Saturday, December 15, 2007


Before we can discuss ownership we must understand what it means. Basically, the owner of anything is the one who can use it for his own benefit. The owner is also responsible for maintenance and security of this property. There is not much more to the concept of ownership. Under this definition the Castro boys own everything in Cuba and the people nothing - the Cuban people are renters. The amount of rent each must pay to the Castro boys depends on their value to their landlord. Since the Castro boys are the owners of Cuba they get the first grab of all wealth creation on the island. Then if you are a "good" Cuban tenant, providing your landlord things like security against Cubans who don't want to be owned by anyone, positive propaganda making the landlord appear kind to his tenants, etc. then you get better housing and more pay. If you are a "bad" Cuban tenant who hopes to one day own himself and his own labor output and maybe a small piece of dirt where he can exist, the landlord will provide you with the worst places to live - gulags and concentration camps where you are starved to death and denied basic medical care. And speaking of medical care, only tenants in good standing with the landlords, the Castro boys, have access to actual free health care. Because only a couple of lucky Cubans own everything, no one takes responsibility for caring for anything. Never is preventive maintenance done on the landlord's property because the tenants get no benefit directly. So everything decays and rots into the dirt.

The reality is in Cuba everyone wants to be an owner. But in public most fear admitting that truth for fear of pissing off the landlords. Conditions are bad now as it is in Cuba. But things could always get worse - if you piss off the landlords.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Miami Government French Kiss-Off

Cubans are rightfully shocked that Miami politicians would dare hire one of Castro's builders, (a French firm) to build a tunnel. But before you get too excited about removing these politicians in the next election please realize that the politicians are not concerned. They control the entire voting process including the counting part. Stalin rightfully pointed out that the ones counting the votes decide everything. You voters...nothing! Therefore, you must file your lawsuits now to demand an open ballot counting process. Naturally, the Courts will rule against you democracy supporters and in favor of their bosses in the Legislative and Executive branches of government. So to counter this ruling by the neutered Court you must actually develop an alternative vote recording system outside of every poll to record the actual votes. If you fail to get off your asses now and get this done then don't cry when you are saddled with these same maggots giving you the French kiss...

Get Up Stand Up

That's The Brakes

Sometimes some of our freedom fighters disappear for a short while. Do not think that they have forsaken the Cuban people however. It is just that we have personal things to attend to as well.

For example, my wife took the Toyota up to Sears yesterday after I noticed one of the tires had developed a split in the tread. When she returned she said that she thought my brake light was on and to check to see if the emergency brake was stuck or something. I didn't like the sound of this. I popped the hood and sure enough the brake fluid reservoir was very low. I filled it up and began pumping the brakes. They felt mushy. I notice a pool of fluid under the driver's side forming. So I got my wife to pump the brakes while I looked at this portion of the brake line. As she pumped the brakes I saw the pin-hole leak where Sears crimped the brake line with the hydraulic lift while replacing my tires.

Oh was an honest mistake by Sears. Nonetheless, I had to remove that section of brake line which meant I wasn't going into work last night. I actually had a section of new brake line in the garage but it was only half the length I required so I'll be going out shortly once my wife gets back from her work. I'll buy the brake lines, swing by Sears to show them the line they damaged so they can compensate me for my troubles. I'm going to ask them to give me a free front-end alignment for their mistake.

Sears and I got very lucky that my wife was not killed or injured yesterday. Also, I could have demanded that Sears fix this problem they caused meaning they would have had to have my car towed to Sears, they would have had to spend an hour pulling the old brake line out and an hour putting the new one in. But my point is things happen to us here in America all the time that try to take us away from the fight to Free Cuba from Raul Castro and his gang of tyrants. But we will always be back.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Republican Debates: The Slant

I TIVOed the Republican debates last night. Of course I loved Ron Paul except when he said US law is blocking Iowa farm products for being sold to Cubans. I will contact his campaign to remind them that we are Cuba's number one food provider. Alan Keys correctly pointed out that the debates were incredibly time slanted. The ruling big media elite has anointed their candidate choices for you. It is so obvious that I do not know how anyone could vote for Fred, Mitt, Rudy or "Huckleberry." If the moderator woman would have just shut up there would have been plenty of time for equal share of time for all the candidates.

Incidentally, back in the early nineties I debated Alan Keys during our mutual run for the U.S. Senate seat for Maryland. We lost...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lots of Hits Worldwide

Round and round the world the truth does go. Where it stops nobody....hell the truth never stops. Incidentally, the chart does not include most hits from Cuba which follow a path that cannot be traced.

Hurricane Season's Over Right?

Don't tell Olga... Looks like rain and wind in Cuba's near future. The plagues continue, Raul. Set our people free now!

A Typical Castro Mob

The following video is an excellent example of a Raul Castro convened mob ordered by him to attack peaceful protesters. But it gets worse than that. Further on in the video you will see a little boy with his dissident parents standing by a sign that says "CAMBIO." Recently one of these Raul Castro mobs seized one parent while the other was away and took him away but locked this little boy in the home with the stove gas turned on. The message: "Do not disagree with Raul Castro or your child will be executed by being gassed to death in his own home." Fortunately the horrified neighbors saw what was going on and smashed the window to get inside then rescued the boy. However, obviously this little boy's life is in danger. How could anyone ever have supported this criminal gang? At one time I thought the world would not stand for this type of genocide. I now understand that these types of murders are acceptable to many to achieve some notion of a collectivist dream where all suckle from the tit of government and never have to be responsible for anything more than doing what they are told to do by that government.

Thanks to Fantomas for sending me this video for YOU.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Letter To Granma

Sent to:

Dear editor:

It is very interesting how you categorize peaceful protesters as aggressive while you said of your mob attackers " The serenity, firmness and civic-mindedness of our people prevented such provocations from being successful. " FAIR MINDEDNESS???? Are you blind? Fortunately we are not and we are documenting the attackers for future prosecution. The BBC did a revealing news story on your street goons attacking protesters.

So you watch your step too! Or you will go on the list as well!!!

For liberty,

Tomas Estrada-Palma

Spain's Socialist Government Headed South

Beach Head for Cuba Libre

I do appreciate the risks that the Cuban protesters accept on behalf of a free Cuba. It exposes the intolerance of Raul Castro's criminal government. I happily report to these protesters that the BBC just aired a regularly repeating story showing you being roughed up by Raul's street thugs, apparently for criminal walking. This news story aptly demonstrated Cuba's street system of justice where by the suspect is deemed guilty by the government which then sends in the street thugs to mete out the punishment. Then the BBC showed the maggot Roque saying Cuba would sign a UN agreement on human rights but even the BBC automatically saw though this ruse. The fact is the Cuban junta is stalling for time. This gang will never comply in actuality because to do so would horrify the civilized world as they witnessed the Auschwitz-like prisons where Castro rots humans he does not like.

So let's start protesting smart, amigos. I'll tell you how it's done. First you have to get the youth on board. Spread the word - "Protesta en la playa!!!" Target date - Christmas Day. Objective - Get a few hundred to a few thousand kids to rush to a tourist beach to have a sit in and a teach in directed at the tourists. The tourist's video and digital cameras will offer protection. As the government is paralyzed unable to end the siege more youth then older Cubans will run to the beach. Now the mob is big enough to control the situation. At this point the top guys will make a dash for the exits leaving their henchmen to the justice of the mob. What happens next depends on the Cuban people.

Now the question is: Which beach do we attack? Gosh! That's the same question Raul might be asking right now. Don't tell Raul but I hear Gorki and Porno Para Ricardo will be playing at this beach protest as well. This protest could turn into the Cuban Woodstock! We'll leave it to the Resistance to decide which beach to attack with the truth bearing youth of Cuba. Merry Christmas Raul... Or could it be Happy New Year? Then again maybe the target date will be Martin Luther King's birthday???

One Raul Castro Street Thug

Monday, December 10, 2007

More Repression In Cuba

Raul Castro's street thugs roughing up old ladies and young ladies. So manly aye?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Elian Telling A Whopper

Here is Elian telling a whopper that he spoke with Fidel. What kind of regime makes kids lie? You can see the boy doesn't want to do this or be there. He looks like he has a gun shoved into his back.

Traffic Ads

From now on write thought provoking messages on your rear car window about Cuba along with the BUCL.ORG website. More Free Advertising!!!

The Ron Paul Blimp