Friday, September 12, 2014

The Egyptian Model

It may come down to this. It may already be so. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge murdering Christians, burning Churches and I saw one video of them actually throwing people off of a ten story building.

The Egyptian military said to hell with that. They seized power, arrested the Muslim Brotherhood murderers, tried them and they will surely received the justice they deserve very soon. There are ample enough signs that our military is at least pushing back especially when they balked at bombing Assad in Syria. To get around this Obama plans on arming Assad's enemy which is Al Qaeda which was renamed ISIS, which was renamed IS, which was renamed ISIL. Obama calls them the moderate rebels.

Interestingly, Turkey doesn't want any part of a coalition to fight ISIS even though they are right next door raping and pillaging. That's because Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. (shhh, etc. stands for NSA) are backing this jihad army of criminally insane murderers. But things haven't gone as planned because in Egypt the military took over from the Muslim Brotherhood government altering the plan to take over seven countries with staged revolutions using these thugs. Because of all this the Western Oligarchy switched to Syria and brought in their Al Qaeda army. But this army of nuts could never defeat Assad without air cover from NATO or somebody, which is why our masters staged a chemical attack that was blamed on Assad. Even yesterday I heard on MSNBC them lying again saying Assad gassed his own people when everybody knows it was the rebels who even made a youtube of the event. So they are back demonizing Assad again so here we go again.

Instead our military should follow the Egyptian Model and arrest the scum traitors who have been perpetrating these crimes as well as many others for quite some time. Those to be arrested naturally will include some top military brass as well who've gone along with the treason. However, on top of the round up list should be these liars in the controlled media who have stroked and manipulated the American people to believe a lot of nonsense that never happened that way so their boss fat cats could get richer making and selling bombs. Now the bulk of the military sees that this gravy train is greased with their blood I would hope that the good guys will do the right thing.

The High Crimes and Treason have been going on for more than half a century. But it is this past half a century of total information control that is our concern. That's because these criminals and their gang are still in charge of the nation and even willing to risk nuclear war to maintain that control. They have lied to us for so long they expect us to believe anything they assert like we can arm these terrorists to fight them there terrorists who are actual those terrorists' cousins and brother's in-law.

So all the military need do is arrest the leadership as the Egyptian Military has done and put them on trial. Then in a publicly aired trial let the facts tell the real story. At the very least the military should tell Obama and Susan Rice to deliver the weapons to the terrorists themselves. Who the hell ever put Susan Rice in charge of anything more than one of those picture cash registers?

But a public trial is what is needed to rout out the criminals from the halls of power and it would be mega as the corruption runs so deep in America. But like a bad tooth it must be pulled or things are going to get much worse. Public officials must be held accountable for:

Funding Al Qaeda or whatever they are calling them today.
IRS targeting
Opening the borders
Fast and Furious gun running
Benghazi stand down to whack the ambassador.
The 9/11 treason
The Oklahoma ATF run bombing
MLK assassination
RFK assassination
JFK assassination

There are plenty more from the same folks who were responsible for these acts of treason but these are the big ones that the scum believes they have gotten away with Scott free. So the highest ranking military with clean hands must convene a very public meeting in Washington, DC to spell out the charges against the accused, who I expect to make a run for the border. But this will shock Americans out of their stupor, that yes in fact their actually has been treason going on to bring down our nation and us with it. Even you idiots near the top who've been told you're on the winning team because you're special must realize now that you are dead too if the oligarchy is successful.

The military may already be giving Congress orders to clean this mess up or they will. Whatever! Get 'er done as the Cable Guy would say. The scum at the top have to be shaved off and thrown away from public life forever if we all are to survive.



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