other maintenance for their rentals. Americans will never go for this scam and will just keep not paying for their mortgages until driven out by foreclosure. But the banks don't want any more vacant housing than the millions that they are already saddled with.

Congress is desperately trying to prevent this inevitable outcome by not just letting prices fall to where they should be. In doing so to protect their patrons in banking as well as the fairy tale inflated flow of tax revenue for their personal pork preferences they only delay the inevitable. They only drag out the misery for the weakest among us to feather the nests of the fat cats. That is why they are dumb and dumber amigos and if you continue to listen to them do you know what that makes you? Spread the word amigos. The free range slave revolt is brewing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Liar Class

The Liar Class - the federal political leaders that swore an oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution - are the root cause of our wrecked economy. After all, the Constitution is explicit in demanding only gold and silver based money yet these national traitors have sold out our labor to the international banksters.

Do you know what these vipers have in store for you next? Well if you read this blog you know by now that the economy is in a deflation because banks won't lend money to re-expand the supply of money. However, this has reduced the number of dollars necessary to buy many things including Real Estate. Hence, bankers don't want to be left holding the bag for these newly priced former assets. So they will get Obama to reduce the amount of distressed property owners' homes to what they are valued at with the current supply of dollars in the economy. But home owners will get not one penny of profit from the sale of the house until that reduction has been made up. A $400k home reduced to a $200k home, which is its real value today, will not reap that home owner any equity until the value of the house increases to over $400k once again. That could take 50 years or more - maybe never.

So in reality these home owners will be renters who get to pay for the upkeep of their rental units. Of course so many Americans are really dumb. But I don't think even the dumbest among them will fall for this swindle by the liar class.

American Ignorance Deep And Wide

Here is the before and after picture of the fire in the Chinese steel frame building. Sadly, most Americans still will not recognize this as absolute proof that CIA building number 7 was actually imploded with high explosives on 9/11 to destroy evidence of this failed neocon coup.

Naturally, it is this same ignorance that make it so easy to swindle Americans with Federal Reserve notes. Americans are dumb enough to believe a little fire in building number 7 caused that steel frame building to fall exactly on its own footprint in 7 seconds but the Chinese hotel burns all day consuming every floor yet it remains standing and no doubt will be refurbished and put back into use in the future. Therefore Americans for the most part have strange ideas about why the economy is wrecked. The big media follows the same strategy of omission. In other words, as long as the big media liars and obstructors simply don't admit that it was the neocon Bush administration who were the real murderers on 9/11 or that the fiat dollars are the real root cause of our deflating economy just like back in the last Great Depression - then these things never happened right?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese Build Better Buildings

Ever since the Bush administration lowered the melting point of steel the skyscrapers built with those steel beams are apt to melt anytime they catch fire in America. Fortunately, the Chinese have figured out a way to build the towers so that even when the entire building goes up in flames the steel does not melt and the structure remains standing. CIA building number 7 went down in 7 seconds. Therefore, for safety sake alone, shouldn't it be the law that only the Chinese can build steel frame skyscrapers in America? Read what Prison Planet has to say on the matter...especially you know-it-all skeptics.

From Prison Planet:

A fierce fire consumed all 44 floors of a skyscraper in Beijing today, shooting 30 foot flames into the air, but unlike the similarly-sized 47-story WTC 7, which suffered limited fires across just eight floors, the building in China did not collapse.

“The fire was burning from the ground floor to the top floor of the large building, the flames reflecting in the glass facade of the main CCTV tower next to the hotel and cultural center,” reports the New York Times.

Beware Of The Price Bubbles

Adam Smith wrote about the invisible hand of the economy and the way it automatically adjusts prices to reflect reality. It does not matter what the rulers do in the long run. Prices will eventually come to reflect reality. Still the chutzpa crowd in Congress believes they can centrally plan the economy and dictate prices.

Where are the next price bubbles? Well I already see them in replacement auto parts. Sure Americans have stopped buying new cars but we still drive. The rest of America is now doing what I have been doing for decades - fixing their old cars. So this has caused a spike in the cost of those parts because of this demand surge. My son's rebuilt alternator cost over $100 where I only recently could buy one for about sixty bucks. Booze is soaring in price as well. People have to do something with all the free time on their hands now accompanied with the depression. So they get drunk. Then many make bad decisions as well unfortunately.

Here is what will rise in price in the future - building materials. That's because Obama's "stimulus plan" will artificially cause a surge in demand for wood, glass, asphalt , steel, concrete, electric wire, replacement windows, etc. We will not produce more of these materials so the price has to explode as a result. It's supply and demand pure and simple but it is distorted by the illegal fiat money.

Now Congress will avoid bringing up this unpleasantness but I thought you should know. So when these prices soar in the coming months most Americans will remain dumb as rocks and figure it's just the way things are. You, on the other hand, I'm hoping will say, "Wait a minute here! Tomas said this was going to happen." Then perhaps you'll spend more time listening to me and start ignoring the liars on the hill. Incidentally, I'm getting tremendous flack from many sectors for telling the truth. I'm not sure how much longer I will be permitted to speak openly. Apparently the current ruling class is not tolerant of those who use free speech to tell the truth about the new fatherland. At some point I will come to the conclusion that things have gone too far and I will have to clam up, go into complete survival mode and concentrate on protecting my family. Then you are on you own amigos! The time approaches fast...