Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffee Party

It's easy to see what the international bankers want. They advertise! When the Tea Party movement began last year the international banksters issued a total black out over their enemy networks. Eventually, the enemy networks had to acknowledge the Tea Party existed but they spend most of the enemy air time demonizing these Americans trying to connect them to racists and terrorists.

The coffee party on the other hand has received millions of free propaganda from the enemy networks. So this is the movement that the international bankers will employ to regain control of the angry masses by splitting these dupes away from the original Tea Party. It's divide and conquer. The banksters and their enemy networks spend the majority of their efforts getting Americans to hate each other. The banksters have crazy dupes attack the police in an effort to make the police hate the American people so they will follow orders and do their Nazi best for the invading banker scum controlling us.

A good rule to follow if you don't want to think, which is the case for most people, just remember that if the enemy networks like CNN are airing a coffee party type story every 15 minutes, it is not what will be good for you. If the enemy networks black out a story like the Huffington Post has recently done banning the truth about the 9/11 treason, then this is an issue you SHOULD look into. It's easier for me to know the truth every day. The truth usually will not be aired on the enemy networks unless it is too big to hide. Then the enemy networks spin the truth to suit their agenda. However, if you like being lied to, and apparently a majority of Americans do, just tune into one of the enemy networks. They all have a pack of lies waiting for you.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jihad Jane

She is just another boogieman the secret police are creating through the enemy networks like CNN, in order to demonize groups of Americans and make us suspicious of one another. All Jihad Jane proves is the secret police have no problem finding nuts with "special needs" and many times the FBI is more than happy to give them the weapons and maps so the G-men can bust the scary looking domestic terrorists in front of the enemy network cameras. Either that or the CIA lets the nuts on the plane with the exploding panties because they say they wanted to track his movements. Turns out he may have wanted to have a word with the hereafter and take a plane load of folks with him. Perhaps our CIA finest, who I'm sure are doing their darn tootinest to protect us, didn't figure on that possible scenario when they let the dude on the plane wearing lingerie from the Mohammad's Secrets' Catalog.

Suspicious? You ought to be suspicious amigos. The secret police running this show for the international bankers we call America look more suspicious, desperate and obvious everyday. These dupes they keep coming up with as the domestic terrorists look like bad soap opera actors working with a limited production budget. Jihad Jane...I almost had to laugh!

But I can't because even though the more recent attempts are lame, the secret police are laying the groundwork for a much bigger operation against the American people. The majority of Americans have sat by passively and allowed our government to torture, murder and do other "operations" supposedly to protect us from these Muslim terrorists over there. Then, not twelve seconds after the usurpers grab this power they begin using it on us. Now all they have to do is cause some atrocity, use their enemy networks to blame it on some American who they will connect to all sorts of other Americans like people who know about the 9/11 treason, folks that would like a peek at Obama's birth certificate, Tea Partiers, etc.

We are all in real danger now. Why? Because most Americans have said the federal government can do anything they like to protect them and guarantee our safety. I'll guarantee they're apt to do anything alright. I can't guarantee that safety thingy however.

So get ready. Your government is getting ready to attack you - again...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gergen & Brokaw Together Again

Congress Please Contact Me

Dear Congress:

I appreciate so many of you drawn to this blog and viewing my art blog where I have drawn so many of you the way I see you. The Net, being a two way street, permits me to record when a congressman hits my blog from the Hill. So I know I have your attention.

I will explain the 9/11 treason to you, using the law of gravity, to prove scientifically that the towers and CIA Building Number 7 were imploded by bombs wired by experts. Unlike many others who are warning Americans about this treason, I am very effective at reaching regular folks with terms they understand. It's only a matter of time before a critical mass of awareness is reached regarding the 9/11 treason by Americans. Patrick Kennedy was correct about the media today. They are completely owned by the international bankers, are corrupt and have actively hidden the facts of the 9/11 treason. They should be targets in the investigation of treason against America. I believe most Congressmen, however, are completely duped about the rogues within our own government who attacked us on 9/11 - especially because of all the propaganda spewed by this corrupt network media. In addition you were targeted on 9/11 but the fourth plane was shot down. So since you were in session on 9/11 during the attack you would have to be out of the loop. Interestingly, that morning the Senate wasn't in session.

So contact me. You as a legislative body are sitting on a political/societal bombshell. It's going to blow up soon. You don't want to be on the wrong side of this history.

Congress Is So Stupid

The fools on the hill are desperate to save their jobs. They scramble madly to find a solution to the economy or to do something to fool the voters into believing they've done something to fix the economy. However they will fail and be swept out of office next November.

This is absolute proof of how ignorant most Congressmen are. They have no hope of fixing the economy before election day and will face an angry electorate. Many Congressmen have already thrown in the towel and announced they will not seek reelection like head bankster enabler Senator Dodd. The reality is most Congressmen would be reelected by a landslide if they were to tackle the most important issue of the day. This issue would make the economy seem like jaywalking.

The 9/11 treason is dangling before the Congress ripe for the picking. Naturally the leadership of the Congress in both parties are corrupt filthy traitors who know all about the facts of 9/11. But rank and file Congressmen are out of the loop about the treason. That fourth plane which was shot down over Pennsylvania was heading for the Capitol on 9/11. So besides saving their jobs by really investigating the 9/11 treason, Congress should be raring to go since they were targets of the traitors that awful morning. But politically the 9/11 treason would push the economy right off the radar screen. If you think Americans are pissed off about the economy, wait till they hear about the truth concerning the 9/11 treason.

So what I suggest every American do who already knows about the 9/11 treason is to write your Congressman provided they are not in the leadership like my treasonous Congressman Steny Hoyer. However, I did inform John Sarbanes of the treason. Letting your Congressman know about the treason is important because it marks them for prosecution for misprision of treason should they fail to act in their official constitutional capacity and investigate these high crimes and treason.

So please contact your Congressman and offer him this carrot and stick. They can stick with politically hopeless issues like the economy and be beaten out of office come November...or they can take the carrot and in the process not only do their constitutional duty and save their jobs as well but they will save America too from the traitors who have seized control of our government.

Finally, if every Congressman received a little information package like I sent to Congressman John Sarbanes this morning it would mark them for misprision of treason should they be cowardly and do nothing. They will lose their jobs and the incoming Congress will do what is called for constitutionally and investigate the treason. This would include prosecuting every former Congressman who failed to act after being notified of the facts of the treason. And facts there are too many to believe. However, the main one is CIA Building Number 7 dropped out of the sky in 6 seconds flat exactly on its own footprint. In case you didn't know that's the time it requires a 47 story building to hit the ground if it's dropping freely at the speed of gravity - IN A VACUUM! Scientifically, it is only possible to make a building drop this fast using explosives and only a handful of individuals in the entire world have the expertise to pull this kind of implosion off correctly like on 9/11.

So get out there Americans, mark your Congressmen and save our republic.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Freeing Cuba

No, I haven't forgotten Cuba. My aim is still a free Cuba but let me explain my thinking. Once I realized that the United States had been toppled by international bankers who were in effective control of the American government and network media this changed the entire equation. I suddenly realized that Cuba was not free because this is the way the bankers wanted it. I also knew that directing my attack at the Castro regime was a waste of time. Attacking Castro would be like trying to free Gaul from the local barbarian while ignoring the Roman Empire. Sure the Castro boys are still pipsqueaks. However, even if I figured out a way to dispose of the twin tyrant siblings what good would it do? The bankers using our secret police and that of the British and the Israelis would be fomenting false flag terror and black ops until they had regained control of Cuba. Worse than this reality is these evil bankers are planning on murdering millions of people in the very near future in what I believe will be a futile last ditch attempt to save their banking empire. Among the weapons at their disposal are nukes, chemicals and worst of all the biological weapons. They have used all these before and they are about to use them again real soon in a big way.

I have told you the truth. Some exiles condemn me for doing so. But so far I've been right. I tell you Cuba will not be free until the international bankers are defeated and the U.S. government returned to the control of the American people. I realize many Cubans don't understand my tactics. That's because they don't yet realize that the U.S. government is controlled by another enemy even worse than Castro. These international bankers are already responsible for the death of millions of people and incalculable misery which of course includes Cuba's misery. The bankers backed the Castro boys and promoted his "revolution" over their own media empire. They still prop him up. When it suits the banker's needs a new Cuban revolutionary leader will be installed once Fidel is officially dead. And just in case things swing away from socialism in Cuba you can bet your bottom dollar that the bankers have a Cuban Hamid Karzai all lined up and ready to lead Cuba where ever the banksters want it to go.

I'm not fighting for that. Cuba would go from the fat into the frying pan trading Castro for the bankster scum. Exiles need to quit being suckered by these usurpers pretending to be our allies even though they double cross us at their pleasure.

Remember the Bay of Pig!

So you will see amigos. Cuba will be free but not until we defeat the bankers. You have been waging this futile war against the Castro boys while your main ally is in reality our enemy. There lies the path to Cuban freedom. Freedom will come when we break the bankers and not before. Perhaps you might give my tactics a whirl amigos. It is the thing that the secret police fear the most with regards to me. They worry that you exiles will believe me finally about their treason for the foreign bankers.

The Enemy Networks

The television and radio networks, which were preceded by the newspapers and movies are by far the most effective weapon ever devised. Aside from the occasional false flag New World Order promo attack, the need to bomb the target is unnecessary. Why blow up a country when you can use this network weapon to dupe then exploit your targets?

You hear me talk of war and the enemy all the time. That's because my eyes are wide open now and I can clearly see my enemy. I was shocked and astounded when I first came to understand who my enemies were! Except for the few stooges my enemies send here to keep tabs on me, my enemy is YOUR enemy too. The bad news that you won't hear on the enemy networks is we have already been conquered. The enemy, besides owning all of the television and radio networks, has duped Americans into actually electing mostly ignorant dupes along with a sprinkling of outright traitors. The enemy controls the secret police in Homeland Security, the CIA and FBI. It appears hopeless. As things are, we are doomed since the vast majority of Americans don't know who their real enemies are.

But here's the good news. The enemy networks become totally useless once you and most Americans understand that the networks are tools of the enemy. Once Americans realize that the enemy broadcasts just enough of the truth over the enemy networks so that we don't realize the lies they spew to manipulate us, the game is over. Here is the most important thing to know about the enemy television network weapons. The enemy knows if they don't broadcast the truth across the entire network, then in didn't happen in the minds of the targeted group. If the enemy doesn't broadcast the reality that CIA Building Number Seven fell to the ground in 6 seconds in a classic implosion then it didn't occur. If the enemy never mentions that 6 seconds is how fast a 47 story building falls in a vacuum then American targets never have to ponder how the hell a vacuum suddenly developed in nature around that highly secure building. If the enemy networks never mention that only well placed high explosives deployed by experts prior to a demolition can cause a vacuum in nature, then we duped targets never need ask ugly questions like, who placed the bombs in the buildings before we were attacked in the September treason?

As soon as you realize I am 100% correct about the enemy networks you will have an awakening about the truth. This vile weapon will no longer be effective against you. Even better, understanding how the weapon works allows one to predict what the enemy is planning to do next. They always broadcast their maneuvers. Finally, you must alert your fellow Americans about how the enemy networks operate so that everyone understands. Once that day arrives the network weapon is neutralized and we will rout out the enemy installed usurpers from dominance over us.

At the end of the day the economy and society are doing so badly because the enemy is bleeding us dry and convincing us it's in our best interest to be bled. This cannot continue and will surely end. My only question is when will the great awakening occur?

Monday, March 08, 2010


The filthy traitors who silently seized power several decades ago from the American people have made a fatal miscalculation. They have been stampeded into attacking Americans who question the 9/11 "official explanation." The secret police who are at the tip of the treason spear into the heart of America thought they could demonize us for two purposes - to get the uninformed dupes to attack us for speaking the truth and to cause us to be too intimidated to continue to speak the truth.

But like poker players bluffing they have shown their hand. Only minutes after the Austin airplane nut or the Pentagon subway shooter had apparently committed their violent acts, the enemy television networks were all over the airwaves reporting, "He was a 9/11 truther, he was a 9/11 truther." Then these corrupt TV talking traitors like Chris Mathews and Bill O'Reilly begin their smear asserting that all Americans who believe rogues in the government had a hand in 9/11 are just a crazy and therefore dangerous. We hold dangerous ideas that should be outlawed. Hmmm...dangerousness a criminal offense. Where have Cuban exiles heard that crime before?

Six out of ten of the 9/11 Report members believe the government blocked them from really investigating this treason. The chairman Max Cleland resigned in disgust. In addition, what the traitors fail to acknowledge is there are several million dedicated real Americans who are completely familiar with what basically happened on 9/11 - three buildings (two of them filled with several thousand humans beings) were imploded by pre-placed military grade high explosives in a classic demolition. These were secure buildings especially CIA building Number 7 which was highly secure and dropped out of the New York skyline in 6 seconds. That is the speed of gravity - in a vacuum! We "truthers" as the traitors portray us wonder where the vacuum in New York city came from. We realized that it could only be scientifically possible using high explosives and that changed everything for us. So when the very same traitors guilty of committing the 9/11 treason use the enemy TV networks to actually demonize us...well we get mad as hell! We rise up like a hive of angry hornets and get on the Internet to say our piece about this smear to cover treason. I've witnessed this phenomena each time the traitors try a new smear. It backfires. Any traction the traitors get from their enemy network smears are neutralized by these several million dedicated Americans. The traitors have succeeded in calling attention to themselves. They protest too much.

To sum up...if you think Americans are angry about the economy or the Wall Street bailout - just wait until they all become aware of the truth about the 9/11 treason. The French Revolution will look like a bad mitten match in comparison. The talking heads of the enemy television networks won't be worth dirt either. Geraldo Rivera was wise to have Alex Jones on his FOX program. Rupert Murdoch and his FOX network may be trying to position themselves to survive the coming great awakening. Rupert if you are serious I suggest you fire O'Reilly this morning and Sean Hannity this afternoon.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Can Explain What's Wrong With The Economy

Basically, the reason for the state of our economy is the nature of the fiat money system itself that we are saddled with by the Federal Reserve Board. How is that so the jobless individual is sure to ask?

Quite simply, the dollar is created through borrowing in a fractional reserves system. No money. No commerce. No jobs. No product consumption. No consumption...No sales. No profit. No tax revenue.

I could continue but you can see the destination will be in a circle. You can't run an economy without money. You might as well try to live without blood. The folly of fiat money is being exposed for the world to see but only if the eyes connect to a place in the brain that can process the above reality.

Back to the jobless. You are jobless because you are pawns of the drought in dollars caused by the foreign invaders at the Federal Reserve. Their plan is to cause so much economic chaos that we'll beg for their global currency - still paper of course.

Don't go for the swindle my fellow Americans. The ONLY solution to the economic stranglehold by the banksters is real gold and silver money that we own - not the banking class. Before 1913 free Americans could own all the gold and silver money that they wanted and they saved lots of it. We were the wealthiest nation on the planet then and everybody had a job who desired work. Thereafter, we got to transact using these little pieces of paper and at one point the bankers got the government in the U.S. to confiscate everybody's gold. Today, for the most part, Americans have little gold and silver while the international bankers own the lion's share. Correspondingly, we have become a nation of poor debtors.

Become economic Olympians. Go for the gold but accept the silver as well...