Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nostratomas Says:

The U.S. government shill has come back but alas she has been blocked by me. She is inflamed by what I warn America about. Her foreign employers are very cross and becoming increasingly desperate to silence me and the others telling the truth about unAmerican scum like Dick Chaney.

See Dick run. Run Dick run. Run all you like Dick but you'll never escape history. If you thought you'd be remembered fondly you are a wacko. When we are done telling the truth about you murdering 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11, even all of your relatives will change their name. Better to be named Mudd than Chaney.

Nostratomas predicts Dick's days are numbered. Dick's foreign employers are not happy with Dicks recent performance and feel they may be safer with Dick out of the picture. Watch your back Dick. The international banksters attacking our economy are even sleazy than you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Police State Friday's

The great thing, for me, is Friday's I finish my work week and get 3 days off. Because of our police state nation I very rarely go out. I go to and from work. Beginning my weekend I park the car and usually don't fire it up until Tuesday afternoon. But hey...that's cool for Tomas. Living in a police state nation means always having plenty to do to become self-reliant. So I grow food and fix my cars and this of course defeats my enemy's plans. No dinero in it for them right? If the rest of you real Americans were to realize this and act accordingly to preserve your liberties by being self reliant then we could drive these foreign vipers from our shores FOREVER!!!

You see amigos...this is the way it has always been with a slavery labor based form of top down society. The oligarchy grabs more and more of our wealth by stealth until they crush us down to subsistence levels. Then when all we're able to do is grow food and eek out a bare living they come to grab for that...and we revolt and kill most of the vipers oppressing us. But does it have to be that way this time?

Wouldn't it be better for you all to stop going out for a couple years, hunker down and get self reliant? We are still relatively strong now. If we don't force their hand now then they will eventually drain and divide us then completely enslave us. Then violence. Why not avoid all the bloodshed and defeat them now while their asses are hanging out doing their very expensive economic attack on the western economies? We need to counter attack them economically now amigos. By the time we've finished auditing the Federal Reserve, closing them down, jailing the criminals and traitors to our nation - they wouldn't know what hit them!

Remember...these foreign vipers and their domestic allies don't know who they are messing with. We're Americans!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shelly Roche

Breakthematrixtv Freedom Fighter

Nostratomas Knows Cars

Article I

I know I rail against the traitorous dogs who are handing our nation over to the foreign bankers and corporations attacking our economy. But you freedom fighters still need a reliable car. So as a service to my readers, Nostratomas will answer your questions about cars and diagnose your auto troubles from afar. Let Nostratomas awe and amaze you with his ability to see into your car's future and under the hood. Don't buy, sell or have your car repaired without first consulting - NOSTRATOMAS!!!!

Car tip of the day: With the economy being destroyed by the foreign attackers, car repair facilities are desperate. Fraud is fast becoming their number one repair job. If your car isn't making weird sounds, strange vibrations, smoke and warning lights don't come on while driving - chances are your car is fine.

- So says Nostratomas

D.C. Occupiers Complicate Life

You know amigos to Tomas, life is real simple. Life is fun which to me means far too short. Why then is it so complicated for so many unfortunate people the world around?

The answer mis amigos is the greed and thirst for power of the rulers. The rulers have gone by many names in the past like king, pope, emperor and president. However these titles are fast becoming obsolete. Today, a collection of multinationals are the rulers of the planet but behind the scenes. Mind you now, I'm not saying they are a unified bunch with one goal. No - it's far worse than that. There is competition at the top for the top prize. The prize of course is that ancient delusion of being earth emperor or whatever you want to call it. Naturally, there are a number of oligarchies but the most powerful one is the Corporate American / Anglo/ European / Japanese alliance. But they have been losing dominance especially to the Chinese oligarchy - which is the only oligarchy on the planet that is out of the closet politically speaking. The top Chinese communists are in charge, the Chinese people are not and that is that.

Therefore, the C.A.A.E.J. alliance are going for broke - perhaps literally if they are not successful. These western bankers and multinationals have gotten their employees in the White House, Number 10 Downing Street, the Congress, The Houses of Parliament and in halls of government in all of the oligarchy controlled countries to cause this worldwide collapse of the supply of money. By doing this and other legislative unemployment bombs the oligarchy hopes to scare the people in the oligarchy controlled countries into giving up more resources, personal labor output and freedom to the oligarchy. At the same time they reckon that this economic disruption will hurt the Chinese economy, destabilize China causing social unrest to keep the Chinese oligarchy busy.

The tip of the spear in this economic attack on our once proud nation is the money. It is counterfeit cash, free range slave script, currency crack. I call it many things but it sure as hell isn't a dollar. That would be made of gold and silver like the U.S. Constitution demands. Sadly there has been enough traitors for almost 100 years in the Congress to allow this violation of their oaths of office. You see amigos, real money doesn't fluctuate wildly in value since it's made of a precious metal. The supply of these metals remains constant and that's a fact! So the value of this real money remains constant, rising slowing over the years in actual value the longer you hold it. Federal Reserve notes on the contrary lose value over the long haul. Even today during this severe currency deflation economic attack on our nation the Federal Reserve one dollar note is only worth thirteen cents in 1913 terms.

To sum up, this is a clever way to steal your money and run your lives. To think that Americans would be dumb enough to fall for such an attack embarrasses me greatly. So if you finally "get it" now and are becoming a bit angry at our situation, then send this link to all your friends and family. Raise the alarm!!! If America does go down it will be due to ignorance. I'm trying to do my part to change that. Couldn't you do likewise?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freedom Watch

Senator Lindsey Graham

Obama's Top Economist

Happy Cuban Independence Day

Of course there is no independence here or in Cuba. As I warned earlier, the treasonous dogs who are attacking America are trying their darnest to demonize Fortunately craig's founder is fighting back. Of course in reality this is a part of the attack by our foreign oppressors using our own government against us. All of the Congress' recent legislation like credit card reform, new fuel standards, etc. that are billed as one thing or another are really unemployment bombs. They are meant to force you to your knees America.

Revolt against these unAmerican scum!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

My Old Girlfriend Ann

I dated Ann back in the early 1970s when I was young and selfish. Since then I'm a lot more considerate but Ann is always who she's been - a charming, sweet lady. We recently reconnected and she has not held a grudge for my bad behavior. Anyhow, I warned her about our enemy that currently is launching a very effective economic attack on America.

Ann: Watched video How the Towers Fell. Sent it off to some others. Always suspicious there was internal involvement in the "attack". Thanks for putting me on to this.

Tomas: You are welcomed dear. It is so obvious now that we look back without the "help" of the big network media. They are a pack of liars complicit in the murder of 3000 Americans. But most will not even look at a video like this. Just the thought of it and the ramifications causes them to keep their heads buried in the sand. However, while their heads are in the sand their asses are hanging out. Glad you are no longer as vunerable. You and your family now stand a better chance because you know your enemy. Read General Tzu's "Art of War" for more tactics on how to survive then destroy these enemies to America.

We are under an economic attack this time around. The foreign occupiers are lofting one unemployment bomb after another to sow fear and despiration. When 20 or 30% of us are out of work we will beg for the new Amero North American money and world government to save us.

Anyhow, that's their plan but I think they have bitten off more than they can chew this time around.

I think the days of these traitors are numbered perhaps in months. Many will find themselves swinging from the end of a noose for their crimes - a fitting end for traitors!

But you take care doll...these are dangerous times.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ed Schultz - Professional Liar

Biden Confronted On 9/11 Treason

Amigos! This is a great video. In it you will see Vice President Joe Biden questioned about the recently released independent scientific study that proves beyond all doubt that the twin towers were actually brought down with carefully pre-placed high explosives. When asked what he would do now that there is conclusive evidence of the nano-thermate residue from the implosions Joe simply answers, "Yes," then walks away nervously as his security apparatus forms a wall between him and the truth seeking questioner. However, in the video Joe appears freightened as if he's seen a ghost. Soon the traitors to America will not be able to show their criminal faces in public for fear of the 9/11 question.

But I ask you to sit in judgement amigos because your government as of yet refuses to do so. You watch this video and ask yourself, "does this man look guilty of treason?"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bilderberg Fears Losing Control

Check this analysis of the recent Bilderberg Group Meeting Agenda

Need Proof We're Under Economic Attack?

Like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, these rulers who secretly are attacking us economically believe themselves to be god-like. They regularly bestow rights then take away rights that I was taught were the gifts of the original God who apparently has now been replaced. So they, like the Nazis, are proud of their evil work and always want to document their activities. It is why after the fact we can always go back to say, the Nazi or USSR archives and read all about it. The Pharaohs wrote it right up on the wall for all to see because most folks back then actually believed them to at least be related to one of the gods.

But modern earth gods are smart enough to hide their agenda from the public within the billions of pages of official legal scrolls. But that doesn't mean some smart lawyers who believe in individual liberty and the old God we all use to believe in can't do a little digging to let the rest of us know all about it.

Take a peek at what our modern pharaohs have chiseled in paper then ask yourself if you are under attack by these earth gods. You don't have two minutes to see what they admit in writing to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt we are under attack? Don't be stupid! Watch it then jump on your computer horse like Paul Revere and sound the alarm.

The banksters are coming!!!

The Banksters are coming!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 PM Tonight

Tax The Rich Scam

Taxing the rich is more than just one of the usual suspects in the left/right paradyne used to keep us all fighting one another so the oligarchy can steal from us unnoticed. It is also a weapon in the arsenal of our enemy - the international banksters who've been at this war for about 300 years now. Here's why.

Because this Council on Foreign Relations/Bilderberg policy IS a weapon, it is meant to do damage by design. So right off the bat the people making more than $200k a year very often control the amount of income that they make. Does the mom and pop shop keeper have to pay themselves $201 per year? Hell no if they will have to pay a higher percentage rate of tax for the whole wad! They are going to give themselves a pay cut to say $199 K per year. Before you duped class warriors begin to cheer that you made those greedy mom and pop gas station owners accept a fairer salary according to YOU geniuses, remember this. Since they are making less now, the formerly rich will be eating out less, buying fewer shoes and scrimping wherever they can. So what you economic Stalinists have really accomplished is to reduce the size of the economy that the waitresses, shoe salesmen and others use to depend on for a living - just to satisfy your envy. What suckers you are for doing this and what suckers the working class are for listening to your ignorance actually being foisted on us now by the Obamaoist as I type. Everyone will lose under this envy scheme except the enemy - the international banksters like Rothschild and Rockefeller.

And this is a two pronged economic attack by our enemy who has us on the ropes today and almost defeated. The other prong is the inflation of the fake dollars into the trillions. That is going to cause huge price increases in the very near future. What does this mean? It means if you are not making at least $200 K or better per year per household then you will be below the poverty line. Your salaries must go up to account for the Bernanke inflation frontal attack. What will be awaiting your salary increase will be a higher tax rate for essentially being able to buy the same amount of stuff with your pay as now. What suckers you are for believing this class warfare crap!

But face facts. Most Americans are dumb as rocks and don't know what to think. They allow the TV to do their thinking for them and the networks are completely owned by our enemy. Our enemy uses the media to make the dupes actually think that people like you and I are the enemies and that they are their friends. So it is up to us ten percenters to fight for our nation. Our time is almost up amigos. Will you stand up and fight for your country or will you lay down like the free range slave that we all are now and go willingly into bondage?

Lets Photocopy Money

You know, amigos, those photocopy machines are truly amazing. They can reproduce anything on paper. The machines can make exact replicas of currency notes. What if everybody just went to Kinko's and printed up enough money to pay their mortgages, buy food and other necessity?

Right off the bat I can hear some of you screaming, "that's counterfeiting!" You'd be correct too. But is this a bad thing and if so why?

Well...first you should know that paper money is not wealth. It is a symbol of wealth like that diamond ring on the finger of your girl is a symbol of your love for her. Instead of that diamond ring give your girl the paper band off of your cigar. You love her just as much either way but somehow I don't think she'll believe you.

What will happen if say 100 million Americans all began printing their own dollars then flooding the marketplace with them? The answer is dollars would become worthless within days. In fact during history there are many examples of enemies counterfeiting the other side's money then flooding the market with them to cause economic chaos. No, this would be a bad thing would it not?

Then why should Bernanke at the Federal Reserve Board be allowed to do this? They have created trillions right out of thin air and are at this very minute flooding the planet with them. Will it make a difference if 100 million Americans photocopied a trillion dollars then spent them or if one man, Ben Bernanke created a trillion dollars then gave it to his friends to spend?

Yes there would be a slight difference. If 100 million Americans did this the currency would collapse virtually overnight. Ben doing it will take two, maybe three years for the currency to collapse. But either way the dollars will be worthless. This is exactly what Ben is doing right now.

This seems crazy unless you know what their ultimate goal is. They actually want to destroy the dollar and cause economic chaos. Why? Because they want to replace it with a world currency that they can inflate anytime they like and not have it be so obvious. This is an attack on our sovereignty.

Who is the "they" I keep talking about? It is the international bankers like Rothschild who are directing this attack. That would make them our enemy would it not? Finally, would this not make Bernanke a traitor to his country and countrymen?

The answer to both questions is yes. What should Americans do? Revolt naturally. Screw over the international bankers in the only way they understand - don't pay them. Wipe away all debt to these counterfeiters then return to gold and silver money that is immune to counterfeiting. Oh, and a traitor like Ben Bernanke should at the very least spend the rest of his life in prison - or perhaps worse. You decide Americans.

You must decide. Will you join the patriot movement to save your nation and your children's future or are you going to beg Ben for more fake currency like the other free range slaves?