Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Internet

The cool thing about it is it's forever. Unless society completely breaks down the information will be there for the rest of human time. I like that. Why? Because for the most part I'm right especially about the big picture. Sure many, if not most of you still don't believe me. Some wouldn't even understand what I'm talking about when I tell them that they and most Americans are collectivists. The truth about nine eleven is still true even if a large majority refuse to even look at it. But Jimmy Carter believes we should look at it according to his recent statements. Our money system of Federal Reserve notes is an illegal slave money scheme forbidden by the Constitution. Still most Americans remain duped and believe it actually is a federal agency rather than a cabal of sneaky international bankers bent of controlling the people and resources of the entire planet.

I like the people who condemn me for bringing these things up. Here's why. The more those type of people do research to prove me wrong the more they realize I am exactly right. All you have to do is look. That's the great thing about the internet. Naturally, there is lots of crap on the net pretending to be truth to throw you off. The deceivers of America would be stupid enough to ignore this threat to their free range slave operation? I don't think so. But a keen mind weighing the evidence objectively will always arrive at the truth. So have a look.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Steny Hoyer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Castro's Dead!!!

The current lease holders of Cuba are afraid to announce the truth because they fear a slave revolt. Better leave Cuba soon while an exit awaits you. Once the revolt starts you will be doomed...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Al Gore

The Concentration Camp Act

The question has been posed to me, "If I'm not doing anything wrong then why be worried." My response is if we are doing nothing wrong then why has Congress whipped up the concentration camp act?

So part of the stimulus package will be building our own internment camps? Remember, we did not ruin the economy - the politicians and illegal banksters did that job. Why should we be interned in the work camps for being poor?

Follow The Money

See here! If you think what is wrong with the economy is the sub-prime meltdown you are either stupid or woefully ignorant. Should you think the economy is bad because your stocks and 401 K's are nosediving the same intellectual condition prevails as just mentioned. This is understandable since the great weapon of mass obstruction, the big media, is busy every hour spewing away with these faux problems with the economy and their corresponding faux solutions.


I wrote the problem here in red really big like back in kindergarten so the slow of wit might catch on as well. I figure the majority of you though could just think about it if you wanted to do so and comprehend the problem exactly. Our money is based on a notoriously failed concept. Fiat, expandable and contractible currencies like the dollar litter history with their failures. Look at the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire, pre world war II Germany, etc. Sure these banksters kept the game going for awhile. However, so far in recorded history all fiat money systems collapse because they depend on honesty combined with savvy on monetary policy of which no mere man can possess. This is why our founders wisely mandated gold and silver as the only legal currency in the United States of America.

So the problem is we are forced to use illegal money. The value of this money changes constantly, which only the secret Federal Reserve Board knows for sure since they are the band of crooks who are creating and destroying the money. The rest of us must guess what the value of the money is today and how much it could be worth tomorrow. Sure lots of people paid too much for Real Estate, stocks and such but how were they to know we would be going into a steep contraction of dollars available to spend in the economy? Remember, only the special private bankers at the Federal Reserve know for sure how many dollars are being created at any given time.

The solution to this money problem is to re-legalize real money based on gold and silver. Then prices will stabilize and be based on pure market supply and demand. Once workers know how much things cost then they will know how much to accept for pay for their labor. This free market economy which we legally should have is self correcting and price bubbles never occur. Naturally, every one of the liars in office who swore the oath to defend and uphold the Constitution then permitted illegal fiat money will have to go.

Here is the future. You cannot fix a fiat monetary system that has over printed money, by printing even higher quantities of money. This is exactly what the above mentioned empires did which destroyed the value of their money which preceded their social collapse. It will take a couple years maybe for the new inflated dollars to work their way through the economy triggering new price bubbles. The worst part of this is it will actually make the economy worst in the short run and in the long term as well. Americans will pull inward, stuff the mattresses with their wealth, grow their own food and be increasingly militant as the nature of this swindle becomes apparent.

The truth is Americans have much to be peeved about.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Elena Maza

This is a nice Cuban lady who is a friend of mine. She lives in Columbia, MD, she is a very good artist and she is studying art at Maryland University. Look here at her web page.

Performance Systems International Inc

These guys come to my blog regularly. Their partial IP address is and they are located in Washington, DC. I'm pretty sure they are C.I.A., F.B.I. or some other intelligence operation. Lets see if we can figure out who they are and if they are with the American government. Are they spying on you too amigos.

Let me know what you find out about these guys. You may be surprised to find yourself on the list.

Saving America

There are many steps that could be taken to put America's house back in order - but one would need to be interested in helping America rather than themselves. Sadly, Congress, the president and virtually all of the leaders of America are selfish buffoons who greedily claw for their slice of the shrinking pie formerly known as America. However, there are things that must me done now or later to fix America. These will not be initiated by our leaders due to the just mentioned character flaws of which they possess.

Right off the bat, the trillion dollar military empire has to go. Has putting military boots in hundreds of countries around the globe butting into other people's business made us any safer? So council your children to not go into the military as long as this Roman doctrine is pursued by these 19th century "leaders" that we are saddled with for the time being. We will be far less likely to be attacked once the empire collapses - if we don't include the violence perpetrated by the very leaders responsible for protecting us. Our government is filled, like Castro's, with goons who offer insurance deals that we can't refuse or we could get hurt. Some get hurt by this new mafioso or killed just to scare up the rest of us into paying our premiums.

Local governments could save billions and start to change society for the better by simply closing all the public schools. Public schools are a form of child abuse. They are geared to tag and prepare the herd of laborers for either a compliant free range slave role in the politburos and corporate cogdoms or prison slave camps for the kids who want to think independently. This failed institution is forced on the customers (parents and students) but controlled by the central planners. Imagine how expensive and bad the taste of hamburgers should we employ the same policy for burger joints. Naturally, the educrats will never close up their operation. But if every parent removed their children from school, took personal responsibility for their education and behavior then what could the government do? Parents would get far better behaved children who could become much more enlightened at home than in the slave tagging factories of the educrats.

We could not only save hundreds of billions every year we could actually reap billions of new tax dollars by ending the war against drug users - because drug usage will happen either way. The war on drug users actually is part of the new world order slave operation. The masters technically outlaw drugs, though they have their personal choice of poisons. These official snakes are the ones who control the drug operations and take their cut of the drug dollars for their secret operations like the crack cocaine funded Contras. Then they can arrest a growing percentage of the population domestically to be used in the prison slave labor operations as well as steal all of their property through asset forfeiture. But this war that has been fought on American soil for going on 100 years has destroyed civil society just like during Prohibition. But it is more based on race than the booze war that went after Irish and Italians and other immigrants. Those who support prohibition are immoral and should be condemned for enslaving their fellow man for choosing a different form of intoxication than they choose. Instead, legalize private drug use, tax the sale and transport and fine those who break the rules against public drug usage. Local, state and federal governments are already making millions off of cannabis sales in states that allow medical marijuana. Society as we know it has not been effected at all and hopefully government is rapidly getting hooked on the pot tax revenue.

Finally, we need to return to the land as much as possible. Grow your own food and you will be wealthier and much healthier as well. Only use fiat currency for necessities like your mortgage. Begin moving wealth out of banks and into precious metals that you store in your home but only after you have taken security measures. Sure it could get stolen at home but it will certainly be stolen through inflation in the coming years judging by the way Obama and the Pips on the Hill are creating dough and spending it. Finally, pull together as a family and look after one another. If the financial institutions expect Tomas to invest in the economy again then they will demand a monetary system based on gold and silver. Until then these banksters can blow their fiat money right up their...well I suppose you know where.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What's Wrong With The Economy?

Heck! What's right with it these days, aye? Be that as it may, the trouble with the economy is very basic and simple to comprehend. If we had a legal free market and banking system as called for under the U.S. Constitution, then the price of goods and services would be very easy to calculate. Things would cost just what supply and demand dictated, described by the great economist Adam Smith as "the invisible hand." The desirable aspect of this form of economy is prices remain very stable.

Unfortunately, we must operate in a fiat money economy like everybody else including Castro's slaves. Under this scheme, the money supply is expandable and contractible. This is known as inflation and deflation. Prices therefore are set due to the supply and demand for goods and services but also depending on how many units of currency have been put into circulation. Only the banksters in the central banks like the Federal Reserve know how much money is created so only they have the insider knowledge as to what prices should be for goods and services. The rest of us are just guessing since we are not permitted to know the amount of money that is being created. This go around lots of people guessed wrong about things like stocks, Real Estate and oil.

But I know this amigos. We are in a deflationary spiral like in the great depression. The banksters are only concerned with "saving the system." That means their fake fiat money swindle and the secrecy about how much is being created so only they can profit consistently. If Obama and the Pips singing on the hill really wanted to help Americans and the economy they would obey their oath of office and ban fiat money in lieu of Constitutional gold and silver money. With gold and silver money everybody's cards are on the table because the money supply is public knowledge and cannot be inflated unless a huge mineral find is in the picture...and that would be a good thing.