Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Estrada-Palma Website Launched

In my continuing effort to spread the truth and add to my skill sets I have taught myself how to use Dream Weaver. So after 5 days of intensive study I have completed my first website.

Tomas Estrada-Palma's In Site will provide the truth which you will never hear on the enemy television networks. Take a look and let me know what you think. My site will give you the inside information about what the oligarchy would rather remain hidden from you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are You Angry?

I'm hearing Americans are angry and doing menacing things about it. Well let me tell you who most Americans should be angriest at and what they should do about it. Walk over to the mirror then look into it and slap the first guy you see. That American in the mirror more than likely picked our current batch of rulers on the Hill or their lame opponents who didn't win last election but if they would have won they'd of done the same thing the current batch of crooks are doing now. Don't you see what's going on America?

It's a game of good politician bad politician being run by the international bankers and their game show plays on television 24 hours a day on every channel in one way or another. Sure it's a low down swindle like the pigeon drop con but if you voted for either of the anointed party hack choices then you fell for the con. Be mad at yourself and even more angry in November when you will dutifully do what the television says and choose another one of the two anointed candidates and begin a whole new round of getting swindled. Then you're gonna really get pissed off, right? Maybe you'll really show 'em and not even vote next time! And then go throw a brick...

But not me. I haven't felt the need to throw any bricks through the windows of politicians occupying taxpayer owned office. Go break your own windows especially if it's the FBI doing these things again. In November I'll go to the polls and vote for the good candidates running to change things for the honest betterment of America - like I always do even though the "main stream media" ignores and more recently attacks and smears my candidates.

I'm hoping this next election some of you that have been voting for this slate of scoundrels running on the treason ticket might join me for a change...a real change.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seen It With My Own Eyes

One fact of life is most people have not come to grips with is mass media. In the beginning of our nation there was just newspapers and there were many from which to choose. There was lots of competition to sway public opinion through the many sources of printed information. However, most people to some degree, took the information with a grain of salt. Why? Because people knew that these written words and drawn pictures depicting events were the interpretations by witnesses to those events...not the events themselves.

Then technology exploded after 1900 and all sorts of new mass communication devices became available. Whether in Nazi Germany or right here in America, governments the world around immediately installed controls on who and what could be communicated over these emerging devices. It began slowly with silent pictures then talkies. Radio then television and now computers, DVDs with high definition everything. The problem is people have come to believe the images they see and the sounds they hear over these devices are factual.

Most people do not realize how easy it is to fake things with the modern mass media. To make fake events seem real all that must be done besides adequate manipulation of images and sounds is to have a monopoly over information. Hitler's people realized this very early on with movies, radio and theatrical productions and songs. It's the same here in America. Our information mass media systems are monopolized by the top few and they spread so many lies that it would make Hitler and Stalin blush.

I never realized what was going on until just a few years ago when I came to the conclusion there was a giant centrally planned deception going on here and the world around. All of the oligarchies around the world are using monopolized mass media to dupe the people into believing faked events are real. The networks repeat the same lies over and over again and the newspapers, radio and now websites swear to it.

Fortunately for me I caught these electric liars telling a scientifically impossible whopper! That's when I realized all the networks, newspapers and other mass media were lying together - in more ways than one. Realizing they were lying to me in unison at that time, I wondered how many times they had lied to me before. So I began fact checking.

It turns out that all governments have a long history of lying through monopolized mass media and that includes the United States of America big time! I have discovered so many lies in fact that there is very little official history that I believe anymore. Whenever I hear one of the lies over a network I feel only scorn and disgust for these deceitful maggots because I know their game now. Here are some things I also know.

1. Lee Harvey Oswald was a dupe set up by our secret police and was standing in a doorway with a big crowd of people as Kennedy's limo passed in front of them. Kennedy was actually murdered by the secret service limo driver, a traitor named William Greer. Then the FBI got a hold of the Zapruter film before anybody could look at it and turned the evidence for conviction for high crimes and treason against members of our own government and God knows who else, into proof of a lone gunman. That was then. Today the film looks so doctored it comical and with new technology the digitized version it clearly shows Greer murdering the president. Yet the networks still blather on about Lee Harvey Oswald murdering Kennedy. Ridiculous! This was a coup to remove a president and his policies that would have shaken up the ruling order.

2. There was no Gulf of Tonkin incident. No Vietnamese destroyers ever fired on our naval vessels. This was fake news delivered over the monopolized networks. That lie they have finally stopped repeating and are hoping it will just go away with the 50,000 dead Americans and what not.

3. The Oklahoma building was blown up from the inside of the building according to demolition experts. Timothy McVeigh had no way to get inside this secure building to plant those high explosives yet he is just another lone nut according to the media.

4. The twin towers and highly secure CIA Building Number 7, were also demolished by pre-planted high explosives but the networks to this day rattle on about Osama Bin Laden, an employee of the CIA fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, being the guy responsible.

There are many more fake events like the sinking of the Maine in Havana but these four are perhaps the greatest lies ever mass produced for the ignorant masses. Everybody knows Bruce Willis is not fighting terrorists, dodging bullets and bombs to save America. He's starring in a movie for entertainment purposes. It sort of the same with the government mass media productions like the 9/11 coup or the Gulf of Tonkin incident or the Kennedy Intervention. It is very entertaining for the ruling oligarchy to watch us being manipulated by their fake productions. They can plant bombs in towers, remotely fly airliners into them and shortly afterward blown them up killing thousands of Americans. Then, despite the fact that these buildings fell at the speed of gravity and in the case of CIA Building Number 7, at the speed of gravity IN A VACUUM, we are told that the structures crashed through themselves at this incredible speed. That would be like two apples falling off the tree at the same time with one of them hitting Sir Issac Newton in the head yet somehow both would be able to hit the earth at exactly the same time. It's not possible in the physical universe yet this is what the government through mass media asserts - the impossible!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Limo Driver Shoots Kennedy