Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Dope On This Sterling Cat

Let me set you straight, amigos, about Clippers owner Sterling. Sure there's a racist aspect to his speech but it goes much deeper than that in reality. All of us boys were exactly like him when we were younger. We heterosexuals, at any rate, were immature little boys deluded by inexperience to crave the wrong things.

Number one on that list were all the desirable looking women. We wanted to be adored and desired by all women for that matter never realizing the nightmare of that scenario. Charlie Sheen. Woman wanted him so badly that he had to pay for woman because they would go away under that financial arrangement.  Slide down to the other end to the real ugly side of the prettiness scale and we find Mr. Sterling. He has had so much money that he too could afford to buy his women at a much higher hourly rate than the handsome Mr. Sheen. Somewhere, depending on the fancy of the individual, we find Tomas. I was much more attractive 30 years ago than today on the face of it. A good number of ladies found me attractive a few even irresistible leading to the same sort of problems faced by Mr. Sheen. During those exploratory days most of the women I was involved with romantically either drove me crazy or I did likewise to them and we parted ways. Through all of these normal interactions between the sexes filled with all the drama we develop into grow-ups.

A grown up man realizes what's important in the grand scheme of things. Having a great wife who's company you enjoy, the family you've built together and everything that goes along with it, that's important. Mr. Sterling has always wanted to be desirable to women but that's not going to happen now is it?  His ugliness has only grown deeper and it shows. His disappointments that money can't alleviate show on his face. Tomas? Well I don't give a damn what women think of me now. My wife is just fine with the way I look, I have none of the romantic drama of the days gone by and I'm adored like Mr. Sterling will never be adored. My granddaughter adores me. She doesn't care what I look like as long as I look like granddad.

So be a racists or simply a jealous arrested development little rich boy, I feel sorry for Sterling. He'll never really be happy. All the girls in his life love his money. I'm broke with riches beyond his imagination.

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