Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Original Immigrant Surge - Cuban Exiles

Cubans were part of a scheme, unknowingly, very similar to today's immigration crisis. Back in the 1950's Cuba was destabilized by CIA funded Fidel Castro who promptly began grabbing the middle classes property as soon as he'd consolidated power. At the same time he began the executions and other tyranny that caused a huge surge of immigrants into South Florida and other enclaves of Cuban culture. These exiles still vote solidly Republican till this very day not realizing they were pawns in a bigger game.

The Democrats today, having learned their lesson well from this Republican use of destabilized populations for political gain, have used the AFT, DEA, FBI and other alphabet agency of criminal behavior to arm drug gangs south of the border who have killed hundreds of thousands violently. So the Democrats plead for the little children who are victims of this violence that the Democrats caused using the drug war.

In the bums' rush Obama and the Democrats make voting available illegally for the new refugees they created only this time it's not mostly South Florida - it's millions all across this land.

Hell it worked with Cuban exiles made homeless by the very same security state scoundrels in the CIA and other rogue agents buried within the legitimate functions of our government where they still slither today. Sadly most Cuban exiles continue to salute the ones responsible for installing Castro to this very day. The new Democrats from South and Central America and elsewhere will do the same thing for the Democrats perhaps until the end of our republic.



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