Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reform In Cuba

This site quotes me accurately about what I advocate for Cuba and for that matter the rest of the world. It revolves around the abolition of income taxes, which are based on slavery, and instead places the bulk of the tax on location value of the land that each person, group or corporation owns.

This is the future for the funding of civilization.

The Left Right Sucker Punch

I just hate seeing people taken for a ride to a place they really don't want to go. The ministry of propaganda (the network news) warns that we Americans might not choose one of the sensible candidates that they suggest and instead pick a far right choice.

This is pure nonsense starting with this notion of far right and loony left. Where did this nonsense begin? The answer is France. That's right, the right left paradyne began in the French parliament. The politicians who were more supportive of business sat on the right side and those who more supported laborers sat on the left. This simplistic notion constructs two opposing factions that are supposed to be at odds with one another. That is convenient for the rulers who then get to be the referee between the two sides.

The reality is labor and business are on the same side. They just haven't realized it yet. Today, people who claim to be leftist generally favor more individual personal rights. It's said that those on the right favor more economic rights. Sadly, this political flat earth thinking eliminates two main political groups. First, it doesn't include the authoritarians who favor neither person nor economic freedom. For these statists the government must decide everything for individuals. Conversely, this fake political spectrum denies a place for people like me who favor personal and economic freedom.

Those on the left usually favor more domestic economic intervention by the government. Those on the right generally favor military intervention against any nation that they say is a danger to our interests. Again this eliminate me and the authoritarians from the political debate. As stated, authoritarians favor government intervention domestically and militarily elsewhere. I as a libertarian believe the initiation of violence by the government or anyone is always wrong whether here in the U.S. or anywhere. I rarely threaten violence personally and it is always in response to a threat when I do so. I am not talking about the boogieman threats that the network media conjures up to scare American adults, who's ignorance causes them to act more like sniveling cowards and little children. These days the majority of Americans simply need to be told over a television set that a country has weapons of mass destruction and they think it is perfectly fine to invade and start dropping bombs.

So who do you vote for? Actually, that is easy. Just vote for who the network media is attacking and avoid candidates that they fawn over as if they were infected with Ebola. For example Cristine O'Donnell in Delaware. She may not be perfect but as much as the networks are attacking her she will be a better choice than the network promoted Democrat. The media may wise up and change tactics to not make it so obvious who they support. Already they figured out that every time they attack Rand Paul his poll numbers go up. So they've shut up about Rand and have accepted that Kentucky will have a pro-American Senator for a change and not a lackey for the foreign bankers destroying our country.

So please remember that this talk of left/right is from traitors who are pulling the strings of the media mouthpieces and signing their paychecks. Have the remote control at the ready when they begin yapping about far right extremists. Hit the mute until they disappear from the screen.

I am an extremist. I am extremely in favor of personal and economic freedom for individuals. I am extremely opposed to intervention by government into the personal affairs of individuals or into the business of other countries. The government has never been a good shepherd so stop acting like sheep or quit crying about getting sheared by them.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More News Video Released Confirming Explosions

The Dirt Bag Democrats

You know amigos, those old democrats are always talking about fairness. They are hypocrites. Not rank and file democrats mind you. They have merely been duped by the democrat party leadership.

In the video below the party leadership has been caught red handed hiring a thug to troll Twitter and insult and provoke Tea Partiers so that they would respond in a hateful or racists manner. Then another Twitter person would collect any responses with the intent to smear the Tea Party movement in mass.

Do you think if the democrats had any actual ideas on how to government they would be wasting time with this childish nonsense? The Republican leadership isn't any better but I don't think they are dumb enough to pull off a stunt like this.

The democrats have gotten away with these tricks for years but never been caught because the networks are in their hip pocket and will never report the truth. However, the Internet surely will. Have a look at what the dirt bag democrat leadership have been up to.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Doesn't The Treasury Issue Money?

When the banksters offered Abe Lincoln loans to pay for the civil war at outrageous interest rates he simply ordered the U.S. Treasury to create the money needed for the war. Abe said he had two main foes: In front was the Confederate army and in the rear the bankers. Of the two Lincoln said he was more worried about the "bankers in his rear."

So why the hell do we Americans have to go groveling to the foreign banksters of the Federal Reserve for our money? It's just paper and ink for God's sake. Haven't American bureaucrats mastered printing yet? Instead of the Fed creating money and lending it to our government for interest, wouldn't it be cheaper for the government to create money with just the paper and ink costs and tell the Federal Reserve banksters to go bugger off?

Sure it would but the foreign banksters have lots of wealth with which to bribe our politicians as well as black mail them. Any Congressman or Senator or occupant of the White House who supports the Federal Reserve printing our money for us is nothing more than a filthy traitor and you can tell them I said so.

A quick way out of our economic mess it to tell the Federal Reserve Board to take a hike and to take all the debts owed to them by America and Americans to hell with them! Not only should we not pay the debt, we should seize every asset we can grab from these foreign invaders and clap in irons any of the culprits we can get our hands on.

But I'm a moderate advocating sensible solutions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Excellent Footage Of The 9/11 Treason

My hat is off to the demolition experts who pull off this implosion. If it were not for all of the independent video footage shot by regular people like the clip below, which has been blacked out by the complicit network media, I and millions of others might still think super cave Arabs did this textbook demolition. Have a look. Have you ever seen a fire do this? EVER!

The American Rent Strike

I am a simple man who sees things for what they are. In the case of America here is how I see it.

Back in 1913 Americans were duped by foreign European bankers, who blackmailed and bought-out the politicians of the day, so that these invading economic pirate could foist their fiat money on us. From that date forward these sneaky bankers have been increasing the supply of fake dollars causing Americans to have to work harder for less compensation due to inflation.

The net effect is we now not only rent our money from these clever thieves but we actually pay rent to live in our own country. This rent we pay in the form of a mortgage which at the end of the line goes to the foreign Federal Reserve Bankers. A small portion of our rent payments the banksters use to greased the skids with bribes to get our political leaders to comply with their demands.

Millions of Americans see the swindle for what it is and have stopped paying their mortgages. Morally, their is no reason to pay. Americans have already paid too much to these invading bankers. The reality is more and more Americans will fall into foreclosure because our wealth has been secretly siphoned off for almost 100 years due to the devaluation of the dollar.

Here is a solution we can implement peacefully now or have anyway after lots of violence. First, declare America a free country again. Abolish all mortgage contracts and declare all mortgage debt to be null and void since the monetary system itself is illegal. Immediately, everyone owns their homes and businesses and will no longer have to make any further mortgage rent payments that go to the Federal Reserve Bank because it will be shut down and the ring leaders prosecuted. Only the reserve capital put up by private lenders to secure the bulks of the marginal portion of the loan would need to be paid back.

This means monthly payments would drop by 90% or more. True the private lenders would only be getting paid back 10% of the loan but at least they would be getting gold and silver money and not toilet paper Federal Reserve notes. Also, these lenders would not have to pay back any money to the Federal Reserve Bank either.

The final aspect to this plan is to abolish the income tax and pay for government with a land tax based only on the value of the location and not improvements like houses. We need houses in which to live so they should never have been taxed like they were booze and cigarettes especially to pay for rotten schools and corrupt police who can't read a Constitution. But you can forget about all of this if you insist on paying for a military empire for the bankers and bomb makers and opinion molding media players.

This cabal intends on continuing to 9/11 and/or Pearl Harbor us into frightened cowardly sheep. But can you imagine living in an America where most people immediately owned their homes and had that huge drain on the family budget in the form of a fiat money mortgage removed? With no income tax Americans would be absolutely free to work without constantly providing paperwork to the government to prove we have paid the required cut to these thieves. All of the billions now spent for paperwork can be used to hire new employees. There would be a need for millions of new workers especially in construction and for improvements. That's because government would no longer punish Americans for constructing buildings or fixing them up or expanding their capacity using taxation.

I remember that royalty in the past had the bright idea once to tax the windows of all buildings. But instead of getting a windfall of revenue, the people bricked up their windows and started living in dark, damp, less healthy conditions. Everybody sees the folly of this royal policy today. However, is taxing the whole damn building we live in including the number of windows any smarter?

If the vast majority of Americans see this way out it can be done virtually overnight. Or they can remain duped and we will soon collapse economically followed by a dark violent period. This could last for decades and millions of Americans and others too will be dead. Then, we'll implement the above plan anyway. So wouldn't it be better to just implement the plan now? Remember, there is a better than average chance that it will be you or your loved ones who will be doing the dying.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Media Bias Is So Obvious

Take Rachel Maddow for example. Please take her. If her employers were not such despicable traitorous scum I would feel sorry for them. These elitists don't have a clue. I have a feeling that they actually think Maddow is somehow effective forwarding their globalist agenda.

The opposite is actually the case with Miss Rachael. The more she talks the more the listener feels compelled to believe just the opposite of what she is pushing. But her bosses are so desperate to regain control of the American people like back in the old days that they permit this stupid woman to continue to spout what they want us to believe. So I pray MSNBC will put her on 24 hours a day attacking folks for daring to question her various politburo friends. The Rachael Network!

Here is why she and her bosses are failing. First of all she's spreading lies. Of course she and her network forefathers have been doing that since the dawn of living room antennas. But they were lying to a knave public filled with simplistic notions about things of which they had little understanding. More importantly, the news people reported in such a fashion as to let the viewer make the final decision about the story. The reason is if the reporter seems to be advocating in favor of what they are reporting on, it is just human nature for everybody to become the devils advocate. So when Miss Rachael is pitching her news advocacy stories it is just human nature to take the opposite position. She claims the globe is getting hotter. This triggers our natural human nature to kick in and we counter, "But maybe it's getting colder?" I guarantee you this amigos. If she went on TV tomorrow and said she believed the earth was getting colder, everybody including me would ask if it might be getting hotter. We can't help it. It's just human nature developed through countless generations of being lied to. We who survive today come from a bunch of devil's advocates. Those who were not are dodos and no longer with us.

Of course her job is really impossible to do today. In olden days the public knew very little and it was easy to steer us where they wanted us to go. Now that this destination is coming into view more clearly Americans are asking questions - real questions and wanting real answers. All Miss Rachael can do is her smearing best to demonize. Check out this video. She oozes with bias. I never heard of the guy she is interviewing but she really makes me want to trust him. That's because Miss Rachael's reporting includes making up our minds for us about the moral of the story.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is Your Mortgage Legal?

24 Hour Plan to End the Banksters Tyranny - PEACEFULLY!

Forward this to EVERYONE you can. Post it on forums, chat rooms, facebook, myspace, email your contacts...

Today is the day. We can end this insanity tomorrow. No bullets, not even any sign waving or leaflets to pass out. ONE PHONE CALL. That is it.

If you have a mortgage, call your lender on Tuesday morning and demand to see the original ("wet ink" signature) contract and the deed to the property you are paying on.

THIS is the moment. If we let it pass, who knows if or when another will come along? Will you help spread the word? Will you make ONE PHONE CALL on Tuesday, October 12?

Food At National Health Care Prices

Americans just don't get it so I'll keep giving explanations. The main reason health care is so bloody expensive is the government began taking over sections of the public's doctoring back in the 1960's when they created Medicare and Medicaid. However, as soon as they started this unconstitutional usurpation the crooks only paid part of the bill. What I mean is take for example a chest X-ray. A chest X-ray may have costs that hover around $30 apiece just to break even for these medical service providers. So even though normally one might expect to pay $50 for that X-ray, the government doesn't even pay a break even fee for Medicaid and Medicare patients.

So the medical service providers have only four choices. Keep losing money and go out of business, refuse to take Medicare and Medicaid patients, cheat, or simply jack up the charges for an X-ray to their cash-out-of-pocket customers and the privately insured. Because most Americans don't understand simple economics they are oblivious as to why medical care is so damn expensive. So what do many demand? They go crying to the very same gang responsible for medical care being so outrageously expensive - the government.

Next on the platter for the ignorant is our food. Everybody has heard how many Americans are now on food stamps. Likewise, virtually everybody who eats food has noticed how food prices have skyrocketed - except of course government statisticians. Sure much of the price escalation can be explained by the drop in value of the dollar due to the criminals at the Federal Reserve Board printing up all that extra money for their buddies at Goldman Sachs and elsewhere. The fact is the food stamp program is another reason it cost more for a trip to the grocery store. We've all been in line behind a food stamp recipient forking over the government's script so they can get some chow. I've seen the indignant look of some of my fellow Americans waiting in line. Boy they'd really be pissed off if they understood that their food cost more because that food stamp recipient ahead of them in line will only be required to pay part of their food bill. Everybody else gets an extra surcharge on their bill to cover the cost of the food stamper.

Before you get mad at the poor you have to remember economic law remains in effect. The same pitfalls occur for food as for medicine. Many doctors and other providers for medical care simply don't accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Likewise, many urban areas have no grocery store chains. If the poor food stamp recipients want to use this script they have to travel to the 'burbs and many have no car to do so.

The fact is the businesses that do participate, whether they provide medicine or groceries, often get by with fraud. This means lots of X-ray and other charges for services that were never actually rendered. Food stamps are a form of currency and are often sold for cash so the cash can be used to buy unapproved things like booze, cigarettes and drugs.

Before you get angry at businesses for trying to survive our collectivist nightmare by fibbing a bit or the poor for wanting to be well as well as well fed, direct your collective anger at the criminal organization that has made all of this mess possible - the government.

Though they may try the government cannot defy economic law. All the apparatchiks can do is try to keep the ignorant dumbed down and in the dark.


To hell with that! If Nevadans actually reelect Harry Reid then I say we ask them to leave...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Election Strategy For Americans

If America is ever to be freed,
we have to fire Steny Hoyer and Harry Reid.