Saturday, July 24, 2010

Senator Harry Reid's Green

Evidence Of Official Pillaging

Evidently, according to this website article, the U.S. Treasury has been cooking the books and selling more bonds than the debt would account for. Mathematically speaking, X amount of bonds sold is greater than the Y quantity of claimed debt. Why? What's being done with the billions we tax payers have to pay back that is not officially on the books.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NSA's Perfect Citizen & Cyber Attack

First let me say that the Chinese or Russians or the Martians cannot shut down our infrastructure via the Internet. That's utter nonsense!

Second this NSA proposal code named "Perfect Citizen" to allow them to monitor private Internet activity is a red herring. The NSA, FBI, CIA and all the alphabet spooks are already spying on whomever they please whenever they choose. They are tricking us and not for our own good. They are just looking for our sheeply acceptance of their snooping on us.

Finally, the real reason behind the network babble alert about cyber scarerism perpetrated by foreign scarerists is these very same spy bureaucrats have committed vile crimes too numerous to imagine. These traitors have hidden behind the network television curtain thinking they have gotten away with their high crimes and treason. Unfortunately for them the Internet came along and it is blowing up in their face with the truth. They can't allow that so the traitors create another boogie man in the form of cyber terrorists. Then they will blow up some nuclear plant and say the cyber terrorists did it. Our intel-terrorists paid by our tax dollars can kill two birds with one stone and do the meltdown in a high unemployment region knocking off the angry Americans without jobs too.

I've done the research. Criminal activity has been perpetrated by members of our federal hierarchy and that is too easy to prove and getting out fast over the Internet. This is the actual cyber threat but not for the American public per se. Once enough Americans do the math and put a bit of time in doing their own research about the treason then the criminals in the government will be routed out, prosecuted and justly punished.

So the intelligence spies who's salaries we pay for will try to shut down the Internet as we have come to know it before we all figure out what has really been going on around here. Obama's already got a kill switch and blogs and websites have already been quietly yanked.

Well good luck traitors! If you make one false move and alert the American public to what you have really been doing with yourselves over the past number of decades they will rise up and eliminate you. Make your next move carefully. The wrong one will be your last.

The Cuban Genocide

Here is genocide 90 miles from our shores. People think this sort of thing only happened with Nazi Germany. People believe Cubans have world class medicine. People think Cuba doesn't discriminate against black Cubans. What it comes down to is people still believe government will be their loving parent. Americans should not feel smug nor superior by the plight of Cubans. We're next. People, like so many of the American public, don't realize this picture above will be the final destination and reward for blindly trusting the government and their network media mouthpieces.

BP's Tony Hayward

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Stimulus?

Many Americans wonder why the government can't just give out some more stimulus money but this go around make the payees the American people instead of elite bankers and other benefactors of crony capitalism. Here is why it's a bad idea. When George Bush sent those first stimulus checks out to us all before leaving office the prices of everyday commodities soared. Gasoline shot up to five dollars a gallon, food prices rose dramatically and services Americans are forced to buy like electric and insurance exploded.

Commodities like gasoline declined in price as the stimulus money ran out as did food somewhat. However, the monopoly crony capitalists haven't bothered reducing their rates yet for insurance, electric and whatnot. All of this is exactly why an income tax is such nonsense in the first place. Why should these central planning red assed bureaucrats be able to decide how much of our own labor we can have back so the economy will start chugging along again?

Just by playing this game the government is admitting that the income tax is destroying the economy. So they desperately search for ways to rejigger the system to start up the wealth creation machine again but at the same time the elites still want the loot collected from their free range slave operation. What to do? What to do?

I've been telling you the answer since the 1990's. The trouble with an income tax scheme is it's too complex and open to the social engineers and their meddling ways. Time only makes this fact worse. Add to these woes the reality that the powerful can shield their wealth from the income taxman but the middle class and poor are stuck paying the bill. The entire mess will collapse very soon.

The global elites therefore plan to take their income Ponzi scheme one step further with new global electronic money. Americans will not be paid in dollars. We will be issued credits in our account. The reason for this is to cut out the expense of having multiple currencies that are already secretly owned by the same international banking elites anyways. Plus they will no longer have the printing and minting costs and the bankers can create as much of the electric international company store script as they like.

But all this foolishness simply permits the owner class of the very few to exploit the many of their own labor output without them being aware of the swindle. If we eliminated the income tax totally then replace it with a land location value tax then the dynamics of the economy will change drastically for the better. Lets face facts. The richer you are the more land you own and it usually has the best locations. The poorer you are the less likely you are to own any land.

Let me remind everyone that wealth is the land mixed with human labor. Land is also necessary to store the fruits of one's labor and to have a place where one can reside. Currently, trillions of dollars of urban land sits unused because of tax laws. With respect to Real Estate the bulk of the tax is placed on the improvements to the land like a house or barn and not on the value of the land itself. This backwards economic policy permits the elites to hold urban property vacant for decades while the location value soars. But because the tax is mainly on the building value, these speculators pay little tax on their slum properties while the owner right next door with a fine building pays an enormous tax. It pays for the speculator/slum lord to not fix up their urban properties. But each unused parcel is land that cannot be used to produce wealth or to store wealth. These properties have been reduced to devices to rob the wealth of the middle and lower classes while not actually producing any wealth themselves.

With the bulk of the taxation now on labor output, residential housing and business buildings the poor and middle classes are stuck because they cannot move away from taxation. The elites on the other hand can freely move their wealth around the world to the lowest tax locations as well as own under used, low taxed urban land right here in America for future speculation profit.

All this thievery comes to a screeching halt once most taxes are eliminated and replaced with the land location tax. Those choice locations owned by the multinational corporations like BP in the city centers would be the highest taxed locations. However, the farther out from the city centers the lower the location tax until the tax drops to zero out in the farm regions. Multinational corporations would finally have to pay their fair share instead of moving it to lower taxed nations.

The middle class will pay about what they pay now in income tax for their location value tax. However, Americans can thereafter earn as much income as they want and never again pay income tax or keep records for the IRS. With no sales tax businesses will be relieved of this burden and cost resulting in more sales. Millions of construction jobs will be created fixing up unused or under used urban land because it will no longer make tax sense to have a slum property. The tax will be the same no matter what is built on the parcel of land or what condition it is in.

To sum up the government at the behest of the multinational elites uses a myriad of taxes on labor, sales, production, housing, etc. Taxation always reduces whatever is being taxed. So taxes on labor reduces jobs and incentive to work. Taxes on sales reduces sales. However, taxation of land location reduces urban land hording for speculative profiteering. Which would you rather have? Less income, housing and jobs or less urban land hording for speculative profit of the multinational elites?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Washington Post's Attack Article

Why the sudden hit piece on the intelligence bureaucrats? The CIA is at it again I suspect. What has the agency done for you lately? What have they ever accomplished to make you safer? They didn't see the fall of the Soviet Union, the Berlin wall and remember 9/11 happened on their watch followed by a series of additional attempted attacks that regular Americans had to foiled.

The reason the agency and the FBI as well have been so miserable at apprehending terrorists is that job is not their primary function. Everything that these two spy agencies do is geared to keep tabs on us so we can be manipulated and controlled. For the past half century it has been just these two powerful bureaucracies turf battling each other for revenue and dominance. They thought 9/11 would be great for business so 9/11 happened. However, the geniuses at the top, nor anyone for that matter, has the ability to predict outcomes of such a dastardly, violent attack on a society.

Enter the Department of Homeland Security created by a hysterical Congress. This new bureaucracy is stepping on the revenue toes of the old spook bureaucracies. This is occurring precisely at a time when tax revenue is not flooding in and choices have to be made. Suddenly the Washington Post publishes an expose about the almost one million people employed in the intelligence industry and how they are not making Americans any safer. The article does go into great detail about how these bureaucrats are helping to make us substantially poorer.

Considering that the Washington Post has been a CIA asset for decades, probably since daddy Graham committed "suicide" in 1963 by a shotgun blast to the head, it poses some questions. He had been in Chestnut Lodge psychiatric hospital in Maryland just before this time. The CIA was doing lots of experiments with large doses of LSD on unsuspecting victims back in those days. So I suspect foul play with regards to the Graham suicide. This is why I do not condemn the Graham family personally for the CIA propaganda spewing from the pages of the Post. The family may have a gun to their heads as well and have little choice in the matter.

Why then would a CIA asset under project mockingbird like the Washington Post run a story about the intelligence bureaucracies running amok? My guess is this is a turf struggle for the incredibly shrinking revenue available for the foreseeable future thanks to the wrecked economy. All the Department of Homeland Security has done is piss off the American people not protect them. Add to this the fact that they are not much good spying on the American public for the old agencies and they are ripe for a purge. Homeland Security keeps putting out secret reports asserting that large portions of the American public are the terrorists and does not even mention Al-Qaeda. I see a purge attempt by the old agencies using their total control of the networks.

The million intelligence workers may not go away without a fight. They have the 9/11 ace in the hole. The CIA, FBI and NSA were the ones who stood by while 3000 Americans were murdered - not Homeland Security. Since it was obvious the Twin Towers and Building Number Seven were imploded by bombs placed there prior to 9/11, these agencies have some explaining to do. Sadly, Homeland Security has zero network or newspaper assets with which to plead their case in the court of public opinion. Instead, agency assets like the television networks and newspapers such as the Washington Post will attack all the intelligence newcomers as wasteful and bungling.

What should the million intelligence workers do to save their jobs? I suggest you join the movement to tell the truth about the guys who are trying to get you fired who were deeply involved in the 9/11 attack.

Monday, July 19, 2010

In Defense Of Art

I have a bone to pick with those who claim Tea Partiers are racist. These smear mongers use the above art as their prime example. They claim the poster is racist but never explain how so. Racist to whom? Is it racist in the mind of the creator of this art? Perhaps? Perhaps not? Does this art provoke discussions and thinking about Obama and the meaning of socialism? Oh yes - BIG TIME!

The poster is from a Batman movie villain known as the Joker with the same smile make-up. Was the movie plugging racism? No that's nonsense. If anything the villain was all deception and violence. Has Obama employed deception and violence? Most certainly on numerous occasions but I drone on.

My main point, from an artist's perspective, is art does not have a meaning set in stone - unless it's a sculpture of course. Art is always interpreted individually but usually misinterpreted by the group with a bit of help from those with agendas. Throughout the history of mankind artistic depictions have been forbidden. Many were murdered for their art. First the taboo art is labeled. The art is claimed to show racism, blasphemy or pedophilia perhaps. The artist is dragged before the inquisitor to explain himself and the people forbidden to see, reproduce or transfer the art and with this ban the ideas that would have been discussed. Even the art showing Obama with a bone in his nose I would not ban or restrict. Why? Because I believe it is in bad taste and depicts a colonial racist mentality that needs to be discussed. That's what people are suppose to do with art - talk amongst themselves about the subject.

Art is best discussed above ground out in the open rather than driven underground where the roots of hatred also lie in the darkness. And what did I think about this poster above? I thought it was a clever piece that correctly labeled Obama a socialist and that he was using trickery and deception. I had no racial thoughts about the art as was the case with the Bush version of the Joker poster. Deception and trickery are tactics employed by the powerful regardless of racial background.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Art Blog

Have you seen my art blog? I freehand draw these people on my MAC laptop. If you know anyone who needs somebody drawn have them contact Tomas. Unlike a photo, I can draw people nicer or uglier.

Behave Yourselves

Most fully grown people need to act like adults. So let me say keep your hands to yourselves. Calling each other names is not nice. Derogatory name calling should be reserved for the oligarchy who are the ones always stirring up trouble between us. The latest example is their lame efforts to race bait Americans into more violence against one another. The immigration problems play right into this mess as well.

Things won't improve I'm afraid until Americans grow the hell up. That growth includes stopping this nonsense of thinking of the government as your mommies and daddies who have the legal right to tell adults what to do in private. The fact is the government has rushed to fill this parenting role demanded of them by childish, irresponsible, should-be-grown-up people. Sadly, these are abusive parents exploiting their knave children, many of whom actually seek the government's love and approval. They worship these red-assed bureaucrats who hold dominion over our private lives and bodily functions.

Today we are treated like children. Tomorrow our treatments will be more like cows and poultry. Instead, I suggest that people grow up and mind their own affairs. If you demand that the government interfere in the private lives of others then you should expect the same bad parenting for yourselves. A government given the right to care for the people is at the same time granted the power to abuse them as well. Children cannot understand this grown up fact however.